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Found 27 results

  1. Hey guys , Hope you all are doing great! I thought so many times before making this thread that wether i should post in some old ones or i should make a new one but finally i decided to make one so that everyone having similar questions in their mind like me can get thier answers straight. So the thing is about Multiple Disc Games which i came to know are of three types 1. Install/Play 2. Play/Play & 3. Unique Scenarios Talking about the second case which is Play/Play Discs I am done with almost half of Max Payne 3(Extracted from ISO to XEX format) playing through Aurora .6b and to play the next chapter the games asks me that a (Disc Change : Insert Disc 2 to Contine) swap is going to be required which i select as yes and disc swap pop-up disappears and after a couple of seconds of game dramatic video of the next chapter game freezes! I have (K17511) (Dashlaunch 3.18 with Autoswap disabled) (FSD3Rev775 with FSD Plugin loaded) and (Aurora 0.6b with Dashlaunch=Active, Freestyle Plugin=Active, and FTP=Active) As per other threads i thought may be folder structure is not right which was HDD1: Xbox360XEX\Max Payne 3 Disc1 HDD1: Xbox360XEX\Max Payne 3 Disc2 ˆˆˆˆAbove were actually two Separate folders and 2 Discs were being showed in the Game List both in FSD3 and Auroa So this i thought may be this not the right folder structure and changed it to HDD1:Xbox360XEX\Max Payne3\Disc 1 HDD1:Xbox360XEX\Max Payne3\Disc 2 Which is a main Max Payne 3 folder with two subfolders as "Disc 1" & "Disc 2" But still the same issue! Game Freezes after Disc Swap Next I tried deleting the title update = Same issue Reinstalling the title update= Same issue Tried to play from FSD3 itself = Same issue Then i read in a thread maybe its Aurora 0.6b Bug so I Installed Aurora 0.7b in which what happens is after disc swap selection as yes it restarts Disc 1 again Aurora 0.7b is not showing that wether Freestyle Plugin is loaded or not like Aurora 0.6b but shows for Dashlaunch FTP and NOVA in the settings. I also tried moving the hide disc 2 by moving it in no section but no help! Also checked from backup the game files are Complete Can someone help me out in this please! Any Suggestions Help will be highly appreciated!
  2. Good day, I know most people have moved on from the 360 scene and for me its quite saddening as I still truly enjoy messing around with 360’s. I have an idea but I dont have the necessary skill or time to learn this type of coding/programming. Currently there are 2 options to change your boot animation, and each comes with their own downsides, and I was hoping someone out there could assist. Option1: 360haven is basically dead, but it hosted a custom boot animation option called “bootanim”. What makes this interesting is the fact that you can launch any xex after boot without the need of Dashlaunch. But the problem is that there is no option to delay the boot animation like fakeanim does. Option2: fakeanim is a wonderful tool, but the only way to launch an xex after boot is by using Dashlaunch. This is convenient as you can just default eg Aurora to launch right after boot, but with that you loose basic dash functionality like changing network settings etc. Option 2 can probably circumvented by holding a specific button to change the load option, but my idea is to combine the fakeanim delay option with the convenience of bootanim loading any xex afterwards. You can load Aurora right from boot but still have easy access to the original dash and functionality. Hope I didn’t miss anything basic Anyone want to weigh in their opinion?
  3. ---------------------------------------------------| FakeAnim v0.60b |--------------------------------------------------- Overview: This release will allow for fake animations in the form of WMV 9 encoded videos to be played on the console prior to showing the dashboard. Since this file is only loaded after the console is ready there will be a minor increase in boot times. This has no impact on glitch times since the glitch occurs prior to this file ever being loaded. The Delay and Calibration settings are designed to allow the user to tweak the video to their specific system and display. This tweaking makes it so that the video does not get cut off. Please read below for a full set of instructions: Intallation & Configuration: Important: Do NOT attempt to delete bootanim.xex if you are unable to restore to a previous NAND dump via hardware. Requirements: DashLaunch v3.03 is required for this to work. Installation: Copy over all files in the archive to the HDD or USB of the 360. Edit your launch.ini to have fakeanim = point to the fakeanim.xex Reboot the console and make sure the application runs. Ignore the Red Screen being present for a while. Once you have verified the application is launched remove bootanim.xex** from the consoles Flash. (Use FS3 or FTP). Reboot the console and pay attention to how long the red screen is displayed. Calibration takes place in the fakeanim.ini file and should be checked with a cold boot in order to force the GPU to initialize. Once calibration is complete edit the fakeanim.ini and set calibration to 0 Calibration Notes: To adjust the length the red screen is shown. Add to the number to increase the time take delay. Take away to decrease it. The delay function is used to ensure the video does not get cut off during the monitor and GPU starting each "delay" is 250ms. Valid entries are between 0 and 100. For slims start around 5. For Phats start around 13. The goal is to get the red screen to show for the least amount of time possible on the Evil Laugh wmv when performing a cold boot. NFO: FakeAnim_v0.60b.rar
  4. Dear all - I'm very beginner in terms of modding Xbox 360. I have a modded Xbox 360 (phat) which I got it modified from my local market (shopkeeper). Subsequently, I managed to install Xex Menu (working perfectly fine and managing to download games and play it via hard disk). Later, I installed Dashlaunch that is also working fine. Finally, installed Aurora and there I am stuck. It has been installed and it does launch perfectly. However, when I try to put my unity id and password it does not automatically retrieve the ID. I am able to use the same id and password on aurora via using a laptop. The photos of the error, dash launch settings, aurora settings and network settings are attached. Can someone look at it and tell me what I am doing wrong? Can someone please help to fix it? Thank you.
  5. hello very good I have a problem with the game Injustice Gods Among Us and Mortal Kombat 9 on my RGH console, when I start it says "dirty disk" error please clean, I have tried everything such as downloading it from another page, running it from disk Hard internal and external but nothing works, the most curious thing is that a few months ago I had those 2 games and I was going perfectly but now those errors jump exactly in those 2 games, help!
  6. This a Simple Installer i been working on just to learn C++. All works as should just extract the .rar copy the folder to fat32 format usb and boot direct from dashboard. I plan to add the hacked original xbox emulator files to the 4th button. If fails could have it auto boot the hdd compat partition fixer v1. But i havent managed it yet. This could be handy for noobs or people who setup alot of RGH. Latest DashLaunch so you should be on 17544 dash to use. If anyone can think of any think decent to add please let me know. Simple_Install.rar
  7. Hi, I'm fairly new to the modding scene so excuse any misuse of terminology. So I've been using FDS3 for a couple of days, and had my Fan Speed set through the dashboard at 75%. Today I installed the latest stable release of Aurora and, seeing as there is no Fan Speed setting in the Dashboard itself, went to DashLaunch to set the desired speed. After trying out manual fan speed and different temperature targets, I set every temperature to target 50°C and left the manual fan speed unchecked. After I shutdown my console I notice that the fan keeps running. Is this normal? It didn't happen before messing with the DashLaunch settings.
  8. good morning what happened is that I got into configuration and accidentally clicked on uninstalling dashlaunch but then the console was frozen and restarted but now it does not progress anymore from the xbox logo please help :(
  9. I need help with my xbox 360 rgh. Firstly, when I come to sign in to my xbox live account though I still have my kv available and has not expired, when I come to log in it asks me to connect to your network. so when I have connected to my xbox it tells me to run a test for my xbox live and then the first 2 completes put the last one does not. Now I think its my other part of my problem because inside of dashlaunch (the latest), when I go to the network area, (Image Link:https://postimg.org/gallery/11o37nxjq/) It has enabled Live block, Live Strong, Xhttp and also nonetstore. Now when I also go to my plugins there are all none. Please help me as soon as possible thank you. All my subscribers are waiting for videos
  10. Hi. First, I would like to say that this is a request for Dashlaunch, but I have not found it in the forum, where to create a request for Dashlaunch, so here it is. My idea is: Create a way to change the speed of the Xbox cooler, according to the time of the console. For example: During the day, until 10pm, let the speed in 70% (as I usually use), and after 22h (in the evening) leave the speed of the cooler at 40%, thus reducing the noise of the cooler, Which bothers me greatly at night. I do not know if it's possible to do it, but I think it's a good idea. Thanks for the attention
  11. Hi all, The DashLaunch issue is part of a bigger story, but let's take it one at a time... I have a slim 360 with RGH. The DashLaunch version is 3.12. When I run the newest DashLaunch (3.18) from a USB drive it detects the older version and suggest an update, but if I press the update button everything freezes. I don't know if it's related, but a while back I had a crash of the internal storage space, and it appears on the console as unformatted storage device (any attempt to format it simply fails). I had to re-create the player profiles and use part of the USB HDD as XBOX storage to keep save files, but it holds and the console is usable. Any ideas what's causing the DashLaunch to freeze? Any other way to update the version?
  12. Today I am going to show you just how easy it is to update your JTAG/RGH Xbox 360 game console with XeBuild's new built in updater. Thank you to the team behind XeBuild for your ongoing support of the xbox console and for always keeping us up to date, without you there would be no xbox 360 scene. I encourage everyone to send a small donation to the XeBuild team at donations@realmodscene.com First thing you need to do is download XeBuild, Dashlaunch, 16537 and the common packages posted at the bottom of this page. Extract the Dashlaunch package and in the extracted folder you will see a folder named 'Installer', move this folder and the default.xex it contains over to your xbox 360 HDD, USB or internal memory (anywhere you can access it using your F3 Filemanager). Navigate to the default.xex in the installer folder on your xbox console and run the it. This is the dashlaunch installer, it will prompt you to update as soon as it is launch as the version of dashlaunch on your console is older then the version you are running. Follow the onscreen prompts and it will install dashlaunch and shut down the console. Turn the console back on and load the dashlaunch installer default.xex again. You will be greeted with the Current Options screen, go down to the last option in the list 'Configurator' and click A to expand the menu. The 3rd option down will be 'updserv' and it will be disabled, enable it and leave dashlaunch running on your console. Now go back to your computer and extract the XeBuild and common packages, take the 111 files from the common package and copy them into the 'common' folder from the extracted XeBuild package. Extract the 16537 package and place the '$Systemupdate' folder you get from it in the XeBuild 16537 folder. Back out of the 16537 folder so you are now in the XeBuild folder, make sure no files or folders are highlighted or selected. Hold shift on your keyboard and right click in an empty part of the folder being sure not to click on any of the files or folders and you will see an option in the right click menu that says 'open command window here', click it. You have now been greeted with a beautiful command prompt window already in the XeBuild folder just waiting for you to tell it what to do. Type in the following command xebuild update -f 16537 Press enter and stand back and watch XeBuild work it's magic! XeBuild will now read your NAND, create an updated freeBOOT image for your, flash it to your NAND and then apply the Avatar and Kinect data to your console. When it is done the console will reboot and you will be in the updated stock dashboard once the console loads up. Now wasn't that easy? Thank you XeBuild! I encourage everyone to send a small donation to the XeBuild team at donations@realmodscene.com 16537.zip common.zip Dash Launch 3.10.zip xeBuild_1.09.zip
  13. Can someone kindly tell me what is Fakelive in dashlaunch? What are the advantages i can get through that? Thanks.
  14. I was wondering if there are any during-in-game-fps-showing plugins ?
  15. Hello, I am currently trying to get the dumpfile option in dashlaunch 3.16 to work. I have exchandler enabled, but when I go to set the path for the empty .txt file under the dumpfile option, in the "Paths" menu of dashlaunch, the .txt file does not appear and I am unable to choose a file to dump the crash logs to. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? or what I am doing wrong?
  16. Joseph Gates

    RGH Help

    I had recently gotten a new hard drive for my RGH and was installing FSD, XeXMenu and so on. I installed Dashlaunch via FTP and decided to reboot my console. This proceeded to stay at a black screen for at least 15 minutes with no response. I have tried booting with the disc drive open and eventually gave up after about 8 to 10 minutes. I'm not really sure what to do. Any help is appreciated, and thanks in advance.
  17. i want to make freestyle dash my default dashboard so, i am trying to do it with dashlaunch but it freezes when i open any subcatagory in path it freezes here when i open "default" or any other subcatagory in path this is my console info pls guys help
  18. Someone has made my Xbox360 Slim RGH 2.0 and it worked for a while BUT when i made some changes: turn off content controls in NXE or change the threshold temps in Dashlaunch, My Xbox360 has going mad! When i turn my Xbox360 on the fan spins at 100% for a few seconds and i sometimes get the E79,E71,E72 Error message. It looks like it writes something to the nand when i change a setting and my nand gets corrupt. When i flashed my nand again with Xell it gives me a lot bad blocks (a whole list) and now it even won't boot at all (also Xell won't work) The guy who Glitched my Xbox360 has fixed this already a few times but i want to know the reason for this problem so i can do something about it. Can someone help me with this? because it really frustrates me this happens to me every time.....
  19. hi!! i was woundering if someone could help me uninstall completly Dashlaunch?..ok ok maybe it have been answered and yah maybe its reallly easy..but i have never UNinstall dashlaunch yet and i seem to have small difficulties to do so.. i reformated my hard drive, i deleted the 2 xex from flash folder (lhelper.xex and launch.xex if i rember right..), but when i restart my console, yah it boots to original NXE...but i feel (know!) that Dashlaunch is still there in the background taking care of my fan-settings.. can someone please point me to a tuto or tell me how to remove Dashlaunch completly? thks!
  20. Hello everybody. I'll try to add some custom launching animations. I recently made it onto my xbox and I'm really content with it. Pretty eager to make some animations. PS3 launch: This might be a little hate to the XBOX 360, But it still is awesome. Also more to come sooner or later.
  21. Hello, can anyone tell me why these buttons are grayed out? Here is the video:
  22. Since i installed Dashlaunch and FSD on my Xbox, i can't anymore hold B !i didn't noticed but recently, i deleted Dashlaunch and The B is back! i downloaded a new version of dashlaunch, installed it, and holding B is gone!one more thing, i have 4 controllers, i noticed that always the 1st controller is the one who has the problem the others work perfectly, here's a resume of my problem :Without Dashlaunch: Everything works!With Dashlaunch: Controller 1 : Holding B don't work! Controller 2 : Holding B work! Controller 3 : Holding B work! Controller 4 : Holding B work!I know this is a weird problem, But i appreciate Help
  23. I have two ini files installed, one on my hdd1 and one on my flash. I would just like to know which ini is actually being used by the launch.xex? I know I can load either ini in dashlaunch, but I just want to know by default which one is being used upon boot. I have different settings on each ini, so a response would be very helpful. Thank you.
  24. some Games in the Past did not work as they should to name a example COD black OPs II but dashlaunch fixed thoes problems ..well now i got a new game which wont work as it should Saints row 4 ..ok..it's just because i am not running the newest Kernel (still on 14699) my Question is, is it definitely required to update once in a while ( i am talking about the Kernel) or is this a Problem that dashlaunch can solve without me dumping my nand re flash it.than reflash avatar and so on and so which i.m.o takes more time than updating just the dashlaunch "if a new one would came out" to make it ( my question) clear, is dashlaunch capabel of doing this? thank you guys if yes i would rather wait on a dashlaunch update than update my kernel, i never done this and therefor i feel more secured if i just do thing that i really understand ...
  25. So I went away for a few days and let my younger brother use my fairly new R-Jtag Falcon, anyways when I got home he told me he opened up Dashlaunch to try and install homebrew, something came up about DL being incompatible with something and I guess he hit install anyways, It's been starting up to the MS dash ever since. The first thing I did was boot the console with the diskdrive and it booted Xell but I don't know where to go from here, I used a disc I have for xex menu and it did nothing as well, I've been referred to two options to resolving this but not sure which approach is better suited to take, one was to create a new nand, where the other was to simply change my launch.ini file. Can anyone help me with figuring out the best option and how to go about doing it or even show me a guide to do it. Thanks.
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