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Found 30 results

  1. Hello, I've attempted to run DJ Hero 2 from my internal storage in multiple different ways and nothing seems to work. Disc version runs fine but loading from internal causes crash when trying to load the main menu after the intro cutscenes. Disc to GOD = crash Downloaded back up disc rip to internal storage = crash I've tried to use latest TU and no TU. Crash. Disable my only plugin which is proto. Crash. No DLC installed for game. Internal storage is a 1TB SSD. This is the only game that causes an issue. Running Aurora 0.7b. IDK what else to try. Anyone have any insight? Logs are attached. debug.log.last debug.log
  2. I Have an Xbox 360 slim trinity jtag " I just got banned but it doesn't matter", i'm on 17599 lastest default dash update (Nov-2019). i already have COD MW3 (in god format and it's work) also have WWE 2k14 (not god format but its work also fine). My Problem is that i can't play The Amazing Spider Man 2. I've tried the both format the god one it start the game and said fatal crash, And the one who has the default.xex Can't even start it once i launch it it came black screen than it take me back to the default dash (launching it by aurora or xexmenu cause it not showing up on normal dash) , even i've tried to redownload them again but same problem. The Game i copied by xbox 360 neighborhood, fillezilla and usb all the same problem. NEED HELP PLEASE ANY SOLUTION!!! (sloved) thenx to you guys.
  3. Hi, I am trying to play BO2 zombie maps with a friend in split screen. the game without installing TU or dlc is running fine in split screen but when i install the latest tu and all new maps using horizon, once i press on the 2nd profile the console crash and shutdown. - I have checked the matching of title id and media id. - Tried the tutorial of modded warfare to copy dlc to content folder on my hdd but the game didn't apply the new content. - Console works fine in solo play with all dlc installed. Help please and thank you
  4. i know you can put updates,dlc and arcade games in the content folder. i was wondering if it's possible to make a second content folder that has the same funtionality as the content folder on the 360 so is it?
  5. Hello everyone, In farcry 4 there is a map editor where you can maps and there is also a map browser that doesn't work. is there also to import maps manually into farcry 4 to play?
  6. Hello everyone, I downloaded some dlc for Batman Arkham origins and I noticed the name wasn't it usual many numbers name but the literal name of the DLC so adding it like that in the dlc dir didn't work. How can this be fixed?
  7. hello everyone, Does anyone know a good scource for gta v mods for xbox 360?
  8. I am studying c ++ to do projects for rgh and pc, I was told of visual studio, xna, xbox SDK and other items. 1- What should I unmark from Visual Studio that is useless to my project goal? 2- Do I have to use c ++ in XNA if I create it for it? 3- If you know of a source so I can take my doubts you can recommend me please. Move from Phoenix/ Requests and Suggestions ---> other threads, coz its here better in place ! Dr.Gonzo.
  9. Hello! A friend and I have been trying to extract some models from this game called Kameo Elements Of Power(it's a Rare game, same guys who made Banjo & Kazooie) and we really need some help.My friend is using Ninja Ripper and a few others(I'll ask him so I can add it to this list) and we've got the ISO for the game but we're really stuck on trying to extract the models for this Xbox 360 game(there's also an ISO for an original XBOX version that we'd like to extract too)If anyone could help, that would really mean a lot!Also we created a Discord Server for the project to make things easier https://discord.gg/tKHMD83I've also tried a lot of tutorials for extracting xbox 360 game models but I'm not having that much luck either. Even anything little can be a huge help!
  10. ok so I add games like cod bo2 bo1 bo3 gta v but is there a way to get it so when I load up bo2 it loads the default_mp.xex instead of the default.xex
  11. Hello guys I'm new guy in the XRgh world. I have WWE'12 game but it is russian so when I installed title update the game becomes english as I want but there is a problem that it freezes and nothing I can do just restart console. When I disable it title update, works fine.
  12. hi guys any one want to play cod mw 1 tu4 now am hosting right now
  13. PopeyedGull5

    COD MW 1

    hi guys any one want to play cod mw now i am in the public room now
  14. so i was having fun playing call of duty mw and mw2 and word at war and naruto storm revolution , in one time i install tu to the 3 games , and it was fine , so couple days a go i start the all the games one by one and all of them crashed , so i delete the tu and remove all the cache for the tu and no seccuse , i try to download new cod with tid defrent , same problem happen not working at all , so please and idea how to fix this ,
  15. hi guys first i am sorry if i put this topic in the wrong section , recently i was playing tomb raider 2013 it was fine fun etc.. then i stick in this door and i cant get in , i watch couple of videos the walkthrough of this game and the door was open but for me not i dont know why or how , i download the game from 0 then i have same problem please any idea this is in my game and this is the youtube video
  16. Hello, many of us have several Xbox Devices and maybe you linked your Xboxunity account on these with Aurora. It would be nice to see a named Device List in our Profile Settings, so we can retrieve information from these devices. Possible Information - Available Xbox Profiles - Action 1: we can push and pull profiles/gamesaves from one Xbox to another, a basic Cloud) - Action 2: Transfering Assets or Aurora Skins - List of Installed Content like Games and their DLCs/TUs - Location - System Information (Aurora, Dashlaunch, Firmware, etc.) - ... This is an extension to my older Thread: Xbox Unity - The Cloud
  17. I only accept PayPal. I am wishing to sell my jasper jtag, it comes with a 250GB hdd. it's a white arcade but i had the case changed to a black case. It has led lights within the case. The remote has been lost, it is stuck on the rainbow cycle. If you need any proof i can send some images with my username next to it, as i'm not near it atm. I have no idea how much this is worth so i just looked around and priced it, if it's way to much make an offer. I'm not sure on the dash, as i'm not near it, but i can update to the most recent update if you require. It comes with: One wired 360 controller The console The power cable One hdmi cable 250GB HDD HDD transfer cable Just ask me if you want any information what so ever, also i'm located in the United Kingdom so shipping to anywhere other than there will cost more money. You'll have to pay for international depending on where you're located.
  18. I was wondering if there are any during-in-game-fps-showing plugins ?
  19. I just installed Aurora 0.5b. I want to know if I can change my game covers manually. And where can we find the background covers on xboxunity.net as I know that there we can change covers manually by uploading covers. But what are the size and formats of the covers.
  20. Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Multiplayer is false recognized as Halo: Reach in System Link. In the game main menu it is correctly shown but after selecting Multiplayer it swicthed recognization to Halo: Reach Title ID: 4D5309B1 Media ID: 00394009
  21. I'm very new to this scene. I got a XBox360, booting directly into the last version of Aurora. I don't have any games on my HDD right now (because I don't know how to get them there). I would like to import my game-DVDs to my internal HDD - but how can I do this? Sorry for beeing such a noob
  22. I recently installed Game of Thrones Iron from Ice, both episodes 1 and 2. I read on some site that Title Update 3 is the best TU to use, if you're experiencing sound glitches and random freezing. I installed TU3 and for the most part the sound issue is fixed but when I get to a certain part in the game the screen just goes black. I was just wondering if anyone else has any experience trying to play this game on their RGH/Jtag machine? I tried all 5 title updates, disabled FSD plugin and dashlaunch, updated to latest kernel and dashlaunch, still can't get past that one black screen in the first episode.
  23. Hello How to install Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare on xbox 360 ? When i play game the game start and then black background. Thenk you for reading.
  24. Hello How can i play multiplayer with cracked the game Battlefield 4 or any other game without xbox live? Thank you for reading. I apologize for any errors in the text, I did it through google translator.
  25. Alright guys i think u all know the software LINK its supposed to connect ur 360 to the inet without it being bricked right? well i wanna make sure of that,because if my 360 dies my dad wont get me another so plss tell me because see i get my games from the net and put em on a usb copy onto my JTAG xbox 360 so will my xbox die or not? plss anwser
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