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  1. should of tried from different location first. Works fine for me on my mobile. Just not on this lame ass satellite connection. Sorry for the bunk question. my bad.
  2. Does anyone know what happened to team xecuter? I've been trying to get to there forum for weeks now and it just times out. At first I thought it might be maintenance or something. Now I'm scared they might actually be shut down.
  3. It's pretty subjective, so expect to get some varying answers. Some that I enjoy are: Tomb Raider NBA Jam Dirt 2 Bioshock (1,2,3) Alice: Madness returns Dead Space 3 Metro (2033 and Last light) Need for Speed (hot pursuit)
  4. I have like 500 titles and other then scanning for new title updates, it starts right up, almost instantly. How new is your hard-drive? could it be failing?
  5. There's an option to disable scanning when aurora starts up. Maybe that might help with loading times?
  6. Very cool, never thought I would get to see Kodi on the 360. Which is ironic in a way, seeing as it started off on the original xbox.
  7. You should be able to get all the Title Updates on xbox unity. Can you PM me a link to where you got the dlc from? @MRZ, You need Rock Band 3 for that link I posted earlier. All of their songs work great on it, if you follow that tutorial. Try not to hijack threads though, make a new one if you have issues.
  8. I don't know what to tell ya man. Run them all through xm360 to make sure they're unlocked and try all 3 title updates. Are you by any chance trying to play custom made rock band tracks? Because if you are then you NEED rock band 3 and TU 4. There's a tutorial for it here: http://pksage.com/ccc/IPS/index.php?/topic/13171-how-to-playing-customs-on-360/ I tried this and it works, only way you can play led zeppelin and pink floyd on rock band.
  9. I was having some freezing issues with my rockband 3 dlc recently. I tried different title updates till they eventually worked. With my dlc it went either in the 45410829\0000002 or 45410829\0000001 folder.
  10. xbins is a just a repository of allot of homebrew apps, files, exploits, modded firmwares, etc... You don't need that app to access it, the link is at the top of this page... Connectx lets you store iso's on a central computer and play them over the network on your jtag/rgh box. The advantage to this is you have centralized storage and don't need a big hard-drive in your console. The drawback(s) are that not all games are supported and it can be a bit buggy at times.
  11. Like swizzy said use a windows machine with this tool: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/323-gui-format-fat32-drive-formatter/ If it's a 2.5" sata drive inside that enclosure though, I would recommend taking the drive out and putting into a regular xbox hdd case like this one: http://imgur.com/WvlElbl I found that when you have the hdd internal, it's more reliable and just easier to deal with. If you have a slim xbox the hdd will just slide into the side.
  12. Where did you get this thing modded? What I would do, is open the case and take a picture of the mod chip inside it. If it's a Team Xecuter CoolRunner chip, they have excellent support over at their forum.
  13. Fixed the problem. Turns out it was the rip of the game I had. re-installed it using TU3 and it works fine now.
  14. I recently installed Game of Thrones Iron from Ice, both episodes 1 and 2. I read on some site that Title Update 3 is the best TU to use, if you're experiencing sound glitches and random freezing. I installed TU3 and for the most part the sound issue is fixed but when I get to a certain part in the game the screen just goes black. I was just wondering if anyone else has any experience trying to play this game on their RGH/Jtag machine? I tried all 5 title updates, disabled FSD plugin and dashlaunch, updated to latest kernel and dashlaunch, still can't get past that one black screen in the first episode.
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