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    Thnx for this great psx emulator. Is it possible to change the default rom path so everytime when you start the emulator it shows the rom path you want?
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    https://drive.google.com/open?id=1l3fkvy-Mv437rHBxVyuStt39EWKXd6Yy i'm using the new update ver. The netflix loading logo will change. The loading screen will change. The name "netflix" will disapear and will stay just the "N" and the loading under it
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    My Aurora don’t show Title update I tried it on all my games it doesn’t show title update help.
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    I see a lot of modders in any game now on link , even on title update 0 , I don't know why this As$holes ruined the game , i used yo play ghosts , it was best multiplayer game on link same as black ops 2 , but now every game is f ..up because of the stupid children who doesn't even play the game properly , from aimbot to wallhack , to redbox , is there any fix or any rules that xboxunity creators do to delete accounts of this assholes , and thank you
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    But you kind of wish you were sometimes..... lol.
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    This has been reported, be patient.
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    Glad you guys came back up i was starting to freak when the site was down all weekend... Glad everything is back up on the norml. Moved from FreeStyle Dashboard / F3 to ---> Feedback subforum , coz its here better in place. Dr.Gonzo.
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    It could be fix by now.. I checked unity and works.. I let the person know all sites were down and they got fixed..
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    You can easily remove those codes in the db.. Or you can just reinstall aurora.. You are not "stuck".. And this isnt what this thread is about.. There is a glitch if you read what op has posted..
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    I started this testskin to see how different it is to xbmc4xbox. its a mix of PM3.hd and confluence/confluence.lite The video is very dark due to my pvr in real life it looks normal. XBMC-360 Alpha v1.0 is far from complete but is very usable. The FFmpeg codec is from 2011 so thats a problem with alot of newer films. youtube video Xbmc-360 -- https://github.com/marty28/XBMC-360 Testskin -- https://megaupload.nz/taK14fT8ma/testskin_zip
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    Emoose released a "new" version of a tool for manipulating Xbox One XVD/XVC packages/container. It can give you special infos about package, headers, resign, rehash, en/decrypt and verify data integrity of a package, it can also convert (some, but not all) decrypted XVD files to VHD. These functions are tested with dev-crypted containers, coz retail containers use a currently unknown Key (sorry kiddies). Following the changelog: Source: Github.com
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    I love the idea. Maybe it could be possible as the function of the button B (keep pressing) when you already had a disc inside with the exception that it will have the icon and name of the last game played. Perhaps it's late BUT also is a very good update needed to avoid the annoying search function EVERY TIME. Kind regards.
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    Hello all. I made a translation for Aurora 7.0b to polish language. The translation is done 100%. Maybe someone will use it. File: PL-PLv3.xzp CRC-32: a0aa1aee MD4: e952eb6c075d72d8f00a26de8cbf59ba MD5: b89568d3857ca19259caded7c56a61fe SHA-1: 966d42441d85261eb89ede1659b42ef23336c151 File : pl-PL piterk.dat CRC-32: 3c94a636 MD4: 3eb44b6ed30a12b4f506b4437c4d3bef MD5: e4a5502cc36b0237ce9e743232b5fbd5 SHA-1: 1f05707bdd3090ffd2c467cf7084c1e88044b480 File: PL-PL.xml CRC-32: 40725723 MD4: c6f4c2d1126c860df9b0f59034b7e1c9 MD5: 9b50089029ad12691fc6c4e20f769261 SHA-1: 35b4dd5fe360aec73b35686dc691879b3e39da88 pl-PL piterk.dat PL-PL.xml PL-PLv3.xzp
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    it isn't a service.. it is like connectx for isos.. there is plenty of talk on this site explaining what it is.. if you use the search.. we dont support piracy here, so why would u think they would release something that pertains to it??
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    I figured eventually, they could get added to XboxUnity, and downloaded from within aurora, no script required(or a very basic one, for simple customization). I guess I could write a script, but this would require that some one had somewhere to post the trainers already. I would have to look into the new features in the lua stuff to say for certain if I could do it, but it shouldnt be that hard to adapt the default utility script downloader, or the skin downloader to do trainers as well.
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    Here, my updated 2018 Trainers collected for Aurora: Updated Aurora Trainers (568 Titles) thanks to all contributors. 🤗
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    Waves+ Skin for FSD 3.0 Rev 775 (BETA) P.S: Unfortunately skin will be upload TBA, because I don't have free time to finish it. All my free time I spent on getting money. Can make any skin on any taste for money. Donation is not necessary but will accelerate its creation.
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    Short answer, unless you are a skilled programmer of network protocols, and also specialize in powerpc64 architecture, there probably isnt much you could do to help this project along. What it comes down to is this. For us with the know how to do this, it is a fun project we work on in our free time. The rest of the time we have paying jobs and family to contend with. And that is just the code end of it.... Then there is waiting for feedback from the testers, and then fixing the bugs they find. It is an involved process happening between like minded people all over the world, so scheduling can be difficult. When the team is ready for open beta, you will know it, though dont expect too much from nova's first release, as from what I have seen the first release wont be anything like what was promised, as they spent most of the development time updating the libraries that are currently used in the freestyle plugin, which is a long and involved process.
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    Update, ready to use. Main fixes: * Downloading covers * Title Update Downloading games Not official. Novelty: Now only appears TU Media ID in use. ===================================== Version of New 783 - Replaced World Weather key on the API Key v2 - Fix forecast (new tags) Language: English Author update: cosmaty HOMEBREW • Freestyle.780 • ( Nao Oficial ) • Para Xbox 360 RGH.rar FSD3.783.7z
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    here is another trainer pack got it off a link a while back all credit to creators para xyz etc hope this helps AuroraTrainerPack.rar
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    My secret is I am a Link Moderator as well as a moderator on here, and a tester for new versions of aurora. Felida has the same priveleges in public rooms as I do, as he is also a mod on link, and so do most of the staff here. As for being rich, you have that wrong, I am a homeless person at the moment, with absolutly no money in my pocket or bank. I only have the switch, because when I had a job, but was still homeless, my cousin needed rent money, so I got it at a bit of a discounted price.... On top of that, most of the video game systems I have came out of a dumpster, as I live in a college town, and kids throw stuff away. You dont need to be rich to have nice thngs, you just need to look in the right trash can. How do you think I got good at modding stuff? I needed to fix stuff that I found, had a bit of a brain, did some research, and now I know more than most, so I try to share that knowledge. And since I shared the knowledge, and was doing nothing better, I was asked to moderate here by one of the lead members of Phoenix, as I was posting all the time anyway, and the information was good. From there, I wrote the cheat manager, pushed to get retroarch supported in aurora, and helped with testing Swizzy's asset manager for aurora. After doing all of that I was asked to be a tester for aurora, like a year later, and during the final phase of testing aurora 0.7b updater all of the testers were given elevated priveleges on link, as we needed to host test updates seperatly, so we werent pushing bad updates to regular people. With that came full link moderation. That is the quick and dirty version of how one can kick anyone from a public room on link.
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