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    There is the matchmaking part of this site, the discord server, or you can pm/FB/any other way.. It would be nice if somehow we got a link chat like xlink-kai has done.. And you CAN connect to people across the globe.. They just have to have decent internet.. Lol.. Which to be honest, most dont.. Due to country restrictions and all that..
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    Looks like my solution
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    This has absolutely nothing to do with aurora.. So I'm gonna say no help. Use your legit dlc and see if that works with your legit game..
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    Hello I have successfully translated Farsi Please finalize the file xzp Send me an email. Thankful email: danialshirali16@gmail.com Farsi_language.rar
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    You need sqlitebrowser, and the db files are included in the aurora directory, probably under settings, I dont know off the top of my head. As for the UUID, the easiest way to get that would probably be to run a fresh copy and starting a game scan on the hdd, then copying the info from the db there. I am fairly certain that you want the content.db, and not the settings.db file, but it has been a long time.
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    There isnt any reason to? Lol I wasnt trying to go off either.. I just didnt want my answer to be taken as an attack towards you.
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    Ok. I am going to answer this politely.. We are not affiliated with xpg.. In any way. If you didn't recieve your conf email.. Check your spam, try using a different email address.. And in the future, dont try to bug people that have nothing to do with your problem.. That is like asking microsoft about a sony issue, Apple about windows errors, etc.
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    So you originally were and then it didn't?? As your last post said you have everything going?? Now no I haven't.. But have you tried running the program twice? Often referred to as another instance of the same program? Odds are it wont work.. As it would have to setup the environment twice.. Ok.. I did some reading.. The program that can use multiple drives at once is Fatxplorer
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    Ok so here is an example.. Make sure to read all of it.. The comments too.. This isnt exactly a working example.. But the code structure is there button combo.cpp Edit: make sure to read top to bottom as well.. The #include section has stuff too lol
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    It is the game mate.. You should check out the modded tu.. With games like this you kind of want a mod menu.. And the modded tu does just that.. Plus it doesnt interfere with anything
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    For those of you who didnt know about these already, Swizzy and MaesterRowen spent a decent amount of time fixing these, and getting them to work with aurora and I thought they should get a release thread. So Here it is. All of these are Retroarch cores that have been available for a while, but these ones are all compatible with Aurora's Rom launching feature. If you want more info on this, check out http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/4642-aurora-integrated-emulators/ beetle-pce-fast-libretro -> TurboGrafx-16 beetle-vb-libretro -> Nintendo Virtual Boy beetle-wswan-libretro -> Wonderswan emulator fba-libretro -> Final burn alpha gambatte-libretro -> Gameboy Color/Gameboy Genesis-Plus-GX -> Sega Genesis libretro-fceumm -> Nintendo libretro-prboom -> Boom (Doom Engine) mame2003-libretro -> Mame 0.78 mame2003-RA_Patched(Felida)-libretro -> Felida's experimental Mame 0.78 build with RA Sound Fixes. Fixes some games, but might cause issues with other games. nestopia -> Nintendo nxengine-libretro -> Cave Story engine Clone snes9x-next -> Super Nintendo tyrquake -> Quake Engine vba-next -> Gameboy Advanced PcsxR360 2.1.1 -> Playstation 1 Download Link: Retroarch: https://www.sendspace.com/file/mlmk1h Download Link: PXsxR360 2.1.1: https://mega.nz/#!71JTWRbB!oqDbrjw6-VlRxZKocEX6z0emXOKBXBdJxsjZZ-Hb6ZY Download Link: mame2003-RA_Patched(Felida)-libretro: https://mega.nz/#!zEAQxRpT!h2z2iwXwBeEpQ0JC7NogCRREsc_dP-bzO_c9xnQ61cs As more emulators that are aurora compatible arise, I will add them here. Enjoy. Here is an app that will help you easily create cheat files. Already has a decent database included. http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/5032-cheat-manager-for-emulators/
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    Place the roms in the roms folder.. When you scan for the emulators.. You need to set the emulator for script data. Then you press left on title updates iirc, and it should show rom browser, press a and the roms will show up.. Select yours and the rom will load
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    Links for roms removed ! Dr.Gonzo Mame 0.72_Release 8_2018.rar
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    I. The procedure route: 1. Open a hex editor. 2. Open the XBE from the location you placed your copy of MechAssault into. 3. Look for the title ID... for this to be easier, click on "Find", then in the Find window you click on hex, then either: a) use this website to search for the title ID: https://github.com/jeltaqq/Xbox-Original-GameList/blob/master/Xbox Original GameList.tsv or b) here is the title ID) 4D530017 Note that with the title ID you need to spell it two letters backwards then place it on the search tab. Use this: 1700534D. Next, after finding it, it should look like this: Go replace it with Halo 1's tile ID, which: original: 4D530004 edited for use on modifying XBE: 0400534D And the end result should look like (after): Now the game should work on your RGH, but remember this note: your MechAssault save/s will be located in Halo 1's save location. Or II. How about you get the modified XBE instead of trying to modify a non-modified XBE? Here's the download link: XBE for MechAssault (JTAG, RGH).rar
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    I fixed this Script: https://github.com/fabriciomg/AuroraScripts/tree/patch-2/UtilityScripts enjoy
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    Or, change the UUID of the hdd partitions in the db file manually. you will need to hook the hdd up to a computer, to read the current partitions uuid's.
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    I've decided to release this update now, it's been ready for quite some time, i just didn't feel like uploading it anywhere until now... so... here it is below you'll find the readme/changelog the update is attatched to the thread... As with most of my other tools, it is open source, this hasn't changed since v1.2... the code is however not included with the download, instead you can find it here: https://github.com/Swizzy/XDK_Projects/tree/master/Simple%20360%20NAND%20Flasher Simple 360 NAND Flasher v1.4b BETA.rar Simple 360 NAND Flasher v1.4b_Italian BETA.rar Simple 360 NAND Flasher v1.4b_Portuguese BETA.rar Simple 360 NAND Flasher v1.4b_Russian BETA.rar Simple 360 NAND Flasher v1.4b_German BETA.rar
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    Coverflow diseñado por mi para Aurora 0.7B Xbox 360, espero sea de su agrado Simple 3D Default: Simple 3D Default by adriancaz.cfljson Simple 3D WebOS: Simple 3D WebOS by adriancaz.cfljson
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    Coverflow diseñado por mi para Aurora 0.7B Xbox 360, espero sea de su agrado BigCover Default: BigCover Default by adriancaz.cfljson BigCover WebOS: BigCover WebOS by adriancaz.cfljson
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    Here is a pack I put together at the beginning of 2015. There is no information for the actual trainers in it, and it hasnt been updated. That being said, it is a good starting point for people who want trainers, and dont have any. Update: Thank You Inkenet for this updated pack of trainers. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1mPG-E9rYd22SuQA1UWgE7s3PDUEK-iV2 - Inkenet's 2018 Trainer Pack https://www.dropbox.com/s/pcgk4g77sdb2qn2/Aurora_Trainers_1-7-15.rar?dl=0 - Original Trainer Pack from 2015 While I am releasing this, I wont guarantee that all of them will work with the latest TU's, and offer no support for the trainers included. Have fun. Also, since I copied this off my xbox, none of the trainers are labeled, and are all in folders based upon Title IDs.
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    No.. lol.. I imported that change a while ago..
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    Thank you very much! Seems like your MAME core have no issue with crackle sound in UMK3.
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    Translation Arabic for Aurora 0.7b DZ-AR https://mega.nz/#!0pN0xAwa!iWk-e7bjOkzask4Th36x20nLujfcQdAsPDhRFFoSJSU
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    ...Any requests? ...having problem with some mods?.. Ask here and i will do my best to bring good support! Check the Change-log to see new added mods! 210 Mods, 24 Ini Tweaks, 4 Bsa Replacers Contributors (most of them are from 360iso) Ririe--------------- 129 Mods - 4 Bsa's - 16 Ini Edits puss2puss---45 Mods - 7 Ini Edits - 11 Beta Tests JoeMegaHertz-------------------26 mods - 2 Ini Edits x Yoink x --------------------------------------------8 Mods Adventcloud---------------------------------------3 Mods IISAINTZII----------------------------------------– 2 mods Kennetjuh ------------------------------------------- 1 Mod dabudyubo-------------------------------------------1 Mod How to contribute to this thread (coming soon!..) ''Skyrim - Ririe's Edition is a single file collection of the best mods I have released and personally use. It is easy to install and you can still add mods to your own personal liking afterwords! This package is in its first beta stages so many edits will be added. Bugs and crashes are expected in this stage. '' -Ririe It is currently 1.6gb and contains, 1 INI, 2 BSA's, 105 Mods. A list of the mods can be found in the Readme file. Skyrim - Ririe's Edition v0.5 (unstable) Pre-Modded Bsa's (4) (WIP..so be patient! ) I made this section to add my personnal textures replacements, wich i've edited to run smooth on xbox360 and avoid lags. So by downloading my textures, keep in mind that you wont find hi-rez textures here, or else they would ask to much ressources from the xbox to actualize all images in-game.. ..BUT lots of textures i make can easyly look like hi-rez textures! When i edit textures, i take all the time needed to be sure they wont have messed up colors or unwanted pixels, to almost look like hi-resolution textures. -About Armors- i wont upload my armors replacements until i make ''stand-alone'' version of them, wich will give you the possibility to forge them without replacing the original one! BUT!, if people ask for replacements, i will upload them here for you to replace into the BSA. -how is it possible to change the armor's shape, with only textures?- By editing the Alpha channel from inside a texture's main file, you are able to make transparency, so you can actually ''give the impression'' of removing armor's parts, forms, etc.. BUT, for the Alpha channel to work with transparency, you have to edit the meshe of the armor to give it a niAlpha property. And there are some armor and clothes in game that already use the niAlpha property. Armors & Clothes Animals & NPCs Landscape Objects Houses Release Log (Find out what has been added here) [R] = Included in Skyrim - Ririe's Edition Weapons, Armor, & Crafting [30] Combat and Stealth [21] Immersion [17] Graphical [41] Sound [8] NPC [27] Quest & Location [31] Cheats & Laughs [13] Utilities [9] .INI Edits [24] Beta Stage Mods (8) FaQ (Ririe) DISCLAIMER I am not responsible for what you do to any save files. These mods have gone through extensive testing and proven to be stable. -History of this Thread- ''This thread was first started by Ririe (on 360iso), but because he's busy in his personnal life, he thrusted me enough to leave it in my hands! I've edited completly the interface, organized all mods in alphabethic orders, and i keep on adding new mods frequently! Good Modding to all! -puss2puss '' -----------------------------------------------------------------------!WARNING!------------------------------------------------------------------- '' WE'VE PUT LOTS OF TIME AND HARD WORK TO EDIT EVERY MOD TO REDUCE CONFLICTS AND LAGS ON THE XBOX360! NO-ONE IS ALLOWED TO UPLOAD THOSE MODS ANYWHERE ELSE! ANYONE WHO BREAKS THAT RULE WILL RECEIVE HUGE CONSEQUENCES! '' -puss2puss
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    I don't believe the problem here is with dashlaunch... If I remember correctly, you need to disable the Freestyle plugin in Aurora for local system link games. Otherwise it always tries to connect over the internet to LiNK. Without dashlaunch (launch.ini actually, dashlaunch is the configurator), you will only boot to NXE... and will get your console banned by M$ (due to no liveblock).
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    Try ftp'ing to the 360 instead
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    more then 1000 views of this thread but only 6 replies!?? wtf!... ..i wont update it with new mods if people cant atleast post something after loading my mods.. lets make a game: if there is 5 more posts made on this thread, i will update it with 40 new mods! The reason: TO HELP KEEPING THIS THREAD ALIVE... not really motivating to add mods if no-one cares. Peace & GoodModding
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    Yeah.. It would be hardware limitations.. The 360 only has 512MB of ram man.. Most phones tower that these days.. Not to mention the limitations of the console itself..
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