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    Happy New Year everyone! We have worked very hard to bring you J-RUNNER WITH EXTRAS V3.1.0, the biggest update ever. YouTube Demo V3.1.0: - Added: Improved functionality and speed of updater - Added: Improved GUI - Added: Refinements to Nand Info/KV Info panels - Added: Ability to end the session and start a new one - Added: RGH1.2 V2 timings for Slims - Added: Donor Nand Creation and KV Decrypter tools - Added: RGH3 Beta ECC and Freeboot build support - Added: Better drivers for NAND-X and JRP - Added: Improved XeLL Reloaded, built with the newest fixes - Added: Better MTX USB Firmware Utility - Added: Friendly console ID decoding in Nand Info - Added: xFlasher support for Start Block and Length parameters - Added: Improved LibUsb implementation - Fixed: Buggy and broken behavior of IP configuration - Fixed: Nand not being correctly initialized before CPU Key retrieval - Fixed: Improved behavior when setting working directory - Fixed: JTAG XeLL creation issue - Fixed: Device detection issue - Fixed: Update JRP firmware not prompting for hex if nand loaded - Fixed: eMMC read ignoring iterations selected if opened from Advanced menu - Fixed: Tray icon being left in system tray occaisionally - Fixed: Various bugs and usability issues - Changed: Reworked MTX USB Mode - Changed: The program now checks for updates and starts much faster - Changed: Improved spawn location of subforms - Changed: Replaced annoying balloon on startup with taskbar icon Kind Regards, Josh
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    My pleasure, thanks for reporting it! Happy New Year! Kind Regards, Josh
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    190 в 1 тренере XBLA 179 в 1 Сохраните редакторы 400 игры Игра Aurora Trainers pack 603 - 2018 Treners xyz 150 игра 360haven treners 54 игра Программа XPG_Chameleon_v1.30 Программа XYZProject V0.1.9 Программа XYZTrainer V2.1 + 600 траншеекопателей https://disk.yandex.ru/d/g-zjrL2jsceF2w https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1DPQgVGkSmo85J03Re14zgE1DhwmyXEbQ?usp=sharing
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    I wish the admins and ourselves to have good health and a long, meaningful life. Our lives cannot be the target of a joke. Every Life Matters! --- The latest update from Aurora means the survival of the XBOX 360. Many can continue to play and gain happy minutes of play. THANK YOU TO ALL DEVELOPERS! Don't leave us alone! --- Currently, the xbox 360 rgh is the largest "free" game console platform. It would be nice if some companies could see this business opportunity. Our many investments in the console, accessories, games mean that it can’t be indifferent or unnecessary for us. But most valuable: the gaming experiences we’ve gained so far, which we sometimes like to relive. And the new consoles or the 4K give too little compared to that.
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    hi. just like you, i bought my xbox in 2021 and animations in the game catalog menu was suttering with original skin. so i tried some skins and i found out that most of them causing performance issues. the best skin that i find is this: it works great looks decent. i wish that there is a way to mute main menu music but overall i can reccomend this one. sorry for my grammer
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    Thanks friend. I will investigate and make a patch release later this month. Sorry, I have absolutely no idea what you are trying to tell me. 13182 is placed by check WB 2K ok? Kind Regards, Josh
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    Gorgeous , can you make other color variation ?
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    Wasn't too sure where to post this but I think this is the right place. So I combed through Google images the other day and stumbled across some really nice textures, fractals, and scanning electron microscopy pictures in HD quality! They're all in 1920x1080 resolutions and look wonderful in Aurora using the animate feature for the fractals and not using the animate feature for the other stuff. This pack has 56 wallpapers that work and look pretty neat (at least I think they look neat) I simply uploaded them via ftp into the Aurora/Backgrounds folder and they're readily available to use from the dash. Enjoy! backgrounds.rar
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    Happy New Year Thanks for your hard work. Don't worry, the nandpro solution can wait, I don't mind replacing the version that works for me. Thanks, again
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    Hi, Another quick end of the year update V3.1.0b: - Added: File drag and drop for Donor Nand Creator and KV Decrypter - Added: Custom SMC Config selection in Donor Nand Creator - Fixed: Patches not being reset properly - Fixed: Invalid state causing Donor Nand Creator to not recognize console type - Fixed: New XeLL not launching ELF files correctly - Fixed: Post V3.1.0 release bugs Thanks very much for the bug reporting, V3.1.0 was a massive update so naturally there were a few issues to work out. Kind Regards, Josh
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    Woot, I haven't logged in here for ages as I thought the scene was dead, so it's nice to see someone still working on things. Thanks for the fix.
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    @Nikolay_L I'll be looking into the MTX shortly again. Also, Kind Regards, Josh
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    no. rgh1 was gligli rgh2 was team xecuter. r-jtag was team xecuter rgh2+ was team xecuter r-jtag+ was team xecuter DGX/RGX was team xecuter rgh1.2 was 15432 s-rgh was 15432 project bunny?(rgh2+ clone) was 15432 r-jtop was drschottky That being said, I know 15432 reversed all of the methods, and no one really bothers with r-jtop, as it is a more complex process that isnt needed.
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    November update is live on auto-update: V3.0.3b: - Added: Default dash selection to 17559 if no saved dash is present - Fixed: Loop between dialogs and installer if Visual C++ Redistributable is cancelled or fails - Fixed: Repeated clicking not ignored while xFlasher is initializing causing application to crash - Fixed: Issue causing Extract Files to cause a crash after files are moved to serial folder - Fixed: Various bugs and usability issues - Changed: XDKbuild check box behavior Enjoy. Small update this time, not had lots of time due to my health. Some more features and improvements upcoming. Kind Regards, Josh
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    If you're using my AuroraCrashPatcher, you can safely remove it from your plugins as this hotfix addresses the cause of the crash I wrote the patch for. If you still use FSD, it's recommended that you leave the patch in for now, but it's no longer needed for Aurora.
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    A Little over a week ago i released Aurora Asset Editor v1.0, now i'm back with a new version for you, the new version features FTP support aswell as the ability to load/convert FSD's .assets to Aurora, i also added support for grabbing assets from xbox.com and xboxunity.net same as Aurora does (when it comes to images atleast) If you need information on how this application works, check the original release thread: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/5282-aurora-asset-editor-a-graphical-editor-for-auroras-asset-files/ for more information Here's a changelog of what has changed since v1.0: Here are some screenshots of the new features in action: AuroraAssetEditor_v1.1.rar
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    I was stuck in windows 10 nothing worked not WinFF nor other tons of converters i tried, including online ones. Finally i found a way that worked for me. 1- Convert your videos with some "mp4 to wmv" converter because the app below wont open mp4 files 2 -Download and Install "Microsoft Expression Encoder 4" 3- Import your video to Expression Encoder 4 ---> In the right side you'll see Presets ----> Select "VC-1 Xbox 360 HD 720" -----> Click Encode Your output will be somwhere like : C:\Users\...\Documents\Expression\Expression Encoder\Output Just wanted to leave this here maybe someone will find it usefull
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    Download: xeBuildGUI Topic adjusted ! Dr.Gonzo
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    Windows 8.1 on Xbox360? It's possible. My skin faithfully reproduces the User Interface of Windows 8.1. Essential, light, user friendly. Thanks to the new customization system, you can have 1426 combinations of backgrounds for your Start screen: there are 23 colors and 57 genuine Windows 8.1 wallpapers (+5 retro), among which 34 images and 26 graphic themes (+2 special). Screenshots Instructions Copy "Dash RT v2.1 [eng] by DOC.xzp" in Hdd1:\Freestyle Dash\Skins. Start the FSD, select "Dash RT" in Skins and reboot. Changelog v2.0 - Renewed the loading screen at startup. - Redesigned some tiles: Games, Arcade, Xbox Classic, Profile, Personalize, Title Updates and other tiles. - New commands in the Start Screen: press B to enable the weather, press BACK to sign out, press START to enable SystemBar. - Renewed the SystemBar, only visible in the Start Screen to not cover the controls in other screens. - Introduction of CharmsBar: press the Right Stick to access to different functions at each screen with important information, such as weather, profile, temperature, memory and more. - New design for Lists Games, with a new Options bar. - Fixed the bug of the extraction of the disc. - Font integrated, now there isn't need to copy it to the FSD. - Added 9 wallpapers, 8 themes and 3 colors for a total of 511 new possibilities for more customization. - Recreated many files to improve the possibility of translation into other languages. - Added and redesigned many other small details. Changelog v2.1 - New Welcome message at startup: you can disable this message in Personalize/Change the visuals. - New design for notifications that appear when files are modified or changed the skin. - Renewed Dash RT logo within the CharmsBar, now it changes color with the system. - Added 5 wallpapers of Windows old versions: 98, Me, XP, Vista, Seven. - Redesigned and corrected other small details. Downloads Dash RT 2.1 [english] r775 https://mega.nz/#!YUU2SKKQ!ge_1b3KeTBRo6CrTHLH2AuewgQ85umGsBSgK4Icw6dc Dash RT 2.1 [italian] r775 https://mega.nz/#!RQsk3Qpa!-o5vk_zTqhcTcY_I_f8CNBgSnkxeXltqENop8OixF1Q Dash RT 2.1 [spanish] r775 - translation by bocasecaman https://mega.nz/#!oY0nCS6b!gtNNaCMPFlcWcvdYCdnxT8noM7mjr4aeeIwFHAPWyBo Dash RT 2.1 [russian] r775 - translation by Ðртем Погорелый https://mega.nz/#!9YEC3AzY!RhM9aNM7tsMdTl49B6OutJepgE7j0NMQKFwulhg8TH0 Dash RT 2.1 [french] r775 - translation by StefD30 https://mega.nz/#!YRlUUYRJ!_fsrTF4xEYH0iA5Vu89nk6RBV5w6B60cVEfhd-3bT_s Dash RT 2.1 [polish] r775 - translation by xcoom https://mega.nz/#!EB9DhDZL!iiRQ4Ehmp6CzDRfy1PpA_R0iOYatl14P6Ubf_8C17G0 Kinect(+indie games) Old versions
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    I'm so sorry guys, but I'm not working on other skins, not even for Aurora. Dash RT 2.1 remains my last definitive work in the RGH scene, in fact I still use it. Goodbye.
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    I don't know for sure but I have read that people trying to play Far Cry 4 as XEX or GOD get that Dirty Disc Error similar to Watchdogs where the only way to be able to play it way manipulation of the XEX files. I am waiting for PAL version before I see for myself. Goes something like this- 1.extract fc4 as xex 2.copy all the files inside the installation1 folder and paste them to the root of the game overwriting any duplicate files. 3.delete default.xex 4.rename game.xex to default.xex then no dirty disc error. Can anyone else confirm?
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    Screenshots are saved: Aurora\Plugins\UserData\TitleID\time.bmp time is date/time and a bunch of other digits... just alot of digits...
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    Sounds like you're asking us to replicate the built-in external media selection interface from the guide/default dashboard, in Aurora...? The guide has a tray open option in it already, if having an entirely hands-off experience is important to you.
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