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    It isnt like he just disappeared. lol. He got a job or something else that is taking up most of his time. lol. He is still an active member of team phoenix, just doesnt have the time to post on here like he used to. That being said, the scene wouldnt be what it is today without many of swizzy's contributions.
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    https://mega.nz/#!CYY1yK4D!FrSYDBGDysXBV3AvqcGV2IhrwIoLlricDaqXrZLTmH0 there is a new version, with some more stuff done/fixed/added.. feel free to give your inputs
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    Dash Launch 3.19 God All you need from it now is in an executable package for your console. The news already know about the updates, but how about testing to see if it's good. The project I did intend to expand alternative forms of use, but development is part of the c0z team. -easy access -intuitive -No folders to search for -All compacted -Credits c0z by MathuwsGamerMW Check out the video to see the pictures and the arguments VIDEO DOWNLOAD HERE
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    Mugiwaral I think your Assassins Creed Skin is the very best Awesome animation and music to die for. Waiting patiently for your Aurora 0.7b version Is your dragon11293@hotmail.com still good for a cool beer at the paypal bar, LOL?
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    Please make same one for 0.7b version of Aurora. This is a best skin ever! Thanks
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    Hello NordSudteam being dissolved the French translation of Aurora 0.7 had not been done.I respect our agreement by proposing the translation. good continuation FR-FR.xzp
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    hi.....soz i was replying to the others that were enquiring to writing games and sent to all, you do seem a bit more advanced than us so any help you can give,user groups for simple game programming?, thanks jk
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    INVITE ME A BEER: Paypal: dragon11293@hotmail.com Hi guys, i wanna share with you my skin From Assassin's Creed with animation, sound background n' a menú not even seen in aurora or RGH i mean the weapons menú of the game, i hope so you like and sopport me to make more skins. Link: http://adf.ly/1lpJ8H
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    You want a start? Check out swizzys github.. lol.. everything he has done is public.. even better start than just xdk
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    I am not sure about the memory cards, but they might be low voltage(3v3) usb ports. If the data lines are there, you can source power from somewhere else on the board, and it might work.
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    I have a problem to compile my localization
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    Just because it's a specific tu, doesn't make it old.. technically, every single one is old.. lol.. seeing as I am the only one left still doing the trainers..
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    If it still is linking to swizzle gx arena, then yeah.. that site has been down for ages.. I also remember a bug where it refused to download anything even tho u could manually download it..
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    Internal drives only format to 2 TB, so any thing over that is pointless. Any 2 TB drive will work. As for the memory card slot, I have never heard of anyone turning it into a usb port, but it may be possible. The internal sata port for the dvd wont work with hdds, so removing the drive is pointless, unless you are going to mount a pc drive in there.
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    What is your source? I highly doubt they will give Xbox live for free permanent lol..
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    thanks guys for the help i have made my first skin more of a mod then anything but im happy with it i added a hover animation to the avatar download here http://www.mediafire.com/file/xoxkbocjlt10oaf/Big+Skin+Theme.rar i zipped them up i have my coverflow and the theme in the zip hope you guys like it feel free to mod it or fix anything you like
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    Apparently, Aurora 0.7 is out 😀 Updating the skin will take some days, please be patient.
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    0.7b is released, for that reason I am closing this.
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    Here is the Unofficial XeBuildGUI 2.099 Download MD5: 26daf97cd099ba5703be577c72f3aebf ********* * 2.099 * ********* - Updated: Now using xeBuild 1.18 - Updated: Now using Dashlaunch 3.18.1 - Updated: Now building 2.0.17511.0 Known issue: Downloading older Packages currently doesn't work (at least not for me).
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    enjoy anonymoushd.xzp darkskinv2.xzp farcry3byrestasdh.xzp watchdogsbyrestasdh.xzp x-slimbyrestasdh.xzp
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    Tuxuser provides an insight into his upcomming utility. The Durrango Toolbox will be contain some nice Tools, to edit your Xbox One Content (nand, usb content, savegames) stuff. Source: Xboxhacks.de
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    The transparent panel is really cool. Nice job