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    Is there any possibility to create anybody a skin for the latest version of Aurora 0.7b like the old NXE menu on Xbox360? I found one but is for the old Freestyle menu.
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    simple.. someone removed the xb connection out of the title update.. the other apps havent been patched i do believe..
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    You need at least 15xxx kernel.. update your Xbox to recommend 17349
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    that isnt the solution everytime.. a lot of ISP's block ports.. and you have to call and have them open the ports.. there is a couple of things that could be the problem..
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    So, I've thinking of some features that would make better the overall experience of Aurora and Unity: 1.) Chat room for friends and in-game: As the title specifies, many people (Icluiding me) would like a feature that includes a chatroom for added friends and gamers along. 2.) Stream the Xbox 360's display on the NOVA WebUI site: This would make the WebUI a much, much more better site overall. Basically, the WebUI would show what the game is displaying on the console. But only the game, audio would be cool, and this would be a feature that drastically eliminates the "Screen Capture" request. 3.) Communities and forums accesible through Xbox 360 and PC: 5.Basically, this means you can add Topics/Threads on a "Forum" which could be accesible through xboxunity.net and the console: On PC: Access the "Forums" tab, and search for the game/topic. Here, you can create a Thread of the game you would like people to read, and comment their thoughts on, and also, maybe even make finding people for a game much easier. On Xbox 360: Enter the game you'd like to see the forum, and push the Xbox Guide button, access System Link, and select the "Forums" tab, here you'll see the Threads that people has make, and you can press "Y" to create a Thread or comment on a Thread. 4.) Web Browser: Title says everything, a Web Browser functionality for the dashboard that works built-in with HTML5, also kills the "YouTube" request. 5.) "Friend" is playing "Game": This is a message popup saying {{Friend Name}} is playing {{Game}} right now! (Similar to the Steam UI). 6.) Built-in Skin Editor: Edit you own skins through the aurora interface! 7.) Enter an Unity account depending on a Profile: Example: If I use the {{Name}} profile, Aurora will load the Unity Account that corresponds to that account. 8.) Special tournaments for LiNK games: Example: A Call of Duty: Black Ops II tournament where a room will be created for the tournament. 9.) Sync-in with Facebook, Google+ or Twitter: Syncronization for Facebook, G+ or Twitter for the Unity accounts. 10.) Game Rewards: Custom rewards for playing time/actions completed. Example: 1000 gamerscore for playing {{Game}} for 10 hours. 11.) Kinect recognition features: Some special Aurora kinect features, Example: "Hey, Aurora!", "Open {{Game}}", "Turn off" etc. 12.) Custom Description for Games. A built-in Description editor for the games, to do this, press Y+X when entering the game's details. Thank you for reading this! I'll keep updating this when things get on my mind. 😀
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    Follow the standard nandx install.. soldering is needed to those nand points.. there is no soldering needed for the connection to the cr3lite, it's a simple wire plugin
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    i dont know if the rooms auto-refresh.. but users that arent on the same TU wont be able to see each others rooms.. iirc.. also.. there is some lag in the room setup.. the rooms dont automatically close when everyone leaves.. if you PM me, i can setup a bops2 lobby on latest TU, and have you join, just to show you.. just to prove you CAN join games..
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    the issue i had with dsl before, is i had to forward thr port in the dsl modem to router, then router to pc/xb.. seriously, check out portforward.com, they even have a tool you can use to see if you're havung the double nat issue
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    dsl is tricky.. lol.. from my experience.. what is your setup? like DSL modem to router? you should check with portforward.com though.. you might be having a double nat issue.. and FYI, via lan cable, isnt a specific connection answer.. lmao.. is it directly hooked up to router, or is it connected to PC and you use PC as a bridge, ect. is what i was asking..
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    Type: Xbox 360 Name: Just Dance 2019 TitleID: 555308D9 Unnoficial cover
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    Translation Arabic for Aurora 0.7b DZ-AR https://mega.nz/#!0pN0xAwa!iWk-e7bjOkzask4Th36x20nLujfcQdAsPDhRFFoSJSU