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    Thank you for this Skyrim looks alot better and plays alot better now
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    Skyrim PC Mod Conversions for JTAG RGH Xbox 360 - Seeing that ririe & puss2puss shared their collection here, I thought I'd do the same, if it's OK. As there's still a small interest in this, I'm sharing the files to those who want it, don't want the hassle of converting & play the mods at once. Almost all stuff, except replacers, are packed as DLCs for easy transfer & management, just be mindful of proper load order. My collection was made over a substantial period of time & is now vastly huge, so providing a list is kinda hard. Although, the shared folder links are pretty much set-up to be easily browsed - broken up into more folder categories for quick searching. Readmes & credits included in the links. I also cannot do any new conversions or grant requests as I don't have my xbox anymore. *I don't claim these mods as my own creations nor do I seek profit. I just converted them to work on a modded JTAG Xbox 360 & sharing the fun to anyone interested. Mod creation credits belong to the proper mod authors. For more info on a particular mod, just google particular file's description, which are generally labled properly, & just visit the original mod's page.
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    The most updates in the past were fixes for some minor bugs, or security patches. In the most cases there was no serious reason to update it if you use your 360 offline.
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    I can try, for layouts there is a program Aurora-CoverFlow Editor & CFEditDll
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    Coverflow WheelArcade diseñado por mi para Aurora 0.7B Xbox 360, espero sea de su agrado WheelArcade Default: WheelArcade Default by adriancaz.cfljson WheelArcade WebOS: WheelArcade webOS by adriancaz.cfljson
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    Hola adriancaz, le pregunto, ¿por casualidad sabes cómo cambiar el color de las cajas? Quiero cambiar el color verde por blanco. Gracias.
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    There are some new layouts created for Aurora. I would thanks team Phoenix, Begal, Nightcervant and RacerX for their work. ****FINAL VERSION WITH FIX ( I HOPE )**** Movie and Circle are modifications of "Flock Circle Dance by Begal"; Escalator is modification of "Collector by Nightcervant"; Focus is modification of "Ribbon by Phoenix" inspired me to an old work of RacerX; Roman and Arrow are modifications of "Spine by Phoenix"; Wall is modication of "Table by Phoenix". SCREENSHOTS Version 1 Version 2 ====================> DOWNLOAD <==================== Aurora_Layouts_MatteIta_V1_Fix.rar Aurora_Layouts_MatteIta_V2_Fix.rar
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    I checked a few times but I didn't have a chance to try it. No problem appears. because xbox is not with me bichert74.xzp By_Srealmoreno_Elegant_Without_Avatar.xzp
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    Xbox 360 10-Year Anniversary Skin by Xian07 With transparency all across the dashboard. Elegant and clean design + fonts. Fully tried and tested, no bugs as of now. Compatible with Aurora 0.7B Screenshots: (Had to compress images to post hence shit quality ) (If you want the best animation effect like shown in the screenshots, use these settings or just tweak them to your preference :P) Download: ElegantXbox10YearCelebXian07.xzp (Mirror: Mega) Credits: Based on a skin by Srealmoreno. Thanks.
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    Maybe bad images? Have you done the steps of that thread's first page? I'll try tomorrow Max Payne and tell you as i am not home today.
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    GREENSteamOS.xzp 4 Варианта на выбор, полностью зеленого цвета мне не удалось сделать, только частично. 100% и 50% это степень прозрачности нижней панели. Отлично работают на Aurora 0.7b.1 Надеюсь автор еще вернется. GREENSteamOS.xzp Blue_SteamOS50%.xzp Blue_SteamOS100%.xzp GREEN-X_SteamOS.xzp
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    hi guys this is Anonymous today i am going to show you how to make system link setup for playing online systemlink games , ok let's we start first importand thing you need to register xboxunity website here is that http://www.xboxunity.net/ and make a Dash launch settings like this note your xbox360 ip mac address for reservation purpose in your router enter gateway address on your web browser and goto your router mode ,and then enter dhcp goto address reservation tap now you need to add your xbox 360 mac and ip for reservation Now you need to restart your router bcz of reservation purpose now you need add port number for your xbox360 console or you need to enable upnp make sure following settings in your aurora finally u need to verfy your settings every thing was sucess in you aurora ,now your console ready to play online system link games Enjoyyyy,,,,,,,, make sure your tu is active now enter your game and press center button and conect system link join your room Enjoyyyyyyyy [emoji106] [emoji106]
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