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    Hi, This Script gives you the ability to manage your Console-Temperature directly with Aurora. Script: Icon: Name: Temperature Manager Description: "This script displays and manages your fan speed and target temperatures." What it does: - Displays you the current CPU, GPU, RAM and CASE Temperature in Celcius (°C) - Displays you the current FAN-Speed - The Values are updated every Second (live), without refreshing the Scene - Optional: Sets the Target Temperatures permanently. (requires reboot) - Optional: Sets Fan-Speed temporarily. (lost after reboot) Screens Why did i create this?: Hmm, don't remember. What are the benefits?: - You can watch temperatures live and set Fan-Speed Temporarily - You can finally stop for asking Fan-Speed Features Disclaimer Be aware. Even though the given values should be in a safe range, i don't recommend setting anything above 70°C and under 30% Fan-Speed. If your console burns down, i won't help you. Is it final?: I can't get the current Fan-Speed, as the function is missing. So Almost done. Anyone who wants to contribute, can report Bugs, Suggest Features/Fixes or extend by using GitHub or this Thread. Where is the download?: When it's released, with the Aurora Script Repo, you can download it directly to your console.
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    How about this for a forecast date...... The second tuesday after never if people dont stop asking when it will be finished. As I have said, there are a lot of moving parts in this. People have jobs, and families that come first. Then there is the impedance that we all live all in different countries, and are all working on a small piece of the whole. Then there is the testing, and everything else that goes into it. Asking us to tell you when it is going to be done is like asking us to tell you when the apocalypse will happen. Here is the answer, when we feel it is ready for public consumption and not a day sooner. If you arent happy with that answer, then we dont have to release it at all, and aurora can end for the public with 0.6b. The real question here is what do you think you are going to get with 0.7b, that you dont have with 0.6b? Sure it has some cool new features, but in reality, I have both, and am still using 0.6b as my main dash on my console, because 0.7b isnt ready to replace it. How about this, I can send you a version that crashes every time you start it. Or do you want the version that crashes 95% of the time when you press a button on the controller? If not, learn to be patient, and wait like everyone else.
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    This has been answered on this page of this thread already, and probably about 20+ times throughout the thread.
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    Going by some of the recent post's in this thread, I'd estimate around the 34th of Decembuary this/next year. Dont quote me on that though... Just a estimate.
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    Do you enjoy Aurora? Enjoy playing on LiNK? Enjoy XboxUnity? If you answered yes to any or all of those, you better get a post in this thread!! Since I have been holding on to my donation for the Phoenix team until I could do something cool with it,,, Here is the deal... for every person that posts a thank you message to the Phoenix team in this thread, I will personally donate $0.25 to the team (max $25.00 {100 people} for this round) if you'd like to make your own donation to them you can do it HERE As a thank you from me, to everyone for showing their support,,I am sharing my first "semi-complete" HUD theme for use with Aurora With info and base files from gavin_darkglider HERE (creds to him for the file processing work, The "Aurora Home" text, and the base aurora icon) I have built on his work to create this modified HUD for everyone to show off their Phoenix / Aurora support!! Here is a list of changes from the stock HUD Custom "Aurora Home" button text & base Aurora icon - gavin_darkglider Custom Game info scene and text relocation - begal Custom "Phoenix" and "Aurora" logo's in hud - begal Custom Green temp gauges when signed in - begal Custom color/design Icons that change color/design when button is in focus - begal (prob more im forgetting, that's what happens when you get old kids LOL) System Link Button Focus (notice icon change) File browser (more custom colored icons) Install to Plugins\HudScene\** **be sure to backup your original files if necessary before overwriting them** HudScene_Aurora_Custom_begal.rar NEW VERSIONS JULY 4, 2015 This new V2 uses the "glow box" visual used in the default Aurora skin HudScene_AuroraGlowVersion_begal.rar This V3 combines the "glow box" visual as well as a turquoise(ish) home tab (I was able to easily match the temp guages color to the Aurora color code, but coloring the hud tab was done by changing the color write flags so it is not quite the same as the aurora color but I thought some people may still like it so figured id share it as well, I did it this way because to my knowledge only the outline of the tab can be colored using other methods ) Turq home tab_Aurora glow box game scene.rar Thank you to all the devs and site staff that make all this possible !!!!!! begal
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    There are a ton of factors, how far away you are from the server, if it is zombies or not, if the TU is the same, if the Media ID is the same, if the server allows people to join once a game has started, etc. There is nothing we can do to the link service to make it better for these issues, as a lot of them have nothing to do with how the service works, but has to do with how the game server that runs on the xbox is written by the game developers.
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    True usb3.0 is backwards compat, but assuming people having 3.0 hardware is a stretch.. is what i was really getting at mate.. lol.. and you dont want to start the wave of "how come my usb isnt getting 3.0 speeds" threads coming in haha..
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    This states different: This is my most anticipated fix which I hope will be addressed in 0.7b. anyways, love your work! you guys alone keeps the 360 alive.
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    You can use the unofficial one I released that can be found It already has all of the dash files, and avatar update for a couple of the dashes, so it is kind of big, but essentially what you need.
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    found the issue, had the same issue with 2 of my hotmail/live accounts. But with my gmail it was there immediately. so to avoid it, register with gmail (or probably any other non live/hotmail account)
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    ...Any requests? ...having problem with some mods?.. Ask here and i will do my best to bring good support! Check the Change-log to see new added mods! 210 Mods, 24 Ini Tweaks, 4 Bsa Replacers Contributors (most of them are from 360iso) Ririe--------------- 129 Mods - 4 Bsa's - 16 Ini Edits puss2puss---45 Mods - 7 Ini Edits - 11 Beta Tests JoeMegaHertz-------------------26 mods - 2 Ini Edits x Yoink x --------------------------------------------8 Mods Adventcloud---------------------------------------3 Mods IISAINTZII----------------------------------------– 2 mods Kennetjuh ------------------------------------------- 1 Mod dabudyubo-------------------------------------------1 Mod How to contribute to this thread (coming soon!..) ''Skyrim - Ririe's Edition is a single file collection of the best mods I have released and personally use. It is easy to install and you can still add mods to your own personal liking afterwords! This package is in its first beta stages so many edits will be added. Bugs and crashes are expected in this stage. '' -Ririe It is currently 1.6gb and contains, 1 INI, 2 BSA's, 105 Mods. A list of the mods can be found in the Readme file. Skyrim - Ririe's Edition v0.5 (unstable) Pre-Modded Bsa's (4) (WIP..so be patient! ) I made this section to add my personnal textures replacements, wich i've edited to run smooth on xbox360 and avoid lags. So by downloading my textures, keep in mind that you wont find hi-rez textures here, or else they would ask to much ressources from the xbox to actualize all images in-game.. ..BUT lots of textures i make can easyly look like hi-rez textures! When i edit textures, i take all the time needed to be sure they wont have messed up colors or unwanted pixels, to almost look like hi-resolution textures. -About Armors- i wont upload my armors replacements until i make ''stand-alone'' version of them, wich will give you the possibility to forge them without replacing the original one! BUT!, if people ask for replacements, i will upload them here for you to replace into the BSA. -how is it possible to change the armor's shape, with only textures?- By editing the Alpha channel from inside a texture's main file, you are able to make transparency, so you can actually ''give the impression'' of removing armor's parts, forms, etc.. BUT, for the Alpha channel to work with transparency, you have to edit the meshe of the armor to give it a niAlpha property. And there are some armor and clothes in game that already use the niAlpha property. Armors & Clothes Animals & NPCs Landscape Objects Houses Release Log (Find out what has been added here) [R] = Included in Skyrim - Ririe's Edition Weapons, Armor, & Crafting [30] Combat and Stealth [21] Immersion [17] Graphical [41] Sound [8] NPC [27] Quest & Location [31] Cheats & Laughs [13] Utilities [9] .INI Edits [24] Beta Stage Mods (8) FaQ (Ririe) DISCLAIMER I am not responsible for what you do to any save files. These mods have gone through extensive testing and proven to be stable. -History of this Thread- ''This thread was first started by Ririe (on 360iso), but because he's busy in his personnal life, he thrusted me enough to leave it in my hands! I've edited completly the interface, organized all mods in alphabethic orders, and i keep on adding new mods frequently! Good Modding to all! -puss2puss '' -----------------------------------------------------------------------!WARNING!------------------------------------------------------------------- '' WE'VE PUT LOTS OF TIME AND HARD WORK TO EDIT EVERY MOD TO REDUCE CONFLICTS AND LAGS ON THE XBOX360! NO-ONE IS ALLOWED TO UPLOAD THOSE MODS ANYWHERE ELSE! ANYONE WHO BREAKS THAT RULE WILL RECEIVE HUGE CONSEQUENCES! '' -puss2puss
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    Im stupid af. Thanks
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    Under modules tab... then freestyle plugin
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    If it were easy, everyone would have already done it.
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    Currently TX is working on hacking the xbox one. Other than that they have lifted their forum restrictions, so now you can help people with hardware that isnt from TX. So now their forum is more like ours, but more hardware oriented, than software. Other than that, they are keeping their research close to the vest, as they dont want things they have found to be fixed before they can release them. I did hear they are working on an XKEY like solution for the Xbox one, but from what was said, there wont be any real information on it until sometime next year.
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    Hello, I would like you to include access to YouTube
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    Two options. Someone patches/TU the app to bypass the live checks. Or you write an own app. İ could actually build a youtube script but somethings like videoplayback and dynamic xuiobjects etc. are missing The script would give you the option to search, list videos and stream them.
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    Np.. you can launch teamxpg trainer from within aurora file manager.. just not the same as you launch an aurora trainer mate
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    Apparently, too fast Gizmo invokes lead to crash. function main() cmd = gizmo.run(table); if cmd.Result == "refresh" then main(); end end I can workaround this, when i put wait(500) before the recursion. But it would be better, if there is a Queue-System for Gizmo-Scenes. Edit: Also, Script.ShowMessageBox() in Gizmo Scenes is not possible.
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    Thanks for the explanation guys
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    There is one thing missing, current Fan Speed. I hope we can get it sorted out somehow. Everything else is working fine. If you want to test it early, you can pm me. Your scripts inspired me too. Credits on you.
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    This is much better than what I released a year or so ago. I would recommend using this, as it has a much better representation of what is going on, and gives you the ability to easily change values. I tried to keep my script as simple as possible, as I wrote it on a lunch break while I was working. lol. That being said, keep up the good work.
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    Good work How long is released !
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    I see, that's why i got nil. I listed here, that it was not working. There is Script.ShowMessageBox() and userdata:ShowMessagebox() In the Readme, there is userdata:ShowMessageBox() edit: it appears, that gizmo:ShowMessagebox() needs 4 arguments, and the first one must be a number. In that method-list, i also see "Notify", which is not listed in the Readme (correctly). Well i decided to use Script.ShowNotification() and no MessageBox for that Temperature Manager Script. Also SetXLScene is nice to see. I hope it's full screen xD
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    In aurora's menu, yes.. ill respond in detail after i respond to al1ens further down The 2 types are a drastic dummy down of the types.. Basically, aurora has a launcher built in for the trainers, and only aurora trainers can be launched within aurora menu, cheats enabled, ect.. Now as for the prior types.. they have launcher.xex and a trainer.xex, Old versions required the launcher/trainer .xex's be placed within the extracted games folder, along side the default.xex of the game.. Newer ones will launch default dash set in dashlaunch, if the default.xex isnt found, then you launch the game that way. Now the old versions of trainers also stayed in memory, aurora stops aurora trainers once the game has exited, allowing foe another trainer to be loaded. The old way required you to hard reset your system before you could launch another trainer. Older trainers also lacked functionality for some stuff.. and then you had the split versions that allowed you to do more complex stuff, like breakpoints and floats, ect. Para coded the xyzengine to be able to do all older codes, while adding in some very new stuff.. but all in all, aurora trainers are just better all around imo, as I've used most engines, and whatnot..
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    There are two types of trainers. One made to be integrated into Aurora's game menu screen, the other, as they were before Aurora. I understand both will run, but how they are launched, and where they are installed, are different.
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    It is possible, you have to join your account to a room for the game in question on the unity website. Then you launch the game, and it should work. Due to the emulator, you cant use the hud, but it doesnt unload the plugin, so the link service still works.
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    This is an upcoming skin for Aurora 0.6b inspired by Microsoft Fluent Design.
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    This will be fixed in Aurora 0.7b which will allow you to set things like fakelive in game settings, so if a game requires it, it will be enabled for that game, and disabled when leaving the game. There are a few other settings that will be able to be set on a per game basis also.
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    Have you tried seeing if the save is corrupted (stock dash, memory, see if save has yellow circle with !)? Or using a newer TU? Older TU's can cause the crash due to no files being there, when the world requires them.. and the latest TU always has the older stuff in them
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    1st: no profile signed in is a set of options, then any profile you sign in to, will have its own QV filter, coverflow, ect. Options, and same for every other profile.. 2nd: it does take a second or 2 to swap once a profile has signed in or out..
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    there is an option for replacing the avatar image with the actual avatar, it just wasnt shown in the video. There is also a custom XUI extension, so you can add it to a different scene if you want, in a custom skin.
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    Hi I registered in xboxunity and I can't login to either the xbox or pc. I tried resetting the password but it still doesn't work.
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    If you have already tried to put your console with fixed IP activate the UPNP and put your console in DMZ, something is sure to be in NAT and you will have to pay an extra cost to get an unrestricted IP output
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    Thanks gavin its a relief that nothing is wrong with the console and its settings and keep it up guys this site and your services are great thanks for that.
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    xD im sorry .... no i didnt recognized those words where are they ? But its working ^^ great ... thank you .... i was only a littlebit confused because there was no button like "add Media ID" or smth else. Its good to know that xboxunity is recognizing this automaticly =) And where else can i ask for missing TU ?
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    Does no one read my guide, that lays out every thing you need to know about your jtag/rgh. I have laid all of this out for you. Every thing from installing aurora trainers, and where to get them, from the difference between the hacks, Then again with rgh1.2, and rjtop, I should probably update that.lol. It is a very indepth list of guides, that will help you solve all of your jtag/rgh issues, and I keep a link to it at the top of the links in my sig, hoping that more people will look through it, and find their own answers. feel free to reply to that thread if there is something you dont understand, or send me a PM.
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    Well what about TUs Would not that work also?
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    thanks all, for answers..I try it!! @Swizzy no I did mean the program flashfxp, with this I do login to my xbox360 hdd. but whatever... its worked!! perfectly with user&pass xboxftp. )
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    I agree to that, that simplicity always wins, really lol. congratz as for me it was fun participating anyways btw : cant wait for the update Go ! Go ! team FSD !
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    hello people "next official release" this got my attention mostly, cant wait ill find some free time wanna participate, busy working x_x probably gonna start drawing on paper then transfer to photoshop i so wish to least lend a hand in here.... to much respect for whole team. looking forward on this care less on reward, good luck for other artists ^^ ps. best reward to me is : to live long for fsd
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    how many can banners can a single member can post??? can it be animated GIF?? it would be more awesome if its dynamic picture than just static ( still ) picture hope i get a fast reply to this so that i can start working and if an animated gif files are ok... do u have a size or time limit to it?
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    Thanks Keyser! Bro we need xls or xlsx for add Russiun language gui translator!
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    having same problem! cant sign in to jqe360 in fsd and system link is greyed out!