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    I'm not sure of the best way to get the Title Name at the moment, but I can try to help with the other questions. For the tray state, you can use either Aurora.GetDVDTrayState() which returns the following (this does not match the DvdTrayState in Enums.lua): 0 if tray is Open 1 ??? (possibly if tray is Error) 2 if tray is Closed 3 if tray is Opening 4 if tray is Closing Or you can use Dvd.GetTrayState() which returns the following (this matches the DvdTrayState in Enums.lua): 1 if tray is Closing 2 if tray is Open 3 if tray is Opening 4 if tray is Closed 5 if tray is Error For the media type, you can use Dvd.GetMediaType() whose return value matches the DvdMediaType in Enums.lua
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    Skin green color to Aurora 7b/ 0.7b.2 r1655 Download Layouts Aurora.rar
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    Lips Party Classics Four in One (EN) =================================== This guide will let you have all the songs included in the four Lips games available in Lips Party Classics so that you can run it on an JTAG/RGH Xbox 360 and not need to having to switch disks to access the songs included on the other disks. You will first need to own the EU versions of the Lips games: - Lips (EUR) [Disc 3] - Lips Number One Hits (EUR) [Disc 10] - Lips Party Classics (EUR) [Disc 13] - Lips I Love the 80s (EUR)[Disc 17] These specific versions are needed for this hack to work. To know which disc each game is you can check the LPS.xml file that is available in the "lps" directory on each game disc for the DISC_INDEX line. <DISC_INDEX>10</DISC_INDEX> in the file would indicate that it is Disc 10. We will use the title "Lips Party Classics"as a base since this is the last version to work with many wired microphones as I understand it. Follow these steps: 1. Make a temporary folder on your computer and extract the contents of "Lips.4.in.1.zip" here. 2. Copy the content from the Lips discs to the folders matching it's disc number. - Files from "Lips (EUR)" goes into folder "3" - Files from "Lips Number One Hits" goes into folder "10" - Files from "Lips Party Classics (EUR)" goes into folder "13" - Files from "Lips I Love the 80s (EUR)" goes into folder "17" 3. Now run the scripts to create the "Lips 4 in 1 (EUR)" version. - If you are on a windows PC you run "Pack_Lips_4in1_WIN.bat" - If you are on a Mac you run "Pack_Lips_4in1_MAC.sh" - If you are using Linux you run "Pack_Lips_4in1_LIN.sh" 4. Copy the folder "Lips.4.in.1.EUR" to your modded Xbox 360 and run the game. It should now show all 160 songs of all four games and you never need to switch discs again. If you have any old save games for Lips on your Xbox 360 you will need to delete them to make this hack work properly as the game saves a cached list of all songs to the save file. CAREFUL! If you have any DLC you do not need to delete that. Only the save file. Hope you like this and have fun singing! Lips.4.in.1.zip
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    A fully working version of freestyledash3 without any issues downloading covers(uses the cover api of xboxunity) or throwing random exceptions. Screenshots: Known issues: - weather api isnt updated and therefore wont work - LiNK isnt working If you find any new issues or want to fix the weather api for some reason contact me and ill give you the updated source code or fix the issue. I can't just fully publish the source code for legal issues. fsd3.zip
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    You can donate?! How did I not see that.. I want to echo Gennaro's thoughts. I'm very late to the Aurora/RGH scene but I love my 360 consoles and they're only this good because of this team's software. I imagine it's difficult to keep developing especially when so many users seem demanding or ungrateful. But please know that so many of us realise that what you do is incredible - and we are grateful!
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    Do you enjoy Aurora? Enjoy playing on LiNK? Enjoy XboxUnity? If you answered yes to any or all of those, you better get a post in this thread!! Since I have been holding on to my donation for the Phoenix team until I could do something cool with it,,, Here is the deal... for every person that posts a thank you message to the Phoenix team in this thread, I will personally donate $0.25 to the team (max $25.00 {100 people} for this round) if you'd like to make your own donation to them you can do it HERE As a thank you from me, to everyone for showing their support,,I am sharing my first "semi-complete" HUD theme for use with Aurora With info and base files from gavin_darkglider HERE (creds to him for the file processing work, The "Aurora Home" text, and the base aurora icon) I have built on his work to create this modified HUD for everyone to show off their Phoenix / Aurora support!! Here is a list of changes from the stock HUD Custom "Aurora Home" button text & base Aurora icon - gavin_darkglider Custom Game info scene and text relocation - begal Custom "Phoenix" and "Aurora" logo's in hud - begal Custom Green temp gauges when signed in - begal Custom color/design Icons that change color/design when button is in focus - begal (prob more im forgetting, that's what happens when you get old kids LOL) System Link Button Focus (notice icon change) File browser (more custom colored icons) Install to Plugins\HudScene\** **be sure to backup your original files if necessary before overwriting them** HudScene_Aurora_Custom_begal.rar NEW VERSIONS JULY 4, 2015 This new V2 uses the "glow box" visual used in the default Aurora skin HudScene_AuroraGlowVersion_begal.rar This V3 combines the "glow box" visual as well as a turquoise(ish) home tab (I was able to easily match the temp guages color to the Aurora color code, but coloring the hud tab was done by changing the color write flags so it is not quite the same as the aurora color but I thought some people may still like it so figured id share it as well, I did it this way because to my knowledge only the outline of the tab can be colored using other methods ) Turq home tab_Aurora glow box game scene.rar Thank you to all the devs and site staff that make all this possible !!!!!! begal
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    Simple Default Dark Skin with Awesome Loading by REZ Dark.xzp
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    Xbox 360 10-Year Anniversary Skin by Xian07 With transparency all across the dashboard. Elegant and clean design + fonts. Fully tried and tested, no bugs as of now. Compatible with Aurora 0.7B Screenshots: (Had to compress images to post hence shit quality ) (If you want the best animation effect like shown in the screenshots, use these settings or just tweak them to your preference :P) Download: ElegantXbox10YearCelebXian07.xzp (Mirror: 1:AnonFiles 2:PixelDrain) Credits: Based on a skin by Srealmoreno. Thanks.
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    What are all those DECRYPT_INFORMATION.html files doing in there? Also some have duplicate subfolder, like 354807DD, 434D0806, 445407D1, etc... Also, 55530879 contain a "rom" folder with "3.0.8-nAa-03_ST15.img"? 485507D1 contains "alcatel-onetouchmanager-2-2-1305-2155.exe". Not sure what 5553085D contains, rupi and ogg files??? *edit* I've cleaned all useless files and added missing trainer from Inkenet's 2018 Trainer Pack. Also removed the minecraft TU. only 45MB now. Aurora Trainers 578 Pack [clean].rar
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    I can see this expanding the homebrew scene. It would be nice, If we could add a trainer menu to the hud also, and possibly some other things, and this will help homebrew trainer engine developers do this, and even though teamFSD has disbanded, it would be nice if the source could be released for the latest version, so it can be converted into something more like XBMC was for the Xbox Classic, something that will play all media files, and stuff that microsoft doesnt support with the built in emulators, and possibly a built in python engine(always liked being able to write my own applets for XBMC, or download them(MythTV, Youtube, etc). I know that a stock xbox supports this, but it would be nice to get support for this on a jtag also. I guess what I am saying is thank you, as this is the first step of many for other homebrew developers to build upon what is already awesome.
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    I'm trying to change the text of the menus and no way to save your changes. Any help?
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