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    Hi, Based on there being some interest I decide to post my J-Runner with Extras here to provide for y'all. So what has it? - Properly working in Windows 10! No more crashing! - 17559 Dashboard, 3.21 Dashlaunch, and 1.21 XeBuild support - Native FTDI Support (xFlasher and squirt) - SMC+ Support (Super fast glitch cycles without false success resets! See demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKGIoVQN_1I) - Fixed the SMC deletion bug - J-Runner no longer leaves SMCs it puts in your data folder - Added 6717 and 9199 Dash Support for JTAG, GLITCH, GLITCH2, R-JTAG (THX @SGCSam!) (Supported motherboards only) - RGH1.2, S-RGH, R-JTOP timings added to Program Timing File menu (see picture) - Timing Assistant - Tweaked XeLL RELOADED: ----- Displays Console LDV ----- Displays Motherboard type ----- Displays serial number for console and board ----- Fixed USB refresh bug - Discord RPC (Disableable in Settings) - Extra SMCs/files - MFR Date displayed in KV Info - Other Misc Fixes such as: ----- Fixed the R-JTAG box showing up when it shouldn't ----- Fixed crashing issues on Windows 10 - Cleanup the UI in general, loads of usability and quality of life improvements - Loads of various bugfixes all over the place - MTX USB Xsvf_Ace, can program glitch chips - Thanks Mena! - Ability to reprogram MTX USB Flasher with ACE or Coolrunner/Matrix HEX files - Thanks Mena! - DEVGL Build Support (doesn't include any keys, find them yourself) - Bigffs Build Support Screenshots: Download 3.0.3 2.9.7 to 3.0.3 Delta Update Kind Regards, Josh
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    Haha, nevermind, just had to create an account and sign in. Kicking myself
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    Like the title, I would like to to get all the title updates, in one shot. Does any know/have a tool to download them all at once? Would like to have an archive of them in case something was to happen with Unity. Don't really care about naming them as I have a content manager for that.
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    The skin didnt change, the version probably did though, so you might need to extract them, and replace the version info in them. That being said, there is an issue with the asset downloader in aurora currently that fatal crashes aurora. Just saying..... it is being worked on, but who knows when it will go out.
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    try these: https://mega.nz/file/XVhjFYia#qNiqVsgHQ01ExeUDhJab_ehiQsRnIrlH_DzBHRxc8YQ https://mega.nz/file/3NolyKQK#VhqLRgIG-jPA811587bQLTj4Bj59h1bVu7yxEGK6mcM those were updated dec 2018.. just replace the files within your xm360 folder on your xbox. i dont know if the old scripts even work anymore either.. i used to keep them updated myself when i was active in the scene. and i meant i couldnt help you with the renaming function because i dont know how it works. your hdd space could be low, program could be acting up, etc.. there is no documentation on the rename files action.. you could make sure you are using the latest version of xm360, 2.0d, as previous versions might have bugs. but DLC names rarely matter.. you could check the log of xm360 also, there will be some DLC that do not show registered to some games.. like you stated in your original post. its ok for those to show, it wont affect anything.
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    The 3.0.3 update is nearing ready. Most important the ECC updates for Corona RGH1.2 Yes I know about the false positive KEYGEN by Window Defender. It is fixed in the next version. There is no malware, you can be seen it is clean by other A/V. Sorry for complications.
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    [Skin] Aurora 0.7b.1 Kena Bridge of Spirits download: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/jQnaA5dq2Kr0RA
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    Depending on the emulator, such as mame, it's the romset.. Now you DO have to place the roms on same device as the emulator. If your emulator is on USB, you can't have roms on hdd.. it's due to how the emulators are programmed
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    I was stuck in windows 10 nothing worked not WinFF nor other tons of converters i tried, including online ones. Finally i found a way that worked for me. 1- Convert your videos with some "mp4 to wmv" converter because the app below wont open mp4 files 2 -Download and Install "Microsoft Expression Encoder 4" 3- Import your video to Expression Encoder 4 ---> In the right side you'll see Presets ----> Select "VC-1 Xbox 360 HD 720" -----> Click Encode Your output will be somwhere like : C:\Users\...\Documents\Expression\Expression Encoder\Output Just wanted to leave this here maybe someone will find it usefull
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    Minecraft Texture mods with latest Tu19 Hello, since i had many problems doing this, and i saw many people wanting this, i decided to make a tutorial. First of all, there are a lot of Tutorials around on the Internet but they seem all outdatet because everyone is talking about modding the game which isn't working properply with the new Tu. Note i don't have testet this on retrail Consoles only on Jtag/RGH. The first Texturepack i portet is Crafteryada. This is not 100% complete, i skip some Blocks and don't editet Icons jet. There are not all edited Blocks shown on the Screen I'll post the updated Version if I'm finished. Download modded Minecraft version here: (http://uploaded.net/file/utpul5gh) just extract, copy to usb and launch default.xex. Select natural texturepack and have fun. You'll need original "Natural" Texturepack for work. I don't know how to make this an standalone texturepack dlc. Things you'll need: 1. Minecraft (you can get the Trial on Digiex.net) 2. Latest Title update (Xbox Unity) 3. BMS Unpacker (http://ul.to/az7p2s5k) 4. Mincraft reimporter (http://ul.to/rk22j2uk) 5. Le Fluffie (http://ul.to/8vthqq9q) 6. XexTool (http://ul.to/ymahyi1w) 7. Photoshop or any other Picture editing Programm. 8. latest Dashlaunch 9. Texturepack for PC 10. Terrain.psd (http://ul.to/vofzphp2) 11. One original Minecraft texturepack in Content/000..... Firts, collect all files in one folder. Then open Le Fluffie. Open Minecraft File Extract Files to new Folder Also do the same with the Title update. Now you open up Xextool and select the Path to Minecraft default.xex and Titleupdate default.xexp. This files are in the Folders you extracted previously. Select an output path for the pathed Xex and klick on Patch XEX File. Now you go in the folder of the extractet Title Update and move all Files into the Folder of Minecraft. If it asks you to override to it. Now the First step is done. You have the actual Title update patchet to the Game. Take your minecraft folder put it on a USB stick and launch the default.xex. If everything is working you are ready for the next step. If Minecraft is showing up as Trial you hav to enable lictpatch in Dashlaunch!!! If everything is working lets continue. Now you have to decide which texturepack you want to create. Default is 16x16 if you want to have 32x32 i prefere editing natural Texturepack. Now go to your Minecraft Folder and search for the folder called DLC Inside is a Folder for eacht Dlc. Make a backup of the dl you want to edit. In my case the natrual Dlc, because i have this in original. Open Bms Unpacker Click on open Script and select minecraft pck unpacker.BMS in the Bms unpacker folder. Click on open Archive. Choose the x32data.pck from the folder where ou extractet the DLC. Don't choose an output folder and lick on extrackt. Make a new Folder and copy the Folder "res" and the two files "0" and "colours.col" inside Now go into the res folder and you'll find some png pictures. Terrain.png, Terrainmiplevel2, terrainmiplevel3. Make a backup of all this 3 files. Now you have to open the terrain.png in Photoshop and edit your texturepack to your liking. I you download a newer Texturepack for pc there is no terrain.png. You must go into blocks folder and copy each Block into the terrain.png. I've made a Photoshop file with layers named like Blocks so it's very easy. You can find it on the top. If you are finished you have to same the file as terrain.png in png24 format. To do so go to save for web. Choose png 24 and heck the Filesize. It must be equal or smaller than the original. Save it as terrain.png Now do this also for miplevel2 and 3 but look at dimensions and filesize. If you've replaced this 3 you are ready for reimport. Open the Mincraft reimporter Select BMS file from unpacker Select x32data.pck you have extractet earlyer Select the folder with extractet Dlc data where you editet Terrain.png Now all you have to do is replace the natrual dlc files with your files and start default.xex You have to choose the natural dlc. This is why you need the original dlc and start the game. Enjoy
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    Here we are..... ix16_Benq_0800.rar
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    The item is no longer availalbe to download, if you have it still, please share a new link, thanks in advance.!
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    How To Properly Install DLC For Call Of Duty Games 1. Put DLC/Compatibility Pack on Computer 2. Download LicenseCleaner (created by Swizzy) 3. Click on DLC file, Drag it onto the LicenseCLeaner exe and wait for the magic to happen 4. Delete the old DLC file (not the patched file) 5. Delete these letters from the name of the new DLC file "_patched" 6. Transfer the fixed DLC Back into the Proper Location on the xbox(content...002) using FTP, FlashDrive etc 7. Make Sure You Have The Most Recent Title Update Downloaded and Enabled! 8. If Needed Unlock DLC with xm360 etc 9. Personally I had to disable FAKELIVE in dashlaunch for TU3 to work on BO3. 10. Enjoy playing the game, zombies matches can only be joined while in lobby status. (use find lan game) Originally Posted by begallegal1 *************************************************************************** Some important info I have found so far in my testing... **************************************************************************** 1. The game must be launched by a "live" profile or it will error in the menu (you cannot switch to a live profile once in menu, error will occur) 2. You must have an active LOCAL network connected to the console (internet access is not required, I just tested this on a spare router) else you will get LAN connection error in menu. 3. Make sure your xbox kernal is updated, usually not required, but good idea to update if your behind. *This method should work with all call of duty games. add more tips and I will edit the tutorial... **I have attaced the LicenseCleaner Program LicenseCleaner.rar
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    it`s work of 2 mins, but it`s kinda hard to explain, at least for me. i`m bad at tutorials. i don`t want to go into details, if you have some interest, check this link: http://www.free60.org/wiki/XEX i`ll try to show the process in screens, maybe if you understand it, you`ll write normal tutrorial
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    What do you mean by "fun setting"? are you speaking of fanspeed? if so; no Use Dashlaunch installer and set target temps instead
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    Hi , this is a translation i've made of our french tutorial here http://psychomantis59.free.fr/nst/showthread.php?tid=95 (sorry if english is not so good) Freestyleplugin translation After our release ( here and here ) and of lot of PM's asking how to, where going to explain our method step by step. Part 1 : freestyleplugin.xex translation Prerequisites : - xextool by xorloser : http://jheberg.net/captcha/xextool-v63/ - hexadecimal editor (Hexedit, Hxd, WinHex, ...), - our example files : http://jheberg.net/captcha/exemple/ - lot of patience ... We are first going to prepare the freestyleplugin.xex file so we can edit it : Copy the freestyleplugin.xex file in the xextool folder, in MS-DOS command go to the xextool folder, we are now going to uncrypt and uncompress the .xex file, you just have to type this command : "xextool.exe -e u -c u freestyleplugin.xex", Here it is , our xex file is uncrompressed and uncrypted. Now that our xex file is ready we are going to use the hex software to edit it, This is the longest and hardest part, you will have to find the strings to translate , you also need to translate the words with the same number of letter or less and unicode isn't supported . We advise you to do the modifications step by step and testing it each time, it could seem boring but that's the best way to do it. We provided you 2 example files so you have just to compare them (in hex) to find the strings to translate, Theses examples files can be a little bit different of the one provided in aurora thats cause we worked on the FSD version of the plugin, you can work on our orignal file in our archive it will wok on aurora as well . Once your translation done you have to recompress and recrypt the xex file in xextool with the command: "xextool.exe -e e -c c freestyleplugin.xex" Now you've done the hardest part, if everything went well to this step for you, the second part will be easy. Part 2 : Plugin .xur files translation For this part you will have 2 possibilities , - The first one is the hardest one but was the only option we had before the second one came out, wich consist in the same method as for the xex file with hex editing. Here are our .xur files if you want to hex compare : link - The second one wich we will explain, is with the Xuiworkshop software from Masterrowen (PHOENIX/FSD). (EDIT : saving the binary don't work for now need to find what's wrong, you can use first method) Prerequisites : - This file : http://jheberg.net/captcha/development/ - a little bit more patience . First we're gonna put the content of the rar file we provided in the root of your C: hdd, you need to have this : "C:\Development\...." Now launch the software a this place "C:\Development\JQE360 Repository\Trunk\XuiWorkshop\XuiWorkshop.exe" (in admin mode) You will now have the possibility to open the plugin .xur files Once .xur file loaded you will see all the labels in it , to edit them you to just need in the properties in the text field . Same as for the xex translation we advise you to do it step by step and testing it every time. Now you should have a 100% translated plugin . We hope this tutorial will make us see a lot of releases in all the languages . Enjoy !!! NordSudTeam Psychomantis59 and PeZeD
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