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    Gears of War meets Mortal Kombat on PS3!!! Coming soon... Made in Brazil #brasilgameshow
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    This a Simple Installer i been working on just to learn C++. All works as should just extract the .rar copy the folder to fat32 format usb and boot direct from dashboard. I plan to add the hacked original xbox emulator files to the 4th button. If fails could have it auto boot the hdd compat partition fixer v1. But i havent managed it yet. This could be handy for noobs or people who setup alot of RGH. Latest DashLaunch so you should be on 17544 dash to use. If anyone can think of any think decent to add please let me know. Simple_Install.rar
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    Hello guys. Just take a look at this article my folks at Wololo.net published about UDKUltimate No Links to Download scources ! Dr.Gonzo
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    UDK ULTIMATE PS3 UPDATE V2 - Create, Play and Share on ANY PS3! Hello ladies and gentlemans! I am the main developer of UDKUltimate Project ( I trully forgot to update my thread on this website, sorry, because this project UDKUltimate received a revamp in 2017, on which I added Complete and Full Support to both XBox360 (Bink Videos was missing from the 2015 release) and PS3 CFW (UDKUltimate Engine for PS3, Xbox360, PC) However now I have added support to the new PS3 HEN (Homebrew Enabler), which allows for anyone to develop and play a game created in UDK Ultimate on ANY PS3! From since I finished UDKUltimate Project in 2017, I am dedicating myself on a personal project, a game I am developing in UDK Ultimate Engine, which I am going to soon publish here some trailers and a free demo for anyone to download. So whenever I recently finished the demo for PC, I began to optimize it for Consoles (XBOX360 and PS3). I own a PS3 4K model (Super Slim 12GB), the legendary "unhackable" model, it was until recently. Thanks to the efforts of PS3Xploit team (http://ps3xploit.com/), and many other PS3 Scene Devs, now anyone can enjoy homebrew games and apps on any PS3 through the installation of PS3HEN (which is stands for Homebrew Enabler). So I after I installed PS3HEN on my PS3, i tried to run my game, it did not work, so after investigating and asking my friends of PS3 Scene, I learned that I had to do some changes on the EBOOT.BIN resign process so it will be able to run on PS3HEN. So I did it, and got this working!!!!! This video however is showcasing the UDKUltimate Sample Game which I included on UDKUltimate Engine Download (I want to avoid spoilers on my game :D). Sorry for the bad quality of this video, it's because I can't capture footage from PS3, I don't have a HDMI capture card, only a shitty EasyCap :D. So I used my old Smartphone just to show to anyone that it is working, and is not fake news And nothing more just than sharing with everyone this new EBOOT.BIN, so anyone can now create, play and share their own games on ANY PS3. Here is the link and mirrors for this new PS3 Update: Just extract this folder to the main UDKUltimate Engine folder (i.e C:\UDKUltimate) and overwrite everything there. This new and updated PS3 Game Template Folder has the new EBOOT.BIN already in place, so you just need to do the procedure to export your game for PS3 (the instructions are the same and are located in the Docs folder, file 2- Readme PS3 Export.txt). As for those who want to recompile the PS3 Source Code in Visual Studio, nothing have changed, the only difference is that whenever using True Ancestor Resigner to resign the EBOOT.BIN, you just change output method to firmware 3.XX STD (instead of 4.XX STD), then follow the normal intructions. Cheers for all and happy game making!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJ5aJBvAr5A
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    I want to share one of my favorite skins that I update for aurora 0.7b link: http://zipansion.com/lJm5
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    It is a feature of aurora.. You can use user scripts from within aurora
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    You could also use the database cleaner I believe.. In the scripts.. But yeah the cover going grey is normal operation, dont know if not being able to delete it is though.. But alas, dev has stopped for the time being
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    New Website: Know my Super Modern High Tech Game Development Studio
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    I basically have been around since the inception of modifying the Xbox original. This was during the time my kids were in middle school and I wanted to do something that would be radically fun. Hence, I developed a new hobby that I loved! I’ve seen many changes take place with the development of exploits, hardware, software/home brew all the way down to chassis and shell modification. It has been and IS a fun and exciting adventure. Everyone here at RMS along with the teams at Phoenix, team FSD, XeBuild, and the list goes on with amazing individuals whom have contributed to the scene. I have to give a shout out for a job well done!! Your development and support that you’ve given the community goes beyond measure while it’s frame you’ve built enables it to stand AND expand. Thank you for your sometimes thankless and taken for granted sacrifices. You are not only the architect but also the glue which holds this amazing society together. You’re amazing! A debt of gratitude is owed to many but here is a start to begin that list: cory1492 TeamFSD, Chrishockey55 Developer, JPizzle “That Fuckin Guy”, JQE Hackin the Box, Kebob RMS Freshman, MaesterRowen Phoenix, Mattie Phoenix, BioHazard RMS Freshman, Blackwolf “What a jerk”, Dr.Gonzo RMS Senior, felida RMS PHD, gavin_darkglider RMS, MastersTraJiK Gypsy By Blood May the scene never die! Regards, wantin2mod
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    You have to much time on your hands. We have all bricked things in the passed iphones, dvd drives, modems allsorts of things iv bricked. Its allways been my fault you blame the guide thats up to you. I would say its your fault for following a 2012 guide in 2019. You could also recover from any failed update using this guide. People / staff and admin really go out there way to help here. My point is stop bitching about this guide. No one forcing you to follow it
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    If it were me, id read all the information possible.. There are tons of guides and tons of information.. And tons of scenarios where people have messed up.. It's not our problem someone read only 1 thing and believed that to be 100% in covering all bases mate, ESPECIALLY with the title "quick and easy".. Especially as well with a specific thread here titled: Everything you need to know about Jtag/RGH
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    ★ Important: ------------ If you are going to share my skins, do it with my links. Thank you. ★ Changelog 31-07-2018: (Fixed)QuickView ****************************************­*********************************** ★ Skin details: --------------- Name: Justice League Version: 1.8 Author: M0514H Background music: JL - Come Together ★ Links: -------- skins with music: http://zipansion.com/2Znxr skins without music: http://zipansion.com/2Zo2P Layouts: http://adf.ly/1XWCKd ****************************************­*********************************** ★ My other Skins ---------------- https://goo.gl/38fK86 (Aurora 0.6b) https://goo.gl/sFrArA (Aurora 0.7b)
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    I don't want to attempt an update for situations like this. I said in another thread how i don't "need" to update as all the games i've installed on my jasper Phat 360 work fine and all the games that i continue to install, boot with no issues. Someone agreed with me, then another person responded by saying, "it's always good to be on the latest firmware." Says who? you? I beg to differ as being on my current firmware hasn't had any negative effects whatsoever. If every game i install boots and if it supports systemlink and i can play it's multiplayer, then an update isn't necessary. Anything can go wrong as this situation proves and i won't let anyone shame me or bully me into updating, just for the sake of updating. And this person seemed to be really attentive and careful on the steps he took. This shows that it isn't full proof, even for the technically inclined and experienced person. Swizzy: "First of all, you shouldn't have used 2.092 at all, you should've used 2.097 so you can build the latest version..." Why wasn't this included in the tutorial? and if it was, why wasn't it pointed out that it could result in a brick, if not followed? I'm taking the word of the OP that he followed the tutorial, face value. So in that sense, if you did include that step, he would have followed it. When writing a tutorial on updating a Nand, you would want to insure that every step suggested, should reduce the probability of a brick. And to leave out steps, that may reduced the possibility of a brick, just to mention to someone after they bricked their 360 from following a tutorial you wrote, that you should have done, X Y or Z that was left out or omitted in the tutorial is irresponsible and reckless. It's never said, implied or suggested by people on this forum or anywhere else, that whenever you attempt to flash your nand, there's a high probability that you can brick your 360 but people suggest and even encourage people to do it as if there's no chance of a brick. However, i know better... And i feel it's wrong to prompt people to flash their nand, without reminding them of the potential consequences of a brick. There are options for reviving a bricked 360 but not everyone has the know how or confidence on tearing down a 360 and installing a hardware flasher. or they don't have the time or money. Some people would simply be intimidated by the process. I also take into consideration that i have a deep love for this particular Jasper xbox 360 in the fact that i have a lot of history with it as i've had it since i purchased back in the day. So i have sentimental value and nostalgia associated with my 360 and i don't want to risk it getting bricked. I would only update the nand, if it was absolutely necessary. I've always considered myself lucky, after a successful nand write, when updating my 360 back in the day and it doesn't make me feel any less concerned about a possible brick after those successful writes. I've always wiped sweat from my forehead after a success flash! I'm speaking for me specifically, being some people claim to not be able to play some games on lower firmware. My current firmware is 2.0.17349.0 released 4/30/2015 I'll say again, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. And at the end of the day, if my 360 bricks like this poor guys 360 did, i'm the only one that has to live with the consequences of that brick, not someone i don't know on a forum, that's encouraging me to flash it for no reason other than an update exists. This is for anyone thinking they need to update without any obvious reasons.
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    There definitely could be another issue, such as people using subpar connections like Wi-Fi.. There is no hash checks to make sure title updates are completely downloaded.. And the download could time out.. Aurora will not download the wrong title update..
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    • AutoGG 0.9.4 v8.6 • Added Kernel: 17544 . . Hello friends😊 For those who like AutoGG, I bring a version with full support for the new kernel. ★★★★★★★★★★★★★ IMPROVEMENTS: Added • Added: xeBuild 1.20 Added • Added: Xbox Live FixLaunch Lock Added • Added: DashLaunch 3.20 - (598) Added • Added: Drag and drop now works fine on W10 Added • Added: Kernel Support: 2.0.17544.0 Added • Added: Xell Reloaded MC Edition Coronas Added • Added: Double Backup +1 by Nand Security Added • Added: Modification Date Now Shown Added • Added: Minor Bugs Enhancements Added • Added: Dump / Write NandMMC Supported Added • Added: Kv.info on data in txt file now gets no data error ★★★★★★★★★★★★★ 👉 • AutoGG • ( does not contain avatar update ) 👈 • AutoGG • (unofficial) •Update 8/21/2019 ......( added to post )....... ★★★★★★★★★★★★★ ••••••••••🕵️‍♂️•••••••••• Avatar Update 17544 here 👇👇👇 SystemUpdate_17544_USB ......( added to post )....... ★★★★★★★★★★★★★ . A hug to all friends 👦 . . SystemUpdate_17544_USB.zip AutoGG.rar
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    Today c0z has brought us yet again another update! c0z is still here doing what he does best! Thank you c0z! V3.20- add 17544- minor bugfixes As Always If you notice any Bugs Feel free to report them here (which has been indicted in the read me for several years now dash_launch_v3.20.zip
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    This is an upcoming skin for Aurora 0.6b inspired by Microsoft Fluent Design.
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    Hello I have successfully translated Farsi Please finalize the file xzp Send me an email. Thankful email: danialshirali16@gmail.com Farsi_language.rar
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    not exactly, editing aurora hudscenes only makes things limited to it (like for example to translate texts and to change some things like color of the buttons with colored texts,), with this plugin I can change the visuals of the xbox 360 notifications and the HUD images and icons of the original xbox that also applies in NXE/ Aurora / FSD, but if you limit yourself with aurora plugins I could never do this, same as the images in the post the project that goes beyond what Begal did, lol.
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    Your work is becoming more and more impressive. Congratulations.
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    New language added to Aurora, Arabic. A person named Mansour Al-Assiri has translated the new version of Dashboard. This is the link to the language file: http://www.mediafire.com/file/naf7ce016f2zbgt/AR.rar I hope to add the new language to the list of Dashboard languages. 😊
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