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    What's good y'all? Today I bring y'all an Itachi Uchiha Skin for Aurora v0.6b r1238. I'm going to try to put some preview pictures down below for y'all to see what some of the pics look like, but I also added some of the pictures that is part of this Skin in a Preview folder that is in the .rar file that y'all can download to enjoy this skin. You can use this skin to your own personal liking and even create your own skin with the typed TUTORIAL/INFORMATION text document that's also apart of the .rar file. I might do some more in the future and upload them so the public can use them as well. Before I end my ramble please note that I won't be doing customs for you for I made it pretty simple in the INFORMATION text document that has a step by step process to it. If you need any help then I'll trey best to log back on whenever I log back on and try to give some feedback that might help you with your situation. Thanks and enjoy!! Note: Hey guys, for the "Camo.jpg" file resize the picture to 1094x806 so it can be a little bit easier to see the words when you press the start button at the Aurora Homescreen. Same thing if you want to create your own Aurora Skin by using your own custom picture, make sure that when you replace the original "Camo.jpg" file that's already provided that you resize your own "Camo.jpg" pic to 1094x806. Sorry for the small mess up. Itachi_Uchiha_Aurora_Skin.rar
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    This frontend would blow all the other PC frontends out of the water. The 3d elements of Aurora are so great and no other PC frontend seems to have it. If there were 3d models for every main console game alongside 3d models for the consoles themselves it would make for a badass frontend. Will this ever happen? I'm sure people would support it on Patreon.
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    Hi, Based on there being some interest I decide to post my J-Runner with Extras here to provide for y'all. So what has it? - Properly working in Windows 10! No more crashing! - 17559 Dashboard, 3.21 Dashlaunch, and 1.21 XeBuild support - Native FTDI Support (xFlasher and squirt) - SMC+ Support (Super fast glitch cycles without false success resets! See demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKGIoVQN_1I) - Fixed the SMC deletion bug - J-Runner no longer leaves SMCs it puts in your data folder - Added 6717 and 9199 Dash Support for JTAG, GLITCH, GLITCH2, R-JTAG (THX @SGCSam!) (Supported motherboards only) - RGH1.2, S-RGH, R-JTOP timings added to Program Timing File menu (see picture) - Timing Assistant - Tweaked XeLL RELOADED: ----- Displays Console LDV ----- Displays Motherboard type ----- Displays serial number for console and board (board S/N CANT EVER CHANGE) (prevent scams) ----- Fixed USB refresh bug - Discord RPC (Disableable in Settings) - Extra SMCs/files - MFR Date displayed in KV Info - Other Misc Fixes such as: ----- Fixed the R-JTAG box showing up when it shouldn't ----- Fixed crashing issues on Windows 10 - Cleanup the UI in general, loads of usability and quality of life improvements - Loads of various bugfixes all over the place - Proper MTX USB Support with NandPro and Xsvf_Ace, can program glitch chips - Thanks Mena! - Ability to reprogram MTX USB Flasher with ACE or Coolrunner/Matrix HEX files - Thanks Mena! - DEVGL Build Support (doesn't include any keys, find them yourself) - Bigffs Build Support Screenshots: Download 3.0.2 2.9.7 to 3.0.2 Delta Update Kind Regards, Josh
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    Background Slideshow Skin for Aurora 0.5b → VIDEO CLIP ↠Screenshot taken during background transition lol Skin background image fades between 1 of 5 images you choose!! You get a new background about every 10 seconds !! Instructions For Use: 1. Name 5 images as follows - Bkg1.png, Bkg2.png ,Bkg3.png, Bkg4.png ,Bkg5.png 2. Put them in your "Aurora\Backgrounds" folder. (if you need a tool to bulk rename or convert your backgrounds to .png THIS does the job well) NOTES: If you swap backgrounds while Aurora is running you will need to "Restart" the program from the system menu for the images to reload. due to opacity of the images during transition it is recommended that you use a gradient or other neutral image as your "default" set background, this should avoid any unintended images from being seen through the slideshow transitions Also added wrapping file browser lists, otherwise skin is same as default. If there is much interest in this skin I can easily make a better v2 and include , more total images in the "slideshow", extend the time each image shows, add support for .jpg pics,...let me know your suggestions!?!? Overall this is more or less just another proof of concept skin to show what can be done with external backgrounds, so others can make more out of it if they would like Example backgrounds pack Example_Bkgs_SlieshowSkin_begal.rar Skin backgroundSlideshow_begal.rar ****************************************************************************************************************************************** ****************************** VERSION 2 - 10 slides ******************************** Same as above just add your backgrounds Bkg1.png - Bkg10.png City Lights Example Background Pack City Lights Bkg Example_begal.rar 10 Image Slideshow Skin w/default image backgroundSlideshow10_begal.rar 10 Image Slideshow Skin w/out default image backgroundSlideshow10_nodefaultbkg_begal.rar
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    I just wanted to add my thanks for all the hard work put into this. Due to the resurgence im gonna glitch some slims. Been using my bb jasper for 10 years on a coolrunner.
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    Wow ... I am really impressed by that detailed instruction. Thank you very much. The problem is solved. Thanks to Neocazen, to Ustrel and to you Dimanchez!
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    Shizafon Armored Corps Base This is a brand new map I just finished for the #Steam demo of #FursanAqsaGame. This is the Shizafon Armored Corps Base, a base built by #USA for #Zionist forces in the Negev Desert. #gamedev #indiegame #indiegamedev #UE4 #UE3 #UnrealEngine #FreePalestine #IsraelPalestine #IsraelTerrorism #Resistance
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    Hi there, Could please an aurora developer add this cover for the gamepad application? I have tried manually, but there is no information about the TitleID and at the moment, Aurora´s Nova app does not allow to update the cover through the browser.
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    You can't find it, because it doesn't exist. Internal names are "Perfect Dark Title Update 1" for TU#2 and "Perfect Dark Title Update 2" for TU#3. You might be mixing up "Xbox 360 TU version numbering" and "GameStudio TU version numbering". Numbering is always difficult as it seems, e.g. the Minecraft version numbering debacle. To make it more difficult, I've come across two Media ID's: 545E14E3 and 3077A693. Media ID 545E14E3 - TU#2 - TU_1C422E2_000010C000000.00000000000G3 - "Perfect Dark Title Update #1" - 492 kB --- on XboxUnity Media ID 545E14E3 - TU#3 - TU_1C422E2_000010C000000.00000000000O3 - "Perfect Dark Title Update #2" - 548 kB --- on XboxUnity Media ID 3077A693 - TU#2 - TU_1C422E2_000010G000000.00000000000G4 - "Perfect Dark Title Update" - 548 kB --- downloaded from Xbox Live today Looking at the size, it looks like TU#3 MID 545E14E3 is the same as TU#2 MID 3077A693, and am pretty sure TU#3 MID 545E14E3 is the latest one. Also looking at the ChangeLog, a "Gamma slider" is added to Video settings, and it's present with TU#2 for Media ID 3077A693. Haven't checked Media ID 545E14E3 though.
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    here is pcsxr 2.1.1b patched xex file with old osdmenu combo(back+start) default.xex
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    New Coverflows Available Stack Minimal Bottom by Victorxx18.cfljson Stack Minimal by Victorxx18.cfljson Stack Minimal Center by Victorxx18.cfljson Stack Minimal Plus by Victorxx18.cfljson Alone Center by Victorxx18.cfljson
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    Would you mind making a pull request towards https://github.com/XboxUnity/AuroraAssetEditor with the fixes?
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    Hello everyone. I realized that farcry 4 doesn't have title updates in unity so here are the latest far cry 4 Title updates, The goddamn thing Mediafire deletes my stuff "copyrighted", So please Admin If you could take these as fast as possible because i have really [REALLY] bad upload speed, I just wanna help people asking for these. NEW TU #8 Media ID 08BF0610 http://www.mediafire.com/download/a3...D_08BF0610.rar TU #6 Media ID 1482D1EF http://www.mediafire.com/download/an...D_1482D1EF.rar TU #6 Media ID 09D5655A http://www.mediafire.com/download/6k...D_09D5655A.rar
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    To get around take down crap even if it ain't copyrighted from MEGA i provide the link but instead of giving link with the key included, i give the key separate,the reason is the take downs are done by some auto scripting crap that searches for strings,without the key showing in a link it will ignore it,so far it's worked as i had a take down last month to some 360 software for pc & console stuff like xm360,xbox image browser etc,that i posted in some thread here at RMS.If your providing a key in a full link remove it & paste it separately you might have better luck.That said i'm downloading all 3 as i type,if anyone wants them i can provide if necessary
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    FILES 32/64bit Manuals Changelog Infos Credits STEPS Errors/bugs SUBTITLE FILE FOR HOW TO TRANSLATE FSD2/3 SKINS - YOUTUBE TUTORIAL XUITT_A2013_2.1.6.rar
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    Alright, I edited the Widescreen value in settings.db which removes the black borders (and stretches the default skin to fullscreen). I made a full screen skin so it wouldn't be stretched out on a 4:3 screen. I figured this would do the trick but it didn't quite work as planned. First, I edited Aurora_Main.xur: I changed properties from 1280x720 to 1280x960 (so from 16:9 to 4:3), then changed all the individual properties of all the elements in the skin to 1280x960. For some reason the whole skin gets shifted to the right. I will post pics of this later. I think is has to do with the widescreen fix, because without editing this value, the skin is nicely centered in the middle of the screen.
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