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    Triggerheart Exelica tu2 Inf Lifes Max Score Inf Bombs Ikill Boss 58410888.rar
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    Is there any possibility to create anybody a skin for the latest version of Aurora 0.7b like the old NXE menu on Xbox360? I found one but is for the old Freestyle menu.
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    yeah, make sure to read it, also.. make sure you set the script data as "emulator" in the scan settings of aurora, so you can take advantage of the Rom Auto-Launch feature..
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    your fat32 isnt first... As it has the drive letter I.. If it were first on the hdd, it would be first in disc management which your pic is from. You have to create the fat32 partition first.. Then ntfs.. You need to redo your hdd
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    Welcome to the first Public Release of the Xenon360 History App! Version Release: 1.0 | January 5, 2019What is this?This piece of homebrew is our way of documenting one of the most creative and interesting Video Game Consoles out there, the Xbox 360.we believe that sharing this info is important to understand and appreciate what we have. We aim at documenting all aspects of the 360, from the early days of XenonOS and its roots back in 2003, to today, where we are still finding unreleased games and new info about the Xbox 360. We hope to have info about every Build we see, Info about Beta kits, Official Xbox Magazine. This is just the beginning...Please visit protoplanet.us for more infoFeatures: Can read info about the G5 Alpha kits Our build sheet in which you can see what games look like throughout there development process Most of the features below have been started and will gradually be implemented with each update.Coming soon: Video playback of builds, so you can see more than just video Look at the history of the Xbox 360 kiosk machine and what they do Look at random gathered Documents contained, which involve G5 SDK info, different 360 milestones See all available XDK recoveries See all the different Xbox 360 Case designs Massive documentation on Official Xbox Magazine, outlining differences within each monthly disc XDK help center This is our first homebrew, bugs, crashes, random slow downs may happen. Please be helpful and report here any issues you have, that way we can optimize this for the best performance!Download Links: XDK BUILD: https://mega.nz/#!ZLw1BQjR!JU5RhgTC3_DwE_SjFcrkujOgeWPcJfY9nd2_V6BDyT0 J-TAG-RGH BUILD: https://mega.nz/#!RDJ03CTK!whQYrHDCgIVa59_SQVNnI8yx3SC_s7C7UPKAgw54OA0 CREDITS & SPECIAL THANKS: Gunz4Hire tjd2 InsaneNutter and digiex.net The great people over at Prototopia.net XeDev, XeCanada and Xenonwiki.com The God of UI, Rowbotik Demon, Xe, Alpha, Yubi, Codeasm and anyone I missed who helped awnser my questions! This wouldnt have been possible without all the kind words and passion we have for the 360 Thank you!
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    Looked at the history you have, but you are missing all of the stuff about the early days of the SMC hack(JTAG), the work that was done by C4ever(Drive CFWS), RGH by GliGli, or any of the homebrew developers and apps. For an app that gives you information about xbox 360's that runs on hacked xbox 360's, it seems weird not to at least have some context there, or maybe even some guides.
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    Wait what? You have all the orignal "Horror Meets Comedy" XBL video files?? That would be awesome to include, as they're hard to come by. I really like your app Shadha, and would love to see updates! Keep up the great work.
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    Lol.. Well we can all agree my build is not broken like the original is. Analog is very useful instead of just the dpad, as well as the pleasing look of the shaders lmao.. But yeah I have no clue where the cht files came from.. I remember someone bringing it up, so I just included em lol.. Edit: I did import the audio change in mame .78.. So technically that was an update to the core.. Hahaha
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    While this is cool, documenting all this information in one nice place, I dont see many people wanting it as an app. That being said, there are plenty of things for the 360 that people have wanted forever, and I think efforts would be better placed, changing this app into an online DB, and modifying the app to get the information from there. Much easier to maintain, code wise and information wise, as the app is just a frontend to the data structures you have pre set up. If you did it this way, not only could people use the app on their Xbox 360(Assuming they have a devkit, or RGH/JTAG console), but the rest of the people that do not can access it through a website. This will cut down on app updates, and even better allow you to push updates to the app, and anyone can easily add information to the DB, obviously to be screened for accuracy.
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    I was taught when I was doing C/C++ in college, that extra lines that can be removed should be removed, if removing them doesnt effect the end result. My point is that if you move a file over another file, it will overwrite the file, and no deletion is needed. to make the process simple, try something along the lines of this(I have not tested this, as I am writing this code on the fly, and am not near my xbox.) scriptTitle = "Whatever you want to call it" scriptAuthor = "Your name here" scriptVersion = 1 scriptDescription = "Describe your script here" scriptIcon = "icon.png"; scriptPermissions = { "filesystem" } function main() local TOcestinoMAIN = "Xbox360\\System\\Hdd1\\GTA San Andreas Biohazard\\data\\script\\main.scm"; local TOcestinoSCRIPT = "Xbox360\\System\\Hdd1\\GTA San Andreas Biohazard\\data\\script\\script.img"; local TOmainDEL = "Xbox360\\System\\Usb0\\main.scm" local TOscriptDEL = "Xbox360\\System\\Usb0\\script.img" if FileSystem.FileExists(TOcestinoMAIN) then FileSystem.DeleteFile( TOcestinoMAIN ); end if FileSystem.FileExists(TOcestinoSCRIPT) then FileSystem.DeleteFile( TOcestinoSCRIPT ); end wait(1); if FileSystem.FileExists(TOmainDEL) then FileSystem.MoveFile(TOmainDEL .TOcestinoMAIN , 1 ); end if FileSystem.FileExists(TOscriptDEL) then FileSystem.MoveFile(TOscriptDEL .TOcestinoSCRIPT  , 1 ); end end A little debugging, and maybe some tabbing for readablity(I dont think LUA is like python, where tab spacing matters, but it isnt a language I really use much) You could also cut down a decent amount of code, running the file exist if statements in a loop(maybe?) not sure there, as I cant test this, and dont really feel like doing the work for you. Most of this work was copy and paste, between the java you have above, and a the xbox unity github scripts. At the very least it is a starting point for you. The aurora debug app, is really helpful to debug scripts like this, and if you felt so inclined, I would suggest adding error checking for the file operations, and some sort of notifications, especially if you plan on releasing this as a script for others at some point. as it sits now, unless there is an issue with the code syntax, it wont show up in the log and it wont notify you if it succedes or fails. Wish you the best on this, and now I go back to the linux kernel code I have been working on for my nintendo switch. lol. I might have forgot a few semicolons at the end of some of the variable definitions. Easy enough to fix, but it wont let me change the code box now that it has been posted. Which is something I will look into later.
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    https://github.com/XboxUnity/AuroraScripts/wiki/Aurora's-Utility-Script There is everything you need
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    ok, so i think it is down to the external hdd and the name in a different language. MOST times the error comes up if the console is set to another language, is what i am seeing from the reports.
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    Ok, let's try this: In your other thread, you say you have your locale settings to French, aurora in eng but Xbox in French. Set your Xbox locale to English instead of French, and see if the error continues. Some say it's due to the external name. But yeah. It's definitely down to the external hdd. Why it's doing this I don't know. Also, have you checked the health of the external hdd? As you saying files go missing, that is typical of a hdd failing.
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    Added download link for J-TAG\RGH Enjoy
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    You just disable link on all consoles.. Or better phrased, you unload the nova plugin. This way doesn't require internet either.
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    We have video if you are unable to use this homebrew, small hiccup with getting it to run on RGH
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    You have to disable link.. but yeah, Once you do, all your consoles in home will be able to see eachother..
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    The wireless and wired connections will never connect.. this is due to the Xbox itself.. M$ even tells you it won't work.. Link is not needed for "in house" LAN parties.. because that is exactly what system link is for.. Link is useful for playing with people over a distance.. So your neighbor can use it, but if you are just playing with people in your house via same router, then link is just not needed. The ports: You can change the ports in aurora.. the defaults are 3071 and 3072.. but you can only use 1 set of ports per Xbox, as you can not open the same port for multiple connections.. So xb1 is 3071/3072 Xb2 is 3073/3074 Etc.. You can chose the ports, just make sure aurora reflects it.. You can set static ip's or use the reserved option, both work fine. Now my final advice is, make sure you installed the avatar update, it really is an oversight, but specifically bops 2 will play normally in single player mode without it, but once player 2 joins it will crash the game.. learned this the hard way when static pulse and I were playing zombies.. he swore he had it installed until he realized it wasn't lmao.. If you need anymore help, feel free to ask
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    Here is ver.1.3.1 - compiled from trunk with my fixes (working with xbox.com online assets was broken due http://catalog.xboxlive.com return 404 Server Error now) AuroraAssetEditor1.3.1.zip
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    https://mega.nz/#F!eFp2FYLR!6bx4nc3rp5IW0tRYtaOuuA ok, so my trainers are missing some where, lol.. forgot which thread i posted the link in lol.. so there it is people.. enjoy
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    I used SQLite Maestro to edit the content.db stored in the Aurora Database folder. I found this to be a very quick way of editing the titles you require via your PC. ~ Chris.
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    Thanks for another great release guys !
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    Copy Aurora to your xbox. Set the boot path from FSD to Aurora in dashlaunch. When Aurora has future updates you can update from within Aurora. Keep FSD or delete it. Up to you.