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    Aurora is written in Visual C++. like all non XNA based xbox 360 apps. You dont get a lot of choice there. There is a reason the source is closed also. The Dev team doesnt want 10 different ports of aurora out there, and when one of them has issues, that isnt the official one, have people complaining at them about it. As far as information sharing goes, Team Phoenix does share information all the time about the project, when there is something to report..... Back in the day they released FSD2.2 source code, due to the fact they didnt have the permission from all of the devs to release their code, it wont build, as it is missing files that need to be recreated. Even then, no one picked it up. There are very few people who are interested in programming for this platform, considering the archetecture barriers, and the API lock down to XDK. When I said hacking is about sharing information, I didnt mean that they should opensource the code. If you have ever gone to a real hacking convention(Defcon, BlackHat, ToorCamp, etc) you will notice there are a lot of examples, and information about the reverse engineering of stuff, but the actual code used to pull this stuff off isnt shared 99% of the time, or is modified in a way that it wont actually work with out modification. A great example of this is Sammy Kamkar's OpenSesame hack. https://github.com/samyk/opensesame In the readme, it specifically states that the code has been bricked on purpose. If you want to help develop Aurora, on a code based level, write something useful for the xbox 360, and maybe they will give you a spot on the team, or ask if they can include your project in aurora. Media center libraries would be cool. I do know Ro has been talking about porting an MP3 library that can be accessed using LUA scripting, so potentially you can use LUA Scripting to make a front end for an MP3 player, but since there are tons of unsupported media types, if someone were to port a newer FFMPEG, only available version for the 360 is from like 2012, and is buggy, then maybe that could be used in aurora, and you could get credit there for your work. That is pretty much what happened with XYZ trainer engine. Ok it is a little more complicated than that, but the trainer engine was originally going to be a stand alone app, from another team, then the teams got together, and built it into aurora.
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    im using windows 10 and everytime i try to run 360 flash tool windows defender shuts it down and says its malware, please help I need to flash a new kv and I don't trust just putting a kv on my hdd
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    Hi heres PcsxR360 2.1.1B Beta for you guys to test: https://mega.nz/#!n5AxWIgC!0Cs8_0Os1knNatkpx5zbZl6yDZI_X9tTqe7IJycKCAA Change log: -- Add crash team racing fix into menu profile options -- Add .cue files option into gamelist -- Autoboot feature now looks for psx.bin, psx.img, psx.iso, psx.mdf default one is [psx.iso] -- Fixed emulator logo wasnt showing lol wrong path xD didnt notice -- Add game filter by text \_> todo: uppercase and lowercase search, its case sensitive for now -- UI minor fixs -- Re-Add back button to go back into the correct cover view and add feacture of going back to 1st index in the list -- Use B button to cancel game filter/ game profile menu -- Fixed bug swap between cover modes with right items count showing all games now -- Fixed bug in game filter mode, now it resizes the list correctly, You can get covers from here: https://psxdatacenter.com/pal_list.html
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    Not available translation of the Arabic language aurora 0.6b at the moment.....But there are tools to make translation you can make your own translation
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    Hey Just a general question: Why is the development of Aurora so closed down? We really don't know much about it. The source is closed, not too much information is disclosed, heck, we don't even know which programming language is used for Aurora. This makes it really hard, if not impossible to contribute and in my opinion, slows down development drastically. As it was said multiple times: Devs have RL, and Aurora is not their no 1 priority. However, if you'd allow contributions from outside, it would easily be possible for other Devs to pick up development. Also: You don't make Aurora for the money anyways, so what can you loose? And as @gavin_darkglider said, hacking is also about disclosing information
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    Yeah, Unfortunatly, ConnectX is slow. Since it was developed by MS, for the devkit, it isnt something we have the source for, so it would be a lot of work to reverse it, to rewrite it, just so it can run faster. Hell, I am assuming it was a lot of work to run it through a dissassembler to find the entry points for the functions, finding out what values to pass to the functions, and then patching it to work with a retail kernel to begin with. I guess, if you really understand PPC64 Architecture, then you could dissassemble it, and find out where the bottlenecks are, and attempt to patch it yourself. Mad Props to you if you even attempt to try it. That being said, you might just spend weeks in front of XBwatson and IDA, before you have the slightest idea of what is actually happening on the xbox side. lol. I am sure all the users of connectX would appreciate a patch that fixes this issue though, if it is even possible without completely rewriting the plugin. I dont know, assembly is not a language I program in if I can avoid it. lol. It might be easier to rewrite the connectx plugin, using the same functions, and passing the same values. Problem is, getting the entry points for the functions to match the previous plugin might be tricky, and depending on how Aurora and/or FSD handle these entry points, your plugin may or may not work as a drop in replacement.
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    I cant say much on the matter, other than it is a known issue, that is being looked into, and tested. Other than that you will have to wait to see what Aurora 0.7b brings. Quick question... Are you using wireless, or wired connection. I have had better luck with the xbox and loading from a network share if both the machine hosting the share, and the xbox are both running ethernet, and not wireless.
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    ConnectX is slow by nature, part of the reason I dont use it. part of the reason I have a 1tb internal HDD.
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    https://mega.nz/#F!eFp2FYLR!6bx4nc3rp5IW0tRYtaOuuA ok, so my trainers are missing some where, lol.. forgot which thread i posted the link in lol.. so there it is people.. enjoy
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    Yes, it has been said 1000+ times, and it is even posted on this page...... The magic answer when the dev team, and the testers feel it is ready. There are a lot of new features going into this build, some of which are shown in the video in the beginning of this thread, while others are still secret. The "Secret" Feature, which, if you ask me is probably the coolest so far, still needs a lot of testing, both on the xbox side, and the PC side of things. Never fear though, this will be the best release yet, and from what I can tell, when this is finished, you will understand the wait.
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    GTAV requires xbox live, and we dont help with live hacking/stealth on this site.Thread closed.
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    Phat RGHv1.2 consoles for sale, no power brick or controllers. I have 5 total a few falcons and some BB jaspers; all run cool boot within 10 seconds every time and are fully functional. most are on dash 17150 with xell-reloaded 993 dashlaunch patches included. I can update them if you want just ask. I will send a usb drive with the latest aroura, xexmenu, emus, a launch.ini, nand.bin, and cpu/dvd keys. All have working disk drives but they are original drives with stock fw. I will ship anywhere in USA for $15, sorry no international. same day ship; PayPal only thank you.
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    Hello friends - How to put covers from games that are in my standard games - There are friends who do not want to use the mod dash and prefer to use the default, is there any way to put the covers here as in the picture above? - If this possibility exists, could you tell me how this happens, thanks to all 20170914100412.bmp
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    1st: the content folder will work as is on external if your kernel is 17349+, only a handful of games wont, because the require "install content" to be on the internal drive. 2nd: the other folders are your profiles, as well as their saved games.. 3rd: the stock kernel of 360 does not install other stuff for games outside of the 00000... folder, the fact of it being over 100gb seems like it is an error from previously moving stuff around, and not being placed in correct location. Afaik Edit: Also, i believe the optional media update gots into the fff... folder, but i cant remember if that goes before the 0000.. folder, or inside it.. lol sry
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    God thanks. Cheaters are sh.. Don't you see you ruin the games...
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    Skyrim PC Mod Conversions for JTAG RGH Xbox 360 - Seeing that ririe & puss2puss shared their collection here, I thought I'd do the same, if it's OK. As there's still a small interest in this, I'm sharing the files to those who want it, don't want the hassle of converting & play the mods at once. Almost all stuff, except replacers, are packed as DLCs for easy transfer & management, just be mindful of proper load order. My collection was made over a substantial period of time & is now vastly huge, so providing a list is kinda hard. Although, the shared folder links are pretty much set-up to be easily browsed - broken up into more folder categories for quick searching. Readmes & credits included in the links. I also cannot do any new conversions or grant requests as I don't have my xbox anymore. *I don't claim these mods as my own creations nor do I seek profit. I just converted them to work on a modded JTAG Xbox 360 & sharing the fun to anyone interested. Mod creation credits belong to the proper mod authors. For more info on a particular mod, just google particular file's description, which are generally labled properly, & just visit the original mod's page.
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    Its high unlikely that Microsoft installed JTAG/RGHs in his own consoles. Its maybe a (service) Company/Shop that is closely related to Microsoft.
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    I would totally mack on some mod menus...... They dont talk back or get offended. Making girls on the other hand is a 50/50 shot, and then you have to wait for them to grow up..... That is way too much work, and you wouldnt want to mack on them because then they would be your children. lol.
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    The forum (help) Threads are not the right place to discussed some fundamental moderation questions. For my part, if you have problems with some moderations decisions, get in PM contact with the relevant Team Member !
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    Thank you guys! I haven't messed with the 360 in a while. I really appreciate coming back here and finding what I needed!!
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    Any kind of Xbox Live bypassing or, how it works is not supported here on rms !
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    Hi there, just copy your memorycard files from 2.0.9 and paste on the latest version on memory card folder
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    Is it a 4gb nand image?
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    When I open up my nand it just says "flash360 has stopped working"
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    First, the person was asking a simple question, if there was someone updating other emulators just like the pcsx360, which was discontinued by ced.. not pcsxr, which is a pc emulator.. Yes it is a port of pcsxr, and yes the retroarch cores post here were built by team phoenix members and swizzy, which is what this site is maintained by.. your comments are not useful, not are they warrented. Since you obviously have not contributed, please refrain from being a jerk to people asking interesting questions.. Maybe the person was trying to see if dreamboy would be interested in trying to update the mame emulator, just like gavin asked about porting the n64 emulator.. where is your smart ass comment toward him for asking that? Was in the same thread.. dont be stupid..
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    Hi guys. I slightly edited mrknorton's SteamOS skin to my liking and thought it would be nice to share it. I made the bottom panels transparent, changed the loading screen and the font to SFNS (I feel it's better looking than SegoeUI). I don't know if everyone would like this transparency, so for now it's a separate skin... I added a login notification, there is an alternative without it available, if it's not liked: (I added sound to the Login Notification but it got tiresome to hear after a while so I removed it.) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I added a Phoenix themed version, for now it's only the Loading Screen and the login notification that's different. I also fixed some problems with the previous skin. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Check Here for a white loading screen version: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=3058 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 0.6b ___________________________________________________________________ If there are any changes or recommendations you want to see, please let me know, no promises but I'll try to do what I can. _____________________________________________ Credits: mrknorton; felida; TheSly; Team Phoenix _________________________ Changes: DOWNLOADS SteamOS++_noNotif.xzp SteamOS++Phoenix_noNotif.xzp SteamOS++.xzp SteamOS++Phoenix.xzp SteamOS++Phoenix_Transparent.xzp SteamOS++Transparent.xzp SteamOS++GREEN.xzp SteamOS++Phoenix_GREEN.xzp steamOS++(0.6b).xzp
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    everything is up and running. Look for issues on your side. *UPDATE* starting from August the 16th IP Address will be changed, so everyone needs to redownload xex from the first post
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    hi guys this is Anonymous today i am going to show you how to make system link setup for playing online systemlink games , ok let's we start first importand thing you need to register xboxunity website here is that http://www.xboxunity.net/ and make a Dash launch settings like this note your xbox360 ip mac address for reservation purpose in your router enter gateway address on your web browser and goto your router mode ,and then enter dhcp goto address reservation tap now you need to add your xbox 360 mac and ip for reservation Now you need to restart your router bcz of reservation purpose now you need add port number for your xbox360 console or you need to enable upnp make sure following settings in your aurora finally u need to verfy your settings every thing was sucess in you aurora ,now your console ready to play online system link games Enjoyyyy,,,,,,,, make sure your tu is active now enter your game and press center button and conect system link join your room Enjoyyyyyyyy [emoji106] [emoji106]
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    Nova and aurora go together. I cant tell you when it will be released, or what aurora version it will be released with. Not because I dont know, or have an idea, but because it is not my place. Honestly if I say much more, I might get a not so nice PM from one of the developers. All I was trying to do was prove that the project isnt dead, and give a little information on the status of the project. You guys will have to wait to find out more. What people dont realize is that there is a lot of work involved in these things. Team Phoenix is working on multiple projects to make aurora whole. Nova is just a piece of that puzzle. There is the main aurora, LUA API fixes, SMBDLL, Nova, LinkV2 server, new WebUI, etc. Most projects on this scale are modular, and have a ton of developers, and testers attached. This is a major project being actively worked on 8 people, who each have their own skill sets, and live all over the world. This is why patience is essential. All of us have lives, and children, and day jobs to pay the bills. This is a side project for most of us.
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    awesome, think i seen an xex somewhere one day when i was working on something but didnt mess with it. easter egg... lol how cool. gonna check this out
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    There is a lot of work in the scene background of Xbox One hacking. A lot of known and unknown scene guys are working over several different projects at the same time. Like Swizzy said, the most stuff is kept in the background. Sometimes little stuff comes to daylight.
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    For users/ warez Kiddies its unnecessary, lool. But the possibility for the scene to get access on encrypted virtual Hard Disc Container, should not be underestimated. It can provide an important insight into the Xbox One system/file architecture. There are a lot in the scene, who have never updated theirs Xbox One`s
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    Too bad you cant like posts from admins, or I would be liking all over this.
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    guys system link now working
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    i am using aurora i have also tried FSD but same thing and yes covers downloading is working on aurora.
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    Hey guys, Would just like to Thank Swizzy and Team for their tireless efforts in continuing updating this platform. I have been int his for a long time and have built many Rgh's and as i have all you guys have been then to keep on updating the software.. I am a hardware guy and i appreciate all of you thank you so much for what you guys Do as well as the Realmodscene You guys are greatly appreciated Mondoman22 AKA Tony Mondello
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    Ultimative Emulator Package for Xbox360 RGH For you all: The Ultimative Emulator Package now also for the Xbox 360 =) I searched all over the internet to find the best emulators for you. DOWNLOAD LINKS: Mirror 1# Uploaded: http://ul.to/3z39eojd Mirror 2# Shareonline: http://www.share-online.biz/dl/7XVJ1B4O7JA My README and a README for each Emulator is included. The normal path on your XBox360 for Emulators is \Hdd1\Emulators Emulators for following included: 3DO Emulator Capcom Play System 3 DOS Games Nintendo DS Capcom CPS-1 to 3 Cave Data East DEC and DECO Galaxian Irem MXX Kaneko 16 Konami Neo-Geo NMK16 Pacman PGM Psikyo 68EC020 & SH-2 Sega System 1 System 18 X-Board and Y-Board Super Kaneko Nova System Toaplan, Taito Sega Megadrive/Genesis Sega Master System/Game Gear NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) Genesis/Megadrive N64 (Nintendo 64) Beats of Rage for Beat’em Up games Sony Playstation 1 Sony PSP Another World/Out of this World Emulator for Flashback game engine Genesis Plus GX Genesis Plus GX SNES9x Next VBA Next NEStopia FCEUmm Mednafen PCE Fast Mednafen NGP Mednafen VB Mednafen Wonderswan Prboom NX Engine (Cave Story) Tyrquake FInal Burn Alpha Gambatte MAME Emulator for point and click adventure games Sega Master System und Game Gear SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System) GameBoy Advance Atari Jaguar ... and more ... If you have questions or advices, feedback whatever .. let me know ! You cannot improve, when you don´t know what to improve ^^ Have Fun BestNoob And here the Ultimative Emulator Package for PC (Windows) downloadlinks are inside the description.
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    Yep outfit unlocked now. What exactly does the Season pass do? Again thank you to everyone who has helped me and have a wonderful Christmas.
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    My TU is active. the rooms appear in BO2, but not let me connect. But if I create a room, people can join.
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    hey how can i use this thing?! when i wanna play Dead Or Alive 5 on xbox 360 it says ''wrong region'' so plz help me!!!
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    Yeah well all I can say is I tried.
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    Hello! Im new to unity. Been doing all the TUs and cover downloads automatically, through Aurora. But now, for the first time, Im starting to dive in on Emulators. First one thats on my 360 is Snes360. Already set to work. Paths and view list work flawlessly. But the one thing I cant get to work is the cover. I tried "pushing it to xbox" through unity.net and nothing (tried and works with game covers). The emulator is installed in HDD1>Emulators>Snes360 I now it has something to do with Title ID, but emulators are not supposed to be labeled as regular games. Am I right? What am I doing wrong?
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    never meant to be rude, I was sincerely offering my xbox for inspection.
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    In settings you need to enable Freestyle Plugin
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    Problem is I go into any game that maintains a system link, press the guide button to log in link and go to my loaded the rooms to consumers fades button on the console and the console itself off. Anything system link settings is ok. Passes the verify test. IM sorry for my bad English...
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    Make sure ur port number like this 3072,3071 Sent from my ST23i using Tapatalk
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    Good morning, I did everything as shown in the tutorial, including my router is the same. But it is giving error on ports 3071 and 3072. I've Tried to change to 1000 and 1001, but still giving error.
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    Great!! can't wait to try it out.!! P.S: one question though, can i install this through the F3 installer?
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