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    Well with my configuration, shaders are enabled.. I mean, porting the changes I can do mate.. I will be pm you about it..
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    New version guys. For people who still use xbox360 for retro games. hdtv users only. RETROARCH 360 unofficial v3 relesead : Facelift Edition -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - FEARURES: - Title and ingame screenshots support. You can now save screenshots using the emulator. - Background music with ajustable volume while browsing games. - Background image on xui skin. - Added mednafen PCE FAST 0.9.36 core. Now castlevania Rond of blood works fine. - Added Snes9xGX core. Tengai Makyou Zero seems to work. - Some fixes in games that doesn't load in previous version when the gamename is short. Ex: abc.zip "https://www47.zippyshare.com/v/WoixwJ6i/file.html"
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    The Xbox 360 is far from dead. There are still tons of people who still have RGH/JTAG boxes, and dont have the next gen systems. The fact you think you would have finished the project along time ago is laughable at best. For those who have never programmed before, let alone programmed for a big endian processor like the PPC64 in the 360, keep your mouth shut, because you have no idea what goes into a project like this. Parts of it work with the API in the Xbox360 XDK, other parts have to be written in assembly, such as taking over the HUD with the plugin, because microsoft never intended for people to do this. So when you learn to program in Visual C++, Assembly with a PPC Processor, and work around the stripped down version of DirectX 9.0c that the xbox 360 depends on, then you can tell every one what a badass programmer you are, and how fast you feel it should take to finish a project as intense as Aurora. Truth is, it takes time to work out the bugs, and sometimes, fixing a small problem in one spot could change something else completly, and cause new bugs. On top of that, other then most of the new features, we are also pushing out the first version of nova with this build, which fixes alot of the bugs in the FSPlugin, and we are still trying to work out a few small bugs there, so we can get the rest of the new stuff like NetIso, and LinkV2 complete. The first version of the new webui also comes with that. You have no idea how much has gone into this build alone. On my computer alone, I have 15 different versions of 0.7b. If you want it so bad, I will PM you the copy that crashes the moment you hit a button. Then you can say you have 0.7b, but will still be stuck in the same boat as everyone else running 0.6b, because you cant use 0.7b. Lets just put it this way, you seem to think we arent working on it, but 0.6b was released at r1238, and the current test build is r1554. That means that between 0.6b and 0.7b currently there have been 316 versions of 0.7b, and it still isnt ready for the public quite yet. That being said, this comes to the either put up or shut up, and stop complaining, because you really have no idea what you are talking about.
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    ????? It might have been a while since this thread was started, but this isnt a release thread, but a teaser thread. Once the team is ready to release, which is planned for sometime this month, you will know, as Aurora will ask you if you want to update. You and everyone else in this thread. Dont feel special, we arent with holding it just from you. It isnt quite ready yet. You will know when it is, because you will be able to download it. If people want to keep complaining about waiting, then we dont have to release it at all. For what it is worth, if you dont like waiting, do something for the scene, like write your own custom dashboard, and maybe you will be found useful enough to be a tester, or developer for aurora, in which case, you can get all of the test builds with the rest of the testers. Dont ask to be a tester though, or you will never be considered to test.
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    Try converting the original ISO files to GOD containers using ISO2GOD. I could be wrong, but I don't think JTAG rips (the current format your games are in) "swap" like they should.
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    You better believe it, I've got a Demon Nand/RGH in one and JTAG in the other, I use them both - they are good for head to head in my house and I've got loads of games for them :-). I've not bothered with next gen consoles yet as I don't think they are worth the money, and the games are too expensive. My next gaming machine will be a gaming PC with a GTX 1080 TI or similar, in the meantime I'm sticking to the 360.
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    Happy to translate to Australian LOL X360 is far from dead especially when you have kids, and I am today about to attempt a Starwars Console RGH1.2 so will be popping back in for some aurora goodness when the time is right Thanking you all in advance as always as without you guys & girls, I'd be pulling my hair out trying to keep 4 kids under control during school holidays! PEACE Kosti
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    Hi, This Script gives you the ability to manage your Console-Temperature directly with Aurora. Script: Icon: Name: Temperature Manager Description: "This script displays and manages your fan speed and target temperatures." What it does: - Displays you the current CPU, GPU, RAM and CASE Temperature in Celcius (°C) - Displays you the current FAN-Speed - The Values are updated every Second (live), without refreshing the Scene - Optional: Sets the Target Temperatures permanently. (requires reboot) - Optional: Sets Fan-Speed temporarily. (lost after reboot) Screens Why did i create this?: Hmm, don't remember. What are the benefits?: - You can watch temperatures live - You can set permanent target Temps (Reboot required) - You can set temporary Fan-Speed (no Reboot required) - You can finally stop for asking Fan-Speed Features Disclaimer Be aware. Even though the given values should be in a safe range, i don't recommend setting anything above 70°C and under 30% Fan-Speed. If your console burns down, i won't help you. Is it final?: It's Version 1.0 Anyone who wants to contribute, can report Bugs, Suggest Features/Fixes or extend by using GitHub or this Thread. Where is the download?: When it's released, with the Aurora Script Repo, you can download it directly to your console. There was a canceled Version: TemperatureManagerCanceledVersion.zip
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    Well, i tried to split this, but it wasn't as good as the original one. Therefore, i decided to revive this and optimize the usablity. There will be a Version 1.0 soon in the Repos.
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    You have no idea what you are talking about...... and I warned you, so now you have been banned..... We are not adding covers to unity for this build. We do that as people upload them, and we approve them. If you would read the stuff on the forum you would know this. The current version of the WebUI doesnt do covers as far as I know, and I have used it. As for custom covers without the asset editor, that is doable with aurora 0.6b, as there was an option added to put images in a folder, and then apply them to titles. Maybe you should read up on the features that aurora 0.6b has before you go on about how we need to release 0.7b so you can have features you already have.
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    What's up with xboxrgh? (Impatient is one thing, talking trash/hurling insults is another). After reading the last few posts, I remembered posting a reply to a different user (a few months ago) who was complaining.. and it seems applicable here also (slightly modified and redirected) *********************************************** Posted July 28, 2017 (insert today's date) @ fau... (insert 'xboxrgh') We/YOU are getting this for FREE, but you complain... ?? You should be happy that Aurora is being updated AT ALL, and has not been abandoned. Some people.. should not be allowed to breathe the same air.. (just my 2 cents) ************************************************************************ ...... my work here is done.... except to say thank you to everyone involved in bringing Aurora this far, and (or) into the future.
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    I find that hard to believe, as I am testing the first release candidate now. Seems to be pretty smooth, and bug free, because we took our time, and tracked that shit down, and spent a year working it all out.... That being said, once the testing is done, then it get passed off to the localization people, so the language packs can be created. So, depending on how long it takes me to close out the last of these bug reports, and how long it takes the localization team to finish their work, you should see 0.7b before the end of the month, like I said. Then again, if you want to keep being a whining bitch, I will put off closing these bugs until june, and everyone can wait, because you want to talk like you know something. Keep it up, and you wont be posting here anymore. Simple as that, you have been warned.
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    Boa noite meus amigos da cena RGH, tenho orgulho dessas pessoas que não abandonaram o projeto AURORA, pois todos tem compromissos no dia-a-dia, mesmo que o console já tenha saido de linha, ele é o meu preferido, e saber que ainda tem pessoas trabalhando para deixar ele cada vez melhor fico muito feliz, não importa quanto tempo demore, mas sabemos que vai sair! Fica aqui o meu agradecimento a todos os envolvidos no projeto! Version English Good evening my friends from the RGH scene, I am proud of those people who have not abandoned the AURORA project, because everyone has commitments in the day to day, even if the console has already gone out of line, he is my favorite, and know that still there are people working to make it better, I'm very happy, no matter how long it takes, but we know it will come out! Here is my thanks to all those involved in the project!
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    Aurora 7 was announced last year not 2 years ago. Last point i'll make there are who knows how many people on the planet who still game on the ps1,ps2 & original xbox & more comming back all the time *coughs* theisozone. Retro is in baby !
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    Haha.. we all make mistakes from time to time.. its all good.. atleast you didnt ask for a link to something that was in the 1st post.. hahaha
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    You have to run the hdd partition fixer, has nothing to do with settings, fsd, or aurora..
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    Since Title Updates are not a taboo subject on RMS, all I can say the latest one right now is TU68. Go to 'Location' under my name, and you will have everything you will need. I obviously can't post a live link in here. About your downloaded TU not showing in Aurora, I suppose a Title Update scan will do the trick.
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    Aurora comes with content search disabled. You can manually search or activate for automatic search. Only then will the most current TU (any game) appear
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    Could be the way the xex is.. or double loading containers? It would probably be a limitation of the system.. if you do a regular system install of the disc, does it create a simliar container? Or does it just install the xbla games themselves??
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    Yes, its a choice between gamer pic and avatar..
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    Does anyone have the link of this tool for me, or have they installed on the pc to share? I do not know but is it my impression or is this the ellipse?
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    It will come out but if people keeps commenting with things such as « it is useless to release it, the console is dead, etc. » it might result in them reconsidering releasing it. As said by another one meanwhile you can still enjoy aurora 0.6 which is already way better than FSD (at least to me as FSD kept crashing due to my number of games) or you can play on another piece of hardware or even better enjoy life maybe.
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    He is looking for devs to help port it if any one can spare some time
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    It must be connected xbox live ....There is no other way to show the covers in original dashboard without xbox live
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    You can iso mod gta v aswell. Have a look on google or even flebay search gta v iso. You will need a flashed console or be able to hotswap Google hotswap xbox 360 Have not tested myself not sure if can be used on latest tu or if is safe online https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F142713098246
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    Check out his youtube his done afew things mainly for og xbox XBMC is getting there His active on emuExtras.com if need to contact him
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    I think its the same project but i could be wrong, Im sure befor he edited his post there was a xbmc4xbox link on his link http://www.emuxtras.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=230&t=5478
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    Im talking something different emulator connect to a site that store achievements. That method is not related with xbox achievements. http://retroachievements.org/ http://psxcheevos.site11.com/
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    Really appreciated! I have always dreamt of building my custom multi Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet. I used to have all 4 boards but due to me moving to another country, I had to sell out my collections Including tghe full USA Castlevania games and a beefy MK collection. l I have also setup my classic Xbox with MANY MK games (Im a sick fan) but sadly, Old Xbox XANT cope with UMK3, MK4 (at least psx versions) and many more =( having them on Xbox 360 at least I would add MK vs DC and MK 2013!
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    Thx! Where I can find it? BTW loading a Mame 2003 config crashes my xbox Edit: found the .cfg file!
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    For the youtube application to work depends on the live. In RGH it is still not possible
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    I'm new doing skin https://youtu.be/d1RczGhXWzA Download
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    Do you have a working version of this skin (green color code from HUD plugin; loading screen)? If you do - would you be so kind and share it, please?
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    It's getting great, these improvements are very good, man.
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    There are good improvements Good work ... Good luck
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    https://mega.co.nz/#F!zNxVFCDY!t6hxdUWiZ3V8iZFeriftjA Mirror for Emus/Cheat manager
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    Another updated version.* http://www1.zippyshare.com/v/70002498/file.html Changelog: - Fixes screen tearing (on Megaman X and True Pinball at least). - Rumble function is working fine. *All credits to PatchAdams for compilate and upload it. Tested by thomasmaruzs.
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    Epic update guys. TEAM FSD never fails to impress
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    Looks great!! Thanks Guys!!
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    What version of retroarch is this? Anyway to import the changes to the version??
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    It seems the incompatibility of MID confirms if it is the same media ID of the game. If it is try (if it is not) put on the internal HD
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    thanks for ur reply ...so u think i would wait little bit untill site become more responsive and start using link? as nw i have all tests failed in upnp and so on
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    Just putting this here again, as no one cared to reply to it earlier. Any fix for this?
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    We basically all know each other and no one is going to say anything? lol .... Looks great Thanks for the new update , love the 3d Coverflow, but it looks like this has a lot more than just that added. Keep up the good work guys!!