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    Hi Now J-Runner V3.0.0d is available to auto-update. Original links in OP are still the latest V3.0.0d: - Added: FTDI support for Xilinx XC2C64A-FG48 for Matrix "small-IC" - Added: FTDI can now detect and check flash configs and motherboards - Added: FTDI automatic board type detection on reading/writing - Added: Query console button works with FTDI now - Fixed: Cannot write JTAG XeLL bins with FTDI - Fixed: Bug with timing programming of Zephyr timings - Fixed: Various bugs and usability issues - Fixed: Scan IP for console bug - Changed: Tweaks to included timing files Regarding the last point, Trinity DU timings files been tweaked to fix a slight bug with nand switching. The Corona PRO DU is not affected. Kind Regards, Josh
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    I updated the patch to work for users outside the US; if it wasn't working for you before, grab the latest xex from https://github.com/StelioKontosXBL/AuroraCrashPatcher. This will prevent the fatal crashing until the devs release an official update.
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    Here is my first Halo skin for Aurora 0.7b1. Inspired from the KODI.xzp skin made by Iggor Ferreira I think it is. Sorry if my spelling of your name is wrong. But your kodi build I've always liked. Admins remove this skin if not acceptable. There was one thing i should of changed as you will notice when the main screen boots up. It may annoy you it may not.haha I have changed a few things but not much but I added alot of backgrounds & tinkered a bit with some anim to the loading & main screen. So put on some shades. You may get blinded by the colors.lol hope you guys enjoy https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-Ct8emmWjkk4qrVNSgBEgSBhCzHoRX2K/view?usp=drivesdk 20200414_152311.mp4
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    Hi, Based on there being some interest I decide to post my J-Runner with Extras here to provide for y'all. So what has it? - Properly working in Windows 10! No more crashing! - 17559 Dashboard, 3.21 Dashlaunch, and 1.21 XeBuild support - Native FTDI Support (xFlasher and squirt) - SMC+ Support (Super fast glitch cycles without false success resets! See demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKGIoVQN_1I) - Fixed the SMC deletion bug - J-Runner no longer leaves SMCs it puts in your data folder - Added 6717 and 9199 Dash Support for JTAG, GLITCH, GLITCH2, R-JTAG (THX @SGCSam!) (Supported motherboards only) - RGH1.2, S-RGH, R-JTOP timings added to Program Timing File menu (see picture) - Timing Assistant - Tweaked XeLL RELOADED: ----- Displays Console LDV ----- Displays Motherboard type ----- Displays serial number for console and board (board S/N CANT EVER CHANGE) (prevent scams) ----- Fixed USB refresh bug - Discord RPC (Disableable in Settings) - Extra SMCs/files - MFR Date displayed in KV Info - Other Misc Fixes such as: ----- Fixed the R-JTAG box showing up when it shouldn't ----- Fixed crashing issues on Windows 10 - Cleanup the UI in general, loads of usability and quality of life improvements - Loads of various bugfixes all over the place - Proper MTX USB Support with NandPro and Xsvf_Ace, can program glitch chips - Thanks Mena! - Ability to reprogram MTX USB Flasher with ACE or Coolrunner/Matrix HEX files - Thanks Mena! - DEVGL Build Support (doesn't include any keys, find them yourself) - Bigffs Build Support Screenshots: Download 3.0.0d Executable VirusTotal 2.9.7 to 3.0.0d Delta Update Kind Regards, Josh
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    Yeah external devices of course , they are formated in FAT32.
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    Use the debug version and send me the logs. If there is indeed an issue, I need to see the logs in order to do anything about it. Edit: Videos, screenshots, and some wallpapers/banners will not download. Practically all box covers will download, the majority of backgrounds, and about half the banners as well. For assets that don't download, that is not a problem with the patch not working. That is because those resources are not hosted by unity, and have to be downloaded from Microsoft - those are the very download requests that are causing the fatal crash. The fact that they're being blocked means my patch is working. Enabling liveblock only works if you already have all the game data cached from before, or import it manually. Using the patch without liveblock enabled is both more convenient, and makes it possible to do a full scan on a fresh install - otherwise impossible as things currently stand. The primary reason for scanning the titles is in cases where the user is on a fresh install, and aside from the patch or manually importing everything there is currently no other workaround. Nowhere did anyone claim this patch would magically make all downloads work with no crash. The patch is only guaranteed to prevent the crash, while still allowing any title assets hosted by unity to still download. I welcome feedback, and without the community's patient bug reporting when I first wrote the patch, it wouldn't be as effective as it is now. But stating it does not work or is unnecessary only shows your ignorance. So yes, patch works as designed, and no you cannot always have your cake and eat it too. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ
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    I have used the patch for all the consoles i build and i build alot of console's Obviously people do not understand how to use it or actually how to use their console properly.... Put it in a plugin. Make sure liveblock and livestrong are disabled along with httpx then run aurora. scan and download. that simple... It has also been written for different Dashboards because i guess alot of people either are lazy and dont want to update their dashboard or just plain don't know how. As far as Liveblock Understand it BLOCKS LIVE Therefore causing a Failure SO TURN IT OFF Jesus what is so hard about that... Lmao
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    Thanks for the hard work. But that doesn't work either. Test - xbox360 falcon glitch loader kernel - 17599 contry - South Korea DashLaunch Setting liveblock - true livestrong - false Test Patch - 0.1~1.1 All File Result - error 1.2 - not error but... Only the cover and information are updated, and this results in the same result even with the launcher ini livestrong - true settings even if the patch plug-in is not used, so there is no reason to use the plug-in. sorry man~
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    @DNI Please dont flood the Thread with multiple postings. If want add information to your last posting, feel free and use the edit Button πŸ˜‰
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    So the editor was generating the .asset files correctly but sending the console the null ones?
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    Thanks for all your help. It's good to know there are still ppl out there willing to help. It came a shock to me to find out xbox360iso. Com more or less shut down. Had a jtag back in 2013 times change. Got rid now after long-time got another 2weeks ago and everything is different. But again thanks for you help and good luck hope u can sort it. Be safe out there
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    Those files are named for Skyrim. If you are copying them into the GTA title folder, you'd have to rename them to match the containing folder's title id...in this case, gta's title id. Only the first two characters should remain unchanged.
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    I don't have that game, so covers won't match, but copy these 4 files into skyrim's title folder inside "Data/GameData/" on the xbox, replacing the 4 files that are already in there. Relaunch Aurora, and tell me if you see GTA cover art/background on the Skyrim title. BK425307E6.asset GC425307E6.asset GL425307E6.asset SS425307E6.asset
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    Ye, importing would be diff ig. Delete just the "Data/Databases/content.db" file and see if that fixes it after a rescan. If not, also delete the content.db file again, as well as the last two in the list (Data/TitleUpdates/ and Data/titlecache.list) and see if that does the trick.
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    I have never used Aurora editor, but it sounds like you need to force Aurora to rebuild the database. Using Neighborhood or the file manager in Aurora, delete the following folders/files located inside your Aurora folder on your console's Hdd: Data/Databases/content.db Data/GameData/ Data/TitleUpdates/ Data/titlecache.list Restart Aurora, and rescan.
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    FSD had an interface accessible by the browser, it was much easier to do. I don't know why the developers didn't do that.
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    I translated this theme into Brazilian Portuguese that I thought was lost a long time ago. I didn't find the original author, the forum where it was originally posted is no longer online. It is 100% compatible with FSD 7xx. Obs. It is not 100% translated, I am still working on it. 2005.xzp
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    Thanks for tipping me off on that @Schnidda. Pushed update that respects the tray state when booting, along with support for old dashboards. https://github.com/StelioKontosXBL/AuroraCrashPatcher/releases/tag/v1.2
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    @StelioKontos I have tried the latest version of your Patch in Colombia and is working now. Thanks for your effort, now my Aurora is no crashing anymore.
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    Thanks to @rubensyama for helping nail down the issue, as well as several others of you here for your help. Sorted the bug causing it not to hook for some of you. Grab v1.1 from the github page and you'll be good to go. https://github.com/StelioKontosXBL/AuroraCrashPatcher/releases
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    Seeing as there hasn't been any official patch update for this yet, and so many of you are outside the US (go figure lol) I'll take another look at it this evening and see about updating my patch for you guys. I've updated the patch to work for users outside the US. Download the new xex from my repo at https://github.com/StelioKontosXBL/AuroraCrashPatcher, copy the xex onto your console's Hdd, and set as a plugin in Dashlaunch (or by editing your launch.ini manually), and reboot.
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    this video might help you make a texture pack
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    Uploaded covers have to be unlocked by a Team Member.
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    I just recorded a video to show that even using the plugin the error doesn’t disappear Only if together with the plugin you should use a dashlaunch configuration that was not said https://streamable.com/remzxc πŸ‘†πŸ‘† If you can check and tell me if I'm doing something wrong I appreciate it
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    The patch doesn't go in Aurora's plugins folder. You just drop it on the Hdd and set as a plugin in your launch.ini (or in Dashlaunch). Like you would any other xex. If it's loaded as a plugin like mondoman, sonnyy and myself just said, the crashes won't occur.
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    Skin Aurora 0.7b Here I leave you the last Skin that i elaborate, style Xbox one X. Changes made: -Change of interface -Change of colors to the buttons -Change of icons -Now you can see the name of the profile with a DVD inserted -Change animation to notification -Sound in notification -Change of interface in details of the games -Change of quick view -Change of color to the effects. -Enimation of home style xbox one x (there are two, you can choose it in alternative start) -Default layout with some changes for the theme. -Change of theme background -Avatar in the beginning with Scena bigger for animations are not cut -Among others Link: https://mega.nz/#F!kCw0nTbR!ZAg2ZrYRFZv_FfgvSQirSg Dash EN-US.xzp Dash Spanish.xzp Theme of skin and layout "Dash" By: Srealmoreno Captures:
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    On the one hand, playing video games probably doesn't harm school performance not as long as kids don't play so much that they neglect school-related activities, like reading, or skimp on sleep. And not as long as the games they play are age-appropriate, and don't cause emotional troubles. On the other hand, video games aren't a magical pill for boosting IQ, or transforming poor students into excellent ones. But it appears that kids who play games with moderate frequency a few hours a week tend to have better academic skills than kids who don't play video games at all. And it's scientifically demonstrated that kids that are searching and using for example Fall Guys Hack Features, are more logically grown.
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    Hay guys I decided to release my other Killer Instinct Skin. Link below Hope you guys enjoy. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dSoLD7w_PTu75UnEk0j6kUP-fO0dWRHO/view?usp=drivesdk 20210114_190417.mp4
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    1. it is acutally TU45 mate, some TU's DID fail the cert tests.. and those are "logged" and hence why it's different than what public thinks.. 2. thanks to my buddy ptondo here is a link for all: https://mega.nz/#!LAYVyYrY!Lc6sOjt5jEiV3aVMJWmRmV7yCLrUqt_28dSZMHYM_bI EDIT: link fixed, with proper name(and zipped), is XBLA version (should be same for disc as Swizzy said something before about launcher or similar on disc)
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