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    @jquevedog @MaesterRowen Hello friends, YouTuber Damian190 writes to congratulate them for their work and inform them that we are doing promotion to the system link, we also have a large group in Colombia and we want to donate and help so that the system link continúes. We are managing, the Spanish-speaking population of this platform and we want to contact to have first-hand information about improvements in the servers or the interface, to connect more effectively the information to Spanish-speaking people. I am attentive to your response and I need to know who I should contact, I can be found on Facebook as https://www.facebook.com/ESdamian190 youtube: https://goo.gl/lsnpRB
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    Its called nolan patch.. present in jrunner and xebuild i do believe
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    You need to install the avatar data mate.. without it, single player works, but will crash if 2nd player joins
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    I am amazed at the level of service provided to this community for free, seriously man, start a patreon!
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    For those who want to speculate on when it will be released I will repeat myself.... When we feel it is ready. Not a minute sooner. Next person to ask that question will get banned, because I am tired of reading it, and answering it. The answer never changes. Doesnt matter what version it is. Go look in all of the other release threads for all of the other versions, and you will see that the answer there is the same as I am giving you now. As to the other point..... Aurora Development is slowing down, but is far from over. As features go, the dev team is really happy with where it is, and are running out of ideas to make it a more fulfilled dashboard. That being said, that doesnt mean they are close to being done with the other pieces of the project. There is still the SMBDll, LinkV2, Nova, and a few others that havnt been mentioned previously, that all tie into aurora. There are also LUA scripting API expansions, that can be done. So, while there might not be a ton of new features in the Dashboard section of the project, there will still be updates to it as these other pieces expand, as things like the settings interface will need to support some of them, APIs might need to be added for others, etc. So, while it might just end up being a new revision of the same version, instead of a new version, like 0.1a bugfix version.(Dont remember the exact number off the top of my head.)
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    Yeah its in the thread haha.. but.. problem is, if u use core specific config, it still needs the regular config, to tell it to point to the other config haha.. kinda redundant.. but.. if u use mine, its universal to each of the cores lol..
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    Use my config mate.. is all i can say.. There is a difference between core specific configs, and general config..
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    You dont need an xdk haha.. rgh on the otherhand.. but the person could use someone to test, or just ask for the appropriate code.. the team is pretty helpful.. i think swizzy added the code to pcsrx360.. if you could possibly get the source.. it could be added easily..
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    all of the cores use the same basic configuration, so if you cant save settings with that core, set your options in another core, and copy the ini to the mame core.
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    Skin_DragonBallSuper.rar Hello, I was nothing to do, so I wanted to create my own DRAGON SUPER BALL skin. Hope you like. I will leave my site and several covers if interested < DOWNLOAD >
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    wow this looks amazing good job
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    Hi guys. I slightly edited mrknorton's SteamOS skin to my liking and thought it would be nice to share it. I made the bottom panels transparent, changed the loading screen and the font to SFNS (I feel it's better looking than SegoeUI). I don't know if everyone would like this transparency, so for now it's a separate skin... I added a login notification, there is an alternative without it available, if it's not liked: (I added sound to the Login Notification but it got tiresome to hear after a while so I removed it.) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I added a Phoenix themed version, for now it's only the Loading Screen and the login notification that's different. I also fixed some problems with the previous skin. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Check Here for a white loading screen version: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=3058 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 0.6b ___________________________________________________________________ If there are any changes or recommendations you want to see, please let me know, no promises but I'll try to do what I can. _____________________________________________ Credits: mrknorton; felida; TheSly; Team Phoenix _________________________ Changes: DOWNLOADS SteamOS++_noNotif.xzp SteamOS++Phoenix_noNotif.xzp SteamOS++.xzp SteamOS++Phoenix.xzp SteamOS++Phoenix_Transparent.xzp SteamOS++Transparent.xzp SteamOS++GREEN.xzp SteamOS++Phoenix_GREEN.xzp steamOS++(0.6b).xzp
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    İ would do the unity verification test, to check if you have proper connection to the internet and xboxunity. edit: i just tried with 0.5 and update is available and downloadable for me. check your internet connection.
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    It has been almost done for a while. The real main hold up is the WebUI, for nova, since the whole thing needed to be rewritten, and also implements lua based scripts, and should be more configurable then the UI that came with FSD, and never worked in Aurora. The other big thing left on the list is finishing the testing on the new LUA functions, which saywaking has been on. Other than that it has been minor bugs caused by other bug fixes, and or new features we have added, that we all have to track down and fix. Then once all of that is done, we still have to track down the people who handle the localizations, and get it to them. Chances are that this build will come in english, and the people who want it in another language will have to localize it themselves, as I have no idea what the deal is with those people. Progress is being made, and the wait still hasnt been nearly as long as the Aurora 0.6b wait, and that came.
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    Please always post in English, so everyone can understand what you want to say. The skin is beautiful and I liked the animations, but I recommend that you use a font with all the symbols and accents necessary for the texts, because some characters like 'ç' are in another font. Congratulations on your work!
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    you forgot mention me for compile that stuff meanwhile have fun with this older mame ^^
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    I have Access 2016 installed. Will I be able to use GaDaBaMa with it?
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    Skins can be found here on Realmodscene. In the "Skins, Coverflow Layouts, Scripts and Trainers" section.
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    Yeah.. hmm.. your problem seems weird.. tbh yeah lets see the scan paths.. And in aurora, you can use the cover viewer option to download a different cover.. but your problem is duplicate games.. not covers.. so you might have accidentally copied everything.. theres that as well..
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    First download this, as it has the latest kernel files and dashlaunch. Then follow the directions I posted here. Makes the whole process easy, all it requires is the dashlaunch installer, and xebuild with the files, which are included with my updated j-runner.
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    https://mega.nz/#F!eFp2FYLR!6bx4nc3rp5IW0tRYtaOuuA ok, so my trainers are missing some where, lol.. forgot which thread i posted the link in lol.. so there it is people.. enjoy
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    The .xex you launch for dashlaunch is programmed to write to other specific locations instead of "root dir" or "game:/" lol.. i tried making emulators into gods and such.. kind of a pain in the butt.. even with retroarch source.. aurora/fsd has db's and such.. which ofc could be coded( well aurora since fsd source is lost) to be written ouside of "game:/".. but in a short explaination, its easier to code for "game:" than to link to other parts of hdd.. ofc there are more technical answers and explainations.. kinda being lazy, but same boat, someone with your experience can get the jist of my laymans way of explaining it lol.. Edit: / is not to be confused for \.. just quicker to type instead of going thru phone keyboard just to proper write lol.. ;-p
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    Oook.. never used vladstudios or heard of it.. but same is achieved via tools such as lefluffie and velocity.. ive seen your other posts.. and while it is a decent idea for dashlaunch and xexmenu, stuff like aurora/fsd wont work.. because they require write access to their folders.. and this isnt possible via GoD iirc.. Dashlaunch works cuz it only writes to a launch.ini and dashlaunch in kernel.. the "installer" is just a launcher in itself..
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    Xex Manager Lite é um mod do Xex Menu 1.2, podemos basicamente chamar o Xex Menu 1.3 verificar as vantagens. -7 MB de tamanho comparado ao Xex Menu 1.2 com 204 MB - Ele é prático e sem curling -Interface com nova pele e ícones agradáveis - Formato de deus de jogo completo Créditos para MathuwsGamerMW por Mod Download Clique aqui
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    As much as I appreciate your input on this, which I dont really, I stand by what I said. The forum rules state that you should read before asking questions. Or they did, long before they disappeared in one of the many updates to this site. As a moderator, it is my job to keep the forums in line, and make sure that things stay on topic. When people repeatedly ask questions, that have been answered, then it is no longer on topic. Also, it is not the place of the general users to question my decisions. If you dont like the way I do things, take it up with the admins, who I chat with on a fairly regular basis. They asked me to do this, because they trust my judgement. You should too.
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    Generally we try not to ban people, as there is no easy 1 to 2 week ban. once it is done, the person that banned you has to remember to un-ban you. We understand that people use JTAG/RGH consoles for piracy. In fact we expect it. But by openly allowing people to talk about it on this forum, it looks like we are supportive of it, which could put us in a precarious position legally, and get us shutdown.
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    Ive just installed it, i was like holy guacamoly! Thats an awesome skin you have done there bro! Would love to see more from you <3
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    If the people who maintain this forum, such as me didnt joke around we would probably be banning a lot of people. I had every right to ban you for breaking the forum rules just for suggesting that you wanted to download the xbox 360 version of the game. Piracy talk is not supported on this forum. Instead, I decided to make a joke, that also could help you with your problem. So, while I was joking, I was also helping you, in a round about loophole way. Take it or leave it. That being said, if the people on this forum didnt joke, we would be posting a ton of rude shit, because we are tired of answering the same questions every time a noob doesnt want to search the forum or google for proper information, or when the dont quite understand something, then decide to open a new thread. Pretty much any question you could have regarding games, dashboards, kernels, dashlaunch, plugins, trainers, etc(excepting programming for the 360) have been answered on this site alone like 300+ times. If people cant decipher the information, then they need to get a new hobby, because we have lives, and it isnt our job to hold your hand. We help the community because we want to. Sometimes that means we do it with attitude. Have you ever noticed that the developers in Team Phoenix(Excepting Swizzy and now days this applies to him as well) hardly ever post on the forum? There is a reason for that. They dont want to deal with it, and leave it up to people like Felida, Dr. Gonzo, Saywaking, and I to handle. Now dont get me wrong, 3 out of the 4 names there are all part of team phoenix as well, in a testing capacity, but we arent actively developing for them.
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    For real, no piracy support here.. But we do joke around.. and yeah damn near every McDonald's offers free WiFi now as well..
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    You need to install the TU in the content folder, then do a TU scan with aurora, which will restart aurora, and scan content folder for TU's, then you can enable the TU in aurora. Then it wont get deleted, and you should be able to use the app without issue. Aurora erases TU's that arent enabled, and without scanning it doesnt know it exists.
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    I'm working on it since Aurora 0.2 and I finally found a bit of time to create a working version. This is SteamOS, a dark skin inspired to the popular game library software. To display the Steam splashscreen, you need to activate the alternative splashscreen option in the Aurora settings. Inside the archive there is also an image to place in the "Background" folder. With the 0.6b version I have also included the Aurora plugin patch by gavin_darkglider. SteamOS-0.4b.rar SteamOS-0.5b.rar SteamOS-0.6b.rar Report here if you find bugs. I will try to keep this skin updated as much as possible. I don't accept custom requests. Why? If you are looking for the version with the transparent panel, check the modified SteamOS++ skin by malim.
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    @gavin_darkglider You can now add PcsxR360 2.1.1 to the list
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    OK, so for starters, THERE WILL BE MINIMAL SUPPORT for these on this forum, as these were not created by the people on these forums. That being said, you will still have to find the XDK to use these, and that will not be released on this forum. THERE WILL BE ZERO TOLERANCE for people asking about the other stuff(XDK) needed, PIRACY is NOT allowed here, Unfortunatly, we only have the 64bit version of the tools at this time, but if someone else has the 32bit version, post a link below, and this will be updated. All credit for the tools, and videos go to AxR and Paracrypt. https://mega.nz/#F!qQ42XSwK!kZCJNVrulLmqFz5fT3ubvQ With all of that said, enjoy. Create some new awesome trainers, and post them in this section, so others can enjoy your work as well. If you want to charge for your trainers, dont do it on this site. Asking for donations is ok, but requiring them will get you banned, as this is not how our community works. Also, upload your trainers directly to the forum if at all possible, as no one likes having to go through sites that are full of ads to download stuff.
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    Hello, I have the problem that i can register but cannot login someone help me out please ?? if i click on forgot password i get a new one in my mail but the new password also not works i really want to register so i can download covers to my J-TAG
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    it is, but a little bit of php coding and mysql can transform it into your own cover db. it is esspecialy usefull because of broken push to xbox function. this scripts are just base, they aren`t ready solution. presonaly i`m too lazy to install mysql, so i created xml files with favourites covers on my local server and used this code in cover.php: if (file_exists('covers/'.$titleid)) { include('covers/'.$titleid); } else { //request to xboxunity }
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    Salamander is the name, BUT all the cores can be placed into the same folder, and swapped at will.. just one has to be named "default.xex" and the others names w.e the individual wants.. BUT this affects the "rom autolaunch" feature.. and sorry to bump thread, but made a new cfg.. saves sram every second, since these only save 10+ seconds if "set"// this fixes the saving issue, of where the saves wouldn't show up/actually save, as somewhere it "IF" it is not set, only saves sram upon "physically" selecting "QUIT RETROARCH" from the menu as well as added a "better" cheat function, upon loading the .cht file, press both analogs to go back into game, and press left/right on RIGHT analog stick, to navigate thru cheats, and LEFT trigger to activate the selected cheat.. (this is a "better" option since doing the normal way has no visual cue to activating the codes) cfg file: https://mega.nz/#!XIBXzbja!if8jw7yJRJuU7y2b2R0I_aCEHeNVVrHRqjZWIPVM2qk