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    Trainer for the original game Red Dead Redemption (Not GOTY!), Title ID 5454082B, Media ID 2AAB34E2 and with title update 9 (TU#9), for the console Xbox 360 with Aurora dashboard (RGH Jtag), created by me with the engine XYZ... enjoy !!! Trainer +10 + Inf. Red Eye + Inf. Money + Inf. Items + Inf. Ammunition + Inf. Resistance Mount + 100k chips to the Poker Pot (Always Win) + 1k BlackJack chips + Maximum Life + Mod Jump + Maximum Streak Note: 100k chips to the poker pot, at the start of the poker game you must bet everything and you will always win, if you get to lose in one hand you need to go out with B button and try again. A thousand Black Jack chips by exceeding 1500 chips you can not play any more in that hand. Maximum life is not same to infinite life. Maximum streak is for Multiplayer mode. Video+Dwld
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    yes since they are the same drive you can easily change the dvd key.. i was just saying you can not go back to retail with that particular drive
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    Skin Aurora 0.7b Here I leave you the last Skin that i elaborate, style Xbox one X. Changes made: -Change of interface -Change of colors to the buttons -Change of icons -Now you can see the name of the profile with a DVD inserted -Change animation to notification -Sound in notification -Change of interface in details of the games -Change of quick view -Change of color to the effects. -Enimation of home style xbox one x (there are two, you can choose it in alternative start) -Default layout with some changes for the theme. -Change of theme background -Avatar in the beginning with Scena bigger for animations are not cut -Among others Link: https://mega.nz/#F!kCw0nTbR!ZAg2ZrYRFZv_FfgvSQirSg Dash EN-US.xzp Dash Spanish.xzp Theme of skin and layout "Dash" By: Srealmoreno Captures:
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    To change the covers, use swizzys asset editor.. but make sure to understand that they will reset when you update for new games.. Edit: also there is a built in cover picker, there are multiple covers on unity..
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    You will have to play with the filter options mate..
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    yes.. you can create your OWN filter with your OWN parameters.. this is already inside aurora?
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    Hello, I work full-time as a developer, and I recently bought and modded an Xbox 360; love the homebrew that's available, and I want to contribute by learning how to develop for 360 using the XDK. Specifically, I want to start researching and attempting to port over Mupen64Plus using this newly released ANGLE middleware layer (https://github.com/google/angle). I know this will be difficult, but I want to give it a shot. I have a few questions: 1) I have the Xbox SDK software installed on my desktop, and the xbdm.xex setup on my 360... the 360 boots up, and I'm able to add my 360 in the "Neighborhood" application... but when I click "Open" or "Explore" to view files, nothing happens. I also noticed that certain functions on my 360 (or certain XeX files) crash when xbdm loads on boot. Any idea why this is happening? 2) Can someone point to any good resources for Xbox 360 development? I need to know the optimal IDE configuration, what libraries to download, and where I can find documentation for it? Has any official Microsoft documentation leaked? Or is it available online somewhere? This would be the first time I've ever developed for a game console, however I have reasonable experience developing in Windows, Linux, and various web frameworks. Thank you in advance!
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    I have a 2TB internal HDD, and 2x 2TB external HDD in USB caddies. So 6TB would be the console's physical maximum. But, if you have ConnectX enabled and connected to a PC with plenty of space, you can go way over 6TB. If you decicate a 8TB drive solely for ConnectX, you've got 14TB space for games. I've come to the conclusion while testing most games work fine through ConnectX, it's only a bit slow with loading. Mind you some games require local storage and crash on ConnectX.
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    I'd say best would simply be 2tb internal, and 2tb external..
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    I thing your hdd setup is the best solution. The 360 can only read from the primary partition. You can only use two external usb drives at the same time.
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    You would have to create a specific location for the individual game.. and it couldn't be in another path as well.. so it would need to be in its own location
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    ok, so i know people were looking for this.. as i was.. lol.. but this is rgloader 17489 for RGH.. NOTE: This does not work with falcon's.. it is guaranteed to work with trinitys, as i have tested on mine.. note 2: what sets this aside from the version floating around marked ~17526 is that this is actually for 17489, and avatars work, as well as no freezing upon going to NxE dash. Note 3: no xell.. lol.. so be sure to take that into consideration! https://mega.nz/#!adwVBaYJ!PURYioYZgVRQxVQRoGfyLlPEHlzlHVr9iUTSfQDgGuI
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    This is from another post, but it will explain better: This is commonly a issue with the transfermode selected, one should ALWAYS use "binary", never "auto" or "ascii" (auto can fall back to ascii which have 7 out of 8 bits, causing corruption) tbh, i don't understand the use for implementing support for ascii transfers in the first place, you still send full 8 bits >_<
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    Yeah it's the binary or something.. sorry I can't figure out the name haha..
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    Try transferring via USB.. You might be transferring the wrong way.. there is a ftp protocol that will mess up, just can't think of the name lol
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    That problematic Jasper you have is a 512 model. I always had issues with doing first glitch on them with the timing profiles. Too bad your dash wasn't low enough to just JTAG it. If you're still up for it because 512's are badass, check this thread from Se7enSins: https://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/rgh-jasper-bad-nand-dumps.1524480/
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    Run XM360 and try again they have to be in the Content folder for USB0 or HDD1
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    • AutoGG 0.9.4 v23 Rev95 • Added Kernel: 17559 Google Drive http://twixar.me/WfTT Also Includes Dashlaunch 3.21 and Avatar Update on the Drive AutoGG_0.9.4_v23_Rev95_+17559.zip SystemUpdate_17559_USB.zip
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    I do make some here and there for my personal collection . Not taking requests as have no time to fix and check bugs etc .. but I gladly share what I have I'm pretty sure well over 600 in my hdd and mostly updated as well you may PM if your looking for something
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    He trabajado en la traducción del botón guia y Nova.xex de Aurora 0.7b 1 r1622 Como ya sabrán, hace unos días salió está actualización y con el botón guia en inglés. esta 95% traducido al español Para instalarlo solo van a reemplazar los archivos que están en la siguente ruta Aurora/Plugins/ luego solo reiniciar la consola y veras los resultados Capturas: Enlace de descarga: https://mega.nz/#F!gWRihKJa!S0ydNdKoTjBnRjNd-wJPcQ Si desea traducir el botón de guía a su idioma nativo, envíeme un mensaje privado y con mucho gusto lo ayudaré If you want to translate the guide button to your native language, send me a private message and I will gladly help you
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    Here is ver.1.3.1 - compiled from trunk with my fixes (working with xbox.com online assets was broken due http://catalog.xboxlive.com return 404 Server Error now) AuroraAssetEditor1.3.1.zip
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    Xbox ONE Experience Skin Hello everyone, I finally finished my first skin for Aurora. Is a skin based in 'Aurora SteamOS' skin by mrknorton. With modification in colors, buttons and layouts to match the Xbox ONE Dashboard. Inspired in Xbox ONE Dashboard and Windows 10. I do not really like Aurora's default skin, so I looked for a simple skin and the theme colors of Xbox One, and the ones I tried were not exactly what I wanted, so I had the idea to create my own skin, I finished the skin and I was very happy with the result, I still have to finish several animations in the menus, but as soon as I finish this I update the topic. Yes, I got some problems with screenshot, so here are photos that I have taken with my phone Currently available to Aurora 0.6b Download link: mega Besides the skin, I made some modifications to the Aurora itself. I modified AuroraRepo's "Main.lua" by editing its description (scriptDescription). Now the text is: "Download and install new Content Scripts", this description is shorter and succinct, I believe it was better this way. I also modified the script icon "LiNKTop5", filling the number 5 (which was transparent) with the white color. How to install: Go to your Aurora 0.6b folder, and go to: "User" / "Scripts" / "Utility" and in the "AuroraRepo" folder, just replace the Main.lua file. And in the "LiNKTop5" folder (if you use this script) replace the icon.png file. All these modifications are included with the skin. Hope everyone enjoy!
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    To Port the Maincore should not to be a Problem. But Coin Ops used a lot of different Emus (over twenty). I think its a mammoth task and relatively complex and time consuming to port all the stuff.
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    There is no need to run the emu in a emu if it's ported, however... porting it means using the xbox 360 DirectX libraries and making sure the endian is correct (PC/Xbox Classic is LittleEndian, PPC/Xbox360 is BigEndian) Sent from my SM-G903F
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    That's a XBLA, so put the XBLA on your harddrive and unlock it with XM360 or similar... (the content folder)
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    The problem with a XEX version of Mupen is the limited resources, with XeLL you have full access to ALL resources, with a XEX version (that runs from the dashboard) you have to share the processor and memory with the dashboard/kernel which is running in the background...
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