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    Hello everyone This is a beta release of Aurora NXE - an NXE inspired theme for Aurora. It is pretty incomplete beyond the home screen I am still working on it. you may experience some UI bugs but for general use is great. Features Xbox Logo with Ripples + Glow Animation NXE Stage (Enable RSS Feed on Button Bar option) NXE Font NXE Cover-flow replicating MarketPlace layout NXE Wallpapers - Loading Bootscreen (Default Wallpaper) NXE Sounds (experimental) NXE Loading console rings Animation NXE Panels Background (WIP) Readme + Install Instructions _ /\ _ _ _ _ |\ |\/(_ /--\|_|| (_)| (_|| \|/\(_ |_ . _ _| _ |_)\/ |\/(/_(_|(_| / \| AuroraNXE NXE skin for Aurora 0.7b by jveda Install: Drop files in Aurora Folder In Aurora -> (B) View -> Theme Turn off Animation Choose AuroraNXE CoverFlow Layout Go To Skin Status when Idle - Hide Choose AuroraNXE Skin Go to Display Turn off Profile / Disc Panel (Optional) **Turn On RSS Feed for NXE Stage (Optional)** Modified: Skin: Aurora Header Title 1:1 icon positioning to NXE Xenon Logo + Ring animation Xenon Logo glow animation Profile name + gamer pic / score Reflection Shader tweaks Remove Fluff UI Elements Reposition Game Title Reposition Game Count (<999) Reposition / Remove excess buttons Default Wallpaper Boot Screen NXE Loading Icon bootscreen RSS feed option converted to NXE Stage Visual Elements from NXE Known Bugs: Maybe animations for button(s) or others Panel Sizes ProgressBar Future Enhancements: Correct all animations / transitions Color enhancements to control elements NXE Dash themed pop up panes (IP) NXE Vertical Scrolling (np) NXE Flat Game Covers (?) Optional NXE Base built into skin (Done) NXE Profile Name Top Right. (Done) Xenon Logo Ripples (Done) (?) - even possible? Credits: jveda- Work above - NXE Recreation XUI in Aurora Micro$oft - Wallpapers, Icons, Font, Assets Elena from 360hub - Assets / Wallpapers Enjoy ;) change log: 01 - First Version 02 - Updated Preview Image Adjust button font color Added XenonLogo no rings for now 03 - Updated preview Add XenonLogo shadow Add XenonLogo Rings (!!) Add Profile + Gamerscore display Add start sound 04 - Fixed more animations RSS feed = Optional Stage Image ! CoverFlow now AuroraNXE name Added XenonLogo Glow Tweaked Xenon Ripples Fixed animations for Quick View WIP - Experimental Sound Support Start Sound - Enter Exit Sounds Test- Aurora Swoop anim/sound QV 05 - Boot screen changed to default NXE wallpaper Xenonlogo on Bootscreen Added Loading Icon to Bootscreen + NXE Loading Icon ported over Added some NXE Panel backgrounds Test for green highlights / buttons WIP - Animations Profile Thing top-right bugs with disc Proper Stage Color NXE Backgrounds for Panes Pane UI repositions Header Quickview Title ---------- Please let me know what you think. Follow for updates. Thanks! jveda Aurora_NXE_jveda_05.zip
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    probably a virus in the files. No reason to not post the files here instead of having you jump through hoops and send dms for passwords.
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    Oh try to put that wav or xma along side the Auroa_main.xui or deep inside these folders\Aurora\SystemLayer & Application Layer is & test. As from memory that's how I've set my audio files up. Depending on what I'm trying to achieve. Plus for the wav file I'm not sure how those work you may need the optional media update. As that allows for certain music, videos files to play. I'm not 100% on how Aurora works with wavs. But you actually need the optional media update to allow playback for the Aurora synopsis trailer.wmvs to work for your titles etc as I'm not sure if you need this for wav files as I've never tried wav files in aurora default.xzp skin It's been awhile since I've played or done anything Aurora skin related As I've always just converted my wav files to xma via the xma converter tool So like Aurora_Main.xur\Aurora\you're xuiAudio along side the SystemLayer & ApplicationLayer folder. As I think how you have it now won't work as it's not being seen by Aurora
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    SKIN AURORA 0.7b2 |Vidéo Background Nissan| XBOX 360 Jtag/RGH - YouTube
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    Here is the latest AURORA 0.7B.2 USB version. AURORA 0.7B.2 USB.rar
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    Progress is being made on that front. Not only might you get netISO, but the dev who came up with cci images on the OG Xbox is working on doing that via netISO as well. So compressed 360 ISO/SVOD/GOD support, via network. Initial server stuff is finished, but we need to make something that can be built for embeded devices, so you can install it to your NAS/router....... And we still need to add support for OG xbox games, but since the guy who figured out the compression is working on it, I dont think that is really going to be an issue...... Hell, who knows, we might just add plain iso support for stuff like dvd images as well. lol. I dont think that would really be that hard after the fact. That being said, even if we do get all of that stuff done, there are still other things to address as well. We had plans for the next official release, then life happened, and it would be nice to pick up where we left off there. And with new features come new bugs. So there will be a ton of testing....... I am hopeful we have something interesting by christmas, at least internally. But that is also dependent of peoples time to work on the project, and says nothing about a release timeline. Just that we are trying to find time for the project, and keep it alive.
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    I wrote a basic script that should accomplish this. Let me know if there are any issues. https://github.com/jrobiche/xbox360-aurora-scripts/tree/main/DeviceIDUpdater
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    Hello, the option password protected - delete content does not work for me. I can't give a password. installed Aurora 0.7b r1655 Maybe someone can help me
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    Yeah dude i know i also took one from my Xbox 360 but it was pretty big I couldn't upload well here is the password remmigiosh@modnetwork.net
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    SKIN AURORA 0.7b2 | Vidéo Background | Rainy Day Walk in Manhattan, New York | XBOX 360 Jtag/RGH - YouTube Skin in BETA version, I can't go further in this thing because PHOENIX did not publish the source code which I understand, and as the most important things are in the xex I find myself blocked here here is shared a maximum for maybe one day see this function added in the next update. Good viewing.
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