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  1. I'm developing some feature in a website that uses this passcode as authentication, but the site needs to know which digits are. I've tried to give values to the digits for each column but it seems random, like if the code was made by the button code or something like that
  2. Hi, I would like to know if its possible how the result is calculated, i've made some tests and i can't figure out the logic of these numbers that the script returned These are some tests i've made: 1111 = 101058055 1112 = 101058054 1113 = 101058053 1115 = 101058067 1119 = 101058051 1110 = 101058052 2111 = 84280839 1123 = 101057797 1234 = 100992008 2222 = 84215046 0000 = 50529028 0001 = 50529031 9999 = 33686019 If someone guess it i will be thankful
  3. At least some admin could make an example of how to use the Http.GetEx function
  4. Several things have changed if you see in the changelogs such as added and updated functions. Also the last update of the readme was 3 years ago. This is a part of the latest changelog on phoenix.aboxunity.net: Utility Scripts engine improvements There have been some requests on the forums to add functionality to the Utility Scripts engine. The following items from the changelog reflect some of the changes: (Added) DvdTrayState and DvdMediaType enums to enums.lua (Added) DiscTitle flag to available ContentFlags in enums.lua (Added) DVD Lua Library to scripting engine enabling opening and closing of tray, getting current tray state and media info. DVD Lua library has been grouped into the FileSystem permission set. (Updated) Utility Scripts to utilize a 'mininumAuroraVersion' variable to allow future scripts to dictate which version of Aurora they need to properly run (due to missing or new API usage). (Fixed) Bug in ScnGizmoUI that creates undefined behavior if the ClassOverride was not properly provided by Script author (Updated) The LuaInterface methods to be more generic to work within internal code as well (Added) Support for scripts to use an alternate XL scene size in the LuaGizmo library. Used by calling hGizmo:SetXLScene(true); prior to hGizmo:InvokeUI(...); (Updated) LuaLibrary code to separate 0.6API from future API versions (Added) Http.GetEx and Http.PostEx methods to the LuaHttp library to allow optional download progress callbacks (Added) RunLuaOnBoot setting as an additional security option. (Added) GetPartitionFreeSpace, GetPartitionUsedSpace and GetPartitionSize to the FileSystem LUA library (Updated) Script.ShowPopupList() LUA method to support ProfileSelector (Type 5) and DeviceSelector (Type 6) (Updated) Script.ShowPopupList to use user defined title and empty text instead of hardcoded text (Added) New LUA functions to the LuaSettings class ( Settings.AddRSSFeed, Settings.DeleteRSSFeed, Settings.UpdateRSSFeed ) (Added) New LUA methods for retrieving existing RSS Feeds (Settings.GetRSSFeeds and Settings.GetRSSFeedById) (Added) Additional methods to the LuaProfile library including Profile.Login and Profile.Logout (Added) Updated the Script Lua library to allow script to ask for passcode, and passcode entered be returned. (Script.ShowPasscodeEx) (Fixed) LuaXuiSlider SetStep and SetValue being swapped in functionality (Added) XuiHTML libraries - enabling support in Aurora Skins as well as LUA Gizmos (Added) Lua Support for XuiHtmlElements and XuiHtmlControls in Gizmo scenes (Added) SetTextColor and SetDropShadowColor to the XuiObject.Text element for LUA scripting (Updated) LuaHttpLib to handle rename failed state (Updated) LuaHttpLib to handle all status codes and allow the Lua script to determine what is invalid I know you can manage to guess while scripting but it would take a lot of time as you don't know the parameters, the types, etc. It would be an awesome contribution to who wants to script so the community can create content without having to figure out how works every new function that it's not in the documentation.
  5. Hi, the Utility Scripts documentation is outdated, it's from the old version of Aurora (0.6b). It would be great if some admin could update the readme so it would be more easy to create Utility Scripts
  6. Hi people, i've been busy for a long time, i've had some economic issues so i couldn't focus on coding and upgrading this script to the latest Aurora's version. (sorry for my bad english) I have some ideas to improve it, like creating a download queue from the webpage with an user system, and when the script starts with same user and password it downloads/applies the changes made from the web. And i've thought of an upgrade for this script, an "Online Content Manager Script" that syncs your Aurora and a website on startup. When Aurora starts, it will execute the script and it will send the info of the games, updates, covers, backgrounds, etc to the website so you can manage the content of your xbox from the web and when you start Aurora it makes the changes that you've made from the web. I don't know if this is permitted by the Aurora makers but it's a good idea to make. I only have ideas but i don't have the time to code because i'm busy working on some other "profitable" projects, so sorry if my "update" of the script gives false hopes to who's reading
  7. Hi to everyone who follow this project, and sorry for don't update the script I've had some personal issues in this time and my xbox isn't working for some reason I can't figure out now because i'm lack of time, because of that I can't continue developing or testing the script for now. Someday not very far I'll continue it's development if there are still people interested Thanks for the comprehension (and as always, sorry for my bad english)
  8. Hi, thanks! but, better send it to me through FB as the forum won't let me download it idk why
  9. These are: KeyboardFlag = enum { Default = 0, Full = 1, Email = 2, Gamertag = 4, Phone = 8, IPAddress = 16, Numeric = 32, Alphabet = 64, Password = 128, Subscription = 256, FocusDone = 268435456, Highlight = 536870912 } But you can't combine like KeyboardFlag.Password + KeyboardFlag.Numeric because it only shows a normal keyboard.
  10. Hi all of you that follows the development of this script. The next version of the script has an automatic locale select and these are the finished languages: English by me Spanish by me Portuguese by Fabrício Messias de Godoi Arabic by salah.rgh2 If you want to cooperate, edit the attached file with your language and send it to me here via PM or Facebook Notes: You don't have to edit the strings on the left side of '=' Don't delete any %s or \n Don't add new lines Save it with coding UTF-8 without BOM(If not, i will modify it, so doesn't matter too much) Put your name in the Author key in LangFile section Any questions of what means a line are welcome. And like always, THANKS, we build this as a community en.txt
  11. It can be useful for many things, such like setting a password for a certain script or to a web service that requires a pincode, it's way much prettier than a keyboard input where you can put any character with no limitation
  12. It's possible to make a function to show a passcode dialog and return the password given? Like ShowKeyboard that returns in Buffer the entry, but the actual function Passcode is for introduce Aurora's setted passcode.
  13. It's a feature from aurora that it wont let you cancel, sometimes it let you with A but when downloading not
  14. It's done, the server when you upload a skin it analyzes the metadata so the user won't need to enter manually the name of the skin, the author and the skin version. Also it checks if the aurora version is plus than 0.6, if not, it won't allow you to upload it. Same thing with coverflows. The website and thescript are in maintenance, when it's available i will edit the post with the new URL and will update the official repo. I think in a few hours i will finish it all Some ToDos: When the next Aurora releases, i will add a feature to download only the skins compatible with the version you have, for now it's not needed. When the web got more content i will add a feature on the website to list the skins with an install button so you can select install on many content and when you start the SkinDownloader will ask you to download the queue you requested on the website
  15. If you read above you will see that now it's gonna be online 24/7 and it will be fast so it's a premium service. And the idea is that it's mantained so it's now gonna be outdated I would change the name for that one, it developed it in like an hour and i've focused on the SkinDownloader. The reason i didn't do a all in one cleaner is because i didn't wanted to mess too much with deleting files and stuff so maybe the db would break, idk maybe sometime later i will make that
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