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  1. gavin_darkglider

    Nand dash version issue r-jtag

    All R-JTAG images use a JTAGable SMC image, that is patched. R-JTAG is no different in that sense. As long as it is wired correctly, and you have the dips and jumpers set properly, it should boot, assuming your wiring is correct, which is impossible to tell, since we have no pictures of the work done to the board.
  2. gavin_darkglider

    Nand dash version issue r-jtag

    Yes, you should be able to get into xell. Once you do, you can get the proper LDV, and CB version from the fuses. There are some nice guides on rebuilding nand images when you have lost everything, which you havnt, since you still have the KV.
  3. gavin_darkglider

    Nand dash version issue r-jtag

    Check the nand info, and see if it updates, when you change the ldv value. there are 2 ldv values, one says 8 one says 9 in the picture above. Put any number in for an ldv, and see if that number appears in the nand info screen. You shouldnt need to build a new image, as this is in the non encrypted boot information on the chip. You just have to get the value right, which should be 1 more than it was previously.
  4. gavin_darkglider

    Nand dash version issue r-jtag

    If you started on a dash more than 15574, all you should need to do to fix the problem is to add 1 to the ldv, and then write the new image. This shouldnt require the cpu key, and j-runner has an option for that in one of the menus. So, currently, it is reporting an ldv of 8, change that to 9, and assuming you didnt update the CB version with your update, then you should be good. If you did update the CB version, the only way to fix the console is to glitch it into xell, get the CPU_KEY, and then using your backup image, create a new retail image of the latest dash, and change the ldv to 9. Simple enough..... Then again, Zephyrs are notorious for RROD even if you arent trying to mod them. I would say that 2/3rd of all zephyrs I have attempted to mod have either died in the process of glitching them, or shortly after. I use those and xenon boxes as door stops. lol.
  5. gavin_darkglider

    Fixing my xbox 360 slim (the hard way)

    That wont help you read a 4gb nand. Those are handled with SD card readers, and an adapter, or hard wires to a modified SD card reader. If you read what I said, you would have known you wanted a guide for a 4 gb corona. Now, if it turns out to be a bad nand, and you have the equipment and skill to do the nand conversion to 16mb nand image, then the device you bought will be useful.
  6. gavin_darkglider

    [tut]How to setup Aurora with system link

    the ports only really need to pass if you want to host games.
  7. gavin_darkglider

    Crysis 1 GOD format will not boot or launch from Aurora

    You dont have to put GOD formatted games in the content folder. DLC yes, but Aurora will launch the game fine from the folder that is scanned for games. This sounds like a content patch issue, or a file corruption issue. As for dissassembling nova, not sure what the point in that would be unless you were looking for the netISO code, which was disabled for a reason. lol.
  8. gavin_darkglider

    Crysis 1 GOD format will not boot or launch from Aurora

    did you check if contpatch was enabled in dashlaunch?
  9. gavin_darkglider


    using a version of aurora on a flash drive, copy the settings db, and look for the plaintext "password" if you want to call it that. it isnt super hard, but I am not going to post a guide on dumping the passcode. you could even write a utility script that would dump it for you assuming you didnt lock yourself out of that.
  10. gavin_darkglider

    Dashlaunch options greyed out

    The settings only show what is currently set system wide in ram currently. The config button is tied to the dashlaunch configapp setting. If you set that in the launch.ini to point at the dashlaunch installer, the config button will launch the dashlaunch installer, where you can change the settings in real time. The downfall to this is that dashlaunch uses that config app as a system settings replacement, so if you need to change network config, you cant go to system settings in the hud, but have to navigate through NXE to the system settings. The individual game settings are set in the game settings (Y menu) somewhere..... I dont remember where exactly. Those options are set by aurora on game launch if they are set, and reset back to defaults when aurora relaunches.
  11. gavin_darkglider

    External HDD Swap

    It is a simple as doing that, but you will also need to change the guid in the database to match the new hdd. If you dont, you will need to rescan your database, and start over in aurora as far as dlc and covers, as the covers will be greyed out like if the drive is disconnected.
  12. gavin_darkglider

    Fixing my xbox 360 slim (the hard way)

    If it still boots xell that is good, and Iwould say dump the chip, especially if it shows the dvd key, which means the KV is intact, Also, being a corona 4g, chances are the nand chip itself is bad. they burn out more than 16mb consoles. There are many guides on conversions if that is needed, but they arent easy jobs, and require a certain amount of skill, and expensive tools the average person wouldnt have laying around. That being said there a tons of guides on the internet for dumping a corona 4g, soI would start there. As for the needed image , from what I can see, that is a standard corona RGH2 wiring, so you will need a corona 4g rgh2 image.
  13. gavin_darkglider

    Having a really hard time to play Link

    Aurora doesnt edit them, just displays what the values are set to. You need to use the dashlaunch config app, or edit the INI directly to enable that. There is also the per game settings, but ping patch should be system wide generally.
  14. gavin_darkglider

    NOVA - The Future of LiNK

    See, you dont need giant text to ask a question. That being said, Aurora and Nova are still being worked on, not much going on at the moment that I know of, but I am sure there is a lot I dont know about.
  15. gavin_darkglider

    Request missing covers to be added

    they need to be uploaded and approved on unity. Or, you can use Swizzy's asset editor, and upload them to your xbox that way.