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  1. You might be able to glitch it into booting freeboot, but that mightbe iffy. you should be able to patch the image to work with a devkit, but I dont have those patches, or the time to try and figure that out. If I was interested in this, I would ask 15432, who managed to get freeboot to boot on the winchester using a devkit cpu. He/She might be able to point you in the right direction.
  2. gavin_darkglider

    Replace background with video

    I believe felida looked into this, and couldnt get it to work. I myself dont do skins, so he is the one to ask.
  3. gavin_darkglider

    Unity login failed.

    I have no access to approve accounts. I can do covers, but not accounts.
  4. gavin_darkglider

    (unofficial) xeBuildGUI V3.1

    The winbond patches are also included with J-Runner, so that is probably the easiest option if the updserv option is out of your hands. That being said, starting the dashlaunch installer, with the updserv option enabled, and while that is running on the xbox, open a command line where xebuild is located, and type xebuild update -f <dashversion> It should update the kernel, and if you put the $SystemUpdate folder in the xebuild/<dashversion>/ folder, then it will automatically update the avatar data as well. Obviously for this to work, you need to be on the same network, but most people only have one. lol.
  5. gavin_darkglider

    (unofficial) xeBuildGUI V3.1

    Use the xebuild updserv option, and it will use the SMC included in the nand image you already have flashed, instead of trying to patch it fresh. You could also use the updflash.bin file instead, and get the same results. Xebuild dumps the required files that need patched, and if they are already patched, will inject them into the next image, instead of trying to patch them again. Hince all the problems I had with my R-JTAG not working with the glitch patching, as the patch for that in j-runner was used instead, so it failed to patch the SMC.
  6. gavin_darkglider

    Aurora Trainer Pack

    Chances are it is the stealth plugin being loaded by dashlaunch that is causing the problems. That being said, we do not support stealth here, and because you are using it, this thread is now closed, and you will get no more support with this issue.
  7. gavin_darkglider

    Aurora Trainer Pack

    I never got in with the trainer devs like you, because cheating wasnt really that interesting to me. lol. So, I will take your word for it. I cant think of a reason why this would be happening unless there is a plugin confilct somewhere. There is always the possibility that the users that are experiencing these issues are on an older dash version, and that could be causing problems as well.
  8. gavin_darkglider

    Support thread -Aurora / NOVA 0.7b.1 hotfix!-

    For what it is worth, I have seen a lot of computers, and game systems get those lines, and 99.9% of the time, it is a hardware related issue, not software. Unfortunatly, there are no real hardware stress tests for the xbox, but if there were I would say run one on the video card, and see how it reacts.
  9. gavin_darkglider

    Aurora Trainer Pack

    I am not sure why you would need to do that. Have you tried to unload nova first? it was always recommended since 0.3b, when trainers were introduced into aurora, that you unload all plugins(Dashlaunch included) before running aurora trainers, due to the fact the plugins could interact with the trainer engine, and cause unwanted problems, like what you are experienceing now.
  10. gavin_darkglider

    Aurora keep posting updates for Plugin

    You go to modules, and unload the nova plugin.
  11. gavin_darkglider

    help!!! aurora.main error xbox UI tool

    Your Image is broken, but chances are, that you need the XUI Tool extensions for aurora, which came in with 0.7b. you can find them here: http://phoenix.xboxunity.net/downloads/AuroraElements (XUI Extensions).rar Instructions can be found at phoenix.xboxunity.net at the end of the post for aurora 0.7b not 0.7b.1 hotfix(So, the end of the second post on the page.)
  12. gavin_darkglider

    make g27 work on xbox360 rgh

    Sorry, was meaning to give more information, not single you out. lol. I was going to remove the quote, once I finished, but was in a bit of a rush at the time. lol.
  13. gavin_darkglider

    make g27 work on xbox360 rgh

    This isnt possible without those adapters, because the console doesnt accept non authenticated controllers, and it doesnt have drivers for other non xbox controllers. So, the adapter will copy the code from a working controller, and then will use the xbox controller usb communication standard to translate the codes. There have been devices made for just specific devices, but that was mainly for keyboard and mouse. https://team-xecuter.com/xfrag/ This was before the CronuxMax line, which will do that and more.
  14. gavin_darkglider

    Update Readme of Utility Scripts documentation

    I think I might still have the script that was used to test this function somewhere..... let me look into what I have laying around in the old hdd, and I will get back to you.... After looking at what I still have from testing 0.7b, I dont have any test lua files that use that function, so I am in the dark on that as well. I will drop a line to the devs to see if I can get them to update the API.
  15. gavin_darkglider

    Aurora keep posting updates for Plugin

    It sounds like the updater didnt unload the plugin, try unloading the plugin, and see if it updates.