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  1. The skin didnt change, the version probably did though, so you might need to extract them, and replace the version info in them. That being said, there is an issue with the asset downloader in aurora currently that fatal crashes aurora. Just saying..... it is being worked on, but who knows when it will go out.
  2. Well.... I doubt aurora update broke your xbox, but easy test would be to disconnect HDD, and see if it boots. That sounds more like a hardware problem, that would be detected if you flashed back stock nand.
  3. You are welcome.... Personally I have been doing switch related stuff lately. I didnt even bother to update my 360 with the last xebuild/dashlaunch that was released. lol. Mainly because I have no need for it. That being said, Switchbrew(Another modding team I am a member of) Achieved LP0 in linux today after fighting with it for 108days. lol.
  4. You write "homebrew" like any app/game/plugin for the xbox 360. You use the XDK, and check the examples for any info you might need.
  5. Get the dashlaunch ftp server plugin, and disable the one in aurora. it works even in game, but doesnt have the custom commands for aurora. ;)
  6. That is unfortunate. I get it though, as I have been caught up in the switch stuff. I will say this, it would be nice if in the end it was open sourced, so people could continue the project if they wanted.
  7. yes, the project is still alive, but people are busy. We havnt forgotten about you, but the test version I was given, had issues, but also didnt support folder recursion, and still needed work with network issues on the server side, when an xbox lost connection to the server, it wouldnt allow the xbox to reconnect. I will say that it is super fast though. I used it a couple times just to extract ISO's on my xbox. lol.
  8. Nova is the plugin that handles link.... among other things.
  9. You have to disable link in the plugin settings, and if that doesnt work, unload nova.
  10. You have to disable devlink, which is a system link for devkits. I dont know how to do that on a devkit, and on retail this wouldnt be needed.
  11. Fake anim is an app, that gets launched by dashlaunch before the default dashboard. you can run it from aurora, so I wouldnt call it a dashlaunch plugin. "Plugins" are just DLL files with no executable entry point. Dashlaunch, or the app the plugin is for handles that.
  12. The video has to be in an ancient wmv9 format. FFMPEG can convert it, but it is slow(No multithreading support).
  13. The functions in the headers should be the same, or close to the same as the Visual C++ api. they add X to the front, because they refer to the xbox headers vs the pc headers. If you are unsure RTFM that comes with the XDK, as there is a ton of documentation there, that should help point you in the right direction.
  14. Cool project, I am happy that all that work I did to make the hud stuff a possibility is getting put to use by someone other than stealth servers, and begalegal. lol. Honestly, I was kind of pissed when I cracked that(Not the hu, but the issues with modifying it), released the information, and the only people who used it were the stealth server designers(Who used a leaked version of the FSD plugin code to create their huds). lol. It is strange to see where your projects go sometimes. Makes me wonder what people will do with my Gentoo L4T for the Switch that I am working on. That being said, I have owned most of the hardware, which is harder than you would think, even with the L4T kernel on gitlab. I have ran in to all sorts of issues getting the Nvidia graphics drivers, and sound drivers to work correctly. That being said, I have it all excepting OpenMax, Cuda, V4L and the Gstreamer stuff. From there it is just installing the other Nvidia specific packages, most of which are useless on the switch.
  15. that is because you are missing the files from the official dash update it needs for that build. Use j-runner, I have a build on here somewhere, that has all of the needed files included. Get that, then follow the directions in the first post.
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