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  1. You dont,you have to wait for it to be ready to be released, which could be a while. I honestly havnt had any updates in a while.I would assume he code is still in the plugin, but not called, so if you have the time, and incination to dissassemble the plugin, you could re enable it, and reverse engineer a server side software for it. Other than that you will have to wait like every one else.
  2. The xbox 360 compatibilty fixer doesnt touch the nand, only the HDD,so if you are having issues with the hdd removed, an error message would be helpful ,but this sounds hardware related to me.
  3. First, the xbox ethernet is not a a bottleneck, the bottleneck is ConnectX. Using the unreleased NetIso stuff, loading time takes no longer than loading from a disc. It has a few bugs, but works much faster than connectx. Second, the moment you plug in the HDD to the sata connection, the xbox will reboot. You can use 360 drive explorer to inject files into the xbox partition scheme, and copy games a little faster that way, but it almost isnt worth it. Also if you plug an ntfs drive into the sata port on the xbox, it wont work until you format it with the xbox.
  4. You dont have to put GOD games in the content folder for Aurora to launch them. You can put god format in with the rest of your games. Only needed in the content folder if you want to launch from nXe, or XEXmenu. DLC, and Indie games need to be installed int the content folder if I remember correctly. It has been like a year since I turned on my xbox..... Mainly only use it to test aurora builds at this point, and there hasnt been much going on there lateley.
  5. Wow, find some decent information. We are now on Aurora 0.7b this is ancient in Aurora time. lol. You can find a complete changelog through the revisions here:http://phoenix.xboxunity.net/#/news
  6. Are you sure there is actually a server running on the xbox for you to connect to? Run a portscan directed at your xbox that is giving issues, and see. Also, if aurora isnt working, Xexmenu, and dashlaunch(with a plugin) can also provide FTP access.
  7. You obviously dont realize you can spoof the region in dashlaunch without having to modify the nand. you just have to set the desired region, and enable region spoof, then hold down RB when launching the game. From https://www.xpgamesaves.com/threads/dash-launch-in-depth-explanation-and-set-up.50001/ : Region Spoof: If enabled, holding RB during title launch will cause the region to be spoofed to the title for it's duration. Just as it says. With this option enabled, holding RB when you launch a game that's region is different than your console's it will spoof it to believe your console's region is the same. Region: The region applied when RB is held on title launch and Region Spoof is enabled. If you have Region Spoof enabled, this is the region your console will be spoofed as when holding RB.
  8. They can if you use an external usb drive, just not on the XTAF filesystem of the 360hdd, or memory cards.
  9. For videos, I would look on youtube. For that you will want to know what type of hack you are doing, and what chip you are using. They all do the same thing, but they use different pads, and designs on the board for the same signals, so each chip is sleightly different. Also, every console is sleightly different, so what works well on one might not work well on another of the same revision. So to begin, you will need to know the motherboard type, the glitch chip type, the ram type(If motherboard is coronaV5/V6), the Nand size(eg 4gb corona, 256/512mb jaspers, dont worry about 4gb trinity boards, as the memory space is an expansion module), and the hack type. Once you have this information, you will need the required hardware, depending on your use case.(TX 4gb read/write kit, nand-x, jr-programmer, there are other options, but these are the better ones), soldering iron(obviously), etc. Then find a video on youtube for that hack type, and board. EG search for: trinity S-RGH install, or trinity Project muffin install..... There are a ton of options, and as if now, TX is working on releasing an official update to j-runner to add support for these new methods nativly, and to fix the issues that came when the servers went down.
  10. I am with felida on this, but there are a ton of people that sell this stuff on the TX forums.
  11. Have you tried disconnecting the disc drive? I recall hearing somewhere that certain disc drives caused issues with xell. It might extend to the apps launched by xell as well. Other things to try would be a different usb port, or flash drive. I know it works, because I have used it, but I do recall seeing this screen, then having it work as well, so who knows, I havnt thought about it in quite a while.
  12. I will amend that and say yes, yes(But not available to the public), and as always when we feel it is ready.
  13. Direct Zip file download of Master: https://github.com/XboxUnity/AuroraScripts/archive/master.zip Download using git git clone https://github.com/XboxUnity/AuroraScripts.git Those are your choices for downloading frome github. the first option is probably easier, if you dont use github regularly.
  14. You dont have nova loaded, probably because you launched FSD first. All Link related stuff is handled with Nova, and the Freestyle plugin from FSD is no longer a part of Aurora, so having it loaded in the background will cause Nova to fail to load. You can either change your default dash, or unload the freestyle plugin in FSD before starting Aurora.
  15. Because the DB uses the partition UUID to keep track of drives, so copying the aurora folder will copy the data, but then it looks for the data on the old drive when it loads the DB. You need to change the uuid for the partition in the db, then it should work. I am not going to write a guide on this, but will tell you that you need to plug the HDD into a computer, and then to run a tool like partedmagic to get the UUID..... There is probably a tool that works in Windows for this, but I run linux, so...... then you just need to replace that value in the settings.db file using sqlite browser. Save the DB, and put it back on the xbox, and it should work.
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