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  1. Forget protect code Aurora 0.6b

    if you can, put a fresh copy of aurora on a usb drive, and copy the db files from your current aurora, then oopen them with sqlitebrowser, and search through the settings table for the code. Should be stored in plain text, which makes it easy enough to fix.
  2. Emulators That work with Auroras Autolaunch Feature

    all of the cores use the same basic configuration, so if you cant save settings with that core, set your options in another core, and copy the ini to the mame core.
  3. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    When the WEBUI is finished, and tested. Then we have to track down the localization people.
  4. WTB: DemoN Corona QSB V2

    IMHO You are better off doing a wire install, instead of looking for a qsb you might never find. All of the qsb ponts have actual pads by them for wires, that you can connect to the points on the motherboard.
  5. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    First, the older version source you talk about is incomplete. Doesn't even compile. The reason behind that I that not all of the developers wanted their code released. As for Aurora, it is a smaller dev team, so if they choose to release their code, chances are it will work, but pieces like the trainer stuff might not, as that is parycrypt's code.
  6. Can't update aurora

    You can replace the wifi card in a slim console really easily, you dont even have to take the whole console apart. https://www.amazon.com/Original-XBOX-Slim-Internal-Wireless-Network/dp/B00G3VYBIM/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_63_t_0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=6CX1E0BTJMCC3S92GJPH
  7. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    It has been almost done for a while. The real main hold up is the WebUI, for nova, since the whole thing needed to be rewritten, and also implements lua based scripts, and should be more configurable then the UI that came with FSD, and never worked in Aurora. The other big thing left on the list is finishing the testing on the new LUA functions, which saywaking has been on. Other than that it has been minor bugs caused by other bug fixes, and or new features we have added, that we all have to track down and fix. Then once all of that is done, we still have to track down the people who handle the localizations, and get it to them. Chances are that this build will come in english, and the people who want it in another language will have to localize it themselves, as I have no idea what the deal is with those people. Progress is being made, and the wait still hasnt been nearly as long as the Aurora 0.6b wait, and that came.
  8. Trying to get up to date

    First download this, as it has the latest kernel files and dashlaunch. Then follow the directions I posted here. Makes the whole process easy, all it requires is the dashlaunch installer, and xebuild with the files, which are included with my updated j-runner.
  9. MAME 0.72 2018 Update!!

    to bad they didnt add support for the aurora rom launch feature. nice to see an update to something other than aurora though.
  10. Unity on discord

    Link isnt dead, it is more that people only play call of duty and halo on it. lol. The only time you see people playing other games is when they create a game, and have a friend that gets in on it. This is usually prearranged, between the players. If you want to randomly use link, then call of duty Black Ops 2 is the best bet.
  11. Request missing covers to be added

    Should be a way to do it with utility scripting on the xbox itself. All you should need is database, and filesystem access. With assest editor, it doesnt know if a game has asset files, just that it is on the console. You can dump empty assets with the with this app, so there is no easy way for it to determine if the files exist or not.
  12. Request missing covers to be added

    one day I am going to make a list of all of the games I have that are missing covers(have like 300 indie games alone without covers). Might see if I can get a feature added into aurora, to dump a list of games, titleIDs/mediaIDs without assets, so I can easily add them to the list here. It becomes a pain when you have close to 1000+ games
  13. Aurora Asset Editor v1.1 Released

    While this feature could be added, fairly easily, swizzy probably wont be adding it, so if mrdude wants to, it is his choice. This version of the app has been on github for almost 3 years now. I dont know why swizzy didnt release it to the general forum, but it is actually fairly old.
  14. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    As much as I appreciate your input on this, which I dont really, I stand by what I said. The forum rules state that you should read before asking questions. Or they did, long before they disappeared in one of the many updates to this site. As a moderator, it is my job to keep the forums in line, and make sure that things stay on topic. When people repeatedly ask questions, that have been answered, then it is no longer on topic. Also, it is not the place of the general users to question my decisions. If you dont like the way I do things, take it up with the admins, who I chat with on a fairly regular basis. They asked me to do this, because they trust my judgement. You should too.
  15. Request Pop up dash / LUA scripting party chat

    The example is the SDK uses the xbox live service. For this to be effective, we need a server app on xbox unity to handle logging of all messages. SMTP(Or an email server) that is connected to Unity accounts, would work. Then all that would be needed is a basic client on the xbox side built into Nova, which will be loaded automatically with Aurora 0.7b. Then all you need is a way to type messages, which is one of the holdups, as getting the on screen keyboard to work in Hud Space is a very tricky ordeal. Ro has gotten a basic messaging service working, but it required a chatpad, or a usb keyboard attached to the console. Even then, this is already a planned feature for Link V2, which is going to change the fundementals of how link works. Currently, every thing is request based via http/https, which is easy enough to implement, but slow. The basic VPN is going to stay the same, because without it, the service wont work at all. So, when it is done, there will be a new server, that is running it's own custom protocol, that will handle everything much better, and speed up the process immensely. It is a long way off, as we are just now getting to releasing the first version of Nova, which is basically a bug fix/backend upgrade version of the FSD plugin with better API handling.