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  1. No, because aurora removes them on game launch/tu swap, so we need to have backups. Any TU you download from aurora is basically considered a backup until you enable it, in which case aurora copies it where it needs to go when launching games. This is useful for things like trainers.
  2. Based upon the guide, nothing overly interesting, they dump stuff from nand, then with cpukey and extracted data, they build nand image, and flash it back with j-runner. I didnt diff the code though.
  3. Progress is being made on that front. Not only might you get netISO, but the dev who came up with cci images on the OG Xbox is working on doing that via netISO as well. So compressed 360 ISO/SVOD/GOD support, via network. Initial server stuff is finished, but we need to make something that can be built for embeded devices, so you can install it to your NAS/router....... And we still need to add support for OG xbox games, but since the guy who figured out the compression is working on it, I dont think that is really going to be an issue...... Hell, who knows, we might just add plain iso support for stuff like dvd images as well. lol. I dont think that would really be that hard after the fact. That being said, even if we do get all of that stuff done, there are still other things to address as well. We had plans for the next official release, then life happened, and it would be nice to pick up where we left off there. And with new features come new bugs. So there will be a ton of testing....... I am hopeful we have something interesting by christmas, at least internally. But that is also dependent of peoples time to work on the project, and says nothing about a release timeline. Just that we are trying to find time for the project, and keep it alive.
  4. Logs from Aurora would be helpful, I have no been able to produce this issue...... Basically the update checks if version online is > version on console. If that check fails it enables updating. Now, on my console, I have never had this issue with any build, so this is a strange edge case, that we will look into, now that we are starting to work on development again.
  5. Why are you offering advice on a 10 year old post, to one of the moderators/developers on this forum? Mind you I am not around much at all, since I mainly stay in the dev channels on discord now, but still.
  6. Define doesnt connect to the internet? The Xbox itself handles network connections, not aurora, so if you have network issues, check network settings in nXe(Default xbox enviorment) stuff first. If you have a valid IP from your router, and valid DNS settings, then aurora is connected to the internet. If you are having issues with Link, that means you need to forward the ports properly. Some ISP's dont allow this, really depends on where you live, and what ISP you have.
  7. First fix your fonts/size stuff, that is stupidly annoying to read, I dont like scrolling when I dont have to. Second, you can unload nova in settings->plugins->nova menu. It has a big button for it..... So use your eyes a bit, and play with the menus....... The fact you dont know this already tells me this is totally a user issue....... Chances are you are wrong, or putting non aurora trainers in the aurora trainer folder and expecting it to work.
  8. From a devkit, then you need to patch it...... we cant give it to you, because it belongs to MS.
  9. ConnectX works fine, you just need a smb server that works with v1 protocol. NetISO is in development, and at this rate may never be finished. There isnt a ton of interest in coding on the 360 from the original team, since we all have other projects and lives. From what was there, it does work better than connectX, but the server side needs a ton of work, and we need to figure out how to integrate the stuff into aurora, and not just the plugin. It was a very early proof of concept thing at the time of 0.7b release, and minimal work has been done on it sense.
  10. No idea what this is, and is not really aurora related, find the dev of that app, but generally it is dumb to run something you have no idea what it is...... that is computer security 101.
  11. When you scan the directory with the emulators installed in it, you specifically mark it emulators, and not anything else. if that doesnt work, you need to manually edit the DB, which I am not going to explain right now, I really dont feel like typing all that out......
  12. Download it, and convert it to wmv9 standard.......
  13. You seem to think that graphic design is only 25$...... Considering how much work goes into a theme alone, you would have better luck offering 25$/hr. If you came to me with only 25$ I would laugh at you for a job like that......
  14. This is ancient, and j-runner/xebuild gui makes it easier
  15. The Plugin is basically a dll with a ton of extra features(WebUI, Link, disc swaping, netISO(Not in release version, IFDEF'ed out), HUD changes, etc.....) As for SDK's, yes, you need the 360 XDK to compile any apps for the 360, and Visual studio 2010/2012..... depends on version of XDK. As for the source for aurora, that isnt public, and probably wont be for a while. We have been dealing with FSD code leaks, someone else decided to post the code on github without permission, so we have been doing dmca stuff mainly to protect the code, so we can clean it all up, and release it ourselves.
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