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  1. No, I mean use aurora to move the save from one hdd to a usb drive, copy the files off the usb drive, and then use aurora to attach it to a different user/same user on a different xbox. Simple as that, it is a built in feature, as of 0.7b. I mean you could use horizon, but you will not get much support for that here, as we have integrated much of what you are asking for in this post in Aurora. If you want a video tutorial on using horizon, I would suggest checking youtube.
  2. Aurora has this option built in as of 0.7b, but you can always copy the save data manually, if needed. It should be stored in the content folder, with all of the other "Xbox" data. Problem is without knowing which game, it makes it harder, and saves are linked to profiles, so you need to change the profile it is linked to. Aurora will copy them to flashdrives and stuff, so you could probably do that.
  3. You can do this, I guess, but it wont autolaunch the game, unless there is an option in the settings of the emulator to auto launch a game. I havnt tried it, as I would rather save space not putting 20+ copies of the same thing on the hdd.
  4. From what I know, this wasnt a high priority when I mentioned it years ago, due to rom recognition, and then finding covers for each game. On top of that, then you need to redesign coverflow, because currently, all covers are the same resolution, which is probably not the case with covers for older games.
  5. Or, change the UUID of the hdd partitions in the db file manually. you will need to hook the hdd up to a computer, to read the current partitions uuid's.
  6. Look into the cronusmax: https://cronusmax.com/ This was a device that bombed, but TX picked up, and made a decent firmware for, and is exactly what you are after, assuming it supports you wheel.
  7. there are options for btn_(a,b,x,y, lb) that you can apply a different app to, to launch when holding that button. If you hold RB, it will auto launch to NXE. I would leave the default alone, and use the btn for custom launch. This also works when returning to home from the hud(Maybe not with FSPlugin, or Nova though.)
  8. Not here, piracy is not supported on this site.
  9. There are no xebuild files for 7357, use the 7357 image to build a jtag image at the latest, or build a 7371 image, as after that the CB changes. As long as the CB, KV, and LDV are the same for the console and dash version(Check Xell Fuses), you can use this to build a working retail image at 7371, or a working JTAG image. If you really want xebuild files, you will need to hack together a config for 7357, which is easy enough, but you also need files from the 7357 update from microsoft.
  10. I have used mono in linux to run iso2god, but I dont know if you can get a phone to run mono, let alone if it did, would it be able to interpret x86 code on an arm processor.
  11. What? Are we talking system settings, like wifi, or settings in aurora. For Aurora, you can copy the DB from your current Aurora install, and open it on a pc using sqlitebrowser, and blank out the password field. Just make sure to keep a backup of it, once before you make changes. Also, you can not copy the db files if they are being used, so I would launch into xex menu, and copy them that way. As for the System settings lock, there is a reset code, you can get all of it, minus the last 4 buttons, but those you can dump from the nand image, as they are stored in the SMC Config.
  12. I cant kick them from a room from the xbox unity site, I would, as they are online right now. lol.
  13. I dont know exactly how it blows the fuses, but wouldnt it be easier to modify xell to burn the fuses for you? It can read them, it shouldnt be too hard to get it to burn them. For obvious reasons this wasnt included in xell(People accidently blowing all of their fuses.....), but I would think that would be the easiest way to get a retail/jtag console.
  14. My secret is I am a Link Moderator as well as a moderator on here, and a tester for new versions of aurora. Felida has the same priveleges in public rooms as I do, as he is also a mod on link, and so do most of the staff here. As for being rich, you have that wrong, I am a homeless person at the moment, with absolutly no money in my pocket or bank. I only have the switch, because when I had a job, but was still homeless, my cousin needed rent money, so I got it at a bit of a discounted price.... On top of that, most of the video game systems I have came out of a dumpster, as I live in a college town, and kids throw stuff away. You dont need to be rich to have nice thngs, you just need to look in the right trash can. How do you think I got good at modding stuff? I needed to fix stuff that I found, had a bit of a brain, did some research, and now I know more than most, so I try to share that knowledge. And since I shared the knowledge, and was doing nothing better, I was asked to moderate here by one of the lead members of Phoenix, as I was posting all the time anyway, and the information was good. From there, I wrote the cheat manager, pushed to get retroarch supported in aurora, and helped with testing Swizzy's asset manager for aurora. After doing all of that I was asked to be a tester for aurora, like a year later, and during the final phase of testing aurora 0.7b updater all of the testers were given elevated priveleges on link, as we needed to host test updates seperatly, so we werent pushing bad updates to regular people. With that came full link moderation. That is the quick and dirty version of how one can kick anyone from a public room on link.
  15. the server has been experiencing issues, they are being looked into.....
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