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  1. gavin_darkglider

    Emulators That work with Auroras Autolaunch Feature

    If you can find the code, it shouldnt be that hard to add, but I do not have that code, so I cannot try it.
  2. gavin_darkglider

    Updated J-runner

    You are welcome.
  3. gavin_darkglider

    Aurora 0.7.b.1 always asking for update in my Xbox

    You can skip the update. What version does it report running?
  4. gavin_darkglider

    Corona 4gb help updating

    I dont see any problems either. I know I have had issues if I didnt unplug the console after writing the nand, but this is usually when writing 16mb nands with a hardware flasher, mainly because the SMC doesnt reload, after nand write. Chances are though, that you are experiencing the Read only issue with the 4GB MMC nands in corona big block consoles, and the only way to fix that is to remove the nand that is there, install a new 16 mb nand, and move a bunch of resistors, Then once that is done, you need to create a new 16mb image using the files you have. Lucky for you this doesnt hurt retail, as Microsoft doesnt look for nand swaps usually, so you could also convert your retail image if you wanted as well. All that being said, it is not an easy repair, so I would find someone to do it for you, if you arent comfortable with that.
  5. gavin_darkglider

    (help) Change From F3 to Aurora

    Please dont thread hijack, also, 0.8 has hardly been started, so it will be a while.
  6. gavin_darkglider

    Corona 4gb help updating

    How are you flashing the image?
  7. gavin_darkglider

    Failed to create a public room from Xbox Unity

    Less played games dont have public rooms, as it is almost pointless, when the user can create a private room to play that game with their friends. Only admins and moderators on link can create a new public room for a game, as it involves editing the game data on unity. Outside of Team Phoenix, there arent any moderators or administrators that I know of that could help you with that. That being said, I am a member of Team Phoenix, and could add a public room for you, for a specific game, but it is pointless, as it would be public and anyone could join from any region, which isnt what you want.
  8. gavin_darkglider

    Some useful suggestions

    The xbox 360 does not work reliably with solid state drives, the data transfer is faster than the kernel can handle, so a lot of stuff gets dropped from the buffer. Use a flash drive, which generally has slower transfer speeds, or an actual hard drive, and I bet your problem dissappears. As for the rest, if you think web browsers are simple apps, you have another thing coming. Firefox takes like 6 hours to compile on my crappy 1.6ghz quad core with 8gb of ram laptop. On my better one, that is twice as fast, it takes about 3 and a half. That should give you an idea of how complicated it actually is. On the moddern internet, web browsers not only have to be able to parse HTML code, but also CSS, and JavaScript. On top of that, you would also have to implement DRM stuff, plugin support, and a bunch of other things that arent coming to mind right now. In all actuallity, a decent web browser can be one of the most complex apps on your devices. That is why a lot of the stock light weight android browsers that come with cheap phones dont work with more complex web sites, and other sites have a seperate mobile site, if it sees your User Agent string is a tablet/phone browser, and it will redirect you to the mobile version of the site, which is usually stripped down a bit, due to mobile browsers not being able to support that.
  9. gavin_darkglider

    Any way to use link to play original xbox games?

    I havnt tested it, but to play orignal xbox games on link, you have to sign in via a web browser, and then create, or join a room for an orignal xbox game there. Then you should be able to launch the game, and start playing. I am sure we will probably find a better way to do that with Link V2, when ever we get around to that
  10. gavin_darkglider

    MAME 0.72 2018 Update!!

    I dont know, I havnt looked that close, I was thinking about looking at porting the changes, but it said they were merged already. as I said, I am already building it for one system at the moment, and running into all sorts of fun issues. lol. It appears not all cores will build for Arm64 processors.
  11. gavin_darkglider

    MAME 0.72 2018 Update!!

    I would think if you could dump the changes from swizzys build, you might be able to add it to a newer, or older version for that matter. It would be a bit of work, but most of the hard stuff has been done already. Also, I was looking the other day, and git hub says that the changes have been merged up stream, so you might be able to build the latest version of retroarch for the 360. I dont know for sure though. I am actually busy building all the cores for the switch at the moment. lol. Going to integrate it into kodi 18, with the retroplayer plugin, among other things. Once I get my base done there, I am going to jump into attacking some of these driver issues with USB, sound, and stuff.
  12. gavin_darkglider

    Unhandled Exception

    we dont care, we dont support Ninja, or any xbox live hacking service. Because of that, we dont test Aurora against those services. If the problem persists, after you reset your dashlaunch settings and remove ninja from your plugins, we might be able to help you, or at the very least look into it.
  13. gavin_darkglider

    Hack In COD Black Ops 2

    There are plans to help with this a bit, but the truth is, there isnt much of a moderating team on link. I hardly turn on my xbox these days. Been busy with my switch. lol.
  14. gavin_darkglider

    Which OGBox TSOP Bios should I use?

    Then that pretty much leaves ind-bios and X2, which are the 2 I would suggest, for that console.
  15. gavin_darkglider

    Which OGBox TSOP Bios should I use?

    The bank switch only works on v1.0 - 1.1? motherboards that have a 1mb bios. any SPDT switch will work, if you want a 4 way split, you can use 2 spdt switches. the basic idea can be found at the end of this page. https://www.xbmc4xbox.org.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=8139 That being said, it has been a really long time since I have done this mod, but I could have sworn you had to cut the traces. According to that you do not.