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  1. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    This has been answered on this page of this thread already, and probably about 20+ times throughout the thread.
  2. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    What he is talking about isnt going to replace connectX for most users, but might replace it for others, and there are some things that connectX can do, that this can not, due to how it works, or I should say at least not at this time. So, ConnectX isnt going anywhere anytime soon, and he shouldnt have mentioned what he did, even in the way he did, as that is still in early testing, and may or may not be included with the Nova release, if and when that comes. That being said, there will be no more details on this mentioned, as you already know more than you should at this point in time, and it isnt our place to tell you about it, which is why it wasnt mentioned previously. I am only commenting on this, as you cant put a genie back into a bottle, once it is out, and now everyone who reads this will start speculating on what he is talking about.
  3. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    Or maybe the problem has already been looked into and fixed.
  4. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    How about this for a forecast date...... The second tuesday after never if people dont stop asking when it will be finished. As I have said, there are a lot of moving parts in this. People have jobs, and families that come first. Then there is the impedance that we all live all in different countries, and are all working on a small piece of the whole. Then there is the testing, and everything else that goes into it. Asking us to tell you when it is going to be done is like asking us to tell you when the apocalypse will happen. Here is the answer, when we feel it is ready for public consumption and not a day sooner. If you arent happy with that answer, then we dont have to release it at all, and aurora can end for the public with 0.6b. The real question here is what do you think you are going to get with 0.7b, that you dont have with 0.6b? Sure it has some cool new features, but in reality, I have both, and am still using 0.6b as my main dash on my console, because 0.7b isnt ready to replace it. How about this, I can send you a version that crashes every time you start it. Or do you want the version that crashes 95% of the time when you press a button on the controller? If not, learn to be patient, and wait like everyone else.
  5. I can`t join any system link game bo 2

    There are a ton of factors, how far away you are from the server, if it is zombies or not, if the TU is the same, if the Media ID is the same, if the server allows people to join once a game has started, etc. There is nothing we can do to the link service to make it better for these issues, as a lot of them have nothing to do with how the service works, but has to do with how the game server that runs on the xbox is written by the game developers.
  6. Homebrew application keep showing in games

    If the application is in the same scan path as the rest of your games, then it will assume it is a game. Try moving the app, and creating a new scan path, that is set to homebrew.
  7. Upgrade to Kernel 17511 not working

    Try using the updserv option. 1. Connect both your console, and computer to your network via cable, if not done already. 2. download dashlaunch installer, if you dont have it on your console already. 3. enable updserv option in dashlaunch, and leave the installer running. 4. open command prompt in the folder with xebuild.exe(not the GUI, in j-runner, this folder is called xebuild) 5. type xebuild update -f 17511 If this process doesnt fix the problem, then chances are your nand is bad, and it isnt allowing write processes to it. Also, this might build the image with dashlaunch, so if you end up at a stock xbox dash, then it updated, but you will need to use the dashlaunch installer. Also, without the avatar files included with xebuild, you will have to install those manually as well.
  8. (unofficial) JRunner V0.4

    You can use the unofficial one I released that can be found It already has all of the dash files, and avatar update for a couple of the dashes, so it is kind of big, but essentially what you need.
  9. PS4 trainers

    Ok, you are right, kinda..... What the game genie does on the snes is modify the rom addresses in a man in the middle attack kind of way, instead of interfacing with the ram directly. That being said, I was right also, in the fact that it doesnt actually change the rom on the original game. All of that being said, this debate is pointless, because the way you stated it made it seem like it was modifying the original games rom chip, or that is how I understood it. The disadvantage to the way it does things is you cant disable a code in game, but that is a whole different issue, and the game genie never had an option for that, which can cause issues with some games(eg. S.M.B on the nes with the multi jump code not letting you go up pipes).
  10. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    Multidisc handling works with connectX in 0.6b if your folder structure is correct, so yes it will still work in 0.7b.
  11. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    no, I already said I dont have either of those games.
  12. What is Team Xecuter up to..

    If it were easy, everyone would have already done it.
  13. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    MultiDisc games should work just the same using connectX as it does if using them off the HDD. You just have to create the correct folder structure. Other than that, there are some fixes for connectX handling coming, but that has more to do with multiple Xbox's playing the same game.
  14. What is Team Xecuter up to..

    Currently TX is working on hacking the xbox one. Other than that they have lifted their forum restrictions, so now you can help people with hardware that isnt from TX. So now their forum is more like ours, but more hardware oriented, than software. Other than that, they are keeping their research close to the vest, as they dont want things they have found to be fixed before they can release them. I did hear they are working on an XKEY like solution for the Xbox one, but from what was said, there wont be any real information on it until sometime next year.
  15. PS4 trainers

    It is kinda hard to change ROM(Read Only Memory), ROM that can be written to requires being erased first, so if that were the case, people would be suing the shit out of them for erasing their games. RAM is Random Access Memory, which is made to be changed alot on the fly, but doesnt stay after power is lost then returned...... Well, If you freeze it first, you can dump it, but that requires alot of precision timing, and is completely off topic.