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  1. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    This is an english forum, other languages are only allowed in the Matchmaking section. To answer the question though, yes, it will be possible to make the avatar bigger, and move it to the main scene, but it will require a custom XUI extension, and a custom skin. The xui extension should be released around the same time as 0.7b, as skin designers will need it, or certain parts of their skin wont work. You would also probably want a custom coverflow, that leaves room on the main screen for you to put the avatar.
  2. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    You have no idea what you are talking about...... and I warned you, so now you have been banned..... We are not adding covers to unity for this build. We do that as people upload them, and we approve them. If you would read the stuff on the forum you would know this. The current version of the WebUI doesnt do covers as far as I know, and I have used it. As for custom covers without the asset editor, that is doable with aurora 0.6b, as there was an option added to put images in a folder, and then apply them to titles. Maybe you should read up on the features that aurora 0.6b has before you go on about how we need to release 0.7b so you can have features you already have.
  3. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    Aurora always comes with localization's other than english. Has since the beginning. it is also the last stage of the testing process, as the localization xml with all of the new stuff that needs to be localized cant be written until we know what we are writing for. Then we have to solve any issues in the XUI that may arise, due to a localization, if that happens. If you only have one localization, you might miss the bugs before release, so when other make the localizations, there could be unintended visual issues because of it.
  4. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    When we launch is not important, If it is ready to launch is what matters. I have left notes on progress throughout this thread to try and make people happy. If people would just be patient, then there wouldnt be a problem. I have explained why it is taking so long. I have also said, you should see it within the next month. The rest of the stuff wont be appearant until the localization team does their thing, and they have been waiting on us to finish our thing, and we have to wait on the programmers to finish their thing, and then send our notes back, and they have to do their thing again..... it isnt as easy to get the people with the time and know how together at the same time, because we have lives, and live all over the world. As for brief launch? The launch will be very brief, when it happens. You will get a notice in aurora, it will take less than 5 minutes to download, then it will update. I dont think it can get any more brief. Also, no one said you were a slut or a whore...... If you are, congrats, we dont really care. I said you need to be patient, because no one likes someone who acts like a whining bitch(in fewer words). All I see in all of your posts is whining about time tables. I have 2 kids I deal with every day, they are 4 and 6, and this is what I expect from them. If you are old enough to respond to this thread, then you should be old enough to A. Wait patiently, like everyone else, B.Spell Gavin right, C. Not try to convince the users of our product that it isnt going to be updated because it hasnt been released on your time tables. By doing these things, you waste my time replying to you, and trying to keep the community at bay, because they see your negative post, then think there is something to it, when you dont know what you are talking about. This is time I could be using to finish up the testing needed, so you can get this. So, if you want to get technical, you can add yourself to the blame for why it is taking so long. At least from a certain point of view. That being said, I have already closed most of the bugs, so it should be ready for the localization team, when ever the devs track them all down again.
  5. (unofficial) JRunner V0.4

    If you have the right hardware, and the drivers are installed, you click the big button in the top right that says..... Wait for it...... "Read Nand". I know it take a genius to read single syllable words on a screen these days..... Damn emoji's. lol.
  6. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    I find that hard to believe, as I am testing the first release candidate now. Seems to be pretty smooth, and bug free, because we took our time, and tracked that shit down, and spent a year working it all out.... That being said, once the testing is done, then it get passed off to the localization people, so the language packs can be created. So, depending on how long it takes me to close out the last of these bug reports, and how long it takes the localization team to finish their work, you should see 0.7b before the end of the month, like I said. Then again, if you want to keep being a whining bitch, I will put off closing these bugs until june, and everyone can wait, because you want to talk like you know something. Keep it up, and you wont be posting here anymore. Simple as that, you have been warned.
  7. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    I think you mean NetIso not netbios(Microsoft networking protocol, similar to DNS)
  8. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    That is what everyone was saying when 0.6b took a year and a half to be released, after the previous build were every couple of months. Giving up now, is like quitting the game when you are in the room next to the final boss, because the credits will come after that..... It is coming, I am sorry you are impatient. It isnt like 0.6b is that bad...... Maybe if this is how the community feels, we shouldnt release it at all when it is done.
  9. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    The Xbox 360 is far from dead. There are still tons of people who still have RGH/JTAG boxes, and dont have the next gen systems. The fact you think you would have finished the project along time ago is laughable at best. For those who have never programmed before, let alone programmed for a big endian processor like the PPC64 in the 360, keep your mouth shut, because you have no idea what goes into a project like this. Parts of it work with the API in the Xbox360 XDK, other parts have to be written in assembly, such as taking over the HUD with the plugin, because microsoft never intended for people to do this. So when you learn to program in Visual C++, Assembly with a PPC Processor, and work around the stripped down version of DirectX 9.0c that the xbox 360 depends on, then you can tell every one what a badass programmer you are, and how fast you feel it should take to finish a project as intense as Aurora. Truth is, it takes time to work out the bugs, and sometimes, fixing a small problem in one spot could change something else completly, and cause new bugs. On top of that, other then most of the new features, we are also pushing out the first version of nova with this build, which fixes alot of the bugs in the FSPlugin, and we are still trying to work out a few small bugs there, so we can get the rest of the new stuff like NetIso, and LinkV2 complete. The first version of the new webui also comes with that. You have no idea how much has gone into this build alone. On my computer alone, I have 15 different versions of 0.7b. If you want it so bad, I will PM you the copy that crashes the moment you hit a button. Then you can say you have 0.7b, but will still be stuck in the same boat as everyone else running 0.6b, because you cant use 0.7b. Lets just put it this way, you seem to think we arent working on it, but 0.6b was released at r1238, and the current test build is r1554. That means that between 0.6b and 0.7b currently there have been 316 versions of 0.7b, and it still isnt ready for the public quite yet. That being said, this comes to the either put up or shut up, and stop complaining, because you really have no idea what you are talking about.
  10. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    ????? It might have been a while since this thread was started, but this isnt a release thread, but a teaser thread. Once the team is ready to release, which is planned for sometime this month, you will know, as Aurora will ask you if you want to update. You and everyone else in this thread. Dont feel special, we arent with holding it just from you. It isnt quite ready yet. You will know when it is, because you will be able to download it. If people want to keep complaining about waiting, then we dont have to release it at all. For what it is worth, if you dont like waiting, do something for the scene, like write your own custom dashboard, and maybe you will be found useful enough to be a tester, or developer for aurora, in which case, you can get all of the test builds with the rest of the testers. Dont ask to be a tester though, or you will never be considered to test.
  11. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    While people are bitching about time frames, lets put this in perspective. Most of the coding on Aurora is done by 1 person. Currently there are only like 10 people who are part of team phoenix. Now, when you put this in perspective, our members are all over the world, and do this for fun. It is difficult when the main programmer has a life, and so does everyone else. So while there might be 3 test builds in a month, or day, depending, lately, we have had 2 builds to test in 3 months. For what it is worth, the only current thing causing crashes is that we implemented a new feature to check TU downloads hashes against the server, and if the connection is lost, then aurora gets a fatal exception. Other than that, Nova's WebUI v1 is complete, and working, and there are a couple of small bugs in nova, that ported over from FSPlugin, like having to reload the plugin to get new screenshot buttons to work, if setting plugin wide, and not on a per game basis(Another new feature of Aurora 0.7b, Along with per game dashlaunch settings.) Long story short, as far as new features go, 0.7b is like a completed mona lisa, vs an andy worhal painting of soup cans, on a bad acid trip. lol. Have faith, the wait has been worth it. as I said, there are only like 2 major bugs that need working out, which shouldnt take long. The rest of the stuff is localization stuff for 0.7b, and some stuff for the updater, which cant be tested until 0.7b goes online.
  12. Destiny not found in Aurora

    I have no idea why the game wouldnt show up, I would need access to the content.db to diagnose further.
  13. Error when opening Aurora Asset Editor

    There is a tester included with a lot of linux boot cd's, or Hirens Boot CD, called memtest86+. Boot it, and it should just start running tests. Now, it will keep going forever, so I find that if it doesnt find any errors within the first 3 passes, which can take hours to do, chances are that isnt your problem.
  14. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    What? Aurora has been around longer than that. Hell, the idea of nova, was announced in like 2014, and aurora was on like 0.3 or 0.4 at the time. So, I am not sure what you are saying here..... And I am not going to guarantee a release this month, just saying that last I heard, which was recently, was that the developers wanted to try and release it this month.
  15. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    NetISO only works with SVOD(GOD), and ISO formats currently. dont worry though, you can still use ConnectX, which will continue to be supported..... unless someone ports a better SMB client to the xbox 360, in which case that might get included, and connectx removed. doubtful though.