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  1. gavin_darkglider

    Possible to create new retail Blade Dash nand?

    It also depends on the console version. For example, I dont think a jasper would boot an early blades dash, due to hardware changes. The best bet would be to test it out on a JTAGED Xenon console, that the dash was designed around. Support for new hardware in newer versions of the board were added to newer versions of the dash, so chances are that is why it isnt working on your hardware, or why it isnt working propperly. It is hard to say without seeing some sort of post log from your console while trying to boot the image.
  2. gavin_darkglider

    Possible to create new retail Blade Dash nand?

    If you could find a copy of the USB update for a version of the old blades dash, you could potentially create a jtag image, and flash it to your console. This wouldnt require to much work, I wouldnt think. I dont think anyone has bothered trying, because it is absolutly useless, unless you want it for the coolness factor. Even then it would get old, when you wanted to play newer games. Also, dashlaunch probably wont work on it, so I would spoof the KV with a banned one, if I were to try it.
  3. gavin_darkglider

    1 item Downloading aurora bug

    This wasnt addressed in the hotfix, because there are plans for the whole status bar area in 0.8b. Some major reworking there that has been planned since like 0.2b. It is just now being focused on though. lol. That being said, I will see to it that it gets fixed in 0.8b, if I find while testing this new feature that the bug still exists, I will get it fixed. At this point, all we can do is wait. 0.8b is still in early-ish development. Alot of the effort was shifted for the hotfix.
  4. gavin_darkglider

    Aurora Trainer Pack

    If you read the topic, I said I didnt know what was included, as I tried to download them all as of the date on the pack, and make 1 compilation. Others have added to, and updated it. I have no idea what is included in any of the packs, what versions, what TU versions they are for, etc. It is a mystery.
  5. gavin_darkglider

    Aurora dosnt launch

    You should be able to boot into NXE if you hold RB on controller while booting. From here you can launch xexmenu, and put the new skin back. If not, you can install a new copy of 0.7b, and redo your database.
  6. gavin_darkglider

    Support thread -Aurora / NOVA 0.7b.1 hotfix!-

    Most of the languages added to 0.7b.1 were done by the community after Aurora 0.7b was released. We are lacking in translators for a lot of languages, but if you want to contribute, you can translate it to hebrew, and I can get Ro to add it to the update. This probably wont help those who have already updated though, since the revision of aurora will still be the same, and that is what aurora looks for when there is an update.
  7. gavin_darkglider

    Connecting to Xell Web Interface Problems

    Wierd, I havnt tried it, but a bridge, and routing services are different. A bridge connects 2 NIC's as one, such the wifi and ethernet ports in your router are bridged, so everything is on the same network, and the WAN port is not a part of the bridge. Some firmwares allow you to adjust these things, most stock do not. Assuming the firewall allows, and there is a DHCP server for it to assign an IP address to the Xbox, it should work. If you can ping the IP from the computer, you should be able to access the web service on port 80. That is basic networking 101. Not saying you are wrong, but everything I know about networking, and how data is sent, and multiplexed, it doesnt make any sense that it would only work if plugged in to another device that is in the middle.
  8. gavin_darkglider

    Connecting to Xell Web Interface Problems

    If your bridge is set up correctly, you should be able to set up internet connection services, and your computer becomes the router. That being said, I do think that you need a DHCP server, because as far as I know there is no way to set a static IP in xell. I.C.S in windows handles this for you. So plug in the cable, turn on ICS on the network card you have hooked up to the xbox, then boot xell. It should get an IP address from the computer, and then they should be able to communicate with each other.
  9. gavin_darkglider

    Unable to start Aurora after checkung for TUs

    Any crash dumps and call stacks would be helpful from the log folder. If the bug crashes aurora, it is not a minor bug, and needs to be fixed.
  10. gavin_darkglider

    Connecting to Xell Web Interface Problems

    That is wierd, I am fairly certain it should work in 0.993, or the corona compatible xell.
  11. gavin_darkglider

    Aurora / NOVA 0.7b.1 hotfix!

    They should still be compatible, but because of the skin metadata, they might not work with this revision. You might need to change that file in the skin, but the rest should still be the same.... Unless that russian translation bug was skin related, but I am not sure what the issue was there.
  12. gavin_darkglider

    Aurora 0.7b, including NOVA, by Phoenix

    Nova(Auroras built in plugin) will handle disc swapping assuming the folder structure is correct.
  13. gavin_darkglider

    Aurora 0.7b, including NOVA, by Phoenix

    It is mainly just bug fixes. Stuff the community found, that the testers missed. A few tranlation bugs, removes NetISO from HUD for now. It also adds a lot of the community translation files, since the team is lacking in translators. It should also fix the RSS feed bugs that have been randomish.
  14. gavin_darkglider

    Aurora 0.7b, including NOVA, by Phoenix

    XboxUnity updated to allow Link Play of this game. Please try again.
  15. gavin_darkglider


    Generally, we appreciate if you upload the skin to the forum, or give a direct download link. Please Fix that. The skin looks good, one of the more creative ones I have seen in a while.