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  1. Not sure where to place this post. Made an Aurora Theme for XDK, RGLoader. There are 2 versions of this xlaunch.fdf. one without detail panel & one theme with. Either build this xlaunch.fdf into your xdk nand or use 360 nieghborhood to ftp one of these xlaunch.fdf to your flash. Depends on how your xdk is setup. If running rgloader Filesystem/17489-dev on root of hdd. Drag n drop into this folder. Enjoy https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qY64eCk7uhlW4gnZ_hVCsMh46Pky4nX2/view?usp=drivesdk
  2. Instead of coping the hddx file to your hdd. Just boot the .xex from USB. Let it do its thing But to be honest. I haven't had issues transferring it from a USB to my internal hdd using Aurora files manager.
  3. You would need the version of Aurora that supports that star wars theme. But you can make the changes to that star wars theme to work with v0.7b of Aurora if you know your way around xuitool. To make the changes etc
  4. Also has my cover layout in this video in the same download link.
  5. Cheers man. After seeing this comment I decided to release my other killer instinct skin. As I wasn't happy with this one & my halo skin. Enjoy the new KI skin I've posted it up & a link
  6. Hay guys I decided to release my other Killer Instinct Skin. Link below Hope you guys enjoy. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dSoLD7w_PTu75UnEk0j6kUP-fO0dWRHO/view?usp=drivesdk 20210114_190417.mp4
  7. Hi Damn8tive Nz, great work with all the layouts that you made. I have a question. Did you know how I can change the green color of the game boxes to white?


    1. KiwiMeoWii


      Game boxs? Are you meaning the actual game covers? 

    2. Waltinio


      Hi Damn8tive Nz, the covers are ok, but I would like to chage the color of the game boxes, they are green on almost all xbox 360 games, orange on arcade games, blue on independant games. I want to change to white on all the games.Look the picture tha I attach.

      Thanks for your answer.1056670681_boxescolor.thumb.jpg.0fb9474775f1401bbf52bc5999d0e892.jpg

    3. KiwiMeoWii


      That would be the devs to unity. As they are the ones that upload the cover art for us to grab for our games. So you may need to talk to them

  8. It's pretty much a gif. Broken down into alot of jpg images.
  9. Getting there. Still not finished. Been on & off with the skin. But I'm trying to make it my own 20200708_122450.mp4
  10. KiwiMeoWii

    Rgloader 17489

    Hay ianboy1987. I heard someone maybe looking into that xbmc360 you put up on YouTube. Do you know any info on the guy looking into it or if they have finished doing what ever they were doing?
  11. Good stuff. Awesome to see skins for Aurora in 2020
  12. Hey man can I commission you for a custom coverflow? All i want is something real simple in 3 size variants small medium and large. A hyperspin style coverflow on the left side of the screen. like this but on the opposite side. 



    1. KiwiMeoWii


      Hey there. I just learnt all this stuff this year so I'm still learning this as I go. As I'm still a noob at this. For what your after. You may need to hit up felida or the other devs. I know that what your after in this style you will need Aurora Default or someone else's Custom.xzp skin will be a good starting point. Once you have skin extracted with xzptool you will need to play with Aurora.QuickView.xui file with xuitool to try to simulate that style.

      As I wanted to do something like this as well. As I wanted Aurora to boot up to the Quickviews when loaded up. So I can choose what to play xbox 360, ogx, emulators hombrew etc. But I'm thinking this maybe in there code? Or not. But I haven't put it out there as of yet. Just been busy

      A little video of the Quickviews you can make it do what you want but I'm unsure of the extent of it as you maybe limited to there code but I'm unsure 

    2. KiwiMeoWii


      For the coverflows is pretty simple. But these pop up in the Quickviews so you can try to simulate your look but it will only show either all in one hit or what ever Quickview your using & changes. So when Aurora boots up it will boot what ever QuickView you choose. But by default it's at show all until you make changes to it in the Quickview options by pressing the (B) Button. 

      To simulate with what you are after is in the the skin.xzp file. So it will be the file inside the .xzp skin called Aurora.QuickView.xui file. But I'm unsure if you can get this to boot up just to QuickViews as I'm assuming it's in there code you will need there source code. But I have never tried this & know how to do this. But would like to just boot automatically to Quickviews instead of using LB or RB to get to them. 

  13. Hi man, did you have Xui tool?

    i'm looking for that but i don't found it, i want to create my own aurora skin for kids.


    if you have the program or the link, could you send me the link please?

    1. KiwiMeoWii


      I had the same issues as you as I just started looking into creating skins for aurora. No one would give me an exact answer of where or what your looking for it was basically Google it for your self. All I found was talk about it but no mentions of what xuitool is apart of. All the devs would say its apart of the SDK, XDK & you need it etc. At the end of all this Bullshit I got sent around to look for was a needle in the hay stack. But I found out what xuitool is & apart of as I couldn't understand why the devs on here wouldn't tell me. Sorry for the rant. But here we go.


      Its 360 Neighborhood. Everything like Xuitool is apart of this. I dont know why the Devs dont just say you need Neighborhood? So just download the latest or any 360 Neighborhood as all the files needed are in neighborhood to open .xui files 

      You will need XZPTOOL to unpack & repack the skin.xzp you are going to build a skin from. Use the Default.xzp of Aurora is a good start or someone else's custom.xzp skin as I used someone else's skin as you get an idea of how & where they made changes to that skin etc.

      Swizzys DDSCONVERTOR & Metagenerator read up on it. You will know why.

      AuroraElements extensions. Found on Phoenix.xboxunity.net just keep scrolling down until you see the link to download it. You add it into xuitool extensions ect. It helps prevent the .xui files for Aurora to open. Or the devs call .xui xur files etc

      All this besides Neighborhood can be found on realmodscenes. Watch felidas tutorials as there basic but give ideas on how to use xuitool. He dont go into full detail but it gives you an idea. 

      Just Google for neighborhood easily found. 


  14. The main screen runs fine with what I'm after. I realized that what I have done is abit much just for the loading screen so I reverted back to just a background to it. 20200428_173602.mp4
  15. I'm really unsure of the limits of what I can throw at Aurora. I'm just guessing its ram. But it's a guess.lol as I'm learning this as I go. I'm no skin or 360 coder expert in this field. I'm just trying to make the best Aurora skin I can & to be different or to give someone else ideas for there skin. So this skin thing can keep going. As I have feed of other people's awesome skin.xzp ideas & actually put them into my skin builds. Cheers to felida for the quick breakdown tuts. As I would of been fucked & to all the other gal/guys ideas they put into there skins as it gives me ideas or a build starting point.
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