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  1. KiwiMeoWii

    XZP Tool 2.0

    I Use 1.0. One of the older versions man
  2. For your other question on another post. Yes it's possible to make an old Aurora skin build xzp work with the latest version of Aurora. You need to compare the changes from the old xzp & apply them to the new aurora xzp.
  3. Not really mate. There is basic quick tutorial by felida. It gives you an idea. But best way I found out how things work. Is to compare the changes from the default.xzp to a custom skin.xzp etc then you will figure out how to make you're own changes & gives you an idea how things are seeing & work etc. It is tedious to do. But not impossible as I jumped into this years ago as a noob. Only way I got my head around it. Is what I stated. Unless you come from a background that does gui frontends type of stuff. Then this will be easy for you
  4. Plus that nova plugin may not be unloaded in the setting or view panel. It's in one of them Or you running plugins via dashlaunch that is clashing with the NOVA plugin. As some plugins can turn off the nova plugin I've noticed.
  5. Instead of updating from within an old Aurora build. Just grab a fresh build of it from the Phoenix site itself. Literally do a fresh install. Not a copy n paste over your existing Aurora files. A FRESH Install instead as updating it via the internet. The files may not be overwriting the existing files
  6. Looks good. Yeah you need to extract the xzp into xur then you can start to do what you want & make the skin your own
  7. If someone that is knowledgeable in code & frontends if the source code is released & adds in all the nxe features. You could build all the 4 360 dashboard themes from that xzp. But then Aurora will be going back to how fsd was. Which the Aurora team moved away from which I understand.
  8. This image is not the homescreen man. This is the Aurora Quickview. Only way I could emulate the nxe dash was using the quickview tabscenes to build it.
  9. Runs in aurora. Just never fully finished it. This is the front end of it.
  10. Yeah that would be nice. But im unsure how that all works etc. As the timing sometimes are random. Sometimes I see the avatar make the props Animation boot afew times in a row. Then you won't see it boot for ages. Like the avatar has a mind of its own lol
  11. Yeah the position is where it is for a reason. If you decide to run prop animations alongside your avatar & want those background avatar props to work in that scene those will work with this avatar scene. As there are alot of different variation of prop animations & some really big prop animations. It actually takes up half of the screen which you wouldn't see unless your running a big prop animation. From the right side of the screen when looking directly at it to the middle of the screen. Is how wide the prop animation scene is. Most people forget about the prop animations so the background scene for the avatar ain't wide enough. So when you try to run background animations you will see it cut out of the scene because the scene ain't wide enough. Hope this helps
  12. Yes adding the avatar has been possible from the start I guess. It's just the skinners never added it to there skins or just didn't like the avatar. The tools are publicly available. For NXE questions: it's possible but it won't turn out to be the actual nxe dashboard as your limited to the Aurora code. I have emulated the nxe tabscene using the Aurora quickviews options but thats how far I got. As I wanted to be able to boot the multi quickview scene on aurora boot up. But then found out it's not possible after talking to Mattie & Swizzy awhile back. As Aurora is built around the coverflow You will need the Aurora Source Code & to do big changes. This is another reason I stopped making my own custom skins. As I was limited in how far I could go. Plus most of the skins look the same Only decent skin builders I have seen for aurora are Odin, M0514H & that skin Holimite Gears of War theme for 6b were my all time top aurora themes I'll use. All themes now are all based from there custom skins. I am thinking of remaking that Holimite Gears of War 0.6b theme to work with v0.7b.2 but kind of busy doing other things. Done this theme years back. But never released as it's still a working progress. But has the nxe idea behind it in the Aurora quickviews. Works like a charm. But the idea was not mine. Was all matties idea. But yeah life things get in the way
  13. Yes definitely possible. My biggest other reason for where the avatar is. Mainly for running different variations of coverflows you can use. So the avatar wouldn't look out of place using different coverflows with it. Plus the props animations of course was the main part etc
  14. Rms & unity server was down yesterday mate. But come back afew hours later. But I'm on can pull assets from unity via Aurora.
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