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  1. You wasn't around during those times & the ones I've mentioned there skins are completely different to the ones you see around now or look similar besides the peps I stated This is not public. It works fine. Just needs me to do the rest of the Aurora menu settings & it will be done. But lost interest & life things I have other Aurora skins too I've made but never finished
  2. Not sure but it should do since rgh1.2 is practically rgh2. Just that 1.2 is just better in every way. You can actually build with this rgh3 bb rgl builder. Just don't Carry on with the build process as the bat builder. after you enter in your console serial. it builds an rgh2 nand first & spits it out in your console serial folder. That's the nandimage you will use. As if you press enter to carry on with the build process it will start to convert your rgh2 nand into x2 rgh3 nands & bat builder will remove your rgh2 nand. So if you don't carry on with the build process. That's your rgh2 nand mate I still have my rgh2 bb jasper running this same build. That's how this build for 3 come about But let me know or get a me on discord
  3. Download the database cleaner script from within Aurora repo browser itself.
  4. Jrunner don't have 13604. Atleast xell still boots to flash back😅 you will need to do some research & testing & use the correct bootloaders I guess for 13604 rgh3
  5. You don't need an account for Unity. Just need to be connected to your internet is all Aurora Needs. It should pull covers, title updates for your titles you Have. But unity is missing alot of title updates so check unity if title update matches your title & media ID plus the base version. You only need a unity account if your going to use system link features or submit covers, title updates to be approved.
  6. No problem. For the 16mb nands for that 17489 xdkbuild in jrunner. There is a folder called 17489-fs in jrunner you rename that folder to just 17489 put that on root of HDD it's the rest of the 17489 xdk filesystem. As you will only be able to boot minimal mode which is xshell xdk dash. Retail dash will not work without having the 17489 folder on root of hdd. As the full xdk filesystem cannot fit in your nand. Where as big block nands it will fit.
  7. Yeah that's running the 17489 xdkbuild that's apart of Octal450s jrunner. As that build is a really awesome & known good working xdk build. Can build 16mb & bb nands. As that 4gb build in photo will be running the xdk build that's apart of jrunner but for big block nands. Just that there is no known rgloader builds for 16mb or 4gb rgh3 motherboards as of yet. Only 256mb or 512mb jasper rgh3 which is this build in post
  8. Not that I know of sorry. I only know of this build in post for rgh3. Was suppose to test on afew slims I have but life things are in my way. I heard someone else is working on getting it working but haven't heard anything.
  9. Not sure it should show in the skins folder then apply that skin as default should ask to reboot Aurora when you choose a different theme. As I use this still as my default skin on all my 360s.
  10. Your on an old kernel aka SystemUpdate why dashlaunch 3.21 ain't working for you. You need to update your nand. Latest kernel is 17559. So you're probably on an old kernel version
  11. Just need to connect to your internet to be able to pull covers from unity. Just make sure liveblock is enabled via dashlaunch if you have a valid un-banned KV: Keyvault. So it don't fully connect to xbox live itself & banned you. But by default your nand shouldn't connect to live. As the dashlaunch patches should have been applied to nand when built Plus make sure you have livestrong disabled also. As this will allow you to pull the synopsis, descriptions, icons, banners, backgrounds, video trailers from xbox.com for your titles. As unity only supplies the covers, title updates & system link play etc. You will know if you are connected to your internet. As Aurora will display a valid IP Address if you hit the Aurora back button to bring up the menu. Telling you your connected to your internet
  12. Oh try to put that wav or xma along side the Auroa_main.xui or deep inside these folders\Aurora\SystemLayer & Application Layer is & test. As from memory that's how I've set my audio files up. Depending on what I'm trying to achieve. Plus for the wav file I'm not sure how those work you may need the optional media update. As that allows for certain music, videos files to play. I'm not 100% on how Aurora works with wavs. But you actually need the optional media update to allow playback for the Aurora synopsis trailer.wmvs to work for your titles etc as I'm not sure if you need this for wav files as I've never tried wav files in aurora default.xzp skin It's been awhile since I've played or done anything Aurora skin related As I've always just converted my wav files to xma via the xma converter tool So like Aurora_Main.xur\Aurora\you're xuiAudio along side the SystemLayer & ApplicationLayer folder. As I think how you have it now won't work as it's not being seen by Aurora
  13. You probably didn't save it correctly. As it should work. But I convert my wav files to xma just easier I guess as I haven't tried wav files yo be honest from an xzp
  14. You probably don't have the AuroraElement.xml setup in xuitool. You can get that from the Aurora Phoenix site. It's easier to convert that wav to xma. It's just a drag n drop your wav into the xma tool & it spits it out as an xma file. Then just add it into the Aurora maim.xui file & point it directly at the xma file, save xui file then done. Yeah there is not much documentation on skinning with xuitool. I got a Lil bit info from here via felida but it wasn't super in depth. Pretty much self taught myself. But lost interest as you can only go so far before it becomes a source code thing. Most of the skins pretty much look the same. Just bland I guess.
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