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  1. Sounds like your connected to a stealth? Everytime you boot your title from within Aurora it always downloads your title update. As you haven't applied that title update via Aurora itself. it will never ask again. Once done. Ensure you have the title update scan enabled in pathways so when you reboot Aurora will scan your new title update in. Then you need to apply that title update within the game title itself by hitting Y button on that title & scroll down to title update & turn it on But stealths are not to be talked about here it's against the rules. But I'm assuming this is your reason. But your wording on what's going on is abit weird. So I'm guessing really
  2. I have Josh's Aurora Asset manager script. But until he releases it himself. Will only tell in due time. But hopefully he releases it. It's saved my arse when I redone a new hdd.
  3. Don't think there is a way. As these covers are populated while being connected to live & don't save anywhere. As once you exit the games selection menu there gone. Until you go back into the games selection menu & wait for them to populate meaning pull covers from xbox com again Wish there was a way to keep them there in offline mode. But ahh well
  4. Party Buffalo will extract & repack xlaunch.fdf file
  5. I would definitely try a fresh install of Aurora v0.7b.2. Like delete everything Aurora & install fresh files. Not copy n paste over your existing files. Plus a fresh dashlaunch v3.21 also. Delete all your old launch.ini files & start fresh. I haven't had any issues with Aurora v0.7b.2 offline or online etc. Some plugins via dashlaunch can clash with other plugins or even Aurora NOVA plugin. Check if NOVA is on & unloaded etc. As some plugins mess with NOVA or NOVA is on but it's not working correctly as I've noticed this using afew plugins etc. So it's best to remove them if something is not right like ftp, screenshots or other random stuff If you want to be able to pull from xbox..com like Backgrounds, banners, icons, title descriptions, video trailers if there avaliable to grab. You need livestrong off via dashlaunch. For your kv. Use simple 360 nand flasher app on 360 to get a dump of nand. Then use jrunner to extract nand then grab kv.bin then use a kv checker online/offline tool to see if it's banned.
  6. Your homebrew app, game, emulator needs to be renamed exactly how it is on unity for Aurora to be able to see & pull those certain homebrew covers etc. So use unity to find that certain cover name & rename your homebrew title to that on your 360. As 95% of the hombrew Title, Media Identification for those apps, games, emulators, dashboards are ZERO's as these never officially released with there own title, media ID as it's a homebrew. If Aurora is unable to see & find your certain homebrew cover after you renamed it to what unity is displaying. Only way is to manually push your covers over via Aurora Asset Editor to your 360.
  7. I take no credits for this menu. The hard work was all done by ITjunky & Borjoyzee. If there was others i missed sorry. I just converted the Fallout NV PCT pc version to work with the jtag/rgh systems years ago. Personal Terminal location. External Terminal: Located at Doc Mitchel's House. The portable Terminal is within the main cheat terminal. You Have to add it to your pipboy for it to work. As it saves you going to Doc Mitchel's house to access the External cheat terminal. portable cheat terminal in your pipboy in the AID category. Hit A on cheat terminal then B to exit pipboy. Cheat Terminal will load up. I've only tested on the GOTY edition of fallout new vegas & TU5 i think. Unsure if existing Fallout NV saves will work as I started from the beginning. Enjoy.... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1_WDzaJkGkUdoJhgxTZPOSQiysE3Dqg8-/view?usp=drivesdk
  8. Unsure if this will work on existing Fallout 3 saves. As I started from the beginning & used the GOTY edition & TU3. Thought I'll share with others as I've had this for years now. Great fun to run through this game with modz. Pretty self explanatory how to set this up. I take no credits for this menu. The hard work was all done by ITjunky & Borjoyzee. If there was others i missed sorry. was converted by EvilED to work with the jtag/rgh systems Fallout 3 Personal Terminal locations Portable Terminal added to pipboy. Password Found in dresser vault 101 after amata wakes you up. Sometimes this won't spawn. So you may need to restart mission all over again until it spawns & check everything in your room. This cheat terminal will show in your pipboy in your AID category. Press A on cheat terminal then B to exit. Cheat Terminal will load up. This is the Portable version of the External Terminals. It's best to get this first. As it saves you using the external cheat terminal at megaton or tenpenny!! External Terminal Megaton Terminal. Outside Megaton entry to the right. The password is on a holodisk in one of the locked houses, owner has key Tenpenny Terminal. To the left of the balcony door. Password is on holodisk in safe located in one of the Tenpenny residents room https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Xlo5xhqQYQ9MuEKvNoLQNPJG8cpUplTZ/view?usp=drivesdk
  9. Bioshock 2 loads up fine via Aurora & takes me to where I left off. Plus it loads up my old gamesave for campaign I never finished years ago.
  10. I'm unsure on what TU I'm using I know I don't have TU3 applied via Aurora as it's there but not applied. But because I'm running on stealth everytime I boot bioshock 2 it automatically applies what ever TU I got from xb live etc. I wouldn't have a clue which TU it is as it sits in my cache folder along with other random files that are downloaded from live Plus my version is an extracted iso running from external.
  11. Unsure but I can still log into unity. Hopefully you can get it working
  12. No I think the A button is hard coded in. So your stuck with it. I've never had this problem while browsing Aurora as A is default to launch anything is why A button does what its supposed to do. The coverflow editor only allows you to make your own custom coverflows to how you want it. I don't think the team will change the button configurations as that means an update. Which will mean all the other skins that work with v0.7b.1 & 2 skins won't work at all. So your stuck with the A button. You could possibly make your own custom skin for Aurora but I think the A Button is coded in. But I could be wrong tho. As I've only built skins around the default.xzp. I haven't gone fully blown on changing the button configuration etc. As I'm still new to how you make changes in the default.xzp skin I only know the basics As you will need to modify the A button to what the Y button does which opens the in-game gui menu for the games & many other things. then you will need to modify the other xui/xur files associated with the A & Y buttons. Sounds like a big hassle to me.
  13. Not sure what your saying is. You can move the cover around left, right forward & backwards using the left thumb stick etc. Y button takes you directly into that game, shows synopsis, backgrounds, videos, trainers, dlc, title updates & many other features etc. If you want to make your own custom coverflow the Aurora team have released a coverflow editor to build how you want your coverflow to look like
  14. Try to name your emulators in aurora exactly how unity is. If all else fails. You will need to run Aurora Asset Editor v1.3.2 to push covers from PC manually
  15. Mine seems to run fine man. You either have a bad rip or wrong title update.
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