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Found 34 results

  1. Hello! I'm recently new to the modding scene for the console and I recently got the RGH Xbox 360, but whenever I tried to login, I always keep getting the "An error has occurred in obtaining API Key." And when I tried to manually put in my API key for install the title updates, I can't download any, nor even download covers. Can anyone please help me with these problems?
  2. Hi, I'm having issue with getting the game to recognise the DLC. The game is LEGO Marvel Avengers. The DLC's file path is Hdd1:\Content\0000000000000000\5752084F\00000002 The Title Update is Title Update 1, the only one on Xbox Unity. The games are showing unlocked with XM360, and contpatch is enabled. When the game loads up the following message reads "Please install the lastest LEGO Marvel's Avengers update in order to access the latest Add-on Content." Then when you go to Season Pass it reads "You need to be signed into an Xbox Live enabled profile with the correct privileges to access the Xbox Games Store." Any help would be awesome thank you.
  3. For Mafia 2 I installed the title update and it shows up as 0 even if I enable it anyway to fix it
  4. I've recently installed Aurora Dashboard and so far the problems I've encountered are minimal. recently I got a stealth server running and everything but title updates are working properly. This was not an issue previously, before I had stealth I was manually injecting title updates and games always seemed to be on the correct version. Now whenever I run a game that has a title update I am prompted to install it every time I start the game. What's especially strange is that if I run the same games through the NXE dashboard I am only prompted one time if an update is found. For context, I also had to move Aurora from my internal flash memory to my hard drive due to storage constraints. I made sure paths and DashLaunch were reconfigured accordingly. I noticed that after moving my `TitleUpdates` directory was gone, even after manually recreating it in my Aurora data directory the issue persists. I have also tried enabling automatic title update scans in addition to manually scanning for them. Another potential fix I tried was the database cleanup script but to no avail. Can I fix this without starting all over and re installing Aurora Dashboard?
  5. i am new to aurora dash and i want to play cod black ops 2 online with system link but when i download the title update#18 and start the game, it shows an error and tells to download the game again. but when i start it without the tu, it works perfectly fine..... pls help me.
  6. Hi, while I was trying to download a title update, an error shows up saying "An error occurred downloading "GTA V Title Update 27". I have xhttp enabled and I have no HDD installed, the game is running on an external hard drive. Any ways to fix this problem? Thanks
  7. Anybody ever install a game then install a title update for it then it says "Version Mismatch" How do you fix this without clearing the cache or deleting the TU, the Title Update as its needed to make the DLC and savegame work. Someone has is bound to have been able to fix this.
  8. Can someone give me TU 53 for Minecraft Xbox360? Preferably a MEGASync download, but any download will do! Thanks!
  9. hi guys if any one have gears of war 3 tu 6 please provide it , i download tu from unity but doesn't work for me tid 4D5308AB mediaid 6EF14DF9 Edit: nevermind i fix it
  10. I just bought LEGO Dimensions plus the Portal 2 and Doctor Who add on packs, and it requires a Title Update to properly use the add-on figures and levels. I had a look in xboxunity but there aren't any title updates listed there yet. My box is RGH, just updated to 2.0.17489.0 thanks to Swizzy's Kernel Updating Guide. I remember hearing long ago that it was a bad idea to connect a modded 360 to the internet, and specifically to XBOX Live. The rumour at the time was that it was likely to get banned, and that getting banned somehow corrupted the hard drive as well. I've kept my box offline all these years out of fear, but never really known the truth. What's the truth of the situation these days? Is it a really bad idea for me to try connecting so I can download this Title Update? I don't really care if I get banned as long as it doesn't wreck my machine in some way.
  11. Hello everyone, I still have FSD3 on my Xbox 360 but title updates can't be downloaded with FSD3 anymore. I downloaded some title updates manually from xboxunity onto a USB but i don't know where to install them on my xbox 360 or if i first have to unlock them somehow. Can anyone explain me how to do that?
  12. Segas

    Fifa 17

    Media-id: 4EE8A158 Title-id: 454109F4 Hello! I can not find anywhere. Help me please!
  13. Hello everyone. I realized that farcry 4 doesn't have title updates in unity so here are the latest far cry 4 Title updates, The goddamn thing Mediafire deletes my stuff "copyrighted", So please Admin If you could take these as fast as possible because i have really [REALLY] bad upload speed, I just wanna help people asking for these. NEW TU #8 Media ID 08BF0610 http://www.mediafire.com/download/a3...D_08BF0610.rar TU #6 Media ID 1482D1EF http://www.mediafire.com/download/an...D_1482D1EF.rar TU #6 Media ID 09D5655A http://www.mediafire.com/download/6k...D_09D5655A.rar
  14. Hello guys, I have this problem: i wanted to install the 1.02 patch for pes2017 so that the dlc would work, but my pes MEDIA ID had only one title update in the unity marketplace and its the 1.01 patch so I downloaded a new default.xex file that had another media ID and put it in the pes 2017 directory (using windows explorer) so i can be able to download a new title update, however, even though I put two title updates in the content folder appropriately they were not detected by Aurora nor by Freestyle title manager. I just don't know how to deal with this problem anymore and just want to activate the goddamn DLC that has some mere features! why is it so hard!
  15. Hi everyone. I have a problem with the TU of Guilty Gear XX Λ Core Plus (Xbla), is the only one of my games that are not active (TU = 0). I need it for the DLC +R version works, I tried everything without results . Anyone know anything about it? Greetings .
  16. Hello. I have here an Official Title Update (Downloaded via my Retail Box) for Far Cry 4: Title ID: 555308CA Media ID: 08BF0610 http://www.mediafire.com/download/r3572gn299d5pd8/555308CA.rar It is packed with WinRAR as RAR5 Archive, so you need latest WinRAR or another tool that can handle RAR5. I was not able to uploade it at Unity (Upload abort with an error after a few Seconds) Greeeds BestNoob
  17. Hello everyone. I wanted to know if is it safe to download a TITLE update from XBOX Live server when your XBOX is Rgh'ed . I am unable to find the TU for Saints Row 4 on Unity marketplace but the TU from Microsoft Server is available. So would that be a problem if I accept the update from MS server? Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thank you
  18. Hello, I have a problem with Aurora and downloading TU's. All Tu's are downloading partially so Tu is not working. I tried to download it a few times and size is always different. So I am activating TU and it is not working. I have to download it manually by ftp. Any advices?
  19. Any chance you have a reliable source to get the Title updates for this game. Mine freezes after completing the Ultron´s chapter Thanks in advance
  20. I have installed Aurora, I can access to my Unity account, I have livestrong disabled and xhttp enabled, I can play on LiNK, but I can't download updates or covers, it doesn't show them and besides when I push them, Unity adds them to my 'Q' and if I try to refresh the title from Aurora it detects the game has been submitted for assets download and when I push "Ok" it shows "Downloading (2) items" (I've pushed one update and one cover) but after it finishes downloading, neither the update nor the cover are installed. When I pick "Download missing assets" on Aurora's settings it always shows "Downloading (81) items" and it starts to decrease until it reaches 1 and then disappears, but nothing is installed at all. Help please, I don't want to have to download all the updates and covers from my PC and without them I can't play on LiNK properly because of version differences with other players. Thank you. Also, if I push "Download Missing Assets" again, it does the same thing again.
  21. Hi everybody. Since I setup my X360 to use a Static IP, my Aurora doesn't download many of the game covers and It doesn't show any Title Update to download. I already forwarded the ports on my router. I've verified LiNK status and everything is ok (green). I couldn't find help anywhere!
  22. So, basically I know that a new title update has come out for Terraria. I believe it was released at the end of May. It's an important update because it's a bug fix update right after a major version. Currently I have the major version, that hasn't been bug fixed and when I try to update Terraria on my FSD 3, it doesn't show the newest update, even though it's almost been a month since its release. What i want to know is: does this problem occur only to me. I know the update is in the JQ360.com site, but when I downloaded it and put it in my game folder manually, it recognised only the previous version, eventhough I removed that one from the folder. Then, when I deleted the newest one, because it seemed that it did nothing, and try to play, my character save file got corrupted and I lost it. Anyway, weird shit going on, just wanted to see if anyone can suggest anything. Thanks for the read.
  23. Hi guys,so recently I downloaded a SOM title update from xbuc its title update 2 cause somehow it doesn't show up in aurora,so when I try to apply I get a fatal crash. Please if someone could help me answer anything is appreciated guys thanks
  24. Whenever I try to upload the Dragon Age Inquisition update an error appears, and I can't upload the TU1. It start to update, but 30 seconds after, the upload stops and a red message (ERROR) appears. I try to attach the same file in his tread, and an error appears too. At least I can attach the compressed tu, maybe one of the admin could upload to the xboxunity server. EDIT: Sorry, I recently read that there is a size limit in the server. The TU1's size is 283 MB, and obviously this is the problem. tu0000000e_00000000.rar
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