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  1. Fyi, I figured out how to make the flash config logic work properly for the FTDI (xFlasher, Squirt programmer) needs bugfixing and some tweaks but overall I was able to get that implementation working - no more need to select nand sizes every time, it only asks if it encounters a weird. Update will come out before the xFlasher releases publically but I want to wait as long as possible to avoid constant updates... Kind Regards, Josh
  2. V3.0.0c: - Added: SMC+ 1.1: CR4 slowdown instructions added - Fixed: Various bugs and usability issues - Changed: Improved FTDI Glitch Chip detection Also resolves a false positive by one AV by tweak to the code. Should be good now. Kind Regards, Josh
  3. V3.0.0b: - Added: 6717 Retail generation - Fixed: Bug in FTDI Implementation - Fixed: Bugs in UI - Changed: Timing Assistant Jasper Updated Update pushed via autoupdate. Existing links updated. Also - JR w/ Extras now works on Windows XP again - you need .NET 4.0 installed and autoupdate is non functional (due to can't connect securely, WinXP too old) Kind Regards, Josh
  4. @Eruil - you mean a screen capture? I can try to take a photo later if you wish. I have never had any issues on 1175 or hitachi DVD drives on this version, I can't recall whether it was specifically fixed or not, we did use the latest XeLL source. Kind Regards, Josh
  5. Hello, I don't have any Cygnos so it would be tricky to get working right. I'd need to get hold of one first. Kind Regards, Josh
  6. Hi New 3.0.0 version!!! Why the jump? Because new versioning systems... and some many internal changes. Some highlights: V3.0.0: - Added: Update check and auto update - Added: Native FTDI support (for xFlasher and others) - Added: SVF programming with FTDI - Added: RGH1 timings with visual debug - Added: New RGH2 timings for Zephyr - Fixed: DemoN never sets progress to 100% - Fixed: No chime on 4GB - Fixed: Various bugs and usability issues - Fixed: Scan IP for console I suggest strongly updating to 3.0.0 version. Full Pack: https://cdn.octalsconsoleshop.com/J-Runner with Extras.zip 2.9.7 to 3.0.0 Delta: https://cdn.octalsconsoleshop.com/JR-297-300-Delta-Update.zip VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/a569e6703b51bf062121a87741580e0da8dd39b7a2a425bdc8fb0bc2107bda08/detection Screenshots in first post. Kind Regards, Josh
  7. @Achm3t Hi thx for your feedback glad you like it. Actually I did put FTDI chip support in for The Mod Shop's xFlasher. So that should work too. You have Discord? If you want I can let you test it. Kind Regards, Josh
  8. @gonza3 Seems to be something with Corona 16MBs, a Trinity worked fine. I have a MTX USB on my way to me, so I can debug and fix this first hand. Thanks for your patience. PS: The next release will also have support for the new xFlasher from The Mod Shop Kind Regards, Josh
  9. Hi, OK interesting. IOTimeOut happens due to something weird with the USB libraries... I was never able to find the exact version required to fix it. I will have someone with an MTX flasher test this asap and provide a debug. Kind Regards, Josh
  10. Download a copy of my J-Runner with Extras which has the JTAG SMC copy bug fixed: https://cdn.octalsconsoleshop.com/J-Runner with Extras.zip Info: If you don't use my J-Runner, it may not swap out the argon_data SMC to aud_clamp. This is a bug in the original J-Runner that I fixed. Rebuild image with AUD_CLAMP checked. Then, write it to the console via XELL or a USB programmer. Then changing the wiring, and boot up the system. Kind Regards, Josh
  11. Hi @gonza3 Working here. Please let me know if it happens again. Thanks PS: Our new Auto-update will be added in the next release, no need to manually maintain the release. It will ask if you want to update when the update is available. Kind Regards, Josh
  12. Sorry, I never heard of Xecuter ever releasing files for that, I also haven't touched a CR3Pro, so I can't help you with that. That's strange, I will go double check this. Which drivers were you using? Kind Regards, Josh
  13. If you flashed the Xecuter CR3 PRO, you need to reconfigure the DIPS. Sorry, I have no expirience with S-RGH on that chips, so I don't know what the DIPS should be. Maybe all off. "I assume this is equal to ”Program Coolrunner” in other J-Runner releases?" Yes, except mine uses the latest timing files available, not the outdated methods. Kind Regards, Josh
  14. V2.9.7: - Added: Add Matrix Flasher reprogramming - Fixed: Various bugs and usability issues Now you can program the Matrix Flasher to flash X360ACE, or Matrix/Coolrunner, or backup the existing firmware directly from the Tools menu. Remember, Matrix Flasher Mode will allow you to program XSVF and such with a modified Matrix Flasher. Download Full Pack: https://cdn.octalsconsoleshop.com/J-Runner with Extras.zip Download 2.9.6 to 2.9.7 Delta Update: https://cdn.octalsconsoleshop.com/JR-296-297-Delta-Update.zip VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/470940ea9655952c58ae637daf39f6961472f7d95598a83c1d3e02ec94d43f58/detection Kind Regards, Josh
  15. Non critical update, improved Corona S-RGH timings with more compiled files + fixed. Also, improved Timing Assistant. Same links as above. V2.9.6c: - Added: Newest Corona S-RGH timing files - Improved: Timing Assistant Kind Regards, Josh
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