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  1. I can look into it! I've never been much of a forums guy but starting to get into it :) Kind Regards, Josh
  2. A little hot, repaste it. But not unsafe. The console will go to flashing red dot with max fan speed if unsafe temps occur. Kind Regards, Josh
  3. 0101 needs a XCGPU REPLACEMENT (not reball, replacement). Generally not worth fixing as you need a KV and NAND donor, (or make your own but it'll never boot retail, only glitch due to kv mismatch) Kind Regards, Josh
  4. Absolutely my pleasure! Let me know if there is anything you'd like to see added! Kind Regards, Josh
  5. Hi, Based on there being some interest I decide to post my J-Runner with Extras here to provide for y'all. This is the continued development of the PhenomMod J-Runner. So what has it? - 17559 Dashboard, 3.21 Dashlaunch, and 1.21 XeBuild support - SMC+ Support (Super fast glitch cycles without false success resets! See demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FKGIoVQN_1I) - Fixed the SMC deletion bug - J-Runner no longer leaves SMCs it puts in your data folder - Added 6717 and 9199 Dash Support for JTAG, GLITCH, GLITCH2, R-JTAG (THX @SGCSam!) (Supported motherboards only) - RGH1.2, S-RGH, R-JTOP timings added to Program Glitch Chip menu (see picture) - PhenomMod Timing Assistant - Tweaked XeLL RELOADED: ----- Displays Console LDV ----- Displays Motherboard type ----- Displays serial number for console and board (board S/N CANT EVER CHANGE) (prevent scams) ----- Fixed USB refresh bug - Discord RPC (Disableable in Settings) - Extra SMCs/files - MFR Date displayed in KV Info - Other Misc Fixes such as: ----- Fixed the R-JTAG box showing up when it shouldn't ----- Fixed crashing issues on Windows 10 - Cleanup the UI in general, loads of usability and quality of life improvements Screenshots: Download: https://cdn.octalsconsoleshop.com/J-Runner with Extras.zip Kind Regards, Josh
  6. @Beta2 My J-Runner with Extras is the continued development of the PhenomMod J-Runner. I don't know where sn00w branched his J-Runner from but appears he got the source before I touched it (and therefore also missing all the new features and bugfixes 😉) Kind Regards, Josh
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