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  1. But that’s not true. The peak temp had nothing to do with RROD and even Microsoft says so themselves. Anyone who says that is a pseudo engineer and does not understand how this works. The stock temps are perfectly safe. I will see if I can add a more pleasant message box for this. Kind Regards, Josh
  2. Hi, It must be corrupt - as other images open up for me no problem. I will look into it more shortly. Btw - the default temp is PERFECTLY FINE AND SAFE. No need to adjust anything. Engineers are VERY SMART. Peak heat had nothing to do with the failures. Kind Regards, Josh
  3. Hi, V3.2.0 is now available! This is a massive release with a huge number of enhancements, fixes, and a few new things. The biggest one for RGH installers will be optional auto-backup system for nands. V3.2.0 - Added: Improved and enhanced UI - Added: Auto folder/zip backup system (optional) - Added: Minor enhancements throughout the application - Added: CB combo box now pulls ALL CB versions from ini and sorts numerically - Added: Standalone ability to convert image to RGH3 - Added: Visual indicator for RGH3 nands - Added: Support for Corona BB - Added: More intelligent detection of nand type - Added: Improved folder scheme handling - Added: XL HDD support - Added: XL USB updated: Improved game compatibility - Fixed: Few RGH3 building issues - Fixed: CPU Key Database UI issues - Fixed: Kernel dropdown configuration bugs - Fixed: UI issues on high DPI monitors - Fixed: Buggy behavior with NAND-X/JR-P reading in certain modes - Fixed: Unnecessary delays during some operations - Fixed: Crashing issues on some systems when moving files after CPU Key entry - Fixed: Crash if entering CPU Key while reading/writing - Fixed: Invalid ability to load nand while the file is in use - Fixed: Some CBs had wrong reference LDV - Fixed: Out of sequence operation on nand initialization - Fixed: Progress bar stuck bug - Fixed: Various bugs and usability issues - Changed: Simplified some unneeded complexity - Changed: Don't revert hack type on CPU Key entry if the user changed it Kind Regards, Josh
  4. Please send me the dump privately so I can check it. Kind Regards, Josh PS: I don't recommend you touch temps anyways. Leave them the way they are, everything is fine from the factory.
  5. @BestNoob You must have some non vanilla folder. There is no default launch.ini in XeBuild folder! I suggest you delete it. Having no file means dashlaunch will use the defaults which is what we want. https://github.com/Octal450/J-Runner-with-Extras/releases/latest Please download again and you can see it. Kind Regards, Josh
  6. Hello, thanks for the info. I will have you know that I never touched this settings - I'll check it. Also WB4G is never needed. The issues with winbond 4G consoles have long been correct. However the option exists still for legacy use. The main Winbond option is on the XeBuild tab. SPEAKING OF THE NEXT RELEASE As you probably noticed, the June/July releases were cancelled, this was because the changelist became very large, and we made major changes to the application to improve functionality, reliability, and fix bugs. The next major version is now in the testing phase and should be released soon. Thanks everyone! Kind Regards, Josh
  7. If you do not have the nand to use, write the ECC manually via the Advanced menu (working on a better way to integrate this automatically) and then use the key in the Create Donor Nand wizard, and use the Donor options for everything Kind Regards, Josh
  8. Gentlemen, V3.1.5b is now available. This is a minor servicing update for V3.1.5. V3.1.5b: - Added: Proper support for high DPI displays - Fixed: Snapping/resizing issues on high DPI displays - Fixed: Some dialogs did not fit all elements on high DPI displays - Fixed: Duplicate directory creation issues - Fixed: Minor bugs in the platform Kind Regards, Josh
  9. Using hostile forks of my J-Runner receives no support from me. There are a lot of bugfixes missing from that too.... He uses dotNET 4.7.2 which is 7+ I'm supporting Vista for a bit longer, no need to deprecate it yet. Fix your dotNET 4.5.2 and then it will work. Kind Regards, Josh
  10. It works. Install DOT NET 4.5.2. If still problem you need to check for Error.log file and eventvwr. Kind Regards, Josh
  11. Hello! Yes, just check the box and the image will be compatible! Thanks! Kind Regards, Josh
  12. Will do. Good day gentlemen, V3.1.5 is now available. This release moves the update checking server to GitHub and delivers many bug fixes. Please note that the update will be a 2 stage process to add support for the new updater. This will only happen for this release. Lastly, the Pre-V3.1.0 updater is decommissioned as of today (you've had 6 months to update, more than enough time!). V3.1.5: - Added: Improved updater - Added: xFlasher can now check CB - Added: Alert when a bad block in a critical area is detected - Fixed: SVF/XSVF file open bug - Fixed: RGH3 image creation bugs - Fixed: XDKbuild image creation bugs - Fixed: Various bugs and usability issues - Fixed: Bug causing XDKbuild Trinity BB images to fail - Changed: Preparing the platform for future updates - Changed: Updater now requires TLS1.2 Kind Regards, Josh
  13. Yes, it doesn't work, sorry. Unknown why right now. Kind Regards, Josh
  14. Good day gentlemen, V3.1.4 is now available including support for XL USB. Please keep in mind it is still a beta. V3.1.4: - Added: XL USB support - Added: Improved updater - Added: Alert if dangerous nand is loaded - Fixed: Various bugs and usability issues - Changed: Preparing the platform for future updates - Changed: Cleaned up unused code Kind Regards, Josh
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