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  1. @Nikolay_L I'll be looking into the MTX shortly again. Also, Kind Regards, Josh
  2. The next update will be a BIG update with loads of new things I won't spoil quite yet. I have also improved the updater, to get the delta file sizes lower and smoother delivery/checking for updates (also the check is faster now!) This updater is backwards compatible with the updater I implemented since version 3.0.1, so no problems. Still suggesting of course to stay up to date Some rambling about older versions - if you stay up to date, no need to read further Regarding the lifecycle: Version 2.9.7 was released in January 2021, so it's been nearly a year. Given that the next update will be so significant, I think this a good place to leave off updating the manual delta pack for it. Anyone still running version 2.9.7 (for some reason!) should update to version 3.0.3b using the links in the OP and then you will be prepared for the upcoming update When the new release is out, I will also drop server-side support for the auto-updater in 3.0.0x versions (released March through May 2021), as they use a very early auto-update that uses a completely different implementation server side. My download statistics server shows that the old update file has not been downloaded by a client in over 3 months either, so I think everyone has auto updated to at least 3.0.1. If there is any reason someone wants to intentionally continue running 2.9.7 (or earlier), or 3.0.0/3.0.0b/3.0.0c/3.0.0d, please let me know why. I would much rather solve the issues with the newer version! Thanks everyone for your continued support of J-Runner with Extras. I absolutely love developing it for you all. Kind Regards, Josh
  3. Known issue: Building JTAG XELL images may cause 3.0.3b to crash. An updated build with some other platform updates will be issued within 1-2 weeks, for now I've fixed the issue in the archive, you can just install this if you need to build JTAG images (put contents in J-Runner with Extras folder and overwrite): http://cdn.octalsconsoleshop.com/JR Latest Delta.zip Kind Regards, Josh
  4. No problem. But please show it next time it have a problem. Kind Regards, Josh
  5. Pls show the soldering. If the xbox he turn on in eMMC, probably the crystal is not grounded. Maybe you are connecting things in the wrong order. the xFlasher must be connected to the system board BEFORE you plug the power into it. Then you can connect USB in any point. Kind Regards, Josh
  6. November update is live on auto-update: V3.0.3b: - Added: Default dash selection to 17559 if no saved dash is present - Fixed: Loop between dialogs and installer if Visual C++ Redistributable is cancelled or fails - Fixed: Repeated clicking not ignored while xFlasher is initializing causing application to crash - Fixed: Issue causing Extract Files to cause a crash after files are moved to serial folder - Fixed: Various bugs and usability issues - Changed: XDKbuild check box behavior Enjoy. Small update this time, not had lots of time due to my health. Some more features and improvements upcoming. Kind Regards, Josh
  7. @Nikolay_L My pleasure, enjoy @dimka112 We've been looking at this, many of the images are out of date or old and need updating. Probably won't make the next release (shortly) but I am looking at it. Kind Regards, Josh
  8. Thanks Mattie, Stelio, and the rest of the team Kind Regards, Josh
  9. @Nikolay_L Надеюсь, вы меня понимаете. Нажмите кнопку Program Timing File, вы можете запрограммировать его автоматически. Если вы хотите найти прошивку, она находится в J-Runner and Extras\common\svf или xsvf вы также можете проверить ссылки на моем веб-сайте: https://octalsconsoleshop.com для большего .rar с большим количеством файлов @admirka Моя прошивка обновлена, более новая версия прошивки Ричи С уважением, Josh
  10. Hi friends. 3.0.3 is now released as the September/October update. SO WHAT HAS IT? V3.0.3: - Added: Inhibit errors while the xFlasher initializes and queue commands until its ready - Added: SMC+ 1.1 ECCs - Added: Corona ECCs fixed for RGH1.2 all configurations - Added: Option to minimize application into tray icon - Fixed: xFlasher not releasing file when read/write is aborted - Fixed: xFlasher abort during writing did not display "Aborted" - Fixed: Crashing after 4GB reading on some systems due to too many simultaneous operations - Fixed: OS detection bug - Fixed: NAND not reloaded after patching KV - Fixed: Erroneous creation of empty "Logs" directory - Fixed: Keygen false positive detection on some antivirus software - Fixed: Issue with minimize/restore - Fixed: Various bugs and usability issues - Changed: Patching SMC Config is now seamless, no need to reload file - Changed: Zephyr Glitch2 now build ECCs and XeBuild as Falcon, no more need to manually change - Changed: Xenon Glitch2 now builds XeBuild as Falcon, no more need to manually change - Changed: Winbond 2K options are now on the main XeBuild tab Links as always in OP, and the update is delivered to auto-update. Lastly, this update FIXES the ECC problems for my new RGH1.2 for Slim hack, and now you can use any ECCs properly. Kind Regards, Josh
  11. The 3.0.3 update is nearing ready. Most important the ECC updates for Corona RGH1.2 Yes I know about the false positive KEYGEN by Window Defender. It is fixed in the next version. There is no malware, you can be seen it is clean by other A/V. Sorry for complications.
  12. Hello, sorry for no August update. I take a brief break to have my health problem checked out as it's become more severe. The next update will probably be late September. Thanks for understanding. Kind Regards, Josh
  13. ATTENTION! I am aware of an issue where the xFlasher cannot properly program glitch chips but other functions are still working, on Windows 8.1 specifically. I have reproduced the issue and am actively looking into it. Kind Regards, Josh
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