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  1. @Octal450 Josh, I think balika is busy these days. I think you should do something by yourself for the fix.
  2. Hello @Octal450 Will there be any Audible Feedback IC tutorial or pinout or ... ??
  3. Thanks for the help. But while im doing these steps it keeps dumping the full nand. I want to use the picoflasher for its fast reading, in this situation its slower than the nand-x.
  4. Hello @Octal450 Josh, With the new picoflash support it reads all the 512 mb of the jaspers big block nand. it is like a full dump. After you get the full dump you will get wrong header. What should i do to read the first 64 mb of the nand ?
  5. @Octal450 Hi Josh, Can you add blackcats Xell to the Jrunner ??? Its very useful for winbond super slims.
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