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  3. Hello Felida, OK, I understand. Thanks for your answer! 😊
  4. thought i'd share this mod that only works for offline and title update 6/tu6 that basically has actual bots/ai, i did not create this mod to use it just replace the patch file in your mw2 folder, once your in game press dpad down and press a to spawn bots, to close the bot menu just press knife/right stick you must be on title update 6 or this will not work this only works for 4 maps which are afghan, rust, skidrow and terminal do not spawn too many bots or it will lag but spawning 7 or 9 seems ok download for guests: http://www.mediafire.com/folder/tptfywlrtpllp/MW2+Bots mw2 bots.rar
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  6. the only screen saver option would be in the stock console settings.. this would require modding that part of the kernel to be a custom one..
  7. Aurora 0.7b When I launch a trainer from the game details area(Y) It hangs for a few seconds on "Configuring Plugin" and then boots into the game, but it freezes the console. The only way it works is if I launch something else like xexmenu or anything for a bit and then back to Aurora and launch trainer. That works. Any help to resolve this issues would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Well, thanks for the update, that's what I was looking for.
  9. Hello gamer! I use my Xbox360 with Aurora in an Astro City Cabinet (a great thanx to all you guy for this joy to play 👍) The main screen will show games, with a zoom on the first one (see picture). And stay like that until I choose a game. Logical. 😊 So I ask myself if a screen saver exist? Will start about 1 or 2 minutes and offer videos or screens? In advance, thank you for your answer. 😊
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  11. Will this application help with a XDK console already spoofed to 17559? I own a Trinity 4GB XDK but I would like it to boot without shadowboot
  12. Hello, i dowload 0.7b.1 Aurora and i have a problem, i cannot download any update, my Internet is connected in Freeboot. What to do? VID_20210225_025243[1].mp4
  13. Other with the same problem. How i can disable that message. debug.log
  14. hey dude can you share the link of Access Runtime 2010 SP1? please upload it if you can, cause i can't download from microsoft (not found error) thanks.
  15. does gadabama work on windows 10 64 bit? if does which version? 2010 or 2013?
  16. i can't download Access 2010 Runtime 32 bit SP1 update anymore seems like microsoft deleted the link for some reason any direct download link for sp1 update?
  17. Hi, I've had this issue ever since I got my jtag elite falcon for almost 5 years now and it's really annoying. It happens most often when I turn on the xbox everything looks fine on the menu screen until i open any games on hdd, when it goes to gameplay it runs very slow lagging, no errors, no crash or freeze. Just so slow And then I have to restart xbox (sometimes many times) to fix. It there any fix for this? Might it be my power adapter?
  18. Hi, OK interesting. IOTimeOut happens due to something weird with the USB libraries... I was never able to find the exact version required to fix it. I will have someone with an MTX flasher test this asap and provide a debug. Kind Regards, Josh
  19. After all, ECC cannot be written using MTX SPI NAND Flasher V1.0. When I try to write ECC to another Corona V3, it closes immediately after the nand pro window opens as before. When I uncheck Matrix Flasher Mode and try to write ECC, it becomes IoTimed Out as shown below and writing fails. I can read nand and flash Timing File to Matrix v1 and Ace v3. I Used Windows 10 64bit PC I was able to write ECC using another J-Runner with the nand wiring as it is. I Used Windows 7 64bit PC Log ECC created Version: 01 Flash Config: 0x00043000 Writing Nand image_00000000.ecc Failed to write 0x0 block Failed to write 0x1 block Failed to write 0x2 block Failed to write 0x3 block Failed to write 0x4 block IoTimedOut Failed to write 0x5 block Failed to write 0x6 block ------ Failed to write 0x4E block Failed to write 0x4F block Done! in 0:28 min:sec Since the phenomenon of failing due to IoTimed Out occurred in another J-Runner before I think there is a problem with my Windows 10 64bit PC Currently I can write ECC using another J-Runner Windows 7 64bit PC There seems to be something wrong with J-Runner with Extras. I installed the driver below Nand&CoolRunner_Flasher_USB_v1.1/XSVF/LIBUSB_DRIVER Device Manager libusb-win32 devices/MemoryAccess
  20. Use the database cleaning script.. Box art that is grey usually means it's a game that isn't found.. or it's pathed to a device that isn't connected
  21. Last changes I made to my set up was to remove all the DLC from the USB drives pending me getting a better set, that was a couple of months ago Today I fired up the 360 and cleaned up the DLC paths and assets and played some games with my sone I've noticed that box art on maybe 30% of the games is black and white whilst the rest are colour I can go into a game that's shown in black and white and select a new box art cover that is shown in colour but when selected displays in B&W Anyone see this before? More annoying than critical!
  22. This guy was right, there is a software for usb mode, but I can't really remember the name cause I never used it. Mb if you search on google you will find it for sure. To custom music and sounds is a pretty interesting thing, I tried many times to do something cool but I realised this is not for me. Besides that it takes too much time and I can't finish my video montage. Now I only download music on Depositphotos, they have many sounds and cool music and I don't have problems with license when post videos on streaming platforms.
  23. Download a copy of my J-Runner with Extras which has the JTAG SMC copy bug fixed: https://cdn.octalsconsoleshop.com/J-Runner with Extras.zip Info: If you don't use my J-Runner, it may not swap out the argon_data SMC to aud_clamp. This is a bug in the original J-Runner that I fixed. Rebuild image with AUD_CLAMP checked. Then, write it to the console via XELL or a USB programmer. Then changing the wiring, and boot up the system. Kind Regards, Josh
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  25. You can have your own personal music playing in games.. as for triggered music.. then probably needs to be burned to a cd.. just get you a rewritable one
  26. Hi, Very nice script, just what I needed. I got the 2 co-op scripts working but somehow the multiplayer.lua does not show? Is this script confirmed working? The code does look different then the other to? Or am I missing something?
  27. Little Nightmares II https://mega.nz/file/tzYwmZxS#fOnvertVjS-j7FA_oHwE0DIIGq5ov8wA7b27fHZDSzw
  28. Really? I've always understood it to be the case that for games that permit custom music tracks in custom playlists for triggered events in sports games, that the only way the 360 could do that was by ripping songs from actual discs. In fact, I'm fairly certain that this was programmed this way. And it definitely was not always like this. Not for this particular use. But if you're certain, I'll give it a go.
  29. Any iPod or usb with mp3s should work.. Its been this way ever since 2008 time frame? Lol Edit: you have to select music player from guide.menu
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