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  4. Not sure it should show in the skins folder then apply that skin as default should ask to reboot Aurora when you choose a different theme. As I use this still as my default skin on all my 360s.
  5. ok this should be easy right? put this skin in skins folder, with all the other ones I have but it does not show up. What did I get wrong guys?
  6. Hello, it's been a while since the last time, is there a way to add some code that allows you to do a cheat with TELEPORT in Aurora Trainer engine?
  7. Earlier
  8. Your on an old kernel aka SystemUpdate why dashlaunch 3.21 ain't working for you. You need to update your nand. Latest kernel is 17559. So you're probably on an old kernel version
  9. The Aurora Language Pack Compiler is a powerful tool for developers, streamlining the process of creating language packs. Its user-friendly interface and robust features make it a valuable asset for localization projects, enhancing accessibility and user experience across different languages.
  10. hello guys can some one help me i cant update my dashlaunch or access (paths,behavior,plugins ...etc) when i choose update to dashlaunch v3.21 it freezes my xbox, my xbox runs dashlaunch v3.18 (588)
  11. Added a video to the post - Will try to make better one later
  12. It looks nice, with a video it would be even better šŸ˜‰
  13. The error you're encountering when trying to log into Unity on your Xbox 360 and receiving an error about not being able to get the API key might be due to several reasons. Before troubleshooting further, make sure that Xbox Live is operational and not experiencing any outages. Sometimes, login issues can be related to Xbox Live's status. Additionally, if this issue persists, it's worth considering the possibility of a B2B API integration problem between Unity and Xbox Live, as such integrations can also impact the retrieval of API keys and authentication processes.
  14. I am not sure I can see download fine when logged in. Iā€™ll post a mirror as well mirror https://www.mediafire.com/file/swsczyomv0mdk4t/Aurora_NXE_jveda_05.zip/file
  15. Hi bro! I really love this amazing work, but the link says that is no longer available to download. What happened?
  16. probably a virus in the files. No reason to not post the files here instead of having you jump through hoops and send dms for passwords.
  17. Hey guys! My Aurora was working perfectly but after i use patchxex function of xex menu it shows game error when I open Aurora.
  18. Hello everyone This is a beta release of Aurora NXE - an NXE inspired theme for Aurora. It is pretty incomplete beyond the home screen I am still working on it. you may experience some UI bugs but for general use is great. Features Xbox Logo with Ripples + Glow Animation NXE Stage (Enable RSS Feed on Button Bar option) NXE Font NXE Cover-flow replicating MarketPlace layout NXE Wallpapers - Loading Bootscreen (Default Wallpaper) NXE Sounds (experimental) NXE Loading console rings Animation NXE Panels Background (WIP) Readme + Install Instructions _ /\ _ _ _ _ |\ |\/(_ /--\|_|| (_)| (_|| \|/\(_ |_ . _ _| _ |_)\/ |\/(/_(_|(_| / \| AuroraNXE NXE skin for Aurora 0.7b by jveda Install: Drop files in Aurora Folder In Aurora -> (B) View -> Theme Turn off Animation Choose AuroraNXE CoverFlow Layout Go To Skin Status when Idle - Hide Choose AuroraNXE Skin Go to Display Turn off Profile / Disc Panel (Optional) **Turn On RSS Feed for NXE Stage (Optional)** Modified: Skin: Aurora Header Title 1:1 icon positioning to NXE Xenon Logo + Ring animation Xenon Logo glow animation Profile name + gamer pic / score Reflection Shader tweaks Remove Fluff UI Elements Reposition Game Title Reposition Game Count (<999) Reposition / Remove excess buttons Default Wallpaper Boot Screen NXE Loading Icon bootscreen RSS feed option converted to NXE Stage Visual Elements from NXE Known Bugs: Maybe animations for button(s) or others Panel Sizes ProgressBar Future Enhancements: Correct all animations / transitions Color enhancements to control elements NXE Dash themed pop up panes (IP) NXE Vertical Scrolling (np) NXE Flat Game Covers (?) Optional NXE Base built into skin (Done) NXE Profile Name Top Right. (Done) Xenon Logo Ripples (Done) (?) - even possible? Credits: jveda- Work above - NXE Recreation XUI in Aurora Micro$oft - Wallpapers, Icons, Font, Assets Elena from 360hub - Assets / Wallpapers Enjoy ;) change log: 01 - First Version 02 - Updated Preview Image Adjust button font color Added XenonLogo no rings for now 03 - Updated preview Add XenonLogo shadow Add XenonLogo Rings (!!) Add Profile + Gamerscore display Add start sound 04 - Fixed more animations RSS feed = Optional Stage Image ! CoverFlow now AuroraNXE name Added XenonLogo Glow Tweaked Xenon Ripples Fixed animations for Quick View WIP - Experimental Sound Support Start Sound - Enter Exit Sounds Test- Aurora Swoop anim/sound QV 05 - Boot screen changed to default NXE wallpaper Xenonlogo on Bootscreen Added Loading Icon to Bootscreen + NXE Loading Icon ported over Added some NXE Panel backgrounds Test for green highlights / buttons WIP - Animations Profile Thing top-right bugs with disc Proper Stage Color NXE Backgrounds for Panes Pane UI repositions Header Quickview Title ---------- Please let me know what you think. Follow for updates. Thanks! jveda Aurora_NXE_jveda_05.zip
  19. This happens to me in games like Dead Space 2 and Mass Effect 2. I put all the files in my external drive (Usb0://Content/0000000000000000/(game id)/00000002), The DLC appears in Aurora dashboard, but when i open the game, it's not there. Both games have the latest TU enabled, and the DLC is unlocked. I've tried with other games (Minecraft, State of Decay and Black Ops 1) and they work without issue. Some other games, like Castle Crashers, have some of the DLC characters available, but not others.
  20. Does this fix the constant crashes that forces you to restart FSD over and over to no avail?
  21. Problem solved Update TU7 not TU5 and 6
  22. I noticed that the link service doesn't seem to support Dead Space 3, Can you join the game's online support
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