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  3. A fully working version of freestyledash3 without any issues downloading covers(uses the cover api of xboxunity) or throwing random exceptions. Screenshots: Known issues: - weather api isnt updated and therefore wont work - LiNK isnt working If you find any new issues or want to fix the weather api for some reason contact me and ill give you the updated source code or fix the issue. I can't just fully publish the source code for legal issues. fsd3.zip
  4. Last week
  5. Like mentioned in the post, I tried a downloaded rip and still had the same error. Tried a different downloaded rip as well, still crashes. Tested with no profiles installed. Still crashes. Maybe there is something stored that is causing the crash, because I swear I had played off the internal storage at one point and then I don't remember if I uninstalled at one point or what happened. Maybe I just need to reformat the drive. As far as using a SSD goes. I'm aware that the 360 can't take full advantage of the speed, but for me it's more about the weight, noise, heat, and longevity of the SSD. Plus this is an Inland 1TB SSD I got from Microcenter for like $60 so it was cheap enough to justify.
  6. Greetings! I've been toying around and made a Retrowave-styled skin based on Skin Elegant by Srealmoreno. Features: animated background animated loading screens background music Retrowave.xzp
  7. Great skin! I would love to help with the translation - Spanish/English - but don't know how to amend those files in Github. Honestly it's a great job already, really just the names of colours in "customise skin" tab - actually it taught me some Spanish Would anyone know how the tile for "Xbox 360 Games" - has slideshow pictures of Inferno/Skate3/GTAV/Vanquish - could be customised? Cheers...
  8. So apparently my Xbox 360 skyrim is in spanish, i've changed the ini file from spanish to english but that only change the text and subtitle. The voice remains in spanish so can somebody give me the english voices.bsa file for xbox 360?
  9. hello, I ask for help in translating this topic into Russian. I'm not good at programming, thanks in advance!
  10. hello, please help me translate this skin into Russian, as I really like it. thank you in advance!!!
  11. hello, please help me translate this skin into Russian, as I really like it. thank you in advance!!!
  12. hello, please help me translate this skin into Russian, as I really like it. thank you in advance!!!
  13. L0w

    PCSXR 360 By Ced2911

    I really love this emulator, it works really amazing! There is just one thing I did not figure out yet, how do I use the option of a multitap? Does anyone know that? I would love to battle against 3 other friends in CTR again 🙂
  14. The favorites I had saved just disappeared. I click on toggle favorite, the star turns gold. I go back to the game and the star is not gold. It just don't want to save favorites anymore. Please help to get the favorites to save again.
  15. Because you have hacked jtag/rgh console
  16. It's quite ingenious, you did well. But the file is no longer available.
  17. Can you reupload the file? It's not available anymore. Maybe you should upload it to Mega Edit:nvm i created the account
  18. I have a lot of games and scan takes a long time, especially there is no internet connection and httpdowloader try to connect for every title and wait response. It will be great to have option disable synopsis download during the scan (or turn off all httpdownload functions during the scan)... i can do this manually later , import or edit content.db or upload from pc... download only one file at the time for thousand title not good...
  19. Earlier
  20. When I lunch the game on the last title update it tells me game eror try to download the game again
  21. I'm running a GoD with TU#2 and no DLC on a RGH2 on the latest dash. Runs as expected. TID: 4156087F / MID: 0B152F70. No plugins loaded except NOVA. I would leave the physical disc alone and try another rip from somewhere else. Also I've noticed while checking your debug.log your "Profile1" profile is corrupt. Try fixing or removing that profile. Also you could try re-installing the Avatar-update matching your dash. P.s. Why you're using a SSD for internal storage? The 360 doesn't by far use the full potential of the SSD' speed because of the slower bus speed.
  22. Hello everyone! I need your help, i got LiNK setup and running on Xbox 360, but when it comes to play Multiplayer saying in BO2, MW2, MW3 or Halo Reach i cannot find any servers what-so-ever, i was refreshing the server list for couple of minutes and still nothing, even joining in "Public Server 1 or 2" isn't helping either. I watched YouTube videos and did as everyone else did and nothing works. What could be the problem? I really wanted to play those CoDs and some Halo Reach MP.
  23. it's cool, thanks for your share!
  24. it works fine on 16537, Aurora 0.7b thanks for your share! by the way, will it include original nova feature ?
  25. when I try to register i fill all the information but when I try to enter the captcha its always invalid captcha, I tried to register from the phone but the same happen, I even used VPN but its still invalid captcha, please help
  26. hi when I try to activate FTP on Aurora 0.7b.2 it doesn't work. i have thought maybe the problem is from dashlunch but I have enabled ftpserv, please someone help me
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