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  2. thanks! i update a jtag smc normal without problem!! and i will change to aud_clamp to fix random e79 on falcon in near future I used light version.
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  4. its supposed to be the version the skin is for
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  6. good luck brother , i am waiting to play your game
  7. Hay Felida. Sorry for the dumb question. My first time dabbling with skins. For the SkinMetaGenerator. For Aurora Version doe's it matter how i put the version I.D in. As it is at 0.4 If I put the version I.D as 0.7, 0.7b, 7b1, 0.7B, 0.7B1 or is it supposed to be specific version I.D or this dont matter what I put there? Sorry bro noob arse question.🤣
  8. I've tried making 2 unity accounts but i dont seem to get any confirmation mail. Can someone help me?! Threads merged. Next time feel free to use the search function ! Dr.Gonzo
  9. i didn't receive my confirmation for the unity account. i checked every folder of my mail. username:Barsx
  10. I made two accounts but got no confirmation emails. Please help asap thank you. Usernames: Berry123 Blueberry12
  11. Finaly accomplished another task of the roadmap towards the release of #FursanAlaqsaGame. I did remake the game's menu, and I am very proud of the results. This was done in Scaleform (Adobe Flash CS4) and 3dsmax, the code behind it is ActionScript (Flash) and Unreal Script (UE3). I hope you like it. https://www.indiedb.com/games/fursan-al-aqsa-knights-of-al-aqsa-mosque/videos/23-fursan-al-aqsa-updated-menu
  12. uhhhhh Aurora saids that no trainers found (I copied it into the game ID folder) is this ok?
  13. if you can set the options before you boot the game, then no.. some games require the trainer to be launched in-game, and activated. you should have a pop-up when you boot the trainer that tells it has loaded, and what buttons to press to bring up the trainer menu.. and you obviously asking what that combo is, tells me that you have not even booted a trainer before.. as ALL aurora trainers have this pop-up
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  15. The nand was written in the past with a problem nand and you are replicating that problem. Try to creating a new NAND RETAIL from the CPU Key.
  16. Thanks for replying. I passed the Nand on J-runner and says there are no badblocks 😭.
  17. I tried to create a new account but haven't gotten a confirmation email
  18. Good afternoon. Your NAND is corrupted. Probably BadBlocks.
  19. My xbox 360 no longer saves system settings. For example, I change the video resolution and when I enter a game or restart the console, the resolution goes back to what it was before. This happens with any settings I change. Does anyone know what could be? I've tried to rewrite the nand, but it didn't work.
  20. Join meh im so boreeeed and deez mods r so funnnn Shit joke incoming: My RGH should be in quarantine. It's a corona.
  21. Aww I saw your lobby the other day. I thought it was another sniper lobby. Care to rehost sometime soon? I'd love to play
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