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  2. rafaelalcid

    Rising Music

    Hmm... I have downloaded and installed this today. Is this? if so, can I do the tutorial as writen above? Thank you very much for your help!!
  3. Neocazen

    Problems with Profile in Aurora

    I'm Brazilian. Are you using internal storage to save? try to change where you save. Do not use the internal memory ade 4GB gives a lot of error of this type (Some lose all saves overnight). try something on the subject at http://www.xboxrghbrasil.com/forum as well.
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  5. Dann27

    Cant login to NOVA WebUI

    Really thanks for the simple tip but it helped a lot, in summary the default login of NOVA is not the same as the Xbox Unity but it is: Login: xboxhttp password: xboxhttp
  6. Hi guys, I'm sorry for my english. I do not speak much English, I'm using the latest aurora 0.7b.1, it works correctly with connections, it downloads games normally, covers the games, the games work perfectly and everything else, however I am having problems with my profile, usually after I fix it, after about more or less 3 weeks of normal use in the aurora with it enabling my achievements normally, it starts to make mistakes, stopping to enable my achievements and giving bugs in some that I already won , as for example stopping to show the image referring to that achievement, and it is a very strange error because it happens from time to time. But yesterday a very serious error occurred to me, my achievements in Far Cry 4, could not even be visualized, because my xbox 360 frozen and restarted soon after after I visualized, and the games in jvolta had problems in their conquests, as I said, they erased the images of conquests already made and do not carry them anymore, as I said my profile works perfectly and from time to time this error occurs without explanation, and I have to correct it again because it never works again correctly. How do I fix it !? I take it on a Pen Drive at a friend's house that still has xbox 360 blocked with live access normally, I put my profile on his console, I leave it online for about 5 minutes, which is about the time it takes to upload my achievements (even with errors) then delete the faulty profile of my friend's console and download again, after that it comes back with my achievements working perfectly both in the part of being able to view them, while in the part of enabling new as I play, and I bring my profile back, I put it in my console and it works perfectly until the time when this error again. and I have already done this upload procedure in the default profile and download it working well again some 3 times, and I do not really like having to do this whenever this error occurs, it is tiring and especially frustrating to have to constantly watch your profile with fear of not being working well, and eventually it actually stop working correctly for no apparent reason Before migrating to Aurora, when I used Freestyle, I had never had a similar mistake, my profile worked perfectly, but I really liked Aurora, and I did not want to have to get rid of it. This image contains an example of some games that have become defects in the profile. But if the problem were only with the images I would still leave there, but it stops to enable new achievements.
  7. Dann27

    Cant login to NOVA WebUI

    The same problem happens to me, I'll try to solve it
  8. mightyhama

    Rising Music

    SDK or also called Neighborhood is a application used for dev kits and allows users to modify games, eg make cheats, mods, maps etc. Google it and you'll find it and info to use it
  9. rafaelalcid

    Rising Music

    Hi! I'm sorry, but what is SDK? where do I download it? how do I install it? I just want to convert some Fallout 3 mods (in PC, the songs are in .WAV; I have discovered today this difference, because some mods were not running the sounds). Thank you very much. Peace.
  10. Yesterday
  11. PTorok

    Unity login failed.

    Hi, just tried to register to xboxunity. No confirmation mail received. username ptorok or ptorok74 Thanks for the help. p.
  12. Snikers

    Aurora Asset Editor v1.1 Released

    Thanks,great work..Works for me...
  13. blabla

    Downloading covers without games or xex

    How? Plsss help Ho can i put it on my xbox sa aurora 0.7b
  14. It seems that the synopse are downloaded from microsoft's official website and something has changed and at least for now is not possible
  15. Neocazen

    Downloading covers without games or xex

    And just download direct from the xbox unity site manually
  16. If you need download backgrounds, screenshots and banners images - use Assent Editor. I can`t fix Aurora dash(closed source code) - just wait fix from team or may be catalog.xbox.com back to work.
  17. Can i download covers without the actual game just cover its like a collection thing plsss help
  18. Plsss help me how can i fix my aurora 0.7b when im downloading covers it only download cover no background,synopsis, and all i disable livestrong in dashlaunch even i refresh it still no change plssss help me
  19. Last week
  20. Morvill

    Unity login failed.

    Good Day Admins I need help cannot log in to Unity created 2 accounts morvill360 and morvillx360 says added but cannot log in tried using forgot password and use password that was sent to my email still no good. Thanks for the help.
  21. Can you make some video or pictures how to do that?Please.. Thanks
  22. I fixed Aurora Asset Editor - move from catalog.xboxlive.com requests to parsing game page at marketplace.xbox.com and change xml to html parser. It also contains game descriptions and stars rating that can be used into Aurora dash if xboxlive.com never been available. But I can`t find big covers here (no need for AssetEditor but for Aurora dash).
  23. I'm having problems too. I had to resort to this...
  24. Bangai-O HD TU 1 (TU_1C422NI_0000008000000.0000000000082).zip Raskulls TU 3 (TU_1C42290_000010C000000.00000000000O3).zip NIN2-JUMP TU 1 (TU_1C422P5_0000004000000.0000000000081).zip ilomilo TU 3 (TU_1C422GR_0000008000000.00000000000O2).zip Guardian Heroes TU 1 (TU_1C422PB_0000008000000.0000000000082).zip Galaga Legions DX TU 1 (TU_1C422NP_0000008000000.0000000000082).zip
  25. Mauro1723

    Garzol's Custom Boot Animations

  26. Marton

    Skin Elegant (Skin Xbox One X)

    Super, thanks!
  27. felida

    Default Password On Aurora

    you can delete aurora, and reinstall it.. there is no default passwords except ftp and http.. and you can change those with ease..
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