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  2. When writing the stock NAND, the dashboard version you select should match the original dashboard version of the console. Ensure you have the correct NAND dump file, and when using J-Runner, follow the prompts to overwrite the smc.bin and kv.bin files if prompted. Be cautious and double-check all settings before proceeding with the write to avoid any potential issues. 🎮🛠️
  3. Please close i sorted it out, Seems the console was stuck in avi mode on retail nand, why it was so long to boot. Switched the settings and its booting normal now. Thank you
  4. Hi, Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. After a bit of help please from some old skool RGH installers, Right years ago i had a TX dual nand demon made my a staff member over at TX (Oggy). Sold the console around 10 years ago and regretted it since. When i had the demon, i remember i could flash the nand myself via USB. (Demon tool box) Problem: After finding my old HDD last week filled with trainers i made for XPG years ago, I wanted a Demon again so bad. Found one on eBay faulty, HDMI port not working, but the console boots fine. Had the console delivered yesterday, AVI was stuck on by the looks of it, I turned off auto detection in Settings menu and now it boots HDMI. Perfect boot times on the glitch nand for a demon (6/10secs) Now if i boot retail side, Very high boot time and when it boots the xbox logo shows with no sound at all, Then it will hang on the logo for 30secs then black screen for another 3-4mins before it loads the retail dash. Now, i think i need to reflash the retail nand and see if that sorts the problem out, But i can't get the console to show up in J-runner or Demon tool box. I have noticed, In device manager i can see the demon but it has a driver error. Failed to install the driver when installing Demon tool, I have found the drivers on there own but i still get the same error, Failed to install. This is on win10 by the way, I have tried to run the installer for demon in win7 mode and xp service packs but its still the same. Kind of lost what to do now, Can't remember anything at all from the last time i owned a RGH never mind a demon. Problems: Retail nand taking ages to boot even tho glitched nand boots perfect. demon/j-runner can't see the console for me i was going to try and dump the rgh nand via 360 flasher, then use the info to make a clean retail nand i could flash to see if it sorts the problem out on the retail side. I don't have any backups of the Original nand. Looking for any advice or help on what to do next please. EDIT: Got the Demon tool box and J-runner working, Just read and did a backup of both nands in J-runner, Would it be best for me to build a fresh retail nand now from the RGH backup info. And whats the best guide please to use when doing this. Thank you
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  6. The option requires a key and I cannot redistribute that legally. You will need to find the devgl files yourself and install them to the program to use that option. Kind Regards, Josh
  7. I made a dumb of my devkit and launched it in this jrunner, the devgl option is not selectable. do I have to manually add files to rebuild folders ?
  8. Please, can you update the download link. Thank you!
  9. The wonder related to the 'Aurora Trainer Pack' is intense! It's exciting to imagine a collection full of tools and challenges to help you improve your skills. Let's embrace new strategies and begin on an amazing gaming knowledge!Gb Whatsapp
  10. Ive got a devkit unit myself, I bought a wasted jasper and replaced it with a 0 fuse CPU, I simply chose DEVkit option when I launched Recovery img.
  11. Advanced feature. For use on devkits to launch freeboot. Don’t worry about it unless you need it. Kind Regards, Josh
  12. I have the same problem with the text.
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  14. This is sick! I am working on a similar skin which feels like the native Xbox Experience but the fixed mapping of navigation buttons makes it really hard. The coverflow capturing all controller events when selected makes some navigation literally impossible. I went as deep as to explore auroras scripting with lua but haven't had to time to dive in further. A small doc writing down your experience and hickups on the way would be helpful to others trying to create skins. Awesome work here, keep it up!
  15. Using scripting, it is possible to implement a feature that allows a long press on a certain button to exit the game. Consult with experienced developers or forums for help implementing this functionality. Good luck!
  16. "Implementing a long-press feature for exiting the game could enhance user experience by providing a quick and intuitive way to leave the application. However, it's essential to consider potential unintended exits and provide clear instructions to users to avoid accidental closures."🤑
  17. Thank you for this excellent Skin, I hope that more developers continue to come to the scene and continue contributing over time...
  18. I was trying to play some mk, but i use alambric controls, so when i try to play, after one combat, a fatal Internal error appears, i need some help
  19. I'm having the same problem I am trying to remove the passwords i know the pass i just want to disable it, any help would be appreciated.
  20. Hello, please add this game to xbox 360 please:: Combat Wings: The Great Battles of WWII ID title: 435907D2 Relase: 2012 is a combat flight simulation action video game Very, very thanks!
  21. Чуваак, респект! Я вже сам почав перекладати)
  22. I have backup of my partiton and spare TB SSD from donor. any idea how to write raw bin backup back to new SSD?
  23. Hello, I cannot find anywhere artwork pack. i have the 0.72 rom set in my rgh xbox but i am missing the artwork. Can someone please help me with this??
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