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  1. Yesterday
  2. HI, i connect my xbox360 with pc in lan and pc with smartphone in thetering. I can login in system link room but i no see any lobby in game, who help me?? tnx Bo2 tu#18
  3. I am struggling with the loading screen sound. Where is this "content container tree"?
  4. Hi @felida, could you please approve this cover I made for The Darkness? It has been approved only for the German version, unfortunately on the other version it had been uploaded damaged. Thank you in advance!
  5. Hi @felida the covers were already approved, thanks to @Mattie. In case you don't know yet, FIFA 21 is a patch for FIFA 19 (I was asking to add this cover to the fifa 19 db). And, I have used aurora asset editor to added manually on my xbox, I just wanted to share with the community, my mistake! Cheers!
  6. Hi @felida I have done a re-scan before for a new god game (with an old xex version) and sometimes 2 things happen: 1. I got a duplicate in Aurora: One game with the old xex path and the new one with the god path 2. Nothing happens, I still got the old xex path That's why I suggested @Gromber use the script.
  7. I guess it would be me mate.. I'm not gonna approve the FIFA 21 picture, as there is no FIFA 21 in the DB.. or for 360 if I recall.. you want that cover use the asset editor.. we try to keep things in order.. but the others I will get around to approving if they match correctly
  8. Technically you should only need to rescan for content.. it should automatically change the stuff for you.. meaning look for the .data file instead of the .xex
  9. Last week
  10. No bud I got it all sorted now. It's just me acting like a noob.
  11. I don't think is necessary to change the content.db file. If you just wanna remove the old executable (cover file) in Aurora and update it with the new one (to avoid duplicates) there is already a script he Aurora repo browser to remove path games that are empty. With this script, you can update the old .xex game path to a .god format
  12. Is there a problem with the covers through the internet in Aurora?
  13. Hi, is there a xboxunity manager taking care of the last updates? I have requested several times multiple covers to be added and still not luck. the image size is 600x900 px and is in .jpg format (I have tried before with .png and not result as well).
  14. Hi Now J-Runner V3.0.0d is available to auto-update. Original links in OP are still the latest V3.0.0d: - Added: FTDI support for Xilinx XC2C64A-FG48 for Matrix "small-IC" - Added: FTDI can now detect and check flash configs and motherboards - Added: FTDI automatic board type detection on reading/writing - Added: Query console button works with FTDI now - Fixed: Cannot write JTAG XeLL bins with FTDI - Fixed: Bug with timing programming of Zephyr timings - Fixed: Various bugs and usability issues - Fixed: Scan IP for console bug - Changed: Tweaks to included timing files Regarding the last point, Trinity DU timings files been tweaked to fix a slight bug with nand switching. The Corona PRO DU is not affected. Kind Regards, Josh
  15. There is another easy way to change the titleID in case there is no information on the app in xboxunity. You have to upload the content.db file from Aurora database folder in sqlite.com or any other database website and then, select the content tab and change the title ID manually. Then, update the content.db file in the Aurora database folder with the new one
  16. Hi Shadha, I've made a cover for in Aurora. Hope you like it.
  17. Don't know what could be wrong? I have the PAL loaded as a Games on Demand and activated TU#3 without problems. If you want to contact me, go to the site under my name at Location.
  18. Thanks for everyone's help, but I decided to have the old case fixed, just so I managed to solve the problem in reading the games on Aurora. Unfortunately all modifications are lost if you change HD or the HD case, so I decided that it is not useful to make modifications to Aurora. Again, thanks for everyone's help! Note: I am not fluent in English, so I apologize for possible spelling errors.
  19. They are matching, but it still shows me TU:0
  20. the xbox 360 can not read multiple partitions.. it will only read the first partition.
  21. Yeah but you get no access to all functions.
  22. Btw, thanks for letting know about FatXplorer, too bad it's priced on the high side. Although the Beta is free to use up to 1st of June.
  23. Yeah external devices of course , they are formated in FAT32.
  24. Oh, I thought he ment external USB HDD's. These can be read by default in Windows, at least mine does.
  25. This is a known issue; quite a few other plugins (some stealth servers, etc) have the same problem from what I've seen. If you eject tray when booting to bypass loading plugins, the patch won't load, allowing you to play it games without it crashing. I'll post an update to the repo when I have a chance to add a fix for this.
  26. Hi @StelioKontos, I have been using your patch and everything is working fine without errors. Just one problem, your patch is causing "crash intercepted error" with xbox classic games with retro-compatibility. When I removed your patch from the launch.ini file, the xbox classic games works fine, but after I set your patch, then I got the crash intercepted error.
  27. I have found a new emulator: This version supports joysticks, covers and has better performance!
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