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  2. BEFORE YOU READ: My soldering is nowhere near good, i know its bad. This is actually my first time soldering (i know, not a good idea) I also know that the points are very messy, and the flux is too. I was going to plan on cleaning it once i got it working. Glitch/Nand Reader Product(s) used: J-R Programmer With CoolrunnerConsole Type: ZephyrDashboard version: 17544Image of Glitch Chip: Images of close-up soldering to motherboard: (Bottom of post)Description of problem: Wont Boot into Xell. Tried 40 Different timing files.Was the console working before you started: Yes, and still does if i were to rewrite retail nand.Do you get a green debug light appear on the RGH chip every 4-5 seconds: YesHow long is the light on for each time: 2 short, 1 long Wires: Ground 3.3V POST RST PLL CLK (Alternative point FT2R2 . Have also tried C3B2 R2B24)
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  4. Even launched from stock dash it stops buffering at 20-25%, I have no clue what causes that
  5. Then you would have had something in that folder that was causing the issue, like duplicate dlcs
  6. Transfer the title update, then launch the app through stock dash.. To verify it isn't just an aurora issue.. Just from the info youve provided, it sounds like a deeper issue
  7. Crashing is caused by DLC items. Deleted marketpace content (folder 00000002) and it works without crashing.
  8. Crashing is caused by DLC items. Deleted marketpace content (folder 00000002) and it works without crashing.
  9. Game/Game Name/$TitleUpdate/Title ID/TU. Already the DLC's can not tell you. Some games to work on HD such as Battlefield 3 must have the contents of the content folder of the other disk extracted via Horizon or Velocity into the game folder. DLCs may have files of the same name that eventually become corrupted.
  10. In the latest Aurora 7b, do Title Updates and DLC need to be in this structure? 0000000000000000/Title ID/... Or can I scan for content and find them anywhere? Like: Games/Game Name/Title ID/... Also can I rename DLC or TU if they are in the right folder structure? So that instead of a long string of numbers and letters, I change the name to TU 15 or Map Pack 1?
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  12. Scanning for title update does nothing, to show the Netflix app in Aurora at all I have to manually select the patch to the app executable, but as I said earlier it deletes any TU. Don't know why. The Aurora not showing the app problem is less annoying, than the videos not loading, and I want to deal with that primarily, any guesses what causes that?
  13. You have to scan for the tu before you do anything.. And it will show up as a title, just no cover..
  14. Last week
  15. When I load this TU minecraft crashes after I sign into a profile. Updated kernel to latest (17544) but still crashes. Any ideas?
  16. I have the same problem. Title update 80 Kernel 17544 Crashes whenever I sign in with a profile. Any solutions yet?
  17. Damn, changing the uuid seems like a pain. Also, I'm not using link. I always disable it as makes some games not work locally. The main reason I'm using Aurora is that it handles title updates. Most of my games have DLC so enabling title updates is a must. I think I will install the title updates manually in the content folders and just use XeXmenu or MS dash to launch the games.
  18. Aurora configs are tied to the hard drive.. You would have to change the uuid to every new hdd, as the scan paths are setup like that. Now, you are kind of making yourself go thru extra steps for no reason.. LAN parties are ment to be done locally, link is designed for abroad.. You dont need aurora/link for in-house parties. But, you CAN have aurora setup on all the hdds, there just isnt a hotswap method, altho I suppose someone COULD write a script.. But I dont think the db files are accessible while aurora is running.
  19. You honestly havent researched much.. Well I can't recall specifically if this site has an identification chart, but you have a slim.. Which has the fan on top.. Can it be rghd.. Yes.. As I am pretty sure yours isnt the slim-e model which cant.
  20. hello everyone I been looking everywhere for answers but haven't found any. my Xbox 360 was made on 9-28-2010 and on dashboard I have 2.0.17544.0 I have the newer one where it has 2 circles for the power brick any help would be greatly accepted.
  21. You are welcome.... Personally I have been doing switch related stuff lately. I didnt even bother to update my 360 with the last xebuild/dashlaunch that was released. lol. Mainly because I have no need for it. That being said, Switchbrew(Another modding team I am a member of) Achieved LP0 in linux today after fighting with it for 108days. lol.
  22. Hey. I've installed Netflix with TU19 to my RGH, with TU19 freezing and crashing is gone but: 1: All of the videos are stuck at 20-25% loading, never playing 2: Can't get Aurora to show it as a title, when I add the path in aurora to search for apps, it deletes the TU running the app in big red splash screen original, and asking for Live Gold. Any ideas how to fix that issues?
  23. I had this issue so i just Tried downloading aurora again and place it in my xbox And it worked fine
  24. I managed to make it work on mame 360, if you want I pass it on mega, too bad because it runs a bit slow, if you want my mail is bunettoenzo@hotmail.it MAME360 2018, the chd file goes in the hdfiles folder
  25. I hold Xbox 360 LAN parties with 8 RGH modded xboxes. They all have internal hard drives with the games. To make managing the xboxes easier, I though about setting up Aurora (downloading the covers, game updates, path settings) for one hard drive and then copying the Aurora files to other HDDs. However, it seems like the Aurora configuration doesn't copy over to other hard drives. Is the configuration tied to the hard drive? At least it's not console-tied as I can use the same hard drive in different consoles without losing the settings. So, is there some way clone the same Aurora setup to multiple HDDs? Are there maybe some configuration files I'm missing? I make a copy of the folder in which Aurora.xex is located.
  26. Soon... Please share on twitter, facebook and elsewhere!
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