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  3. I've got it working on Windows machine. What i@ve done was following all the steps above with one EXTRA. 1. Download all 4 games in ISO format, download Lips.4.in.1.zip and extract to its own folder 2. Use IsoExtract or Xbox Image Browser and extract all 4 games in their respectful folders... etc 3, 10, 13, 17 3. Go to the folder Lips.4.in.1.EUR, point the mouse cursor to the address bar (empty space with no text) and click, then type CMD 4. Now in the Console screen copy and paste Pack_Lips_4in1_WIN.bat - press ENTER 5. Wait for 5 minutes to run - DONE 6. New folder named Lips.4.in.1.EUR will appear - Copy it to your RGH xbox360
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hi all. Sorry if this has been asked and answered already, I have searched but I cannot find anything. I have two 2tb external hard drives with a bunch of games on. I have spent the last week getting Aurora to display all the game covers and names the way I want. No issues at all with drive 1, it's fine. My problem comes when I removed drive 1 and went to start the process again with drive 2. All the covers for games from the removed drive are still being displayed, albeit shadowed out. Is there a way to have Aurora display the covers for games only on connected hard drives? Thanks.
  6. wich version did you download? the PT-BR above, or the carbon version (EN/FR from that one dude link) ? I tried this 2005 and it's seems to be okay for now.
  7. thanks for the link, Bro. it is still working. So, does this skin is compatible with kernel 2.0.17559.0 ?
  8. Last week
  9. i also recomend only to install these 2 and the others until you finished all the Guild Challenge The Key of Ancient Ruins, the challenge dlc disable your rare encounter and you need to defeat the challenge monsters to get the rare to spawn again and that wil take a long time to defeat them so you missing out a lot of good
  10. O idioma tem que estar em English. Acho que fica dessa forma por conta da tradução pt-BR. No meu també ficou assim, mudei pra inglês e o problema foi resolvido!
  11. That's great to hear! Transitioning from Apple Music to Spotify seems to have been a positive choice for you. Spotify's convenience and extensive song library make it a standout platform, especially for discovering new music and supporting emerging artists. Your friend's experience with releasing tracks on Spotify and gaining popularity highlights the platform's effectiveness in helping newcomers kickstart their music careers. Getting the first tracks out there can be challenging, but Spotify offers valuable tools and resources to support aspiring musicians along the way.
  12. How exactly did you edit the music database and I couldnt get the file open with sqlstudio
  13. Can someone give me a download link for the dlc or tell me where to go thanks
  14. Earlier
  15. thank you for sharing
  16. Hi, im trying to add more game genres to aurora, but i dont know the values for the genres i have created, the action and adventure has the value 2 for example, and im trying to change that value to other number, to change the genre in the aurora, so can anyone explain how this values works and how can i find the value for the genre that i created
  17. News Recap from Xbox One Research. And a little video.
  18. This is the best skin so far. I changed my boot animation to a remastered version of the original Xbox boot animation, and it goes so well with this skin. I hope you can figure out how to eventually add the scrolling sounds to the skin, that would be sweet.
  19. Are you nearing the end of your school journey and feeling stuck on what to do for your big final project?
  20. i figgured it out. you have to get a version thats not tied to the game. go to the internet archive and get the dlc there and put it in content folder 0000000000000000/45410916/00000002/ (the funny numbers for the game id.
  21. Here is TU9 King's Quest TU 9.rar
  22. Checking the game or software documentation to see if there are any built-in features or settings related to scanning for remnant DLC.
  23. What is the PAL region code to spoof?
  24. I would advise caution when trying to circumvent any password protections, as you don't want to risk damaging the device or voiding warranties fnaf
  25. I think you'll need to access the settings or menu system to reset or disable the password. Try contacting Aurora customer support for assistance, as they may provide guidance or steps to reset the password or unlock the settings. half body sexdoll
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