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  3. .. alright so i grounded both pads, 4 and 6, and it worked. i wrote the ecc then with xell i took the cpu key. ..built the xebuild image and wrote it to nand, but when i power on the console, the chip light blink a couple of time then stop, and never actually boot. What can be the cause?
  4. Yesterday
  5. Thanks so much for this and perfect timing, as I'm just now setting up my RGH. Do I need to adjust the scan depth of my games path from 2 to 3 to make this work with the multidisc folder hierarchy you listed?
  6. BUMPER BUMP.. ..i can read the nand but i cannot write on it even with the sd adapter's lock pin set to disable write protection, can it be because i grounded only pad 6? on the diagram about reading the nand with the sd tool, it shows 2 grounds, but i wasnt sure if it meant to use both, or if its just to show wich ground we can use.. .. Thanks!
  7. Last week
  8. You have to have the avatar update to use netflix on an rgh or retail box.
  9. I know this is a bit old thread, but seems to no one found or know why the disk swap doesnt working on Aurora, I believe I have found an answer. I was putting together an xbox RGH for a friend and I came across the same problem. The problem is that if you start the xbox with Freestyle Dash as the main menu, the swap plugin does not work on Aurora Dash, and vice versa. It is necessary to choose which Dash you want to use through Dashlaunch / Paths / Default, and Reboot the Xbox. If the games folders and subfolders were working in Freestyle Dash, then there is no need to make any changes in this regard. I personally use it as follows: Eg hdd:/ Games/ Dead Space 2/ Disc 1 hdd:/ Games/ Dead Space 2/ Disc 2 Both "Disc 1" and "Disc 2" folders inside a single folder with the name of the game. Hope it helps someone.
  10. emlg

    Rgloader 17489

    So what do I have to do in patches folder? Or what should I change? also, what do you mean when you said floating versions?
  11. emlg

    Rgloader 17489

    Sorry I I don't know any thing about modding I just follow youtube tutorials and when I did this I watched modern warfare tut on "how to install rgloader" then I found itzflanky method, I did it, but now I ended up freezing on the loading screen
  12. EDIT: wasnt looking correctly, the error i get is ''request could not be performed because of an i/o device error''
  13. true.. i noticed in jrunner that when i press ''write ECC'' , it doesnt do anything..so i guess i am unable to write to the nand, but i can read it.. Any ideas why? was thinking maybe my homemade sd adapter's pin for write protection, but its suppose to be fine since i added a tape in the lock pin slot, it worked last time i tried this method for a 3ds nand backup. What else can cause this? any particular version of jrunner works particularly better for Corona v2 ?.. Thanks for the reply by the way!
  14. If it boots normally.. then yeah you did not write the ecc..
  15. Hell0 modders and passionates! (if any still exist..hopefully..) I was wondering, other then bad solders, what can cause a chip to not glitch? the green light blink once, but only once. The console boots normally when i unsolder the power point from the chip. ..is the console suppose to boot normally when i remove the chip? because if not, maybe i didnt re-write the ECC correctly?.. Thanks!
  16. Found it: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Kzu-bWuUtgjRuXh85SNmt7O4ahJGFhBa
  17. i was banging my head against this for a long time, all checked out, but then found a entry in SMB server log of my windows 10 server, and it said that SMBv1 was unisntalled after 15 days of no activity, so i went into programs and features and had it reinstalled. From what i understand, after you do that, it will not auto-uninstall again.
  18. Yeah aurora needs kernel 15xxx at least mate.. that's where your problem is
  19. felida

    Rgloader 17489

    I have explained already
  20. emlg

    Rgloader 17489

    I didn't understand how did you solved this booting freeze issue can you explain for me or tell me how did you do it?
  21. I have just realised what the problem is the kernel on my jtag is14699 i misread your post i thought it would upgrade the kernel
  22. there is no boxart for fsd/aurora/dashlaunch
  23. Hi, i hope this solves my problem been trying aurora for months never found a simple solution
  24. So when i filter for homebrew all of my homebrew is only able to apply XeXMenu box art this is happening for Dashlaunch/Aurora and FreestyleDash 3, which are my only homebrew apps and i cant figure it out appreciate any help. Edit: never mind i had all my homebrew in XEXMENUS content folder smh
  25. Yeah since then I have flashed back my original nand back to my falcon v2 rgh2 & left it still on 17489 My Corona v2 or v3 rgh2. is still on 17489. But I left the 17489dev nand & 17489 stock rgh nand still on hdd1/Applications/Simple 360 Nand Flasher = so I can flash the Stock or Dev nands to it at any given time. For shits in giggles. As I have a few more jtags/rgh systems I actually use.
  26. you didnt set the scan depth far enough then
  27. Installed Aurora 0.7b.1 and set scan paths but it did not find all the games , I set the scan paths to the paths I have in my Freestyle dash 3 Rev783 ... Aurora 0.7b.1 may be more stable etc but I think I will stick to Freestyle dash 3 Rev783 as I can still download covers and title updates.Each to their own I suppose.
  28. felida

    Rgloader 17489

    its the patches.. and for the "floating" versions, they are just hex-edited to spoof 17526, when they are really 17489.. hence the freezing issue you can "gh" in kdnet.. to get past those.. but yeah.. lol.. took me some time tinkering to figure out the problem and posted it here for everyone else.. would be nice to have xell in this.. but yeah
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