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  3. nice info and explanation gd , i didn't know some of those facts good to know.
  4. Yeah, Unfortunatly, ConnectX is slow. Since it was developed by MS, for the devkit, it isnt something we have the source for, so it would be a lot of work to reverse it, to rewrite it, just so it can run faster. Hell, I am assuming it was a lot of work to run it through a dissassembler to find the entry points for the functions, finding out what values to pass to the functions, and then patching it to work with a retail kernel to begin with. I guess, if you really understand PPC64 Architecture, then you could dissassemble it, and find out where the bottlenecks are, and attempt to patch it yourself. Mad Props to you if you even attempt to try it. That being said, you might just spend weeks in front of XBwatson and IDA, before you have the slightest idea of what is actually happening on the xbox side. lol. I am sure all the users of connectX would appreciate a patch that fixes this issue though, if it is even possible without completely rewriting the plugin. I dont know, assembly is not a language I program in if I can avoid it. lol. It might be easier to rewrite the connectx plugin, using the same functions, and passing the same values. Problem is, getting the entry points for the functions to match the previous plugin might be tricky, and depending on how Aurora and/or FSD handle these entry points, your plugin may or may not work as a drop in replacement.
  5. I'm using a Wired Connection , roger that on the additional info.
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  7. After some testing, I think Mattie is right about what is causing your issue. I forgot how slow connectX is.
  8. This would happen when multiple xboxes access the same file (or any other program) with exclusive access. Do you have an Aurora 0.5 in your network that also launches this title? Or any other program that keeps the file open without providing access?
  9. I cant say much on the matter, other than it is a known issue, that is being looked into, and tested. Other than that you will have to wait to see what Aurora 0.7b brings. Quick question... Are you using wireless, or wired connection. I have had better luck with the xbox and loading from a network share if both the machine hosting the share, and the xbox are both running ethernet, and not wireless.
  10. Greetings to all forum members and developers. There is a problem when running games via SMB client, initialization and connection is normal, the interface ConnectX correctly displays the free space on a network drive, scan games, as is normal, they appear among others. But the run ends with a return to Aurora, see the log. Please help, or give direction to solve the problem, Shell FreeStyle runs these same games without a problem. (perhaps playing the role of connectx_patch.xexp) I'm not sure it applies to the Aurora or not. { "time" : "17:32:37.000", "thread" : "0xF9000000", "type" : "normal", "filter" : "TaskManager", "message" : "Scheduling Task: 411C5130" } { "time" : "17:32:37.169", "thread" : "0xF9000008", "type" : "normal", "filter" : "ContentLauncher", "message" : "CONTENTLAUNCHER: INITIALIZE" } { "time" : "17:32:37.169", "thread" : "0xF9000008", "type" : "normal", "filter" : "ContentLauncher", "message" : "-------------------------------------------" } { "time" : "17:32:37.170", "thread" : "0xF9000008", "type" : "normal", "filter" : "ContentLauncher", "message" : "Properties:" } { "time" : "17:32:37.170", "thread" : "0xF9000008", "type" : "normal", "filter" : "ContentLauncher", "message" : "ContentID = 62" } { "time" : "17:32:37.170", "thread" : "0xF9000008", "type" : "normal", "filter" : "ContentLauncher", "message" : "-------------------------------------------" } { "time" : "17:32:37.200", "thread" : "0xF9000008", "type" : "normal", "filter" : "ContentItem", "message" : "Launch failed. Unable to open container, 752a85fa64d2578c3666" } { "time" : "17:32:37.210", "thread" : "0xF9000008", "type" : "error", "filter" : "ScnProgressUI", "message" : "DoWork failed... aborting." } { "time" : "17:32:37.210", "thread" : "0xF9000008", "type" : "normal", "filter" : "ScnProgressUI", "message" : "Progress Item completed with error code: 997" } { "time" : "17:32:37.211", "thread" : "0xF9000008", "type" : "normal", "filter" : "ContentLauncher", "message" : "-------------------------------------------" } { "time" : "17:32:37.211", "thread" : "0xF9000008", "type" : "normal", "filter" : "ContentLauncher", "message" : "CONTENTLAUNCHER: FINALIZE" } { "time" : "17:32:37.212", "thread" : "0xF9000008", "type" : "normal", "filter" : "TaskManager", "message" : "Completed Task: 411C5130" }
  11. roger that , yeah i have a 1TB in an enclosure connected to my 360 too. I wonder if there is a possibility of a new network plugin being written ?.........or it is just the 360 unable to work well over a network ?. Thanks for chiming in darkglider
  12. ConnectX is slow by nature, part of the reason I dont use it. part of the reason I have a 1tb internal HDD.
  13. hi members , i was wondering if anyone has the same issue with these 2 games below. They both have long load times and stutter in the opening FMV , interestingly i have a bandwidth meter and there is about 800-900kbs during the long load times. Maybe my settings are not right causing these issues , i currently use a USB HDD connected to my 360 but i would prefer to stream games through a network. Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3
  14. Site Maintenance

    Some people are paranoid, think because they have a modded xbox, that they must be hackers, or at least that is how they think the rest of the world sees it. lol. The way I see it, it is no different than having an emulator, or a an sd adapter cartridge for a retro system, or a game genie. lol.
  15. Site Maintenance

    Why you browsing the site in that way?? Makes no sense to me.. this isnt an "adult" site.. hahaha.. nothing to hide..
  16. Last week
  17. Felida's Trainers

    I can try and look into it, no promises tho
  18. Site Maintenance

    No, try to navigate with Firefox and in private/Inkognito mode to https://www.realmodscene.com
  19. Felida's Trainers

    I know you probably can't be bothered now, but have you ever thought of doing a state of decay with dlc aurora trainer? From my ancient perspective, the only thing thing missing from this great game is god mode, unlimited ammo and full weapons. Not really a request, more a hopeful long shot. If you don't ask, you don't get etc...
  20. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    It's stuff like this that should calm the nerves of the entire scene. Patience grasshoppa, for the Phoenix will surely rise.
  21. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    Thanks for the hard work. 360 still rulez the scene!
  22. need help fixing map looping on cod bo2

    If that is the case, is it with all maps, or just DLC maps? If it is all maps, I would be looking at the HDD. If it is just DLC maps, your DLC could be corrupt.
  23. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    Yes, it has been said 1000+ times, and it is even posted on this page...... The magic answer when the dev team, and the testers feel it is ready. There are a lot of new features going into this build, some of which are shown in the video in the beginning of this thread, while others are still secret. The "Secret" Feature, which, if you ask me is probably the coolest so far, still needs a lot of testing, both on the xbox side, and the PC side of things. Never fear though, this will be the best release yet, and from what I can tell, when this is finished, you will understand the wait.
  24. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    It will be released when it's ready to be released, just like always, asking for a release date won't make it any faster...
  25. Site Maintenance

    That makes no sense, the Certificate is for the "www.realmodscene.com" domain... perhaps you tried it with just "realmodscene.com"? not sure if that's covered by the setup... should be tho...
  26. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    Any News About The Release Date ?
  27. Site Maintenance

    Ok, i found out that the Certificate is not working with https://www.realmodscene.com/ when it's ../index.php ... and has Sub Structure, it's working. I always have to add the "root" Site as Exception, so the forwarding works.
  28. Felida's Trainers

    1: the trainer folder has moved into the "User" folder in 0.6b+ 2: you have to make sure you have same media ID for the trainers to show up..
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