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  2. at the moment it is only manual?
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  5. Oh sorry I didn't know.
  6. TU service is currently unavailable...Be patient
  7. Hello. I just got an RGH xbox 360 and I tested the settings. Under setting "Content" I found a button that clears all title updates. The console was used before so I tought that this will be resetting my title updates so I can download just those that I want. After I pressed it, all of the title updates disappeared from the "Unity marketplace" tab, and I can't get them back. Is there a way to get them back?
  8. Last week
  9. I have a problem with the title update. first of all, is to say that thanks for your work. My problem is that it looks for the updates in HDD1. I have an Xbox without HDD, I run everything from the USB ports. I choose game, press Y to select another location, download it but there is no evidence that it is stored anywhere. With FS3 if you let me download and put it in any USB and without problem. The issue is that by default it always searches the HDD and even if it changes its location, it never finds title updates. Greetings and thanks Sorry for my English
  10. You were supposed to disable the fsd/nova plugin.. Then update.. You can always do a fresh install
  11. Well I'll take the xb1 off your hands? Lmao.. And they key point is.. That people like m$ and $ony can make their emulators efficient.. Because they have the money to do so.. But xb1 can play OG games now as well
  12. There are games that just do not work.. Like mk shaolin monks.. Cant continue past very first part due to lack of fatality button not working
  13. Really strange. Maybe a bad rip? I'll try it on my XBOX360 and tell you if is working fine for me.
  14. its amazing how this Xbox 360 run many OG xbox tiles with high accuracy emulation & at 512 MB of ram. Im very surprised the Xbox 360 scene died so quickly compared to the ps3. P.S I own both Ps4 and Xbone and these two are shitty consoles and my total play time on these two doesnt exceed 40 hours combined.
  15. Dunno.. Exactly.. Havent even tried to patch these and get em to work proper yet.. But it is an official update so
  16. Any updates on this? What's changed?
  17. IsoFolder = USB0:\Roms\PlayStation if it doesnt work its because aurora rom feacture update remove that feature, it will be re-add on next build if thats the case
  18. I hope it is, btw could give an estimated time till when the servers will be up again . thanks for all the response by everyone
  19. I tried all the steps , I have checked my network and even made another unity account to see if my odd one had some issues but still I cannot find any tu's. I tried doing it manually but I cannot find the update that will support my media Id
  20. There is a problem with the TU server ... it will be processed soon.
  21. Ok, The parameter was something like "PCpasscode" and another one just near it "PCsomething", I have to delete booth to unlock my console. Thank you very much for your help, regards
  22. please how to fix cold fear on XBOX 360 when press LT game freezing
  23. There are different ways to troubleshoot this, so I'm gonna suggest some solutions: -check if you are actually connected to the internet; -Try to scan for title updates by pressing "start" button and look for "content" section then press "scan for title updates; -Maybe you got logged out of your unity account on aurora so try to login again and see if any updates show up !!! hope it helps
  24. Hello there !!! please can you tell me the password for this file because it won't work !!!
  25. I am doing everything on my phone becuse my computer ıs broken any program?
  26. May be temporary. Go straight to the site 'xboxunity.net ' and download. Then put in the Xbox 360 via Horizon or manually if you have knowledge
  27. Hello everyone, I have installed aurora latest version on my jtaged xbox 360 but i dont see any tittle updates for any game , i wanted tu's for skyrim which were available a few days ago but aren't now Any help?
  28. First time poster here, I've been pretty good at figuring everything else out but i gotta say im stumped. So when im trying to update aurora it will download the binaries and skins just fine. i have "???" next to my plugin. i download the updates for "plugin" and after it installs where it shows the phoenix logo and i click exit i get a fatal crash intercepted notification. not sure if im completely overlooking something. thanks
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