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  4. Emulators That work with Auroras Autolaunch Feature

    If you have the emulator source, then yeah.. as the source code for this version is available.. shouldnt be hard.. The config saves when you legitly press the exit button within the menu.. its weird honestly haha.. if you use the guide to go back to dash, it doesnt save.. This was also the issue i found, for saving the game saves, i changed a setting that saves constantly instead, so even if you use the guide, your game does save normal.. Now, gamma corrections?? Or do you mean shaders?? Haha..
  5. So das tut oben geht nicht. Ich schreibe wie es geht ! Auch wenn es ein wenig spät ist. Also wenn ihr xbox 360 sdk habt ist im Ordner c:/Programme/xbox sdk/win32 Ganz unten xWMAEncode.exe Diese file kopiert ihr in einen erstellten Ordner nennen wir hin eins. So da ist jetzt xWMAEncode drin, kopiert die wav. Die wir auch 1 nennen file die ihr convert werden soll auch in den Ordner. Die beiden files müssen in einem Ordner sein. So jetzt öffnet ihr cmd / gebt ein : CD Verzeichnis in den Ordner. Enter Dann xWMAEncode 1.wav 1.xma Oder xWMAEncode 1.wav 1.xwma Enter. Da habt ihr im Ordner die file. Ich weiß nicht ob sie convert sind oder nur umbenannt. Hier ist der Link zum Video
  6. Emulators That work with Auroras Autolaunch Feature

    Thx a lot Felida! Testing as we speak. BTW off topic: Would be too much effort to compile some of the fixes in newer Mame 2003 cores to xbox 360? Or are we tied to the Libretro guys and their releases? EDIT: YAY! It saves screen custom size and the gamma corrections look GREAT! It just doesnt save the button configs. Do I have to edit the .ini or the .cfg file?
  7. Forget protect code Aurora 0.6b

    if you can, put a fresh copy of aurora on a usb drive, and copy the db files from your current aurora, then oopen them with sqlitebrowser, and search through the settings table for the code. Should be stored in plain text, which makes it easy enough to fix.
  8. Forget protect code Aurora 0.6b

    I have entered code to not allow the cancellation of the Games, but I can not remember the password to delete a game
  9. Forget protect code Aurora 0.6b

    Meaning?? I'd suggest deleting aurora, and re-installing it? As it just locks aurora, not the system??
  10. I forgot the security code, how can I do?
  11. Trinity rgh2 Mobo (case) temp 256°

    can I deactivate this sensor from system monitor?
  12. Trinity rgh2 Mobo (case) temp 256°

    Yeah.. 492.8 degrees fahrenheit is 256° C Would def catch some stuff on fire.. very easily.. hahaha
  13. Emulators That work with Auroras Autolaunch Feature

    Yeah its in the thread haha.. but.. problem is, if u use core specific config, it still needs the regular config, to tell it to point to the other config haha.. kinda redundant.. but.. if u use mine, its universal to each of the cores lol..
  14. Site Upgrades Again

    Look into patreon if you haven't already
  15. Trinity rgh2 Mobo (case) temp 256°

    It uses sensors which are built in.So long as the cpu & memory are normal it's most likely a faulty sensor as your mobo would've burnt the house down by now
  16. Hi all. I have a problem with my xbox, sometimes the temperature of the case is 256° Celsius, and the cooler rotates with max speed. Is there any way to solve this problem, for example disable monitoring of this temperature in xebuild? How Xbox calculate this temperature?
  17. Emulators That work with Auroras Autolaunch Feature

    Thx! Where I can find it? BTW loading a Mame 2003 config crashes my xbox Edit: found the .cfg file!
  18. Emulators That work with Auroras Autolaunch Feature

    Use my config mate.. is all i can say.. There is a difference between core specific configs, and general config..
  19. MAME 0.72 2018 Update!!

    You dont need an xdk haha.. rgh on the otherhand.. but the person could use someone to test, or just ask for the appropriate code.. the team is pretty helpful.. i think swizzy added the code to pcsrx360.. if you could possibly get the source.. it could be added easily..
  20. Emulators That work with Auroras Autolaunch Feature

    all of the cores use the same basic configuration, so if you cant save settings with that core, set your options in another core, and copy the ini to the mame core.
  21. Emulators That work with Auroras Autolaunch Feature

    Quick question, I cant for the life of me, save the settings on the mame2003-libretro -> Mame 0.78 Core. Is there any trick to this? (I have been able to save on SNES ansd Genesis tho)
  22. MAME 0.72 2018 Update!!

    Oh well IDK the details, just that the coder 8Gamezfan) didnt have an 360 XDK to even test the compiled builds.
  23. Last week
  24. Site Upgrades Again

    Please don't post my paypal link. I got a lot of blow back from paypal for that. If you want to donate we can talk about other options. Maybe crypto currency. You can contact me via PM. I am hoping the new servers have been stable. less 500 errors? From what i can see things should be much better,
  25. PCSXR 360 By Ced2911

    I have the same problem on Harry Potter 1-2 Stuck in the book screen
  26. [tut]How to setup Aurora with system link

    hi my problem is system link is not active And the cover game is not for me how to be active؟
  27. Problem with long boot

    slow by default, AS 2.5" are mostly 5400 rpms SSD, or FLASH DRIVE/Thumbdrive, ALL have faster read speeds, so booting would be quicker... if it is a more recent usb drive.. older ones tend to be slower..
  28. it depends.. tbh, you need to verify the media ID of said game you want to get update for.. aurora does this for you, like FSD used to.. if you REALLY REALLY want to, just use "360 Content Manager" to FTP the TUs to their correct location.. then scan for tu's in FSD, should find em no problem
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