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  3. This software working nice with my first computer, but on my second is not .. I use it because my girlfriend doesn't know how to use a RGH.
  4. yes.. you can create your OWN filter with your OWN parameters.. this is already inside aurora?
  5. why are you using outdated software?? what are you trying to accomplish that you need this specific type of program??
  6. Hello, I use Shortcut360 1.1.7 but it works for some games and doesn't work for others. I get this error message : "There was an error reading the extracted XDBF!" If someone could help me, thanks.
  7. op knows for sure about connectX mate.. and reason i said 1 external, is due to the cases often identifying as the same exact hard drive.. which would cause problems for the obvious reasons.
  8. If you have RGH, you would not need to upgrade. This is an interesting security update for LT only. But... Follow this tutorial is in Portuguese, but it's easy https://youtu.be/ySio0-aUqiM May also be case of corrupted NAND.
  9. Hay guys & to Aurora team.... Is it possible you guys can add an option in your quick selection settings for XBLIG aka Indie Title games, Emulators, Applications, Ogxbox games in there own specific folders so the specific titles will only show. Instead of mixed in with each other. I know... 1) Homebrew: Applications, Emulators, homebrew all go straight into this category 2)XBLA: Xbla & Xblig 3) Xb360 & Ogxbox I'm sort of OCD.lol but if not possible to put the specific titles in there own category folders. Just by pass this message if not possible & cheers to the Aurora team & realmodscenes for all the Aurora 7b1 content goodness & hard work.
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  11. I had the same problem but after installing the update to the next path hdd/content/0000000000000000/584E07D2/000B0000/tu32000100_00000000 everything is working fine! Thank you very much!
  12. there is always a chance of soft brick when flashing the nand.. but it doesnt matter what dash you have
  13. So i can use it safely ? Sorry i want to be sure x) I wont flash my nand by solvering
  14. Hello, I have one RGH Trinity with last dashboard (17559). And i want to use my nand (RGLoader). To create this Nand (17150), i use 17544 Dump. It worked perfectly when I switched from a Dashboard 17544 RGH to a Dashboard 17150 RGLoader. So my question is will it work from a 17559 Dashboard to the same 17150 RGLoader Dashboard ? Thanks for help.
  15. Last week
  16. Very great theme but it would be possible make it without avatar as already it was asked before. Thank you very much.
  17. I will piggyback on this thread to ask: Is there any android solution tobtransfer via wifi files to the xbox? FTP type? Thx in advance!
  18. I'm sure you can technically - you could install TX's Fusion software to the NAND, or RGLoader, and basically create a DIY devkit. Even if you didn't do this, I think you could still technically compile XeX files using the Xbox SDK, and Visual Studio, and then just run them on any RGH system to test them out (although debugging would be a nightmare without being able to see memory, etc.) Somebody can actually close this thread, as I was able to peice info together across the web myself.
  19. Game: Goat Simulator TitleID: 58411498 MediaID: 67BF7F22 BaseVersion: 00000004 Version: TU3
  20. That is expected behavior.. the screenshot combo is a higher priority than in-game button presses.. you can change the combo to unused buttons.. or just not use the feature at all
  21. Yep I followed your instructions exactly using audacity.
  22. Hi All, I’ve recently discovered a bug/glitch with the aurora screenshot facility, it is as follows; with the screenshot facility turned ON with the default buttons selected for the actuation (back + start) the start button behaviour glitches. i have confirmed this with multiple controllers and a game pad testing homebrew, but basically with it turned on any controller assigned to player one, will only register a blip of a start button press once the physical button is released. This has happened on all my controllers (works as normal once they are assigned players 2,3,4). Once the screenshot facility is deactivated, the start button behaves as normal (push to register, able to hold start as the glitch prevents this). Not sure if it’s just me affected or others. For reference this is my current version of aurora; Binaries: 0.7b r1622 Skin: 0.7b r1622 Plugin: 0.7b r1622
  23. did you make the wav the proper version as-per my tutorial?? before you converted to xma??
  24. Yeah I found that tutorial, the only issue is my XDK came with xma2encode instead of xwmaencode. I've tried following your tutorial using the same steps but I get the following error: EDIT: Disregard. The syntax is just different on the version 2 encoder. It's xma2encode *.wav /targetfile *.xma Converting a batch of sounds now, I'll let you know how it goes. There's no way to convert batches of sounds at once is there? I have something like 4000 sound files to convert lol. EDIT2: So I got the same result. It freezes when the sound is executed in game.
  25. I've written a guide to convert sounds to Xma.. check my skin Tut's.. using audacity
  26. So I've been porting a ton of mods to oblivion on the 360 and I'm having issues with sounds. I've tried a few different methods to convert the .mp3 and .wav files to both .xwm and .xma to try and get them to play on the xbox but all my attempts result in a freeze when the custom sounds are executed. Anyone have any idea how to get the sounds from mods to work properly?
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