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  2. I'm having the same problem with the icons and the fonts getting over the others in some languages and if the selection line could be green instead of red, I'd wonder if these corrections could be made.
  3. No support for stealth services, or ubann things. closed.
  4. Hello Guys can you please allow me to talk about Destiny banns devices because i didn't find no answer no where even the bungie site a hundreds of players are banned with no reason included me , and i hope you guys can share any infos about this , my question how can unbann my device or renew some infos for not be detectable by the destiny game server ?
  5. I upgraded from internal 320GB drive to internal 1tb Drive and updated the following in the process: multiMAN v4.84 HEN Rebug 4.84.2 REX – Cobra 8.1 HOWEVER, I forgot to do full hard drive/games backup when I was on REBUG_4.81.2_REX before doing the update and swapping to the 1tb internal hard drive. So… I put back in the 320gb hard drive that was on REBUG_4.81.2_REX that had all my games and using the backup tool backed everything up onto a 500gb drive on the newly updated 1tb internal drive system running Rebug 4.84.2 REX. After a successful restore, multiMAN v4.84 HEN for some reason is not seeing the games I just restored to the internal 1tb drive and is only seeing my external USB drive games (and only after having to manually refresh everytime). The internal 1tb drive says there is 600GB left and I can see the games (all in folder format) are in the following file path folder: /dev_hdd0/game I tried moving a game to /dev_hdd0/GAMES but that didn’t work either. I also tried toggling COBRA MODE on and off, still no change. How do I fix this so Multiman will see and load all my games from internal and external drives automatically?
  6. Last week
  7. I mean.. There is a version of rgl 17489 floating around, that patches in the retail keys for dev consoles.. Lol..
  8. Greetings, I found a way to turn these unprogrammed CPU from china into dev cpu, I tried to flash them as retail with low CB LDV counter but failed to do (story for another topic). Anyways, Im trying to Run Xell on a dev unit but somewhere it fails and reboots till it gets RROD. However, glitch 2 ECC image works just fine which means it contains patches to ignore Fuse01 (dev fuse identification line). If someone got a clue on how to make Xebuild Jtag image to ignore fuse line 01 ) it would be very grateful. Thanks
  9. Not really.. lolol.. AxR tools have an Ident tool built in mate iirc
  10. Nice one, that was it! Confusing that it's not how it behaves by default (as in, no games in HDD, don't display them), but many thanks for the help! Looking better now
  11. My Xbox 360 HDD got corrupt so I recovered the main files and put a new one there with just a few games. The problem I'm having is that Aurora keeps now displaying all the old games still, is there a way for Aurora to remove all those games which are displayed but not in the hard drive anymore? I read a few comments about pressing Y and selecting delete in each individual title. But let's say you want to delete 100 entries, is there not a more efficient way to do so? Thank you. PS: I've pressed 'title updates - clear all', 'scan now' under content, restarted Aurora... but nothing changed.
  12. Hello there! So, after owning a 360 for a while -with FSD3 as the dashboard-. I am thinking of moving to the latest Aurora available atm (0.7b.1) and connect to the internet. As far as I've read, the version available over the site is a clean install one. But how can I apply it? As I'm afraid of simply copying the new files then deleting the FSD3 ones (Had applied that in a different context tho, which was updating from FSD2 to 3, the result was basically not working haha.), I do also recall removing access to Xbox live through Dashlaunch. But I ain't that sure, so would I need anything than the mentioned stuff? (Dashlaunch and the Aurora files) As for the internet connectivity and Xbox Unity, would I need to apply any port-related stuff in the router? Thanks in advance!
  13. You can play HOTD 3 on PC with that EMS Top Gun 3. If you have a laptop or computer with HDMI support.
  14. Unless there's some mod/hack I'm unaware of there is no way to use lightguns that work on the original Xbox on the Xbox 360. I have an EMS Top Gun 3 it works with original Xbox (and other systems and PC) not 360. House of the Dead 3 is on PC as well.
  15. Esto va en declive, son cada vez menos los jugadores en Link, si alguno esta pendiente, siempre tengo algo de tiempo para pasar algun titulo en coop.
  16. Yeah, I almost always use idents and pointers, and it is very teeeeedious... that's why I wanted to use another approach. In any case I will follow your advice, thank you
  17. You can do that with idents.. not a button combo.. lol See this is why I asked.. for example: You can have infinite health right? Like hp is set to a value.. and never decreases.. That's one way of doing it.. another way would be every time you take damage, it heals you instead of taking away hp.. You want to do it with an ident.. lol.. Sort of like my trainers for Minecraft, when player takes damage, it fills up hp..
  18. Ohhh I see, I just tried to increase the height and speed of my character with the assigned value each time I pressed a button, I guess I'll settle for what I have so far, thanks for the help my friend
  19. What exactly do you mean? The only program that will show you things like aurora filemanager would be 360 content manager and fsd smb setup honestly.. Then you are still limited on ftp to xbox.. And the only program that has a windows explorer option would be Fatxplorer.. And it costs after the 3 day trial.. And these programs work the xfat partition.. There is no plug and play except for USB methods.. And that only changed recently with dash 17349..
  20. loady

    View HDD on pc

    alas, neither of these programs do what i need, i still cant see the xbox hdd filesytem, as you would see it in filemanager on aurora, i think these are more for injecting core files into a retailk systems as opposed to a "windows explorer" enviroment...so, lookks like im stuck to tranferring via usb, not what i wanted, i wanted to be able to transfer over the SATA bus, much, much faster than USB
  21. that isnt how it works.. lol.. and you didnt explain that either.. but yes, the button combo is to toggle the cheat.. not only activate the cheat when pressed.. what exactly are you trying to do?? cuz there is no need for just a simply tap of a cheat ever.. that you can not do without normal operation
  22. Whhooo hooo! Transfers finally complete on both Corona and Jasper boxes! There are a TON of games I've yet to play and/or re-play! Can't wait, good times!!! GO RAPTORS!
  23. Hi, it's me again, I managed to make the combo button work, the problem is now the cheat is still active after release the button, the idea is the get cheat active only if the button is pressed, I hope I explained well
  24. It is in the compatibility list, I just downloaded hotd 3 (House of the dead 3) and I found a light gun that works on any tv, works with og xbox, I wonder if it works with 360, It's called EMS top gun 3 (and the hacked files may not work? The hacked files didn't put light gun settings?)
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