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  3. RETROARCH 0.9.8 unofficial

    Thank you cmkn 1983 for the work. I always found the retroarch 360 a great emulator but the lack of screenshots games was very disturbing. Its version was marvelous.Ansious for more news! Thanks to everyone who keeps the Xbox 360 scene alive !!!!
  4. Sneak King Video game cover

    If you want to download the cover go to this link http://www.mediafire.com/file/d7vodulhbtz6zrz/Custom sneak king cover.png and comment on it and say if you want me to make a different one
  5. XBox 360 Noob Questions

    Thanks Felida, that was ages ago and I am using the July version, my query was for recent post as I'm trying to RGH1.2 a console myself, not something from a year ago,
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  7. XBox 360 Noob Questions

    The hacked one is the last version.. from july 2011.. simple google search will tell you this.. lol..
  8. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    This is an english forum, other languages are only allowed in the Matchmaking section. To answer the question though, yes, it will be possible to make the avatar bigger, and move it to the main scene, but it will require a custom XUI extension, and a custom skin. The xui extension should be released around the same time as 0.7b, as skin designers will need it, or certain parts of their skin wont work. You would also probably want a custom coverflow, that leaves room on the main screen for you to put the avatar.
  9. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    haverá alguma chance no aurora aparecer o avatar como aparecia na FS? Is there any chance at the aurora to appear the avataras it appeared in FS? ?Hay alguna posibilidad en el aurora que aparece el avatar como aparecía en la FS?
  10. XBox 360 Noob Questions

    G'Day Mates! Once again school holiday period and I'm at it again trying to keep the kids under control! This time with a surprise console for my son's birthday in 5 days! as I've found a nice Star-Wars console which has a Corona V1 mainboard. Now I've been trying to gather all the details in order to attempt to RGH1.2 for this awesome looking X360 console and I have a few questions before I write to the NAND I have spent a number of hours tonight trying to get the J-R Programmer V2 ebay Clone running on WIn10Pro latest build and it was a challenge, lucky I had a MTX SPI NAND Flasher that i was able to use and read the Xbox360 NAND and confirmed my wiring was ok and when I finally got the JRV2 running and visible in jrunner I compared both NAND reads from each device and they where the same, YEAH!..so which brings me back to the question on which Dash version must you need to be on or does it not matter? When reading the NAND, it shows Patch 0 = 17511 & Patch 1=17502, should I have updated the dash before I attempt to glitch? Do I need to have the console on the latest version of FW, eg. 17511? Next was when reading about the SMC patching issue and how this version of jrunner 17511, SMC still are not pre-patched, and that I would need to modify the options_edited.ini, and make sure the patchsmc=true, then enable the the edited options in j-runner, and build your jtag image without the r-jtag checkbox enabled, it will skip the patching that j-runner does, and xebuild will patch the smc limit. (snip taken from HERE) so can anyone break this down for me, what is the issue if I don't perform this? I will be using a X360ACE V3 for the glitching and adding in a 2TB Slim HDD. Finally I wanted to ask about sounds, as I noticed there is Sonus since the Starwars has sounds for powering up and ejecting it appears this is possible via jrunner but I need to look into this as it may require additional hardware which I do not have, but looks to be a cool feature as I don't want to lose these sounds if I write to the NAND.. BTW the dumping of the NAND between the JR & MTX is JR comes in faster with about 3.31min to read and the MTX was 7.03min which by the 4th read come down to about 6.38min PEACE Kosti
  11. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    You better believe it, I've got a Demon Nand/RGH in one and JTAG in the other, I use them both - they are good for head to head in my house and I've got loads of games for them :-). I've not bothered with next gen consoles yet as I don't think they are worth the money, and the games are too expensive. My next gaming machine will be a gaming PC with a GTX 1080 TI or similar, in the meantime I'm sticking to the 360.
  12. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    Happy to translate to Australian LOL X360 is far from dead especially when you have kids, and I am today about to attempt a Starwars Console RGH1.2 so will be popping back in for some aurora goodness when the time is right Thanking you all in advance as always as without you guys & girls, I'd be pulling my hair out trying to keep 4 kids under control during school holidays! PEACE Kosti
  13. Unity login failed

    I can't log to my XboxUnity account. I've try reset password, but still can't log in. It say: Login failed. Please Try Again . My username: Scorpio
  14. [Script] Temperature Manager

    Well, good luck
  15. [Script] Temperature Manager

    Well, i tried to split this, but it wasn't as good as the original one. Therefore, i decided to revive this and optimize the usablity. There will be a Version 1.0 soon in the Repos.
  16. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    I have never been part of the translation team but if you have trouble getting ahold of someone to translate to french, i would be more than happy to do so.
  17. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    Good thing that everything is going as expected with Aurora, I still have my Xbox 360 and I think I can do something for Aurora again, so if you need my translation help I'll be here, greetings.
  18. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    You have no idea what you are talking about...... and I warned you, so now you have been banned..... We are not adding covers to unity for this build. We do that as people upload them, and we approve them. If you would read the stuff on the forum you would know this. The current version of the WebUI doesnt do covers as far as I know, and I have used it. As for custom covers without the asset editor, that is doable with aurora 0.6b, as there was an option added to put images in a folder, and then apply them to titles. Maybe you should read up on the features that aurora 0.6b has before you go on about how we need to release 0.7b so you can have features you already have.
  19. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    Aurora always comes with localization's other than english. Has since the beginning. it is also the last stage of the testing process, as the localization xml with all of the new stuff that needs to be localized cant be written until we know what we are writing for. Then we have to solve any issues in the XUI that may arise, due to a localization, if that happens. If you only have one localization, you might miss the bugs before release, so when other make the localizations, there could be unintended visual issues because of it.
  20. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    @gavin_darkglider is there really any need for localization on release day? I thought it could be added as a separate download later as they are in 0.6b or am I misstaken?
  21. RETROARCH 0.9.8 unofficial

    Yes, it's possible. I'll see if i can add the option again for sdtv users to the next version.
  22. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    What's up with xboxrgh? (Impatient is one thing, talking trash/hurling insults is another). After reading the last few posts, I remembered posting a reply to a different user (a few months ago) who was complaining.. and it seems applicable here also (slightly modified and redirected) *********************************************** Posted July 28, 2017 (insert today's date) @ fau... (insert 'xboxrgh') We/YOU are getting this for FREE, but you complain... ?? You should be happy that Aurora is being updated AT ALL, and has not been abandoned. Some people.. should not be allowed to breathe the same air.. (just my 2 cents) ************************************************************************ ...... my work here is done.... except to say thank you to everyone involved in bringing Aurora this far, and (or) into the future.
  23. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    When we launch is not important, If it is ready to launch is what matters. I have left notes on progress throughout this thread to try and make people happy. If people would just be patient, then there wouldnt be a problem. I have explained why it is taking so long. I have also said, you should see it within the next month. The rest of the stuff wont be appearant until the localization team does their thing, and they have been waiting on us to finish our thing, and we have to wait on the programmers to finish their thing, and then send our notes back, and they have to do their thing again..... it isnt as easy to get the people with the time and know how together at the same time, because we have lives, and live all over the world. As for brief launch? The launch will be very brief, when it happens. You will get a notice in aurora, it will take less than 5 minutes to download, then it will update. I dont think it can get any more brief. Also, no one said you were a slut or a whore...... If you are, congrats, we dont really care. I said you need to be patient, because no one likes someone who acts like a whining bitch(in fewer words). All I see in all of your posts is whining about time tables. I have 2 kids I deal with every day, they are 4 and 6, and this is what I expect from them. If you are old enough to respond to this thread, then you should be old enough to A. Wait patiently, like everyone else, B.Spell Gavin right, C. Not try to convince the users of our product that it isnt going to be updated because it hasnt been released on your time tables. By doing these things, you waste my time replying to you, and trying to keep the community at bay, because they see your negative post, then think there is something to it, when you dont know what you are talking about. This is time I could be using to finish up the testing needed, so you can get this. So, if you want to get technical, you can add yourself to the blame for why it is taking so long. At least from a certain point of view. That being said, I have already closed most of the bugs, so it should be ready for the localization team, when ever the devs track them all down again.
  24. (unofficial) JRunner V0.4

    If you have the right hardware, and the drivers are installed, you click the big button in the top right that says..... Wait for it...... "Read Nand". I know it take a genius to read single syllable words on a screen these days..... Damn emoji's. lol.
  25. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    I find that hard to believe, as I am testing the first release candidate now. Seems to be pretty smooth, and bug free, because we took our time, and tracked that shit down, and spent a year working it all out.... That being said, once the testing is done, then it get passed off to the localization people, so the language packs can be created. So, depending on how long it takes me to close out the last of these bug reports, and how long it takes the localization team to finish their work, you should see 0.7b before the end of the month, like I said. Then again, if you want to keep being a whining bitch, I will put off closing these bugs until june, and everyone can wait, because you want to talk like you know something. Keep it up, and you wont be posting here anymore. Simple as that, you have been warned.
  26. RETROARCH 0.9.8 unofficial

    Doooooooooont forget the MAME changes! =D EDIT: @cmkn_1983 any chance of it working on SD tvs soon?
  27. RETROARCH 0.9.8 unofficial

    Well with my configuration, shaders are enabled.. I mean, porting the changes I can do mate.. I will be pm you about it..
  28. RETROARCH 0.9.8 unofficial

    hi. It's based on 0.9.8 version, since is the last version with dual shader support. That's why i'm still using. Apply the changes on will be probably straightfoward, but time consuming. No promises, but maybe i'll start port the features to last version on month june.
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