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  3. felida

    Failed to create a public room from Xbox Unity

    YOU can not, i MIGHT be able to, but i highly doubt anyone would.. as YOU can create your OWN room.. and not make it private.. what you are trying to do is redundant, as you will be right back here making posts about people cheating in that specific room..
  4. RedaMostaganem

    Failed to create a public room from Xbox Unity

    I understand that, but that's what I don't want, I mean I want a room with a specific name not with my unity name with no password That's why I go to unity website. Is it possible?
  5. felida

    Failed to create a public room from Xbox Unity

    you can EASILY create a public room without a password.. you do so via the xbox(unity might be bugged??) but as for ACTUAL pre-defined public rooms, that is for staff only.. you can easily PM/Skype/Discord people the password tho edit: it will be a room with your unity name on it, for example, if i were to create a room, it would be "felida's room"
  6. Yesterday
  7. Hello, I want to create a public room on Xbox unity but it always says "failed to add Room." PS: I want to play with people from my country to avoid lagging, and i don't want to make it private because they don't know the password and there's no way for me to tell them. So how can I do? Thanks in advance.
  8. Thiagor

    Tom Clancy's EndWar

    I Solved the problem. I installed the latest freestyle And the latest title update of the game.
  9. Yes, Co-op vs Offline multiplayer, i see the difference now ... Local multiplayer filter also works and displays also the Worms series. Thanks again all for dealing with this!
  10. I found a little Bug in the sorting methods options on aurora 0.7b (0.6 version doest not have this bug) On a clean install, i notice that the sorting methods you choose does not get saved, every time you restart aurora is back to the default value. So checked "settings.db" and found this value in blank, so i put it manually and stay selected after restart Aurora.
  11. UPDATE: i've tried this game.. couldnt get past the first 30 seconds before i stopped.. haha.. i dislike games that take forever to get past the intro
  12. Last week
  13. felida

    Skin ideas

    ok, so it seems to be the edited skin.xur that is causing the freeze/crash.. hahaha.. i'll have to go back through and figure what exactly is causing it.. just GRRRRRRR tho.. nothing "should" be causing it to mess up.. hahaah
  14. Swizzy

    F3 ContentItems Editor

    Most likely it's a false positive, the "name" suggests it's merely executing a Javascript, not entirely sure why you would need such in this, but... could be that it's using a webbased interface under the hood... which could be the reason your antivirus is blocking it...
  15. I'm assuming you don't know how to do SQL updates? It's fairly easy, i might write some code for my app to do that, just not sure how long it'll take before it's remotely ready for public usage
  16. co-op is defined as playing together to reach a goal, that is what the script checks for, based on what is specified in the xbox store (or actually the Aurora DB which is populated from the Xbox store) What you are looking for might be Offline Multiplayer rather than Co-Op For that you could use the following script: GameListFilterCategories.User["Only Local Multiplayer Games"] = function(Content) minco = bit32.rshift(bit32.band(Content.CapabilitiesOffline.LowPart, 0x00FF0000), 16) maxco = bit32.rshift(bit32.band(Content.CapabilitiesOffline.LowPart, 0xFF000000), 24) minp = bit32.band(Content.CapabilitiesOffline.LowPart, 0x000000FF) maxp = bit32.rshift(bit32.band(Content.CapabilitiesOffline.LowPart, 0x0000FF00), 8) return (((minco > 1 or minco == 1) and (maxco > 2 or maxco == 2)) or ((minp > 1 or minp == 1) and (maxp > 2 or maxp == 2))) end
  17. well.. here's the thing, i've looked at the details of 2 worms games.. worms 2: https://marketplace.xbox.com/en-us/Product/Worms-2-Armageddon/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80258410912# Worms: Ultimate Mayhem: https://marketplace.xbox.com/en-us/Product/Worms-Ultimate-Mayhem/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80258410afd# worms 2 doesn't specify co-op mode but does specify offline 1-4... W:UM DOES specify co-op.. and just looking at the script function, i cant tell exactly what it is looking for.. hahaha.. so yeah it COULD be because the description(metadata/ect) doesnt specify it edit: yeah the script actually looks for the co-op tag.. offline 1-4 players doesnt exactly mean co-op, could be offline PVP..
  18. Yes, this worked, but its not 100% accurate as some of, even Worms games, are not picked up. Any way of getting game visible under this filter by tampering its data?
  19. Note

    F3 ContentItems Editor

    Hi, this download archiive has a virus detect? I can't open x this... Any solve?
  20. Note

    F3 ContentItems Editor

    TKs x the upload.. Down ok 😛
  21. Chrishockey55

    Unity login failed.

    fixed :)
  22. Some one find this topic download all stuff from first post and have problem with run app do they ask for help here. Packed from my post i create my self so i be sure it's fine and you have everything in one File to download
  23. felida

    Mods for skyrim

  24. or a simple google search would have brought this up: i dunno why people dont actually search..
  25. You can try download this packed. -> Packed include a) app netflix b) media update c) update for NETFLIX "ver16" (TU 16) Netflix for realmodscene .rar
  26. i understand. i have a program to open the database files. but thats all i can do is to look at them i cant edit them. I've looked at your program and its looks really cool.
  27. cmkn_1983

    PCSXR 360 By Ced2911

    In the last commits (not offcialy released by ced), he added .z compression. These images can be created using a tool called pocket iso. Ced managed to get it working but it have some problems with multi-disc images and other things. I fixed some stuff and now i have a working build with compressed (.z images) support. Only games with cdda will not work, so you have to keep the games with cdda( tomb raider 1, 2 for example) unconpressed. All other games i tested with xa audio works very well. Vagrant story, have about 700mb, and using pocket iso, the image go down to about170mb in size, so it worth if space is a problem. @Dreamboy, if would like to add the compressed images support in a possible next release, just let me known cheers. and sorry, bad english.
  28. Mr-Rude

    Mods for skyrim

    ok then
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