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  3. Godot only works on Xbox One and Xbox Series , however if you look for Unity3D for xbox360 you can find the module for it online
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  5. There's a star wars skin im wanting to use with my r2d2 360 and It won't work with aurora 0.7. So if it's possible can someone please tell me how to go back to an earlier version? I mean do i just replace the 0.7 files?
  6. i have entered my name api key i cant get it says error every time. xhttp is enabled
  7. If there was a new menu item added, then it would have to be updated.. but generally the only thing that is stopping the new skin is the new items and a version number in the meta.. That being said.. i havent messed with the skins in a long time, and i cant remember if something was changed inbetween 7b and 7b1, theoretically yes, just changing the version number will make it compaible if no changes were made to the default skin..
  8. The original is always saved when you use jrunner and such to create your rgh image.. look thru your files.. fcrt.bin is only for slims iirc
  9. The problem lies within the xb website.. they changed the code so where aurora used to get the assets and info from is an invalid url.. this is the exception
  10. You would do the same process as the avatar data install, except you would just have to have your kinect hooked up.. System update on usb, press accept to update.. No need for "latest" dash either.. your current one will work just fine
  11. You would use horizon.. there isnt an fsd/aurora specific app.. people have been sharing game saves without even using these custom dashes.. You would need to resign the save to match your profile..
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  13. PADDLE MEYHEM PADDLE MEYHEM is PONG with Graphic Updates and Dancing Lights Made with Unity for Xbox 360 Achievements to collect 2 Player Offline mode Great music DOWNLOAD LINKS: PADDLE MEYHEM CONTENT PACKAGE V1.0: https://mega.nz/file/IS5USYib#y1SB6gDSgM_oW8hnZuP9nW4CUmvAOq0l5jpiW1sjSsI PADDLE MEYHEM LOOSE FILES V1.0: https://mega.nz/file/9bZgjJ5B#xnJj3CyY9mQW37WmufmmQLq3POEF3qZ7TVHUYxQLP8E *** You might have to use X360GameHack to pack XEX for RGH/JTAG ***
  14. How do I download these, all of them are unavailable, are there newer external links please. These look so cool
  15. ok, so you are wrong.. you need to enable the TU with-in aurora.. otherwise it will delete the TU there, because you are telling aurora to load game with no TU. how aurora works: user launches game, aurora checks if user selected a TU, if yes/no it verifies if the TU there matches the users selection. if it matches it does nothing, if it doesnt match selection, it will delete and move the users selected TU into the correct location. you need to make sure you enable the TU in each indie game..
  16. Hi. My language is Russian, so I don't understand everything. Where to get firmware-timings for chips matrix v3 and x360ace v3? For RGH1.2 Slim, for Corona and Trinity. I can't find it anywhere, can I have a separate link? I need them to flash the glitch chips in the program XSVF_GUi_0.2.1. I use the programmer MTX SPI NAND Flasher v1.0. Apologies in advance for poor english
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  18. I had the same problem but it wanted my TU in the usb not hdd, I think this is because I had installed DLC/TU's for non indie games in the USB and in the aurora menu I had switched the device to USB, although I switched it back so im confused. Anyway I finally got it to work by installing the update to usb1/content/0000000000000000/584E07D2/000B0000/tu32000100_00000000 I think this may resolve some of the issues people had many years ago.
  19. Hi, I had everything set up and working with aurora 0.7b.1. I was able to play all my games including the indie titles. Then some time passed about a month or so and I'm not sure what changed but now when I try to load up an indie game it first deletes the XNA Title Update located in 0000000000000000/584E07D1/000B0000 and then I get the popup notification that the game needs the title update and cannot be played. To verify that I can still play indie games I first need to reupload the title update that was deleted and load up Dashlaunch v3.21. Inside DL I click left bumper and then select the "Launch" option and I am able to play all the indie games successfully. EDIT: If it helps - when I clear title updates it deletes the XNA Title Update, but when I scan for title updates it reboots and scans, but I dont see it added anywhere. aurora's Data/TitleUpdates/Cache/*.list shows just empty list '[]' Figured it out, I noticed that Aurora had created a 0000000000000000 folder in my USB drive when I installed black ops 3 DLC/TU. So out of the blue I made /584E07D1/000B0000 folders and moved the XNA Title Update to the USB's 0000000000000000 and sure enough that's where Aurora now wanted the XNA Title Update. All the Indie games now work EDIT: Well I thought I figured it out... I moved the TU to usb1/content/0000000000000000/584E07D2/000B0000/ and it actually ran an indie title from aurora... but then it deleted the TU and when I reupload it its not loading the same title again Edit2: I then moved the TU to usb0/content/0000000000000000/584E07D2/000B0000/ (which never even had a content folder) and it again worked once and then the second time round deleted the TU and did not work. I loaded into xexmenu and deleted aurora and reinstalled it and it appears to be working, hopefully i can keep my old boxart. edit: needed to port the old boxart so I made a script, let me know if anyone needs.
  20. Hello, for FreeStyle users there is an App for Windows, but i had a Aurora Dash instead. Tried many times to upload a savegame, but either gets corrupted or doesn't detect my profile.
  21. I have an original xbox 360 (fat) and its not recognising any lan cable anymore. Maybe the ethernet port is damaged or something. Im not able to get my hands on wireless network adapter for xbox 360. But i have a xbox 360 slim internal wifi module. So i was just wondering if there is a way to mod it n use it as network adapter for my old fat model. If anyone has ever done such a mod or have seen it, can you please guide me?
  22. hello can you able to run this game on xbox 360 rgh? ı couldnt make it run even with the latest hacked xbox emulator. ıf you know how can you share?
  23. Hello everyone I have a problem with my account Sake30 I tried to register but did not receive activation mail. I tried the forgotten password option where I get the code but it doesn't allow me to enter.
  24. You need the 2.0.17489 retail update. But its better you update directly your kernel to the latest RGH 2.0.17559 Kernel/Dash.
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