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  3. Hi I have an idea for aurora menu I think we need a messaging app so we can play together more comfortably I Made Many Friends on System Link But I can't contact them we need for better experience Please support this project. And my Gamertag=ZekiTR Username:Digital.Gaming57 I usually play red dead Write a comment to play together
  4. Game invites do expire on Xbox mate.. but, what you are asking is close to server emulation, which this site doesn't condone.
  5. The specific games I am talking about can be accessed you just need an invite. On ps3 you can still get onto those servers if you have old invites in your inbox (since invites never expire on ps3) same with whenever the servers were down for maintenance on 360 when the server wasnt shut down you would just need an invite to get on. Im just looking for a way to make a spoofed invite somehow to do this still on 360.
  6. Hello guys! Just a small informative update here. Now I am becoming famous hahaha. Please, take a read on this cool interview with my friend @davechatsgames: http://www.davechatsgames.wordpress.com/2020/07/06/ask-the-dev/ And here is the first, of many, gaming press channels talking about my game (it's from Brazil):
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  8. You can't get onto a server that has been shut down.. they no longer exists.. the software that runs them is non-existent.. Some games.. have a p2p system.. instead of dedicated ones.. even still, they require connection to base server to match the game
  9. I can only believe that they are the type that is only released after finishing the game or something. Someone who has the game may have a better answer. Sorry.
  10. There is no tu . I have searched everywhere , there are no tu . The dlc path is correct as I have installed other dlc also and they are working but the doogie bag dlc is not working.
  11. I was thinking that the game cover.bin file in game data in f3 has game cover in Xbox . If I will send that file to other Xbox and transfer it in other f3 game data, will the cover show up or will not work . Is it possible?
  12. I have installed other dlc also like the multiplayer mask and other but the doogie bag dlc is not working. I have deleted it and I installed it again but not working. Xm360 is showing that it is unlocked.
  13. Rip.The error code was 0033 and the power brick is making buzzing sound I think that's the problem.EDIT:now it has a red light too.
  14. So recently I have been trying to find ways to get on some servers with a few friends on different games that have had their servers shutdown but you can get onto the servers if you had an invite. I have been trying to figure out a way to possibly spoof an invite where either I could send an invite or mod an invite I receive to actually be from the game I want to get on the server of. Could it be possible to change the title id of an invite someone sends me? If this wouldnt work I also been trying to change the title id of xex files on different games to the title id of a game I want to get on but havent had any luck with that either. If anyone has any suggestions for this I would greatly appreciate it.
  15. Hello everyone! I come here to ask for your help again. Today's question is: every time I choose an option on Aurora; it gets that green color. Where can I change this color? I used Goggle Translator to write this text. Some words may not be grammatically correct.
  16. As well? Tried to generate the code and does not give? Hold the Sync button and click the eject button four times in a row Hoping to show the number. Example. First click four green LEDs on 0 then 2 on 2, then 1 on 1 then 3 on 3 Error 0213
  17. My Xbox 360 RGH is showing a solid red light.It doesn't have any rings and no error codes.The power brick light is orange when it's on.It worked fine yesterday.Can somebody tell how to fix it.
  18. It may be blocked. If you are in the HDD you can unlock it with the XM360 in the video game itself. Or with the xbox content manager program on your computer.
  19. I have Unreal Championship on my RGH it works. Bloody Roar Extreme works but runs slow. There's a lot of Xbox games that don't work on 360, hundreds of them.
  20. I have installed the dlc but the game shows I have to do not have the downloadable content to play . I have unlocked it with xm360 but it's not working.
  21. Below are some popular games, exclusive to the original Xbox but not compatible with X360: Bruce Lee Quest of The Dragon Hunter The Reckoning Redeemer Tao Feng Fist of the Lotus Bloody Roar Extreme blood wake Carve Star Wars: Obi-Wan Unreal Championship
  22. It's pretty much a gif. Broken down into alot of jpg images.
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