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  2. HI, I have an RGH3 moded 360 that I've setup with Aurora 0.7b.2. I initially installed 30 or so games to the hard drive and everything seemed to work just fine. I recently added 200 or so more games and Aurora comes up with a blank game list and I cannot get it to scan. I am able to delete the path and re-add it and it is able to scan the folder, but the list in lost after reboot. I installed a clean/blank Aurora to a different folder and the same thing is happening. I've also tried setting the scan depth to 9 and the issue persists. I also tried splitting the games into different folders with about 60 games per folder and the issue persists. Does anyone have any ideas on what the issue might be? Thanks!
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  4. Hi I'm not sure if this is the right place, but I could not find a better place I have a weird problem with indie games and didn't find anyone mentioned encountering this problem. My indie games run from Aurora and work fine, but in indie games my controller "start button" does not seem to work, and unfortunately most standalone games have this "press the start key to begin" thing, so actually I can't play them . My controller start key works well everywhere (except on indie start screen). Do you have any idea what the problem is? Thanks!
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  6. I got 2 accounts that can't connect but can receive password reset emails problem is i still get login failed with the new passwords.. One of the account been created for the sole purpose of bypassing my initial login issue.. Accounts xSwatQCx SwatQC
  7. I understand notngetting an aswer right away.. But at this point im affraid i'll never be able to try LiNK....
  8. Hello, I have this same issue. Clicked on the activation link but nothing happens. Username: Amixware Email: aaronamix6@gmail.com Username: sidney Email: sidneyiaz@gmail.com
  9. Im late! thanks for the update!
  10. thanks for the tag how do i install this in to AURORA ON MY RGH XBOX 360?
  11. hi. just like you, i bought my xbox in 2021 and animations in the game catalog menu was suttering with original skin. so i tried some skins and i found out that most of them causing performance issues. the best skin that i find is this: it works great looks decent. i wish that there is a way to mute main menu music but overall i can reccomend this one. sorry for my grammer
  12. Hi @Eruil I understand that - but I cannot reproduce what you are saying where the resulting image has bad blocks. When I made it with the donor creator, it had no bad blocks! So please provide me to reproduce the image that is having bad blocks. Kind Regards, Josh
  13. i used the nanndump 17150 with badblocks and i tried to create another with 17559 dash in your jrunner version . the result was an updated nand with same bad blocks . i extracted files (kv.bin, fcrt.bin, etc...) and i compiled a new retail one with jrunner 0.8 benmitnick using the "create a new nand without nandump" . then i finally used that retail with no bad blocks to create a rgh 3 17559 nand . then i tried what you said about shift + left click in the donor nand option copying extracted files (kv.bin , fcrt.bin, etc) to /xebuild/data and selecting "retail" with "clean smc" options. it worked . i thought that you had removed the "create an image without the nanddump" completely . im glad that its not what i thought ;D
  14. @Eruil Can you tell me more how to reproduce? I loaded your dump, and used the donor nand wizard and the output has no bad blocks: That is because "create image without nanddump.bin" and "Donor Nand Creator" both do not use the original dump, they do a fresh image. Please provide me steps on how to reproduce this so I can fix it! Kind Regards, Josh4
  15. You have a video here that shows exactly how to do it through xexmenu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCs8bIwifzk Or you can transfer the game through a File Manager in Aurora
  16. Earlier
  17. Thanks friend. I will investigate and make a patch release later this month. Sorry, I have absolutely no idea what you are trying to tell me. 13182 is placed by check WB 2K ok? Kind Regards, Josh
  18. Hello, but how to get ISO bigger than 4,3 GB to the aurora xbox. Problem 1. the most of the usb drives are FAT32 and do not support files bigger than 4,3 GB. Problem 2. I do not know if aurora xbox supports other file systems than FAT32. How to solve the problem?
  19. Hello there, I have used Xbox Image Browser to extract an ISO file. I use aurora 0.7??? with an internal HDD. Where do I copy the extracted files to the xbox hdd to make the game run? Thanks
  20. why in the new J-Runner with Extras Session: 01.15.2022 16:27:20 Version: 3.1.0b didn't add bootloader 13182? for dashboard 17599?
  21. no prob . i made it to another coleague in EOL forum ;D . i recompiled a bad block glitch nand to a retail with no bad blocks https://mega.nz/file/BU1GxLbI#VrYSaxaZ6ns1dSRE4_OxqWSvnBoILd1lMBRwXGooa6I i tested in your jrunner version. i selected clean smc and i pressed the left click + shift in the "create donor nand option " . it worked . thanks mr davidson ;D
  22. Stop it, get the update You will quickly find, that you cannot select SMC+ and RGH3 at the same time. RGH3 has it own SMC. Kind Regards, Josh
  23. @Eruil would you be able to send me the dump so I can check? Also - you can use SHIFT+click to access the old system. Kind Regards, Josh
  24. Hello Josh and happy 2022 thank you for your awesome work . i hope that this bug report may be of interest to you . i tried to create a new retail nand without bad blocks using a glitch nand with bad blocks with the "create an image without nandump.bin " using the extracted nand files but i see that you removed it in 3.1.0.b . i created one using your software but retail nand keeps the bad blocks . i used another jrunner to complete the task. hope it helps in any way
  25. Sold.... Payment received. Reporting to be closed
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