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  1. First off i'll give credit to some people. Muppo & x1024 - for a lot of the work on this skin as I used Muppo's 'Blue Mountains Neo' skin as the base for this one. Their skins can be found here: Blue Mountains Neo Blur Swizzy & Felida - for every time I had a question or wanted some help they were always willing to read and respond to anything I asked (even stupid questions). Team Phoenix - for all their hard work coding & testing Aurora and then releasing it to the public free of charge..without them none of this could be possible. Thanks Team Phoenix! Unique Features of my skin.. Splash Screen - I have made an animation for the splash screen for all those people myself included who have lots of games to load at start up and don't want to stare at a static image, I got the idea when watching the anime show 'psycho pass' and tried to replicate the animation as best I could. Colours are a little messed up in the video due to my camera but you get the idea. There is an audio track to go with the animation but I didn't record it when making the video as my son was trying to sleep at the time. Note: If you unpack the .xzp there is an image 'info.png' which you can edit to have your name appear in the animation..it currently reads 'Default User' for sake of ease. Synopsis Screen - I wanted to have something different from all the other skins so I made all my own textures with photoshop & gimp and this is what I ended up with. Other Pages.. Main Screen - Self explainitory, I kept Blue Mountains Neo's quick view here because it just looks so awesome all I did was change some textures and some font. The animation on the main screen I got from someone else but it was back in 0.5b and I can't remember where it was from sorry, It does look great though. Settings Screen - Again this is from Blue Mountains Neo I edited the transitions, added my own background, textures, music etc. That about does it, hope you like my skin. Holmite Gears of War Edition.xzp
  2. i didnt change the transitions in the main.xur except making the bg music stop playing at the end of 'TransFrom' so when my settings.xur loaded i could have different music playing. I just deleted all the frames in my settings.xur and redid them i think the issue was the named frames and the fact it was all so sloppy when i first started cause im kind of learning as i go..also i had set named frame transitions but also selected Fade In/Out from the drop down menu when you first select the xuiscene which may have caused conflicts..if in doubt scrap your frames and start again
  3. I spent a lil while making some new 'GameDetails' Icons for the synopsis screen but dont like the way they look on my skin so if anyone wants to use them I thought id post them. GameDetails.rar
  4. To change the bg of this particular section, you have to add one in mate.. the utilities.xur has a transparent bg, which is why u still see the normal bg you can change this bg very easily, ive done it...as felida says set the image path in 'utilites_systemtools.xur' to your 2nd bg you want.
  5. Im having an issue with 0.6b that i had working on 0.5b and im not sure if there is some way to fix it...ok so from the main screen (Aurora_Main.xur) you hit 'Start' and it launches 'Aurora_Setings.xur' but everytime i change the keypath to mine 'Custom_Settings.xur' it makes the transitions fine but it screws up the transition for 'X' button which i believe is the browser and QuickView 'RB/LB'..this may be because it seems as though they use the same transition which i think was 'TransTo1'. I would happily accept that i cant do this if it didnt work in 0.5b. This might be able to be done with the new Gizmo thingy or LUA scripting but i know nothing about either of them so im not going to pretend i do. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
  6. so i have a profile all setup nicely with each game renamed as i would like in aurora, manually hid discs for multi disc games so it looks all neat but when i sign in to a different profile its all reset. is there any way i can copy over the profile settings to a new profile on the same hdd?
  7. i should mention i had the calls and transitions for my music all setup already as .wavs but am trying to change them to .xmas as 60mb for a skin just seems silly if i can make sound files 200kb instead of 20mb..so i changed all the calls to look for the newly converted .xmas but yea, cant hear any sound now
  8. ok so i followed the instructions, converted the wavs to xmas changed the source to the xma extention in the xur file..recompiled my skin but the sound files arent playing..i checked all the keyframes to make sure they were always calling on the xma file and not randomly the wav extention on some transitions so im not sure why its not working for me. any ideas what i can try to get it to work??
  9. I have a xui scene with a default focus set as say 'Large Button' is there anyway i can make it so as a once off just with the default focus it waits 15 frames? without making it do that every single time that item is 're' focused?? i can make it default focus nothing but id rather have it wait 15 frames for a small animation then auto/default focus 'Large Button'.. any help would be great. thanks all
  10. i had no idea about that part for whatever reason my xuitools had SFNS on there already but that definatley helps to add more fonts now. thanks mate
  11. my method works, shouts to swizzy for prnt scrn
  12. ok so what i said is also working please just try what i said and test it for yourself i will show a pic but i needa setup xbox360 neirbourhood...sec
  13. ok so i tested what you said, and it worked..i think i get it..needa mess around a lil as...it may just be font size that is decieving me into thinking i have 2 diff fonts on the main screen
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