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  1. Can´t save main xur it says corrupted after many times trying save, what could be?
  2. Hello buddies, could someone help me? Aurora Skin meta Generator has closing or stopping answer, everytime i try load an skin.meta, could someone tell me why? or how to fix? thanks in advance.
  3. Could you remake your tutorials? low quality video, sorry for, but thanks
  4. Direct link to MEGA https://mega.nz/#!CAgwWA7a!DHlqKFAUHBwcMvQKFWz7TZ3wP0V0fGf-aA2cJYOuKv0
  5. This community is muted... donpt know why people here dont like to help...
  6. Hwo to update a Skin to a new aurora version... ?w
  7. Felida i remeber you in Xiyzmods community, glad to see you again, i have things to beg you, how to put music in aurora skins, how to change version of aurora skin, and where to download tools to skinning. Thanks.
  8. Don´t waste your time the link of this guy is broken as you can see here https://mega.nz/#!NuQlSRoZ!ypRzE_c3YHuBnUY61PYbHE8CCSN4Ri7rl4FnFvS_9fs
  9. Hi guys, i have a skin in v5 of Aurora and i want to change it to v 0.7 latest, how can i do this?
  10. Could you do a Skin with Black Clover anime? Thank you@ Animation intro should be great!
  11. Can you do a Skin to th Black Clover anime? with intro anime?
  12. Is there any script that shown on Aurora the Game Disc Number?
  13. One day ... Video preview for games.. one day! Thank you for the release and it´s awesome!
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