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  1. Several games have fps drops.. That is normal.. Has nothing to do with the backwards compat files..
  2. felida

    DLC not working

    And just to add.. This was even talked about by Gavin plenty times before.. There is no hash checks.. So even if the TU is partially there, aurora will read it.. This happens when you download via Wi-Fi lol.. As I previously stated
  3. felida

    DLC not working

    And as I have said, that means the TU would be corrupt, or doesnt match your version of the game.. Also, it doesn't read from a database, the files are parsed and read from that, as the game and tu both can easily be read mate, just like the xbox does.. The xbox doesnt magically contact live servers(without internet) to read if they match up or not mate..
  4. felida

    DLC not working

    Mediaid and base version.. You cant take something that is meant for a different version and expect it to work with another
  5. felida

    DLC not working

    no, because like i ALREADY said, it has to MATCH the game.. if aurora DOES NOT find it, then there isnt a matching version
  6. felida

    DLC not working

    then that would mean the TU didnt download properly.. dont use wifi on your console.. use wired connection
  7. ok.. if you have enabled unity connection and requested your apikey from within aurora.. and NO title updates are showing for that particular game: then there isnt a matching version on the server mate.. there are a couple of factors in matching the game to the server
  8. felida

    DLC not working

    use aurora to download title updates.. there is more to it than just having correct mediaID.. as for xm360, you have to rescan EVERY time you add something mate.. make sure you use a hardline and not wifi
  9. Then change your notification settings mate..
  10. If it is made by xyz team, aka aurora specific.. Then it should be in the repack on this site..
  11. We understand, you were talkkng about reversing stuff and there is an ftp plugin for dashlaunch that is persistent when playing a game.. Has nothing to do with fsd/aurora mate..
  12. Pilot wings and something else.. Lol.. But game's original creator gave permission to release out.. Just works on modded consoles
  13. check your settings in the stock dashboard.. and turn off background downloads
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