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  1. Use a USB or ftp and copy the new files over
  2. can you approve this cover of Deadpool brazilian version for Xbox unity? I tried to post and it didn't work for a long time...

    34 Sem Título_20220523131152.png

    1. felida


      I dont see it awaiting approval mate

    2. ValteMCPE
    3. ValteMCPE


      Felida you don't need to check it has already been approved but there were a few repeated per attempt!

  3. No.. it is dlc.. free or not.. 0 legit dlc.. Now if you make custom dlc such as skyrim or rockband.. that technically would be ok.. as it is custom
  4. They can not.. not here.. that is piracy.. we dont condone that here
  5. Just fyi.. we don't condone nor support stealth services.. Now what you use it for is on the end user.. and ofc using xbl servers will always be superior.. unity is community driven.. not supported by xbl at all
  6. That is because someone needs to approve it.. seems I'm the only one still here.. I'll get to it soon. I've been inactive but only mods can approve them so no nudity or profanity etc can be posted.. for safety reasons edit: done
  7. The title update goes by media id.. just because you have a game doesn't mean the tu you have is the correct one.. Aurora via unity will scan everything to make sure it matches.. your conclusion is also wrong about determining the correct name.. use 360 content manager on pc, it will tell you the correct name and install location, as it reads from within the container.. the default.xexp inside. As for the filename being wrong, yes, because the xbox is looking for a specific filename.. so any deviation will result in error. There is no checksum verify if something wasn't transferred properly.. do not use wifi to download or ftp.. wired or thumbdrive is needed.. if the tu is corrupt it will show but not apply because it isnt correct.
  8. No.. you are completely wrong. There are 2 types of title updates.. the TU_xxxx files do go into the cache of the hdd. The tu00000002_000000 go into the content folder like dlc.. you can take the tu, load it into 360 content manager on PC, and tell if the file name is correct or not mate.. 100% your tu is corrupt. Now, there is a file size limit on unity.. which is why the latest tu isnt on there for minecraft.. there is also no checksum verification if the tu was corrupt or incomplete.. The last tu for minecraft is tu 78.. or 79.. the bedrock edition version. And is in this site.. I've put the link up here personally.. but you are misinformed about the tu process..
  9. That wouldn't cause the trainers to not work.. the plugin is only for link.. you tried updating while the plugin was active.. you need to use something else besides Aurora, like xexmenu, and manually replace the plugin from a fresh download
  10. It's not in the main.h but in the trainer.cpp file
  11. it does not save for the "current session" but for the current profile.. if you saved a setup to a profile, even not one, it will change when you sign out/sign in..
  12. if you look on swizzys github, where you find the source for 360 nand flasher, you will find the retroarch source... loads of file selection there
  13. dont over complicate things.. you can easily split up your games folder into something like "A-L" "K-P" "R-Z" each folder has a limit inside them, yes.. but if you split those folders, you bypass this limitation.. it is a kernel limitation.. nothing to do with aurora..
  14. there is a character limitation on the xbox mate.. 42 in length, and no special chars
  15. Nope.. you cant convert an install disc to god format.. you should read some guides people have put up on multi disc games and follow.. i know it works.. as ive made graw trainers 😉
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