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  1. well.. here's the thing, i've looked at the details of 2 worms games.. worms 2: https://marketplace.xbox.com/en-us/Product/Worms-2-Armageddon/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80258410912# Worms: Ultimate Mayhem: https://marketplace.xbox.com/en-us/Product/Worms-Ultimate-Mayhem/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80258410afd# worms 2 doesn't specify co-op mode but does specify offline 1-4... W:UM DOES specify co-op.. and just looking at the script function, i cant tell exactly what it is looking for.. hahaha.. so yeah it COULD be because the description(metadata/ect) doesnt specify it edit: yeah the script actually looks for the co-op tag.. offline 1-4 players doesnt exactly mean co-op, could be offline PVP..
  2. felida

    Mods for skyrim

  3. or a simple google search would have brought this up: i dunno why people dont actually search..
  4. DWORD OfflineCoopPlayersMax; that would be the variable.. so ">= 1 && <=8"? greater than 1 and less than 8?? lol ofc this would be up to the end user per-say lol.. but yeah, we both have tagged @saywaking in this, and he/she is pretty good at the script writing.. edit: like swizzy responded, there IS one already.. i thought so.. but couldnt find it via RMS lmfao
  5. felida

    MAME 0.72 2018 Update!!

    haha.. FUN times.. yeah a lot of changes have been merged.. but it is mostly just folder structuring from what i can tell right now..
  6. felida

    MAME 0.72 2018 Update!!

    while a lot of stuff is there for the 360.. there also isnt a lot.. such as a makefile lol.. they incorporated the widgets and stuff into the xui.cpp.. but there isnt much else defined there to the new updates.. nor has the actual skin and such been modified to implement these changes.. so while the 360 salamander stuff IS there and modified recently.. i dont know if the port would be functional
  7. felida

    Hack In COD Black Ops 2

    It's like this honestly: The team doesn't have enough people to moderate LiNK .. even if there was, EVERY case would need proof, so it isn't some kid complaining due to being a whiny brat(as there are tons on actual live lol).. And like I said, I would ip ban, but the way things are, that isn't the punishment. You can't follow the rules, people damn sure don't donate that much(ofc I COULD be wrong on this, as I do not actually know, but it is a safe assumption), so I would set it up so you couldn't access my stuff.. no title updates, no aurora updates, ect.. Is it a bit extreme? Yeah, but it is meant for people to enjoy, and the team freely allows mods in user rooms.. even if the room is public.. you're just not supposed to cheat and stuff in the actual pre-made rooms.. And I also can tell if someone is using a mod just by looking, as I am a trainer maker.. hahaha.. so I know what to look for.. plus I DO play cod alot.. And like your video, the pistol/sidearm does not have the distance nor accuracy like in the video.. lol.. absolutely cheating like a little entitled prick..
  8. you are correct.. but this might help you: you are going to have to create the filter yourself, or maybe someone who is better in lua such as @saywaking if he is up to doing the code.. but the function is already built into aurora for it mate
  9. felida

    Hack In COD Black Ops 2

    You can definitely tell the person is using an aim bot.. that's for sure.. But.. if I were in charge, I would ip ban people that don't follow the rules.. but that isn't my call.. there is a thread on here, with a list of previously known cheaters.. You can try and not play with em.. or you can use a password room.. or you can get you the rte that kicks people, if you are the host.. lol.. And troll the hell out of them.. But currently.. there isn't much we can do..
  10. felida

    MAME 0.72 2018 Update!!

    Does the emulator even have that coded into it?? That should be the question lol.. I was trying to add that into the retroarch cores that have the auto launch feature.. But from 0.98 to, waaaay too much has been changed, and I am limited in my c+ knowledge.. lol.. I've pitched the idea to dreamboy who did the pcsxr builds, as well as the source.. but nothing has come from that..
  11. felida

    Mods for skyrim

    You could easily read the section about skyrim mods that is on this site, or you can easily Google it.. posting questions like this expecting to be spoon fed the answer, wont get you very far..
  12. felida

    Aurora trainers not working

    Are you signed in? Are you running dashlaunch plugins? Do you have the avatar update installed?
  13. Is there a possibility, yea, very easily.. You obviously never made your own filter before.. Now, as for where it reads the data from.. maybe from unity?? I don't know lol.. but you can make the filter
  14. felida

    gta V modding

    You need to look into the difference between the 2.. skyrim custom content is exactly that.. not a mod really.. GTA 5 has cheats and such.. big difference in the 2.. find you a modmenu that gives you the cheats or w.e..