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  1. So you want support for another product by another team, from this team..
  2. If you manually set the time, it will hold until you unplug your console..
  3. you have to use something OTHER than aurora to delete those.. like xm360 ftp server, xexmenu, etc you cant delete files that are in use
  4. you do not manually replace it.. you use the asset editor to FTP it to your console
  5. You would upload it to the site mate.. there is a link on unity
  6. aurora isnt a mod.. its a custom program.. your problem sounds like its using a stealth service.. which we dont help with
  7. maybe because the emulator is running off the same hdd?? doing multiple tasks on any standard hdd will cause issues.. when you change the device the game is stored on, then you free up the internal drive for the backwards compat emu....
  8. is the indie cover on unity? you shouldnt need to use the asset editor if it is mate
  9. You dont need to clone a hdd to transfer the files.. seems like extra steps and a problem created by it..
  10. update your RGH to 17349, and you wont need to format your usb stick.. ALL usb before this had to be formated to xfat... which your console is below.. i bet the other console is 17349 or above
  11. You need to request api key from aurora, make sure you use unity login, and not rms login.. make sure you have xhttp enabled in dashlaunch too
  12. This is a very known issue.. as i suffered when making the trainer lol Unfortunately there isnt anyone who monitors TUs.. as it is community driven..
  13. You can have a lower version of aurora installed too.. along with .7
  14. are you using your unity login, and not RMS login?? you can log into the unity site no problem?
  15. If there was a new menu item added, then it would have to be updated.. but generally the only thing that is stopping the new skin is the new items and a version number in the meta.. That being said.. i havent messed with the skins in a long time, and i cant remember if something was changed inbetween 7b and 7b1, theoretically yes, just changing the version number will make it compaible if no changes were made to the default skin..
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