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  1. Title Updates Location

    You can always start aurora without hdd in.. like i said, easy ways
  2. Title Updates Location

    You can always disable TU scanning, and never use the TU feature..
  3. Title Updates Location

    Save space?? The same space would be used reguardless .. now the advantage would be in loading speed.. as aurora would not need to copy to the hdd, just rename..
  4. Launch Apps?

    There is an app floating around, that will make a launcher for nxe dash so you can launch aurora from nxe. but as is, no, because the stock dash will not be able to read the extracted version of aurora.. Now as for the plex thing, that is tied into the system video player.. which is easily launched by pressing the guide button at anytime, the press shoulder button to scroll over, then press A on system video player(dont need to do system settings). nothing can be changed to that unless someone writes their own app to do stream media, then it can be launched from within aurora.. Dont think that is the users problem mate.. think i answered the question tho
  5. I think there are some ways to do it, like with python you can write/read from a txt file, or w.e.. just figuring out how to incorporate it to 360, would you use a server, or use the hdd itself, to write/read to? And do like saywakings script does, and when you want to read the msg, just open the text file.. but as i said.. figuring out what and how, is the bottleneck of this feature..
  6. Extracting DVDs using FSD

    I think you mean which is more harder to use.. both are relatively easy.. I'd say stick with the GoD conversion(aurora), easier in my opinion..
  7. What is better to use, Iso2god or xbox image browser

    I use 360mpgui alot.. now, all that is, is a frontend for iso2god, god2iso, ect. It is safe to convert, but once you convert the iso, you can not revert the output back to original iso.. you CAN make an iso, but it will be a bootleg version, versus an actual rip iso
  8. Default Requirement for Adding Game Covers

    Yeah, person posted "happy thanksgiving to all canadians".. ahhaa.
  9. Extracting DVDs using FSD

    Aurora script makes GoD, FSD makes extracted
  10. Tbh, something like this was done before, LiNKChat, but that is discontinued.. but with the jrpc plugin, you can use the xnotify stuff, and get popups when someone messaged you.. Someone just needs to figure out how to make it work based off 360, instead of a server
  11. Default Requirement for Adding Game Covers

    ** canadian thanksgiving mate, is oct 9th lol..
  12. Default Requirement for Adding Game Covers

    I use wired, yes.. lol.. wifi on 360 only equates to 300kb/s, wired is up to 11Mb/s.. I ran a 50ft cord to an old router, then made it split into my setup..
  13. Default Requirement for Adding Game Covers

    Ok, there are multiple ways to accomplish what you mean.. 1. Either use a cheap router and cut off Wi-Fi and will make it a switch hub. 2. Use wired connection and bridge pc/360 connection and use pc wifi.. Wifi is super fucking slow on 360, opt for wired connection
  14. Default Requirement for Adding Game Covers

    You need an internet connection to download things from the internet.. https://youtu.be/XNZFdZnYR44

    Im going to make a music skin for 0.7 when it comes out, there are some other features added to it that i know of, gonna be a good release.. some interesting things will come out of it.. when it is ready lol