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  1. You dont sound like an idiot.. but the 360 has drastically less power than the series lineup.. They have more power than the one and one x as well.. so that would be a 2 generation gap of consoles.. The 360 can run only up to ps1/n64 era.. and doesnt run those very well either..
  2. Ok, so, the ???? Issue is because you still had the plugin running while updating.. The location has changed from aurora/trainers to Aurora/user/trainers at one point.. If you do have the trainers in the correct location, and they do not show up in Aurora, then they do not match your media id.. If they show but are greyed out, then it would be a TU mismatch.. if no trainer shows, it doesnt match the media id or not in correct location
  3. You can not run an Aurora trainer unless it is that menu.. make sure you are placing them in the correct location
  4. i already did.. https://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/8823-default-skin-with-music/&do=findComment&comment=92511
  5. The game you have is minecraft story mode season 2.. The only updates on unity is for the original release.. which would be a different game.. I'll tell you like this, if you use Aurora to check for title updates, and it does not provide any.. then there is nothing on the servers for your version.. you can not just use a different title update for a different titleid/media ID.. Now to answer your question about the scheme: the IDs of the games are Hex.. the database is decimal.. you would need to convert between the 2.. For instance: the first entry 1096157387 to hex is 415608CB...
  6. This program isn't for use on modded consoles
  7. Xbla isnt guaranteed region free.. And you are saying your legit game is having an issue with your legit dlc??? Because if it already works on your console.. there shouldn't be a region issue.. we dont support piracy..
  8. LiNK is ONLY for system link compatible games.. if the game you are trying to play DOES NOT allow for LAN games.. we can NOT force it to allow them
  9. either your ISP isnt allowing the opening of ports(common in most of the world) or something as simple as a double router issue.. you can even try changing the ports required instead of using the default ones.. you can easily test the open ports on your PC, then change the IP to your xbox after you verify they are open
  10. Bro can you just tell me what's the password i can't find the password https://mega.nz/file/mER0CQxa#a7HNCH9t_yH-b84cCP6fVM6EKuCBm9fh-qmenSus7JQ
  11. you only need those ports open to HOST a match, not to play.. now it would be an issue with your internet.. not the console.. if the ports dont open.
  12. YOU have to apply the update in the updates menu.. if you ARE doing this and the title update still isnt applying, then more than likely the TU is corrupted.. you can verify this in the stock dash
  13. the fan... it is a motor.. motors only have a certain life expectancy..
  14. The options I put, are in the trainer.cpp.. it is a working example..
  15. Damn, I'm sorry to hear mate.. as for mods. I'd do RGH3 for it.. no glitch chip needed.. haven't got around to do my falcon, as it is sitting at rgh1.2 lol.. but glad you are still here mate
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