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  1. Buy it with an unmodded console, transfer the dlc. There is 0 support for piracy here
  2. Hi felida

    i did a nandflash updating with simple nand flasher but console didn't boot anymore even Xell not appears
    by searching this days about how to solve this issue i have a plane, let me know if its wrong
    still i have cpukey and original nand thats i got from simple nand flasher
    1- Unsdolder X360 ACE and connect the xbox motherboard with a male LPT socket by short wires and some resistors to pc
    2- Run J- Runner and Create Ecc with Original Nand And Write Ecc
    3- Connect X360 ACE to MB again and other parts and turn it on by eject button to reflash it with original nan
    So let me know if its work or if not tell me the right way please
    thank you

    1. dani666v



      please help

  3. You'd be surprised how many people would think that lol
  4. Just having it wont solve the problem, you would need to setup the backwards compatibility first.
  5. There cant be aurora trainers for original titles.. There is a different engine that allows them, but due to how aurora handles them, it aint possible
  6. And 16747 is higher than 15xxx.. so it will.. I'll let that sink in.. If it were lower than 15xxx.. then it wouldn't 🤷
  7. Actually.. Aurora requires kernel 15xxx at least mate..
  8. who ever told you this, is trolling you.. NOW.. i will help you... WE DO NOT SUPPORT going on live, stealth servers, or anything remotely close to that..
  9. the easiest solution would be to rename the default skin to your other skin.. after deleting the bad skin of course..
  10. now that is something that would fucking help when changing shit ahahahaha... yeah doing the frame-by-frame shit is fucking tedious though lol
  11. No.. the emulators can be ran from anywhere.. your content directory was probably in aurora was set for internal, or something like that.. or a dual external issue mate.. I guarantee if you try and load the emulators off USB via file manager or xexmenu (which is file manager) they will work. Edit: In this case, it was an Aurora bug with the location. This is known to be an issue with using multiple USB devices, as they can register with the same hardware IDs
  12. I was wondering if you used FTP or something.. All externals need the HDD alive option on Xbox mate, that's why it was made.
  13. how are you transferring the games mate?? and no version of aurora can stop an emulator from running... also.. do you have hdd alive turned on in dashlaunch? since you are using an external?? also, have you tried a different source?? i dont want to randomly plug my own stuff.. but give it a go mate:
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