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  1. Then you would have had something in that folder that was causing the issue, like duplicate dlcs
  2. Transfer the title update, then launch the app through stock dash.. To verify it isn't just an aurora issue.. Just from the info youve provided, it sounds like a deeper issue
  3. You have to scan for the tu before you do anything.. And it will show up as a title, just no cover..
  4. Aurora configs are tied to the hard drive.. You would have to change the uuid to every new hdd, as the scan paths are setup like that. Now, you are kind of making yourself go thru extra steps for no reason.. LAN parties are ment to be done locally, link is designed for abroad.. You dont need aurora/link for in-house parties. But, you CAN have aurora setup on all the hdds, there just isnt a hotswap method, altho I suppose someone COULD write a script.. But I dont think the db files are accessible while aurora is running.
  5. You honestly havent researched much.. Well I can't recall specifically if this site has an identification chart, but you have a slim.. Which has the fan on top.. Can it be rghd.. Yes.. As I am pretty sure yours isnt the slim-e model which cant.
  6. No.. As we do not support going on live on this site.. Deal with your own server for help
  7. The recommended is around there.. There is no exact specs but general guidelines.. You CAN run fans at 100%, but it'll be loud, and kill the fans quicker..
  8. Yes it is in the default skin?
  9. It is a feature of aurora.. You can use user scripts from within aurora
  10. felida

    NFL 2K5

    That'll do it.. Lol..
  11. felida

    Simple Install

    Dashlaunch isnt for rgloader at all.. Lol But yeah, it will definitely work on all the older versions.. They are not version specific like that, it is updated to support the newer versions is all.. It does not drop support for the past kernels.. Maybe you were using a "modified" dashlaunch..
  12. You could also use the database cleaner I believe.. In the scripts.. But yeah the cover going grey is normal operation, dont know if not being able to delete it is though.. But alas, dev has stopped for the time being
  13. felida

    Simple Install

    You do not have to be on latest kernel to use latest dashlaunch.. As they are retro active.. Meaning the newest dashlaunch will support all previous kernels..
  14. The trainer folder moved.. The location is aurora/user/trainers It used to be aurora/trainers
  15. There is no way to download dlc.. That would be piracy.. And no, there is no way to batch all TUs
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