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  1. felida

    Support thread -Aurora / NOVA 0.7b.1 hotfix!-

    since your game shows the lines.. it might be your TV.. not xbox.. or the cord
  2. felida

    Default Password On Aurora

    you can delete aurora, and reinstall it.. there is no default passwords except ftp and http.. and you can change those with ease..
  3. felida

    [REQ] Minecraft Title Update 53 For Xbox

    puut a newer tu on it.. that is basic stuff
  4. felida

    make g27 work on xbox360 rgh

    i know lol.. i just used laymens terms.. unless you didnt mean to quote me on this topic hahah
  5. felida

    make g27 work on xbox360 rgh

    no.. those adapters change the signal to match the console..
  6. felida

    Aurora 0.7b, including NOVA, by Phoenix

    there has been no change to the plugin, you still have to be "in game" when you press guide for system link.. never any other time..
  7. felida

    Help me

    no, the synopsis information isnt downloaded..
  8. felida

    Help me

    the problem seems to be when the op press Y for game info in coverflow, nothing is showing up, it seems like i could be a skin issue? or something lol..
  9. felida

    [REQ] Mercenaries 2 Title update 4

    hahaha.. hell no..
  10. felida

    Madden NFL 10 Update 4

    they increment with every one.. 360 content manager says its for this game as well edit: 81 = TU 1 G1 = TU 2 O1 = TU 3
  11. felida

    Madden NFL 10 Update 4

    i can confirm this error on my end too.. just freezes for no reason, shows the 2.2MB in the download, but doesnt.. lol
  12. felida

    RGLoader Issue

    ya know... there is a fix.. its called make a 16mb jasper image, use that to create the rgl nand, and boom, profit..
  13. nothing has changed, except the gizmoXL part.. its not outdated.. lol.. if there was any major changes, there would be documentation
  14. felida


    there is packs here on these forums.. so you didnt extensively search all that much.. lol..
  15. felida


    they have to be aurora trainers.. not any will just work.. but the location of the trainers has changed to: Aurora/User/