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  1. felida

    Need a small bit of advice on Trainer creation

    Your array of bytes comes into doing searches.. For multiple title updates trainers.. But yeah.. You still have to find the offsets in both to make sure the code didnt change.. Or a register changes.. Or if an ident changes.. I suggest you play with the xyztools I posted.. For aurora trainers.. There are other guides for other engines.. But yeah you'd like AxRs tools.. He did a lot of guides and such inside his tool that was released. Good luck on the trainer making.. Asm pokes can be a pain in the ass.. Haha
  2. felida


    I can.. Lol.. Just havent in a long time.. Plus I do not have a mic anymore lol.. And yes the matchmaking section hasnt been posted to in a while.. Link also isnt the only thing available to use.. But the team setup a discord server for instant communication as well..
  3. felida

    Need a small bit of advice on Trainer creation

    Yes I know what array of bytes is.. Lmao.. But you'd get the offset, set a breakpoint in vs, the get the unchanging section of code that actually handles the code.. That part only changes with title updates..
  4. felida


    yeah there is a matchmaking section, you can PM.. there is even a discord server.. as far as the scripts.. not my department lol i dont know much about those
  5. felida

    Need a small bit of advice on Trainer creation

    1. i mean it depends on developer.. they could subtract the value, or add to it.. 2. some games have static values, such as older xbla games, some CoD games, ect. but a lot of games also have dynamic addresses, that change with every boot of the game lol.. edit: for example: the value comes up in 0xC1234567.. next time it can come up 0xC213890 and so forth..
  6. felida

    Need a small bit of advice on Trainer creation

    1. Depends on developer.. Lol 2. Peekpoker is great.. 3. Yes and no 😝..
  7. felida

    [req] AC/DC Live: Rock Band trainer

    no i do not.. and i am in USA.. lol.. you can always look into how to find the offsets.. that isnt hard lol.. and i could build it for you..
  8. felida

    Trouble gettin into link

    you can extract dvd's in aurora file manager mate.. as well as there is a script for creating GoD formats.. now you CAN use FSD for its extraction function.. but you need to unload the FSD plugin.. set it to never load either.. and for your port problem.. check out portforward.com for guides on how to port forward in your router.. but it seems like you have a double nat.. so look up on guides how to forward through multiple routers
  9. felida

    [req] AC/DC Live: Rock Band trainer

    i was the one to make the trainers for guitar heros.. haha.. BUT.. i have no instruments anymore lol..
  10. felida


    360mpgui has iso2god built in.. but also 360mpgui can create an iso from extracted format.. not retail iso, but one enough to make a GoD lol
  11. felida

    Skin AstroCity WIP

    AstrOS_02.xzp try this
  12. felida

    Is there an Aurora skin with system sounds?

    I did make one.. Lol.. But coverflow doesn't.. You have to map sounds to everything else though
  13. felida

    mp4 to wmv for fakeanim

    it is wmv9.. and there are plenty of free converters out there.. you can find em via search.. windows 10 has the photo app that can create videos.. and older windows have windows movie maker built in iirc edit: and some guides suggets winFF, which is free as well
  14. felida

    Can't connect to UNITY

    you setup unity thru aurora.. and the ports through router