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  1. Was my mistake.. haha.. between dogs and such lmao.. but yeah
  2. You are correct.. Dashlaunch needs to be place somewhere specific.. I just can't remember where lolol
  3. If you check around, you would have read that dev has stopped.. indefinitely.. Unfortunately.. lol
  4. It would be for the xbla version.. which is region free
  5. Yes it does.. In the first line.. Hello "user" or something along those lines
  6. You can rgh any of the newer kernels.. The method is different, and you can't actually downgrade the retail kernel 👍
  7. Then I dont know what to tell you mate.. There isnt any custom patches done to the app/tu.. You can try redownloading the tu and app off a retail console and try that
  8. Title updates can not be renamed.. Tu and dlc can only go into Content/0000000000000000/titleid/offerid/ Unless the tu is a cache tu, then it will go into the cache location.. Can you rename dlc? I'm gonna say yes as I've done custom Skyrim and custom Minecraft dlc.. And both had regular names
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