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  1. Rename the tu properly.. and you have to have a netflix account, this doesnt provide you with free access..
  2. that requires xdk/sdk.. or something easier.. there are guides posted how to achieve this.. last time im helping since u obviously dont search/read
  3. in that specific folder.. obviously.. aurora .5b and below: Aurora/Background Aurora .6b+: Aurora/User/Background might be "Backgrounds" lol
  4. We dont support stealth servers and the like.. we don't provide servers, nor help with em.. u will NOT get help here..
  5. Community Patches?

    Try using the skyrim guides..
  6. convert games to god help

    No, you couldnt quite get it.. there is a small kb file for all god games.. for example: /48000000/00000002/ - game folder In this folder, there is another sub folder, as well as a small (kb in size) file.. the subfolder contains all the data00x files.. All of which you could simply verify by converting an iso with iso2god.. You cant do much without that container file.. the data000 files dont open like xbla ones do
  7. Community Patches?

    Into a title update? Dont think so.. dlc.. maybe.. such as with skyrim
  8. Community Patches?

    Bethesda released the creation kit.. but you can try yourself.. modded consoles do have access to the raw files.. but yeah the pc vs 360 versions might be different
  9. req - Youtube app Xbox360

    You or your friend can easily get the stuff yourselves.. the pure laziness of requesting a free app..
  10. req - Youtube app Xbox360

    Someone modded the TU i believe.. has nothing to do with the app..
  11. [help]Dance central 3

    Default.xex's are not allowed to be shared.. but if you google "dance central 3 corona fix" you will find what you need.. even has utube videos..
  12. Dance Central 3 Freezes On Loading Screen

    No.. as it is copyrighted material.. Google is your friend
  13. xbox freezes

    The hdmi handshake can be patched.. which i suggest.. as the tv might not detect the boot, and the xbox will wait til you swap to and from source.. the patch is nohdmi in jrunner/xebuildgui
  14. convert games to god help

    You dont convert xbla games, they are in their proper container.. i mean iso2god, every disc will work if the padding removal option is set to none, alot of games work with the padding removed, some dont.. some cant be extracted either.. When using extracted games, some of the default.xex has a media limitation, meaning can be run from disc only.. converting to GoD format skips this check due to how the format is handled.. we can call it a "soft patch" as the default.xex isnt actually written to.. you can remove the media limitation from the default.xex yourself.. but TU's wont work as the xex is modified, and whatnot..
  15. Dragon Age Inquisition title update problem

    I'd try usb drive to transfer the TU, not horizon.. horizon is dated and stuff.. 360 no longer has usb restrictions.. just plop tu in correct folder structure and transfer it, or just use aurora file manager.. horizon might actually be your problem here mate