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  1. To change the covers, use swizzys asset editor.. but make sure to understand that they will reset when you update for new games.. Edit: also there is a built in cover picker, there are multiple covers on unity..
  2. You will have to play with the filter options mate..
  3. And you can set aurora or fsd to boot first.. all of which will provide you with access to those games without the need for making shortcuts for stock dash.. If you feel like using stock dash, then that's where GoD format works best.. still no need for quickboot/shortcut360
  4. yes.. you can create your OWN filter with your OWN parameters.. this is already inside aurora?
  5. why are you using outdated software?? what are you trying to accomplish that you need this specific type of program??
  6. op knows for sure about connectX mate.. and reason i said 1 external, is due to the cases often identifying as the same exact hard drive.. which would cause problems for the obvious reasons.
  7. there is always a chance of soft brick when flashing the nand.. but it doesnt matter what dash you have
  8. That is expected behavior.. the screenshot combo is a higher priority than in-game button presses.. you can change the combo to unused buttons.. or just not use the feature at all
  9. did you make the wav the proper version as-per my tutorial?? before you converted to xma??
  10. I've written a guide to convert sounds to Xma.. check my skin Tut's.. using audacity
  11. It should be Celsius, but I think there's an option for Fahrenheit?? Might not be though.. definitely Celsius though
  12. I'd say best would simply be 2tb internal, and 2tb external..
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