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  1. the only screen saver option would be in the stock console settings.. this would require modding that part of the kernel to be a custom one..
  2. Use the database cleaning script.. Box art that is grey usually means it's a game that isn't found.. or it's pathed to a device that isn't connected
  3. You can have your own personal music playing in games.. as for triggered music.. then probably needs to be burned to a cd.. just get you a rewritable one
  4. Any iPod or usb with mp3s should work.. Its been this way ever since 2008 time frame? Lol Edit: you have to select music player from guide.menu
  5. felida

    Rgloader 17489

    Rgloader is only for 16mb nands.. you have a big block jasper.. It will not work..
  6. the recording capabilities of the devkits are shoddy at best.. capture cards or devices are best for this kind of stuff
  7. felida

    Skin ideas

    closest thing we can do is manipulate the transitions.. flash is absolutely dead as of Jan 1st mate..
  8. there is a link in the first post below the cheats..
  9. There is no "all in one" but there is specific ones.. You can look on this forum for "felidas retroarch" Its pretty much setup and easy to use mate.
  10. Lol.. This forum is alive.. People just ask the same stuff that is already answered lol
  11. Just personal stuff.. In the titleid folder, it can have any name you want.. Trainer.xex Trainer2.xex TU21.xex Etc if I remember correctly... It just has to be made for aurora, with aurora tools.. For it to read.
  12. Does the dvd drive open? And for the power button maybe you didnt connect the rf board correctly?? Seeing as only.wired connection turns it on.. The whole wireless part isnt connected
  13. You can easily add a number or anything to add to it.. as long as the .xex is in the folder it'll read it
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