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  1. I mean.. There is a version of rgl 17489 floating around, that patches in the retail keys for dev consoles.. Lol..
  2. Not really.. lolol.. AxR tools have an Ident tool built in mate iirc
  3. You can do that with idents.. not a button combo.. lol See this is why I asked.. for example: You can have infinite health right? Like hp is set to a value.. and never decreases.. That's one way of doing it.. another way would be every time you take damage, it heals you instead of taking away hp.. You want to do it with an ident.. lol.. Sort of like my trainers for Minecraft, when player takes damage, it fills up hp..
  4. What exactly do you mean? The only program that will show you things like aurora filemanager would be 360 content manager and fsd smb setup honestly.. Then you are still limited on ftp to xbox.. And the only program that has a windows explorer option would be Fatxplorer.. And it costs after the 3 day trial.. And these programs work the xfat partition.. There is no plug and play except for USB methods.. And that only changed recently with dash 17349..
  5. that isnt how it works.. lol.. and you didnt explain that either.. but yes, the button combo is to toggle the cheat.. not only activate the cheat when pressed.. what exactly are you trying to do?? cuz there is no need for just a simply tap of a cheat ever.. that you can not do without normal operation
  6. Neither of those titles are on the compatible list.. simple search would have told you that.. that being said.. if the games DO work with the hacked files.. the gun may/may NOT work.. it also definitely won't work with HD tv.. as they were designed to work with CRT tvs
  7. Actually.. They DID provide an update on retail consoles mate this year... Now.. What it does or fixes is anyones guess..
  8. I was assuming the op didnt have another console.. Lol..
  9. If you dump your nand via xell you can build a fresh one with jrunner or xebuildgui.. You need vital stuff from original nand.. Your nand my be corrupt.. But that doesnt mean you cant still use it.. Possibly lol.. Boot xell with xbox hooked up to router.. Then type in ip on PC, press the dump nand button and rebuild a fresh nand with that mate.. Jrunner/xebuildgui will use the corrupted nand and build you a working nand.. Doing the donor nand will miss those vital things you need.. Like frtc.bin like gavin said.
  10. If you can boot xell, and your console isnt a corona 4gb, you can download your nand via webui and use that to build a fresh nand using jrunner or similar, the reflash via xell.. Shouldnt be too hard to fix
  11. Could be corrupted tu, have you tried manually downloading it via website? Are you using wifi on the console?
  12. It depends on the skin.. Plus you have to rename the song to match what is in the skin.. It isnt just a easily changable list mate.. You cant have x.song and plop in xyz.song and it also work.. They are hardcoded via names and such.. You would have to rename xyz.song to x.song to match the hardcode.. Ps. Yes I know the .song extension isnt right.. Just giving an example lol
  13. It is in one of my skins. I cant remember which.. But if you look you can find it
  14. I have no clue.. Lol.. But I'll ask some people.. As I never messed with og xbox like ever.. Lmao
  15. does it work without the trainer?
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