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  1. felida

    A question about multiplayer

    What is your source? I highly doubt they will give Xbox live for free permanent lol..
  2. For starters, your wire lengths at the ends are waaaay too long
  3. felida

    default skin mod idea

    You resized it, but left it in its original location?? Take out or "no show" the avatar where it' default is, and just copy the avatar presenter to where u want, make sure you set the view to 0 instead of 2.. 0 is full body, 2 is head closeup
  4. felida


    There wont be.. swizzy is done updating the app i do believe.. to be honest, there isnt any need for a dash higher than 17349, except for the sports games..
  5. felida

    RETROARCH 0.9.8 unofficial

    Retroarch is the launcher, front end, that is all.. the cores are the actual emulators..
  6. felida

    Halo 2 Yelo Trainer

    Any of the older trainer setups will work.. aurora will not due to not being able to load no title/media id.. i think its the latter.. but yeah, the other trainer engines that produce a trainer and launcher will work just fine.. old school games tend to be simple static addresses as well.. so it should be easy to find and whatnot
  7. felida

    Skin ideas

    i have to pick through and find those, haha.. nah, its not "intended" in the way i want.. but it is functioning like it should lol.. tab movements that is.. i basically got to go in and cut off every blank L/R and make it focus on itself, instead of nothing.. the rss feed is there, just text is same color as BG, hahaha.. need to change the font color is all.. but good eye, and yeah the game text isnt done, but will do, i had to animate all the stuff, add in sound clips.. using the OG xbox sounds.. so we finally have a fully sounded menus and such haha.. except for the coverflow..
  8. felida

    Skin ideas

    https://mega.nz/#!CYY1yK4D!FrSYDBGDysXBV3AvqcGV2IhrwIoLlricDaqXrZLTmH0 there is a new version, with some more stuff done/fixed/added.. feel free to give your inputs
  9. felida

    MultiDisc Games

    install discs usually have a content folder.. Content\0000000000000000\TitleID\ this tells you it installs those files and where.. you just take out those files and place them where they need to go.. MP discs you do not need, as you CAN NOT play multiplayer like on live (assassins creed black flag) but again, there is ONLY a TINY bit of games that are split like this.. a single player/multiplayer disc.. as for the install/play.. you either have to look at disc contents, OR the physical disc.. which is ALWAYS the preferred way.. as we do not condone piracy here.. so look at your disc..
  10. felida

    Aurora 0.7b, including NOVA, by Phoenix

    there is a built in updater.. always has been since 0.1a i think.. heck, the updater held the easter egg game before 0.7..
  11. felida

    MultiDisc Games

    open the iso with xboximgbrowser.. and look at the contents.. if it has a content folder and not setup like a regular game, then you know what to do with it.. there are only like 5 games, blue dragon, ff13.. that can be extracted and plumped together, dropping the total file size of 3-4 discs down to 9GB.. this is because animations such as spells and summons are identical.. the only differences would be text and smaller things.. this is why ff7 was able to be played on any disc..
  12. Yeah thats it, lol.. some reason i get redirected back to rms when loading the link on phone.. probably due to no mobile format.. but yeah np mate
  13. felida

    Skin ideas

    You can look at begal's skin for moving bg's and see? I think there is in his.. not sure..
  14. I cant bring up the link on my phone, but you need the new custom ones released with 0.7b
  15. felida

    MultiDisc Games

    But you are trying to re-invent the wheel.. there is no easier way to do it, having a list is wasteful in time and effort, due to you "SHOULD" have the intelligence to look at the discs, iso or physical, and know what to do with it..