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  1. You were supposed to disable the fsd/nova plugin.. Then update.. You can always do a fresh install
  2. Well I'll take the xb1 off your hands? Lmao.. And they key point is.. That people like m$ and $ony can make their emulators efficient.. Because they have the money to do so.. But xb1 can play OG games now as well
  3. There are games that just do not work.. Like mk shaolin monks.. Cant continue past very first part due to lack of fatality button not working
  4. Dunno.. Exactly.. Havent even tried to patch these and get em to work proper yet.. But it is an official update so
  5. there is a download button in the "about" section.. you can also download the newer version, and just do a "fresh install"
  6. No.. Do not press the triggers.. You hold X.. Then press down.. You start from the top of the list.. And it will scroll and select all it highlights
  7. http://phoenix.xboxunity.net/#/news Top right button that says "donate"
  8. If you press and hold the button .. Then move your cursor down.. It will select the files as it scrolls thru the list... As for the disc.. I dont know if you can simply press copy on the disc.. But you can open the disc.. And select the contents..
  9. there has been an issue with the servers..
  10. Every game follows the same exact path.. It is a kernel thing.. Not a game thing.. Dlc will always go into "Content/0000000000000000/title id/offerid/" So I seriously dont understand what you mean.. It doesnt matter if it is internal or external.. The locations are the same.. For every single game.. The only difference is if the title update goes into cache or the title id/offerid setup.. What places are you mysteriously coming up with then?? Also.. 360 content manager will tell you the exact location in the bottom info pane.. But again.. It is the same setup for every game...
  11. You can use jrunner to dump the nand.. You can use any way to dump the nand. Lol.. If your console boots.. You can use swizzys simple nand flasher to dump it without hardware..
  12. There is only 2 locations.. Cache and content.. Cache was original setup.. But as patches became bigger.. They needed a better way to do it.. So they started putting them under the title id in content. Aurora/fsd just copy the title updates.. And place them in correct location if the active TU isn't already there
  13. it is server issues.. lol.. if you have a matching media ID and such.. then yeah it would be a server issue.. cuz lord knows there have been plenty of people trying to use a mismatched title update, and complain on here how come it dont work.. gets tedious to repeat ourselves
  14. yeah it usually is a nand corruption issue.. i was waiting on your reply before i suggested rebuilding your nand.. but good news is.. that this error isnt just for modded consoles.. as retail ones will do same thing.. usually due to a faulty update
  15. You talking about injecting dlc?? Like why? Horizon is extremely outdated.. Ever since they made dash 17349.. And yes Conent manager can ftp stuff.. I highly recommend it.. Are you using internal or external hdd? Id recommend the swap to external after dash 17349.. As their requirements have changed.. USB is just a simple fat32 drive.. With a "Content" folder on root.. You can simply create it yourself.. Then make a 16 0's folder inside that one.. So you get: USB:\Content\000000000000000\ Just like internal setup.. But you dont need any 3rd party programs to copy to it.. Just any PC and USB port.. Edit: Just read about using external.. Yeah just follow what I said about copying stuff to external with dash 17349+ mate.. Life is easier now haha
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