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  1. felida

    PCSXR 360 By Ced2911

    PC emulator.. lmao.. for reals.. the 360 is really limited on hardware.. so not ALL games will work
  2. felida

    USB appears empty

    The fact that it can be launched via stock dash.. lol.. it's just xexmenu packed into a demo container.. same as when you iso2god versus extracted disc
  3. felida

    Useful Q&A for new people. [F.A.Q]

    Not with aurora yet.. this is why fsd people are still around
  4. felida

    Apps on xbox360 jtag/rgh

    simple.. someone removed the xb connection out of the title update.. the other apps havent been patched i do believe..
  5. felida

    USB appears empty

    you wont be able to see that on the stock dash.. you can easily put the LIVE version of xexmenu on usb and transfer it to internal hdd.. THAT will show in the stock dash as a demo either usb or internal
  6. the latest dash is ok.. i just said the minimum for the newer fat32 USB setup.. few games might require higher than 17349.. but yeah..
  7. You need at least 15xxx kernel.. update your Xbox to recommend 17349
  8. felida

    Updated FSD now wont turn on

    what it SOUNDS like?? is you have a stealth server plugin in use, and your service is done.. AND your dashlaunch ini is in the nand... and is setup to look for files on the HDD.. i'd try launching dashlaunch via usb and deleting the ini.. BUT at the same time.. we dont support stealth servers here.. so yeah. your help might be null from this point forward
  9. yeah, this stuff isnt exactly noob friendly lol.. but you basically have to hook up the jr programmer, flash ECC to get xell to boot, get cpukey, use donor nand to create new nand patched with your cpukey, then flash it..
  10. felida

    System LiNK Problem

    that isnt the solution everytime.. a lot of ISP's block ports.. and you have to call and have them open the ports.. there is a couple of things that could be the problem..
  11. The Jr programmer is exactly like a nandx, but slower.. if you Google "nand x wire install" you'll get the picture of where to solder the wires.. it's really that simple.. and they are different spots from the cr3.. the glitch chip, cr/matrix/squirt are all the same in terms of their job.. they glitch the system, the nandx/jprogrammer are nand read/write tools.. all of this is widespread information.. with a simple Google search, you could have found this information.. but this will be the only time you will be spoon fed the answers..
  12. felida

    Which title update should i download?

    Ok I'm going to answer this as simple as I can, just because you can join a room, doesn't mean there is a game open.. As for the title update, it doesn't matter.. some play on tu0, some play on latest tu.. but you can not join in a different tu game..
  13. felida

    Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition

    I am pretty sure you did not mod your xb1.. let alone put 360 apps on said machine.. there isn't a mod for xb1.. So if you do have said mod, share it with the rest of the community.. because you are apparently the only one with it.. lol
  14. the skin editor, CAN be done.. as proof with FSD lol.. just needs to be coded really as far as the game rewards.. there is a way to do it, i guess? but this is proven troublesome in the past, snes360 has custom achievements.. but those achievements will get you insta-baned from XBL, then people would complain about the banning to people here.. the web browser, could technically be done, like what the netflix has been patched.. but no one has done this so lmao...
  15. The chat feature may happen.. ofc someone could make a linkchat again.. or you can use discord via phone.. The web browser will never come to light.. and a lot of the other stuff will not happen, due to limits of the hardware