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  1. So I verified that the folder structure was correct. Aurora says (applying content patch) extremely briefly. I wish I could do better research on this stuff but It is very hard to get a clear picture of the overall structure as I bought the 360 in its current state with an external 2TB hdd. Aurora appears to recognize the game but does not launch just goes back to the game selection cover flow screen. I also get the same issue when attempting to launch from the file browser. I do not have any other games in GOD format to my knowledge. Where would I check to see if... (forgive my complete ignorance here) if there is a content patch on my system for this game in particular. Are content patches game specific, is it an overall catch all update that I need to apply from somewhere? I would check the dash launch settings however they appear to be greyed out... My kernel is current (I read another thread here that suggested that I needed a more up to date kernel but I am on the most current version. I also read of a system update that might need to be applied as well as the kernel. I guess I am a little lost so I guess I can Itemize my list of unknowns. 1. I do not know where or how I would get to the undercarriage to dashlaunch as it appears to be a plugin to aurora and the options are greyed out. 2. I am fearful of navigating to the stock dash for the 360 because I have some weird fear of talking to Msoft on accident and not sure what would come with that. 3. All of my other games work 350 of them 4. Where would content patches be located, or where would be a good place to start to investigate to get myself up to speed to resolve the issue. My ultimate confession here is that I like to see games that push systems IE halflife 2 and Doom on original Xbox, Chronicles of riddick etc, I am very interested to see Crysis running on Cryengine 3 and what was done to make it run I just cant seem to get this game to run, the others were retail releases so I can find folder structure launchers easily but this game was only released GOD format. I really appreciate the help and will continue to work on getting this bad boy running. Thank you!
  2. I have a new 360 and I am trying to get the hang of things. I've got the original crysis In what I believe is GOD format it is a folder labeled Crysis > A 45kb file 801FA873A37D786F8DB0879D89FCEF5245 and a folder 801FA873A37D786F8DB0879D89FCEF5245.data > with a bunch of files within titled data 0 - 25 This folder is in my Usb0 drive where the rest of my games are. The title seems to be recognized by aurora and the box art comes up. however when I try to launch the game it just says "creating launchable object" briefly and does nothing. Am I doing something wrong? For instance does aurora not launch these files natively? Or do the data folders need to be located elsewhere? My system is running the most up to date kernel and the most up to date Aurora version. This is the first title to my knowledge that is in the GOD format on my system so I do not have any other reference material. I did some digging on my system and it seems like XBLA titles are in a similar fomat. Any help would be appreciated.
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