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  1. if it is a problem with the hdd, that could mean it is going bad mate.. you would just need a new one
  2. Aurora isn't meant to hotswap iirc.. it probably is sorting it's self out due to the console id being different
  3. How do you know the power supply works as it should?? Have you take a voltmeter to it? Does it produce the proper voltage under load? Have you used said power supply in a different Xbox??
  4. Have you tried unplugging the power supply completely?? Could be a bad power supply all together as well.. Also, if you can see the chip glitching, then it might be a bad timing file?? Or even a bad solder job coming undone inside. You might have to open your console and check mate
  5. They changed it to the metro dash mate.. that dashboard is long gone. You could run an older version of the kernel, you'd just have to patch games, and TUs wouldn't work normally cuz of the change.. games have a minimum dash required..
  6. You haven't tried every solution.. the simplest way, put a default launch.ini on a USB drive.. poof problem fixed 😁
  7. why it loads up like that? i dont know, but have you tried opening it up from within xuitools?? it might be a file association problem.
  8. you obviously havent searched around..
  9. The kernel will look for it there, aurora won't, as it hadn't been updated to include usb devices, but if the tu is in the correct location on usb, it'll bypass aurora tu management. As of 17349, usb devices has changed, any fat32 device can function as internal hdd (in laymen's terms).. just make a content/(16 0's)/ Like that is found on the internal drive.
  10. You could place the tu on a USB drive, and boot it that way?? I don't have a 360 controller anymore, otherwise I'd be more help here.. iirc, the tu should show up in tu section of game options mate.. like any other game..
  11. there is no per-game option like that mate.. you are misunderstanding the setup.. it reads the games and places them in their respective category as they actually ARE. you are free to use FSD all you like mate
  12. yea, i said along the lines of.. whatever was there was your username.. xboxunity and this site are 2 different servers technically.. they do not mash up
  13. It will say something along the lines of: Hello "nicof" Your password..... The name is your account name
  14. felida

    TV resolution

    You can easily get back to stock dash from system settings option of the guide.
  15. then your xbox should be almost identical to your laptop.. except the ending 3 numbers.. you def have something up with your xbox network
  16. ok, what does your laptop register for an IP address on your wifi network?? any device on your network can produce an ip, either laptop (using ipconfig) or phone or anything really
  17. And what does your retail box list as it's ip address??
  18. You can still block live access.. and use LiNK..
  19. felida

    Rgloader 17489

    exactly.. i even left some other things in there as well for others to tinker with, BUT.. that is on the end user.. reason avatars wont work on it when it is spoofed, is because there is a version mismatch.. you can freely spoof yourself with any hexeditor.. but you will freeze going into the stock dash, and avatars wont work..
  20. If your Xbox is connected to internet, it will autosync the clock when you boot
  21. felida

    Rgloader 17489

    This build isn't half spoofed shit.. the nand files are from my 17489 devkit, and the "spoof" was removed from the rglp lol.. do not try and say I got something when I don't Edit: And fyi, backwards compatibly was only in 17150 of rgloader, never before.. but I haven't tested it, but you had to change some of the nand options in the builder as well.. As well as this person is actually using a devkit, while using the rgh files.. I do have the devkit rgloader.. but yeah lol
  22. Could be a bad nand, could be the fan motor dying.. could be other things.. The red light is supposed to be on with that port.. that is an audio port mate.. has absolutely nothing to do with the fan, lol
  23. You "could" but again, it is not recommended.. so I won't tell you how.. This is a safety feature to protect the nand.. and to stop people from complaining that we should give advice to fix their mistakes when they have been told something isn't a good idea 😉
  24. Port forwarding is only required to host games on LiNK mate.. not to play/get tus and such.. Edit: Just noticed your IP address in the stock dash mate.. something really is messed up, because your gateway is And your IP is Logically this can not happen.. your IP to the Xbox should be 10.186.128.x (x = 2-255 if your DHCP is setup that way) Not You have internal network issues, and that is why you can't connect to get your API key..
  25. are you entering a valid xboxunity account? and not this account??
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