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  1. you cant flash a 4g nand via xell.. lol.. so a hardware flasher is needed.. the freeboot part either was bad, or a flashing issue, etc.. if the console boots normally, you can use swizzy's simple nand flasher to write to corona 4g
  2. felida


    you might need to use dashlaunch or xm360 or 360 content manager to unlock the DLC mate.. dashlaunch will patch the kernel.. the others will actually patch the DLC
  3. the MU isnt designed for mass storage.. the MU's were DRASTICALLY small.. you can EASILY get an 8GB flash drive to achieve your goal mate.. now.. for the lack of an internal hdd.. as of dash 17349, they removed the USB limits.. so you can use ANY fat32 external as a storage device for DLC/TU/Games JUST LIKE an internal.. only thing is there is maybe 3-5 games that wont support the lack of internal hdd.. such as mgs5..
  4. its supposed to be the version the skin is for
  5. if you can set the options before you boot the game, then no.. some games require the trainer to be launched in-game, and activated. you should have a pop-up when you boot the trainer that tells it has loaded, and what buttons to press to bring up the trainer menu.. and you obviously asking what that combo is, tells me that you have not even booted a trainer before.. as ALL aurora trainers have this pop-up
  6. yeah ok.. i've played it thru and thru.. no issues like you suggest.. but ok mate... you can always get the PC version as well?
  7. more than likely your hdd is failing.. bad blocks on the hdd.. etc.. your "file corruption" excuse is CAUSED by bad hdd, like i suggested before the app itself cant check if there is a mod to the console or not.. and the xbl checks were removed ages ago.. if you feel like there is an error with the posted version.. simply get on your retail console, download the damn app/tu and transfer it yourself.. edit: it also could be a bad nand.. corrupted nand causing issues other places as well..
  8. if you go into the nova options, there will be a tick box for load at boot, also there will be a load/unload option. and as i said, yours was saynig freestyle dash.. so either you booted into FSD then went into aurora.. or some other bug.. too much info is needed..
  9. i believe the quickview was changed.. plus the modules tab.. its been a while, but you can change the skin.xml or one of those to reflect the higher release.. and you can find the differences that way.. albeit, it will be a crippled skin at first..
  10. or in the guide->system settings.
  11. there is a very simple solution.. get the 360 version... it was released on 360 natively...
  12. You need to update aurora for starters.. it will say nova plugin.. not freestyle.. Secondly, you need to enable the plugin in modules tab Edit: And you are on a Dev console.. so there might be conflicts there as well
  13. It's not that simple lol.. you have to go into the xurs to find what has changed
  14. it is not a file, but a folder.. if you do not have it, then create it.. empty directories tend to not be created when something is built.. but the mapping is there.. just like for trainers.. there is no initial trainer folder...
  15. just wow.. ok.. so there is absolutely no difference between this and what is found on retail.. there is no special patches or anything done to allow it to play on RGH.. there is definitely NO XBL checks.. dont believe me? get the app/TU from retail, then try it yourself.. people tend to forget when they announced that M$ lifted the paywall for usage to these apps.. this was before xbox one was even out.. soooooo
  16. Absolutely not.. there is no crossplay
  17. I was taking a look into the code for this a long time ago.. they changed too much and I just haven't had the drive to actually dig to do it.. now I was going to revisit this.. but I no longer have a 360 controller.. if anyone wants to donate me one or buy me one.. I'll definitely get it done.. lmao.. but yeah.. basically that's the reason I haven't done it yet mate.. as you can tell I was the one doing them 🤪
  18. felida

    Rgloader 17489

    i found s-rgh to be a great one to use for slims.. and all i was saying about fakeanim is that it actually pauses the whole boot sequence to play the video lol.. that is all personal preference tbh
  19. felida

    Rgloader 17489

    i suggest turning off auto-scanning.. boot process will be faster.. also.. the boot video is nice.. BUT the system doesn't even begin to boot until the video stops, just fyi
  20. you are misunderstanding my statement here mate.. those 2 you show now are good.. but there shouldn't be a cover saying PES 2020 FOR PES 2019.. i couldn't even see your uploads this time.. but here is an example of what i was meaning.. it's a 2020 PES for 2017 PES(it even has PES 2018 on the spine):
  21. It isn't dead.. we just have other things going on in life.. Also.. pes 2018 shouldn't have a pes 2020 logo on it.. fyi.. if you want those specific covers.. use swizzys asset editor to ftp them to your console..
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