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  1. skin isn't appearing yes I put it in the skins folder aurora.
  2. when i want to play bo2 i see a room i join it but it doesnt appear in the system link join game section theres people on it i have joined it in the guide but it just tdeosnt show up even after refresh
  3. Ok so let me get down all the info first connection: laptop connected to wifi and sharing with ethernet to xbox 360 router: TG789 vac v2 issue: no idea how to get the port forward to work every tutorial i follow is completely different from what i have the website portforward.com doesnt have my type of router either im trying to play black ops 2 tu 18 heres what the port forward tabble looks like and what i entered. i cant enter my xbox 360 ip becuase it just doesnt recognise it and leaves as unkown
  4. ok here is the thing my credentials to rms and unity pass and name are exactly the same witch I dont know if thats what is causing the haywire. but any help would be apreciated
  5. i mean my credentials to rms and unity are pretty much the same with name and pass but its UNITY conection not rms
  6. i can log in to unity the site with the account it works fine on pc and i have no idea whats RMS.
  7. i have entered my name api key i cant get it says error every time. xhttp is enabled
  8. I have no idea how to fix the unity not authenticated thing if u need info to tell me whats wrong reply.
  9. I want to fix the unity authentication so I can download covers tus etc. my internet works but when I want to download covers it says no covers found even says for games wich I already have covers for.
  10. so I am running aurora I think 0.7 no idea how to check version I used to be able to download all the covers title updates I want now it says not found for everything my ip is shown so its definetely connected to the internet I have everything logged in in my account on console and pc still nothing I cant request API keys cant use basically any plugin internet related. NOVA says link is connect but authentication is failed that's all the info I know.
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