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Found 10 results

  1. Hi there, this simple Script is checks your Network and determines Download and Upload Speed of your Device. Script: Icon: Name: Network Speed Check Description: "Check your Network Speed" What it does: - Determines Download and Upload Speed - Downloads/Uploads a File and determines Size and Time. - Uses external Speed Checking Service, which provides all the needed stuff. ... What are the benefits?: - Determine your Download and Upload Speed directly on your Xbox 360. -- Better Support through Community. ("Oh look, your Xbox is the bottleneck") - Decide wheter you have enough Down-/Upstream to host a server. ... What to be aware of?: - The results are not always 100% correct. You may have to run this Script multiple times. -- You should compare with services on your PC. The difference can take up to 20%, which is ok. This is normal for a device from 2005. - The results may vary if your location is too far away from the service provider. - The Script can take some time, because it has to download a large file multiple Times. (no Timeout function yet) -- But you should set the amount of down/upload times in the options Menu - If any of these Test crashes, disable them to prevent crash. Then do a report with log-file. ... Is it final?: It's tested and usable, but the Initial Version. Anyone who wants to contribute, can report Bugs, Suggest Features/Fixes or extend by using GitHub or this Thread. ... Where is the download?: You can download it directly to your console via Aurora Repo Browser.
  2. Ok so let me get down all the info first connection: laptop connected to wifi and sharing with ethernet to xbox 360 router: TG789 vac v2 issue: no idea how to get the port forward to work every tutorial i follow is completely different from what i have the website portforward.com doesnt have my type of router either im trying to play black ops 2 tu 18 heres what the port forward tabble looks like and what i entered. i cant enter my xbox 360 ip becuase it just doesnt recognise it and leaves as unkown
  3. i have updated my console via simple nand to the latest version and then the internet failed and xbox live blocked HELP PLEASE Moved from Xbox Related PC Software, coz its here better in place. Dr.Gonzo
  4. HI GUYS! I had a problem yesterday with my xbox 360 RGH console, I wanted to connect to Internet for getting some covers and downloading some TUs And the new 0.6b version... But when I plugged in the Ethernet cable I got an Invalid ip adress ( not like 192.168.x.x) . So,I ignored that in the ethernet° I went to x360 network settings and assigned a similar ip to this ; I And did the same to my networks bridge...... But the problem is even with a valid IP I can't connect because every time I bridge the connections the Internet is off (WIFI isn't getting internet) and when I delete the bridge the Internet is back I don't know what to do. It's not the first time I do this but this time it's different THANKS!
  5. Hello partners my question is that from one day to another drawback with these ports surely has not to do with AURORA but I want to know how to fix this problem? pardon my English is the translator google ***************************************************************************** Hola compañeros mi duda es que de un dia para otro tengo incoveniente con estos puertos seguramente no tiene que ver con AURORA pero quiero saber ¿como solucionar este problema ? perdón por mi inglés es de el traductor google
  6. can someone help me out with this? i realy want to play my xbox games from a NAS... but i won't work.. i can see my NAS in the homegroup in SMB but when i start the game FSD3 cashes and it returns to the original dash... please help me out... i know a lot of people want to have this to work.. (sorry for my crappy english i am dutch)
  7. Hi! I have this strange problem, my Xbox360 can't connect to :smb shares on my network, and doesn't show the :conx folder. I followed the tutorials on how to setup samba and connectx - did exactly what I was asked - and still nothing. The strange part is, that my computers can connect to xbox via samba, http, ftp. Also, When I go to NXE and do the "Test connection to PC", it shows that everything is fine! I tried wired connection, wireless connection, with the routher, without the router (directly to PC); fsd 3 and fsd 2.2 - still no luck. The debug.log shows the following: 13:36:52.300|SourceFileList|F9000000|Permission was denied, or some other error 13:36:52.296|FileBrowser|F9000000|Could not open directory [smb:/] (2:No such file or directory) However, I set my permissions to EVERYONE, so... I'm really baffled here... I'd appreaciate any help very much. Thank you.
  8. I have installed FS3. Looks awsome thanks to the team. Now here is the problem. I do not see network tab in the main dashboard menu. I see Library, setup and utility. NO NETWORK tab. I am a nooby to the Jtag world so please help me out here guys Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Just curious if theres anybody else out there having these issues. So I'm putting them down here so you all can chime in and possibly provide me some solutions... 1) Loss of Dolby Digital. Prior to the new F3 dash, whenever I would load up the X-Box (Jasper 256mb via HDMI) it would boot into the FSD 2 dash and be in Dolby Digital Surround. Ever since upgrading to F3, my X-Box now just goes into Stereo. If I go to the official dash (Metro?) it says it's in Dolby Digital, but won't output that way until I switch it first to Digital Stereo then back to Dolby Digital. I'm not sure what the issue here is. It's like F3 isn't handling the passthrough and is instead downmixing. 2) Loss of Network/Internet Connectivity. This has happened in the latest beta that brought LiNK and the new web interface. I have my X-Box set with a static IP address so my router could be properly configured for port forwarding. In the past, the X-Box would boot up and everything would be connected and able to download updates/etc with no problem. Now when I boot up, it just sits there. F3 reports it has the same IP address, but there is no activity; updates don't download and the weather plugin gets N/A data. I can get around this by exiting back to the official dash (Metro?) and then doublechecking the static settings and then it works by testing the PC connection. When I then return to F3, everything suddenly works, downloading weather data and missing art/etc. Again, I'm not sure what could be causing this. It might have something to do with the new LiNK or web interface, although I'm not sure how. In fact, I noticed when I first installed this latest beta, my default IP address settings had reverted back to an Automatic Assign setting, which kept me from connecting to the router altogether. This isn't a MAJOR issue, since I don't do a lot of online stuff, but it's annoying when you get a new game on the drive and then have to go through all the steps before you can download artwork. Both of these issues are directly related to F3, whereas the 2nd one is more to do with the latest update. I really like F3 and don't want to downgrade back to an earlier version to settle these issues. Has anybody else noticed or experienced similar problems? What can I do to fix these aside from my workarounds? Is this maybe just a true -bug- that needs looked at by the devs for a new version? Thans for your time, and thanks a lot to the devs for building such an awesome interface!
  10. Quick and Dirty connectx Guide. There's not much to this process so this will be fairly short and sweet and very much to the point. Once you've obtained the connectx file and have patched it as instructed you'll need do follow a few steps to get things working on the PC/Server side of things. First off, this is for Windows 7, the other windows Operating Systems should be more or less about the same steps. Step 1) Hopefully you know your user name, if not hitting the Windows Key + R, or clicking Start, Run will bring you to a run dialog, in this box type “cmd” and press Enter. You should see a black box with some text in it, doesn't really matter what the text says right now. You will want to enter one of the following two commands hostname whoami Depending on which you ran you should get the the login information you will need to enter into your 360. As you can see here, C:\Users\**********\ is the user name I use to log into my pc, running hostname will give you the name of your pc. AS with whoami, it'll give you the information in the format of computername\user. Now, we need to setup a share. It doesn't matter where you have your files, it doesn't matter what it's named, find the folder YOU keep all of your extracted 360 games, in my case it's just my E: drive. Right click the folder you have your games and what not in and select Properties. Once in properties, we want to pick the Sharing Tab. Mine looks a bit different than yours does right now because I've already gone through this, but the guidelines are the same. Hit the Advanced Sharing button. Once the Advanced Sharing dialog pops up you will want to tick the checkbox for “Share this folder” Pay close attention to what you have listed in the box under “Share name” THIS is what you''re going to be entering into FSD for the share path, I've simply put E, now hit Apply. This should give you all the information you will need to enter into FSD to get connectx working. Have fun.
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