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  1. Thank you guys for yur help, I realy Apriciate that [sOLVED] THANKS to darkglider , salah , and felida.
  2. So Live Block resolves everything ? I still think this is dangerous, man!
  3. But If I connect directly to my WIFI I'm fucked I'll get banned!
  4. No, I have glitch so I test pc connection and xbox > network test failes
  5. Hi, RMS Masters, I want to informe you that the Internet connection is fine but when I use the bridge the Internet is no longer working! To make it clear I'll take some screenshots: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0RpjC1NASKLOVpoUGtVOXFJMk0
  6. HI GUYS! I had a problem yesterday with my xbox 360 RGH console, I wanted to connect to Internet for getting some covers and downloading some TUs And the new 0.6b version... But when I plugged in the Ethernet cable I got an Invalid ip adress ( not like 192.168.x.x) . So,I ignored that in the ethernet° I went to x360 network settings and assigned a similar ip to this ; I And did the same to my networks bridge...... But the problem is even with a valid IP I can't connect because every time I bridge the connections the Internet is off (WIFI isn't getting internet) and when I delete the bridge the Internet is back I don't know what to do. It's not the first time I do this but this time it's different THANKS!
  7. Cannot get A valid IP

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