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Found 33 results

  1. can i connect my cracked xbox to internet after blocking xbox live from family setting
  2. ITEM SOLD NO LONGER AVAILABLE Xbox 360 Slim 2TB MW3 Special Edition S-RGH2 Price £200 free P&p to U.K only International Shipping plus $60 Shipped with tracking, signed for Payment via Payal I have uploaded a YouTube video demonstration of the dashboard and games. Youtube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTldP_AOZSo Xbox 360 console S-RGH2 Ace v3+ Boot times 5-30 seconds. DVD drive serviced and flashed to LTPlus 3. Rip and play copies of both original and 360 games. Aurora Dashboard latest version Makes MW3 sounds when power on and eject are touched. Games: Xbox 360 games 250+ Snes360 games 700+ In box: Xbox 360 console Power Supply Xbox 360 wireless controller Venom charger pack
  3. This is a quick video tutorial I put together on how to copy games using Aurora.
  4. can anyone develop a aplication for the xbox 360 rgh for playing youtube videos because i need to play videos in my xbox 360 because my tvbox is broken please im am new in the realmodscene community or develop a webrowser (excuse for the bad english im not american or brit)
  5. Hello everyone, So i have been playing games on my xbox 360 jtag/rgh for quite some time now. Yet there is one thing i never explored on my 360 and that's the possibility to have emulators on my 360 and play older games. I do know that aurora has a xbox emulator installed and i have tried that but i am looking for other emulators. i have seen some posts on realmodscene that were about packages full of emulators but as far as i saw there was no real toturial on what and how to install emulators. i also don't know any jargon surrounding emulators so understanding those posts were a bit difficult. i have seen Retroarch files wich i believe were sometimes used on the 360 but i've also seen Felida having a package of some sort. Some help with what and where to install the emulators would be appreciated. I also suppose the roms are just the regular roms that you can everywhere. Or does something have to be done to the roms before putting them on the 360? Or can i download just one emulator like a GBA emulator if i only need one. My goal with his is to play all of almost all castlevania games. In short: I am a noob that don't know anything about the emulators for 360 and i need a basic toturial. commenting a link to a toturial is also fine. Thanks in advance!!
  6. I accidentally deleted all of the games on my xbox 360 which were on the aurora software is there a way to restore all the deleted games without downloading them all over again(Basically without internet?)
  7. Anybody ever install a game then install a title update for it then it says "Version Mismatch" How do you fix this without clearing the cache or deleting the TU, the Title Update as its needed to make the DLC and savegame work. Someone has is bound to have been able to fix this.
  8. Hello guys ! I own a Fat xbox 360 with Aurora (last version). everything works fine.. but the problem is when I set the path (for games ) for an external HDD using an official microsoft transfer cable.. the soft browse all my games perfect, but the problem is when I reboot, the games display in grey because the path of the external HDD dissapears.. Its strange because the HDD is ok, and when I use it with Freestyle 3 works like a charm and the games path is ok when reboots. The only "solution" that I know is to delete the path and set the path again everytime when I reboot.. but this is a pain.. Maybe is a problem of using a HDD with a transfer cable ? Sorry for my englis. Thanks in advance. Maybe editing Launch.ini adding the path of the drive manually ? Launch.ini says : ; currently supported devices and paths: ; internal hard disk Hdd😕 ; usb memory stick Usb😕 ; memory unit Mu:\ ; USB memory unit UsbMu:\ ; big block NAND mu FlashMu:\ ; internal slim 4G mu IntMu:\ ; internal corona 4g mu MmcMu:\ ; CD/DVD Dvd:\ Can I add the Transfercable:\ path ? or this is impossible ? please help.
  9. Hello everyone, I just installed 0.7b (very well done by the creators) and when i push the Xbox button i see something called "Net ISO"and i was wondering if someone could tell me what it is and what's it for. thanks, Killigeo
  10. how to create a standalone game like xbox invaders, what does it take to achieve such a feat? If anyone knows, can you comment to help? If post is in the wrong area, move to the right part. Alias is very important. Moved from Phönix requests and suggestions ---> Xbox other topics, coz its here better in place ! Dr.Gonzo.
  11. I have a RGH'ed Jasper 360 that I added a 2TB drive to and configured from scratch. I added XexMenu, Aurora and FreestyleDash. I have been ripping discs to the drive with no issues. Aurora sees them and I have automatic scanning set. The problem is when I FTP games over. For some reason, none of the games will show up in Aurora. They show in FSD just fine. I can launch them from the file menu in Aurora, but they just don't show up in the interface. Any ideas what I could check or what I might be doing wrong? I have loaded dash launch but I have not gotten around to configuring it yet. I wouldn't think that would cause this issue with Aurora though. I also read through all 37 pages of the support forum and while there are a number of topics related to missing games, none seemed to apply to this case.
  12. Hello everone, When i start up Call of duty Black ops 2 zombies and open Link it doesn't find any zombie players. Multiplayer works fine but zombies doesn't. And it's not that i am having bad luck at finding people because it happens everytime at different moments of the day and i even can't ever find anyone when i join a specific zombie lobby. Is there a way to fix this?
  13. hello everyone, Do any of you know what good sources are for homebrew games that i can get for my xbox 360?
  14. I have an RGH'ed Xbox 360 kinect 320 GB. I installed FSD3 because there was some errors intercepted on the last FSD (1.02) so updated it to 3. I downloaded some games for my xbox and can still copy extracted iso. I remember the last games that moved are Madagascar 3 and Prototype 2. That was transferred after I installed FSD3. But nowadays, I downloaded CODBO2 and Halo 4. I extracted them and it seems that I cannot copy nor move them to the HDD via usb. It shows "operation failed" after a few transfer of files. I wonder there is something wrong with my console. There are huge space left on the hdd so I do not suspect on the storage. I extracted the ISOs via xbox360iso extract (latest). Seems fine after extraction. The only fails me is that the transfer operation. I only use "card reader with micro SD (8GB) in it". It operates like a USB dongle though. regards,
  15. Hey guys! I am still kinda new and dumb when it comes to downloading xbox 360 games and modding in general. When I search the net for games, I saw so many releases that I find it hard to make a decision to download one. e.g Ra7hor, Newman, sahil00150, wilsoner, fertinga etc. I tend to have OCD to want the best, are there really any differences between the releases? Reduction in game file size, language, file structure, anything? Can you guys give your opinions on who have the best quality releases as I tend to stick to 1 or 2 with the releases which is the best. I prefer the one who release region free version and in ENGLISH mainly and also leave the file intact as I remember downloading a copy of COD ghost that has no mission briefing from somewhere. I also prefer smaller game file size as my storage options is limited.
  16. Hello, Im just asking how can I get items that can only be unlocked if you play FOB on aurora and how do I access or play FOB events/missions? Thanks in advance
  17. ok so I add games like cod bo2 bo1 bo3 gta v but is there a way to get it so when I load up bo2 it loads the default_mp.xex instead of the default.xex
  18. For everyone who cant find any players because of not reaching with a topic here. I created a Telegram group, If you want to join, just search for Link Group at the Telegram app or follow this link https://t.me/joinchat/B0kghUSENrQWw-zSO18Nrw Here is a link to the app. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details… I also created a Whatsappgroup, you can follow this Link or PN me with your mobile phonenumber, so I can add you Link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/5X3u4vO29WPF3MjTUdwJH
  19. hi guys , i install the wolfenstein the new order all the parts , and the game start and i play it for 1 hour maybe then the game crached , when i start the game again the game require disk 3 ,i enable the swap in dash but nothing happend and i dont know how to fix it and this is my game files
  20. Whats the purpose of the "default.xex" file for xbla games if i could just launch the game from the content folder? Though I do not fully understand the function of default.xex, I hope someone could explain to me in simple terms. Is the default.xex for xbla there so that it could be burned to a DVD? I tried to launch The Walking Dead Season 1 from default.xex but it just hung up with a black screen, but when i launch from the content folder, its flawless. So is the default.xex useless for xbla games?
  21. Hello there, I'm new to this community, so I thought this section will be the best to ask for help. Sorry if I'm wrong. So lets start, I have a black xbox 360, which was made in 2012 - 09. I got it cracked so I could play any game I want, it worked fine. But few days I ago I decided to try and install either nba 2k16 or nba 2k17, I installed it, but when I wanted to play it, didn't work. An error occurred: "the game couldn't start, try downloading the game". I searched up the net, and few suggested to update the FSD3, which I already did, but it didin't help. So basically, I'm playing games from my xbox 360 250gb hdd, I've got there installed like: UFC, gta v, wwe 2013 and so on. All of these games works fine, but they got installed by me few years back. Neither of NBA worked for me, what could be the case? I have xexmenu 1.1, never updated kernel(dont know even what that is), FSD3 up to date, I use iso2god to convert straight to usb and then put the game in to the xbox from the usb. Thanks in advance, I hope I explained everything as clearly as possible.
  22. hi guys. So straight to the point my jtag wont read some games. Such as Guitar hero world tour. Serious sam HD collection. Rock band 2 and greenday. I just wanna know what the issue could be because my mate plays the GH and RB fine on his jtag but i get into the loading screen for them and it wont go any further. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Oh and i have tried deleting them and getting a different copy aswell and it didnt work. Every other guitar hero works on my jtag (metallica.III,legends of rock,smash hits, rock band 1) so i cant believe that my jtag is stable on just those 3 games. If it matter i have a corona freeboot 2.0
  23. If you are already been in 3D cinema, then you want to ensure that feeling also at home. The Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 and other consoles offer exactly that. I have tested it the last few days with various games and especially with Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, the feeling is just much better with 3D All you need for this is a 3D capable TV , a HDMI cable 1.4 or higher and a 3D glasses (eg from the Cinema ) Almost all LG TVs support passive 3D, that means you does not require any shutter glasses and therefore you can use a regular out of the cinema. Also Philips, Samsung and other manufacturers have devices with passive 3D technology. Mostly you have then in your remote control a 3D icon. The 3D support is enabled by default. Otherwise you will find the setting in NXE - Standard Dashboard. Not all games support 3D an (incomplete) list of games with 3D support you get here http://www.3dtested.com/3d-xbox-360-games-list/ Whether your TV support 3D - active or passive features you can just try it. Start a game with 3D support and enabled 3D in the game options, your TV should switch automatically and give you a hint. Without 3D glasses the display is then blurred, you set 3D glasses on the effect should be immediately visible (in the game). * Btw. All PCs and newer graphics cards are 3D capable and you can have with a normal 3D glasses from the cinema the feeeling also at home. NVIDIA has directly in the control panel "up Stereoscopic 3D Function". For AMD / ATI I think it is a hidden option. Just try it out: thumbsup:
  24. Can someone please help me?? I joined today and I wanted to ask how to download and install games???? I tried myself but I always fail. (NOTE: I'm a 13 year old....) 250 gb on xbox, i have freestyle dash,and if you need any information please... Rgh console.... ... If you can also tell me how to install title updates??An can someone please tell me how to play online and I have installed aurora
  25. Hello, I have a cracked Xbox 360 with Aurora 0.3. The Aurora was installed over freestyle 3. When I download games, in which directory to copy the files to ? Guy
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