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  1. So there are no difference between releases? And I can just download one of them? Which releases are the better and safe choice. I hate to waste my time and bandwith to download broken games or games in other language.
  2. Hey guys! I am still kinda new and dumb when it comes to downloading xbox 360 games and modding in general. When I search the net for games, I saw so many releases that I find it hard to make a decision to download one. e.g Ra7hor, Newman, sahil00150, wilsoner, fertinga etc. I tend to have OCD to want the best, are there really any differences between the releases? Reduction in game file size, language, file structure, anything? Can you guys give your opinions on who have the best quality releases as I tend to stick to 1 or 2 with the releases which is the best. I prefer the one who release region free version and in ENGLISH mainly and also leave the file intact as I remember downloading a copy of COD ghost that has no mission briefing from somewhere. I also prefer smaller game file size as my storage options is limited.
  3. stupid question but how do you let 360 content manager detect storage device other than internal hdd? Does it only detect hdd1? When i open up 360 content manager, only hdd1 is visible when pressing show xbox 360 hard drive. I am sure 360cm is connected to my xbox rgh. Please help
  4. Lets say in the future I were to burn the contents of the xbla to dvd. Would I need the original default.xex or the one in the xbla for it to work from dvd?
  5. SO meaning the default.xex is useless if it is on the hard drive and not on dvd? That might explain why i cant launch the default.xex of the walking dead. Should I delete the default.xex? Would its absence affect anything, like title updates?
  6. Whats the purpose of the "default.xex" file for xbla games if i could just launch the game from the content folder? Though I do not fully understand the function of default.xex, I hope someone could explain to me in simple terms. Is the default.xex for xbla there so that it could be burned to a DVD? I tried to launch The Walking Dead Season 1 from default.xex but it just hung up with a black screen, but when i launch from the content folder, its flawless. So is the default.xex useless for xbla games?
  7. Sorry if i put this topic in a wrong thread but my problem is when dumping nand using simple 360 nand flasher i get loads of "error creating 0x8000 bytes at offset 0x2ff8000". I am not a technical genius, so what does it mean? Also when i try using xebuild gui to update my nand i get an error... My system is corona, so I have followed the special settings required for it. I am new to this so pls forgive me. ================================== Swizzy's xeBuild GUI version 2.099 Log Started: Wednesday 22/3/2017 12:25:21 PM ================================== *** Some console information *** CB Version: 0 ERROR: Unable to decrypt KV using specified CPUKey! This means the log will NOT contain information from your keyvault, it can be caused by etheir badkey or badblock/corrupt keyvault Using xell-reloaded for Glitch hack Including dashlaunch... Done! Including custom dashlaunch settings (launch.ini)... Done! Copying nand to data directory, this may take a while... Done! Checking if SMC is Glitch or Retail... Dumping current SMC... Done! Checking SMC... SMC is Glitch patched! it will be used the way it is... Parameters sent to xeBuild: -noenter -t glitch2 -c corona -d data -f 17511 -b DD88AD0C9ED669E7B56794FB68563EFA -p ... output.bin Building nand using xeBuild (this may take a while): --------------------------------------------------------------- xeBuild v1.18.800 --------------------------------------------------------------- base path changed to C:\Users\Jack\Desktop\Xe Build GUI\files ---- { Image Build Mode } ---- building glitch2 image ******* ERROR loading 'data/nanddump.bin', file size 0x348000 is not large enough ***** WARNING: cfldv was not set anywhere, setting it to 1 please set it in ini or on command line and rebuild! **** could not read smc.bin (-1) **** ******* ERROR: critical bootloader files are missing, cannot proceed! ***** FATAL BUILD ERROR: -1 unable to complete NAND image --------------------------------------------------------------- xeBuild Finished. Have a nice day. --------------------------------------------------------------- xeBuild ERROR: image build error ERROR: There was one or more fatal errors: 1 errors during the build process Cleaning data and temporary directories... Done! ****** The app has now finished! ******
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