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Found 7 results

  1. ** UPDATE ** updated to install latest dashlaunch and FSD, also updated with SD TV Support (HD is still supported also). TV Auto Sizes resolution for your tv. Well here is a new tool from TeamFSD just for you. It allows you to do either a local, or online install of FSD and Dashlaunch. It can be run from either LIVE, DVD, or Extracted (packages included) Live package needs to be copied to Content0000000000000000 in order to show up in NXE Basically a one stop shop. Run from media of choice, choose where to install, what to install and where to get media (local or internet) and press go. When installing Dashlaunch it will setup the launch on startup for the requested FSD install dir http-~~-//youtu.be/2iUw1-1WKoo LIVE package - FSD2.2_Installer-LIVE.7z DVD package - FSDInstaller.iso Extracted package - FsdInstaller.7z Hi Sean
  2. i was always told there is never a stupid question when trying to learn.. well today i'm trying to learn, i got a program to extract ISO files but it also got a few other options wich i don't know what they do. can someone explain me what a XGD360 hack is, an applyPPF is and abgx360 is?
  3. Hello everyone, I just installed 0.7b (very well done by the creators) and when i push the Xbox button i see something called "Net ISO"and i was wondering if someone could tell me what it is and what's it for. thanks, Killigeo
  4. Hey guys! I am still kinda new and dumb when it comes to downloading xbox 360 games and modding in general. When I search the net for games, I saw so many releases that I find it hard to make a decision to download one. e.g Ra7hor, Newman, sahil00150, wilsoner, fertinga etc. I tend to have OCD to want the best, are there really any differences between the releases? Reduction in game file size, language, file structure, anything? Can you guys give your opinions on who have the best quality releases as I tend to stick to 1 or 2 with the releases which is the best. I prefer the one who release region free version and in ENGLISH mainly and also leave the file intact as I remember downloading a copy of COD ghost that has no mission briefing from somewhere. I also prefer smaller game file size as my storage options is limited.
  5. Hello! A friend and I have been trying to extract some models from this game called Kameo Elements Of Power(it's a Rare game, same guys who made Banjo & Kazooie) and we really need some help.My friend is using Ninja Ripper and a few others(I'll ask him so I can add it to this list) and we've got the ISO for the game but we're really stuck on trying to extract the models for this Xbox 360 game(there's also an ISO for an original XBOX version that we'd like to extract too)If anyone could help, that would really mean a lot!Also we created a Discord Server for the project to make things easier https://discord.gg/tKHMD83I've also tried a lot of tutorials for extracting xbox 360 game models but I'm not having that much luck either. Even anything little can be a huge help!
  6. Hello guys, can you tell me the easiest/fastest way of reducing the size of the games who are GOD formatted (I've messed up for some of the games by selecting the mode to be NONE which made them use 8.15GB space). I've tried converting the GOD games using GOD2ISO then ISO2GOD but it didn't worked for most of the games (I wasn't able to load the newly created ISO with ISO2GOD). Any help will be appreciated, thanks in advanced! P.S. What do you recommend me to use more XEX format or GOD?
  7. Yep that's right right streaming games with a PC is now feasible, and here's how! Requirements: 1: Jailbroken ps3 on any CFW (as far as i know it works on any cfw) 2: Latest Multiman (found here) 3: PS3netsrv (found here) 1: Okay so first things first, make sure to have the latest Multiman for your jailbroken ps3. after you got that you'll want to get ps3netsrv for your pc that your gonna be streaming games from (the games you can stream have to be in ISO format, a straight up rip did not work for me). 2: Now that you have everything downloaded you'll need to get the ip of the pc you're using to stream your games. To do this you need to open up command prompt (cmd) and type in "ipconfig" without quotes and then your ip will show under "IPv4 Address" should be something like (can be different for you). 3: Now that we got the ip of the of your using you need to go into multiman. Under the settings tab in multiman find "Network Servers" and then click on the "/nethost0 - Enable". on the text boxes that show up type your IP address for the pc your using, the next box just leave 38008, then on the last box you can put a friendly name the you want to have for it. 4: Okay now back on the pc you'll want to run the "PS3NETServer.exe" (if it comes up saying you don't have the Msvbvm50 file on your pc then run the Msvbvm50.exe and let that install). once you have that open click the "..." box to browse the folder you'll be having your games in. once you have that folder selected click start. inside that folder you are now using to stream your games there should be two new folders inside called "GAMES" and "PS3ISO", if not then make them and place your iso games into the PS3ISO folder. 5: Now back on your ps3 go into the mmos (file manager) in Multiman and you should see either "net_host" or the friendly name you used, go into that directory and you should see the two folders PS3ISO and GAMES. once you make sure you can see those folders then go into your games column and hit refresh the games that is in the PS3ISO folder should now be on your games list. A few extra things to know: the IP of your computer your using to stream your games can change. you just need to go back to settings on Multiman then under Network Servers click on the new option that should have your previous ip and such to change the ip to the new one. the way you can keep the ip address on your pc the same without having to worry about it changing is to set a static IP address via your internet router settings (every router is different and can very so for this reason i wont be showing how to do this, google is your best friend). Wi-Fi works but can be slow in loading times for that i recommend using a direct Ethernet connection. If anyone has questions please feel free to ask! Credits go out to all the Devs that made this possible and credit goes to the user that posted the original tut i found here
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