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  1. Correct me if I am wrong, but I've saw someone commenting extreme cases like 8GB iso converted to 1-2GB GoD (I've read that most of the time when removing the padding around 1 to 3 gb are freed). So is it possible to convert GoD formatted game to ISO, then from ISO to GoD with removed padding? I've tried converting the games from GoD to ISO using god2iso, but no luck with most of the games.
  2. Hello guys, can you tell me the easiest/fastest way of reducing the size of the games who are GOD formatted (I've messed up for some of the games by selecting the mode to be NONE which made them use 8.15GB space). I've tried converting the GOD games using GOD2ISO then ISO2GOD but it didn't worked for most of the games (I wasn't able to load the newly created ISO with ISO2GOD). Any help will be appreciated, thanks in advanced! P.S. What do you recommend me to use more XEX format or GOD?
  3. I guess I didn't said my question right, I am trying to rename the "hdd1/content" folder to "hdd1/Content" which is located in the internal hard drive not in an external one.
  4. It gives me ------- Error An error has occurred. Error Code: 13 ------ When I try to do it from the Aurora's File Manager, maybe its because the folder is locked or something I don't know :/ Is there a specific application I must to rename it with?
  5. Cuz I am using PascalCase not camelCase for the other folders and only the content folder is using camelCase So if I want to make is PascalCase I have to mess up with the Kernel? Nah better not touch that, but thanks for the info guys! BTW most of the videos I see they have it PascalCase, dayum my OCD kicks in hard I wonder if it is hard to make it or if there is a big possibility I might mess up something?
  6. I am wondering if it is even possible to rename the "hdd/content" folder to "hdd/Content" I've tried it with FileZilla and the build in File Manager in Aurora but I didn't had luck with any of them.
  7. Hi, since FSD is no longer being maintained you won't be able to download Covers and TU's trough the console and you won't be able to connect to System LiNK in the feature because the people who are maintaining those couple of stuff will shut down LiNK's server and will use Nova (imagine it like LiNK 2.0) and FSD won't be compatible with it. So my suggestion is to use Aurora instead because it is still being developed and has all of the features that you are probably looking for (Covers, TU's, LiNK, Emulators, Faster Boot Time ,Large variety of custom made skins and so on..) . How to setup Aurora with System LiNK
  8. OMG Is this Skin public??? It looks awesome!
  9. The thing is that I am currently not at home, and I won't be home for the next week too, so I cannot test it right now :/ Well I mean I am planning to edit some skin and use it for myself since it won't be fair to take some skin from someone who made this and post it with just the song switched.
  10. I had the same problem because of my DashLaunch options. Check if something isn't blocking the connection.
  11. That sounds like a solution. What is the maximum allowed size/length of a song?
  12. I have the perfectly looped music file, I hope there is a way to remove the fade in and fade out effect..
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