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  1. Request missing covers to be added

    they were added, although we are looking into fixing the titleid for PES 2018
  2. * * Xbox Unity Login / Account Issues **

    both approved
  3. Aurora and System Link

    It is possible, but not using aurora and link at the moment. you would need a tool like xbslink or xlink kai, because traffic has to be caught on the pc fot the retail console. The retail console also has to be the host, due to the ping limit (there can be only 1 retail console, unless the retail consoles are all within 30ms ping of the host) Link would have to be turned of on the hacked consoles for it to work with a pc tool as well.
  4. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    When you overwrite with a file smaller than the original file, the file is not shrunk. The data of the old file remains at the end. So overwiting a txt file containing "Hello world" with "Hi world", you will end up with a file that contains "Hi worldrld". For some files this doesn't break anything, others will no longer work (for example xex files)
  5. Halo⁴ launcher

    I assume you are not asking us to help you pirate a game, so you should have the original disc.... You can make a new GOD rip from your disc using the "Aurora Disc to GOD installer" Lua script in Aurora 0.6b
  6. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    It's on the list, but there is a bug in the one from FSD (when you overwrite files it can corrupt them) and it doesn't play nice with Link...
  7. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    We are busy busy people sometimes we post previews when stuff is 80% done, and then some major real life stuff happens and we end up having Aurora on hold for a few months. That's just the way it is when you get old We are still working on getting 0.7 out, so bare with us.
  8. Aurora Multidisc support

    This is a bug in Aurora, it is fixed in 0.7. While the plugin does the switching, Aurora gives it the wrong paths for connectx, that is why fsd works for either location and aurora only for local games
  9. Content Problem

    The covers are coming from XboxUnity.net, but rest comes from Microsoft. You probably have Live Block and Live Strong enabled in DashLauch. Turn of Live Strong and try again.
  10. PlayTo Feature

    I remember it needed to be wmv at some point, don;t know if that is still the case...
  11. Aurora 0.6b help (title ID)

    it looks like the file names arent actually gotten from the scanned ones, but from xboxunity.net. we have been having a lot of server issues, so it could be the file never got downloaded properly. Check the aurora data dir for titlecache.list, if it is there delete it and try again. if not you could copy that file from your 0.5b version maybe...
  12. Aurora 0.6b help (title ID)

    i checked the code, and there are some restrictions... the titleid folders have to be in the content\0000000000000000 folder and the title has to be available in the database (so the content path has to be added as a scanpath)
  13. Aurora 0.6b help (title ID)

    did you move the files?
  14. more info would be needed... your settings, the logging, etc... did you perhaps switch to a filter with RB/LB that has no games?
  15. Xbox Invaders - Released!