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Found 8 results

  1. Someone please tell me. How can I delete games from my achievement history? I tried the • exProfileEditor • velocity to leave it blocked at 0. but when I enter xbox live the system just returns the data. Is there a way to overwrite this, so I can delete it using "X"? i don't want to open 50/50... just remove this any magic app or links?
  2. Hi guys, I'm sorry for my english. I do not speak much English, I'm using the latest aurora 0.7b.1, it works correctly with connections, it downloads games normally, covers the games, the games work perfectly and everything else, however I am having problems with my profile, usually after I fix it, after about more or less 3 weeks of normal use in the aurora with it enabling my achievements normally, it starts to make mistakes, stopping to enable my achievements and giving bugs in some that I already won , as for example stopping to show the image referring to that achievement, and it is a very strange error because it happens from time to time. But yesterday a very serious error occurred to me, my achievements in Far Cry 4, could not even be visualized, because my xbox 360 frozen and restarted soon after after I visualized, and the games in jvolta had problems in their conquests, as I said, they erased the images of conquests already made and do not carry them anymore, as I said my profile works perfectly and from time to time this error occurs without explanation, and I have to correct it again because it never works again correctly. How do I fix it !? I take it on a Pen Drive at a friend's house that still has xbox 360 blocked with live access normally, I put my profile on his console, I leave it online for about 5 minutes, which is about the time it takes to upload my achievements (even with errors) then delete the faulty profile of my friend's console and download again, after that it comes back with my achievements working perfectly both in the part of being able to view them, while in the part of enabling new as I play, and I bring my profile back, I put it in my console and it works perfectly until the time when this error again. and I have already done this upload procedure in the default profile and download it working well again some 3 times, and I do not really like having to do this whenever this error occurs, it is tiring and especially frustrating to have to constantly watch your profile with fear of not being working well, and eventually it actually stop working correctly for no apparent reason Before migrating to Aurora, when I used Freestyle, I had never had a similar mistake, my profile worked perfectly, but I really liked Aurora, and I did not want to have to get rid of it. This image contains an example of some games that have become defects in the profile. But if the problem were only with the images I would still leave there, but it stops to enable new achievements.
  3. The auto select/ load profile on boot fails to show all profiles across all storage devices. I have a live profile stored on a old type storage 32gb and the same profile stored on the internal drive and it fails to show the profile stored on the usb stick on startup. If I skip login from the startup window the profile shows up in the HUD and I'm able to log In with the profile stored on the USB stick. Both profiles show up in the official dash in RGH and retail nands.
  4. Latest Aurora release expects problems when trying to read profile data in Kinect Sport (4D5308C9). When trying to load profile in game itself - the whole system freezes. If the profile is already loaded - sometimes the game shows the message "cannot read the disk" (the game is started from HDD), sometimes it freezes a little bit after. FSD in the same time works without problem. Same problem in Splinter Cell Conviction (5553080B). The profile is loaded normally, but the whole system freezes during first few minutes of the game (I believe it happens immediately when the game is trying to save something in profile). FSD also works without any problem, however it does not find any trace of previous saves in profile made under Aurora - the game simply starts at the very beginning. Looks very bad for Aurora, have to move back to FSD.
  5. Hi. I am running the latest version of F3 with the latest kernal and when F3 loads up, I try to sign into a profile and it gives me an error saying status D0000018. Anyone know what this is and how to fix it? Everything else is working fine. If I sign in on the stock dash it keeps me logged in when I restart F3, but I do not want to have to do that everytime. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello, many of us have several Xbox Devices and maybe you linked your Xboxunity account on these with Aurora. It would be nice to see a named Device List in our Profile Settings, so we can retrieve information from these devices. Possible Information - Available Xbox Profiles - Action 1: we can push and pull profiles/gamesaves from one Xbox to another, a basic Cloud) - Action 2: Transfering Assets or Aurora Skins - List of Installed Content like Games and their DLCs/TUs - Location - System Information (Aurora, Dashlaunch, Firmware, etc.) - ... This is an extension to my older Thread: Xbox Unity - The Cloud
  7. Modio and Horizon are Savegame and Profile Manager for PC. But you have to connect ur HDD or Transfer such data manually onto a Stick to work with those. So i wanna request a easy to handle Aurora feature for Savegames and Profile managing - Transfer/Copy and implement savegames to another profile - Send Savegames as Backup to an online Storage or to PC - and easily copy it to a USB drive - Transfer Savegames to PC or Stick that are usable in retail consoles (without getting banned from XBL) would be very useful when you wanna paly together with a friend and want to use ur savegame. - Rename Profiles
  8. I have an xbox 360 with rgh. I was copying files form my USB HDD to my xbox internal HDD (dragon Age inquisition files), and when finish, y restart my console. After that I notice the aurora was different, with the preset configuration, and I realized that i have no login in to my profile. When i push the guide button and then profiles, there are 2 profiles, but my main profile isn't one of them. It just disappeare. If i execute the Aurora file manager and go to HDD > content> there is the 00000 folder, and 3 more. 2 with the profile name after the number (EXXXXXXX [Profile_name], and the other with only the numbers EXXXXXXX without profile name. Is there any option to recover my profile. I use this profile more than 7 years, and I have hundreds of saves and stuff.
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