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  1. professor_jonny

    File manager requests

    Using Aurora's file manager to copy from drive to drive is actually quite quick compared to ftp, but yes fatxplorer is the quickest method and very valuable if you use it extensively, I paid for it and is a very handy tool. I'm still waiting for him to add original xbox support that as been on the cards for over a year now.
  2. professor_jonny

    File manager requests

    I'm not at home at the moment but by details menu do you mean pressing the y button on individual titles to move? yes that would be handy, but would lack features to que items, a way to multi select titles from the main display and preform the same function copy move functions as the file manager. A way to transfer the items selected in the main display into a que in the file manager perhaps?
  3. professor_jonny

    File manager requests

    On the main display and you can apply filters with the triggers etc it is a very good way to group and isolate content. I'm just wondering if the same features of the main display could be merged into the file manager or merge the file manager features into the main display as an alternative, once the filter is applied to a DB content related listing in the file manager you can select one at a time or select all to the que and copy paste etc... Showing the DB content in a window like a extra storage device in the file manager would be preferable option. To embed those features you would end up recreating the file manager basically in a utility script and recreating all the features of filters that are already preset on the main display. It just seems like creating a utility script would be reinventing the stuff that Aurora already does and would probably do it a lot better than any thing I could invent in a script.
  4. professor_jonny

    deviceid update script

    Cool I know nothing about LUA scripting apart from a quick Wikipedia search but it seems to be an alternative to python. But I guess if it has access directly to the db you can see the current mounted device ID and update the content locations, some simple logic to check the content on the device and decide which device id needs updating.
  5. professor_jonny

    File manager requests

    Correct but I meant to add filters/ sorting scripts I will corrected my above suggestion. with the file manager you are limited to browsing for content and adding it to the que, the ability to apply filters/ sorting scripts to a flattened directory would be handy. As I have multiple storage devices it would be handy to organise content. say if I want to move all car games to a specific device I would have to manually pick each title and copy it with my suggestion it would allow a wild card like approach to content from within the file manager.
  6. Currently if you clone a hdd you have to rescrape asset data or edit the database to reuse the old asset data as I have done in the past using SQLite database editor. Could we use an LUA script to update the device id in the database should we clone our storage to another device?
  7. professor_jonny

    Jtagged/RGH'd 2tb internal upgrade & something else

    you might want to beef up your powersupply your xbox was not designed to run 3 internal drives, The kinetc required an external adaptor on the phat consoles as it went over the power requirements of the xbox, if you could get a hold of a 213w dev powersupply for your console and it might help.
  8. professor_jonny

    File manager requests

    Would it be possible to enable flattening of the directory hierarchy and filters/ sorting scripts in the file manager so you could have an Aurora dashboard like directory listing? If it were able to update the database hooks if you happened to move titles that would be cool. I'd like to be easily be able to manage games across storage devices cut paste etc, it would be handy for setting up and copying content.
  9. professor_jonny

    0.7b profile on load fault.

    I'm not 100% sure but I think it has to do with it being the same profile as other profiles show up from both locations.
  10. professor_jonny

    0.7b profile on load fault.

    The auto select/ load profile on boot fails to show all profiles across all storage devices. I have a live profile stored on a old type storage 32gb and the same profile stored on the internal drive and it fails to show the profile stored on the usb stick on startup. If I skip login from the startup window the profile shows up in the HUD and I'm able to log In with the profile stored on the USB stick. Both profiles show up in the official dash in RGH and retail nands.
  11. professor_jonny

    Jtagged/RGH'd 2tb internal upgrade & something else

    I thought those ports are 3.3v not 5v or was that the RF adaptor?
  12. professor_jonny

    [link] link and system link intergration

    in link you can use wired or wifi for connection just not system link. A button combo like the screen shot function to disable link for system link play would be a cool thing or some auto switch as currently you have to disable it with in the system menu, ok for me but it is password protected to avoid my kids causing issues. Also the inability to used mixed connections for local system link if by some how nova could allow any console networked to the same network to operate in system link when link is disabled. a feature to disable link automatically say if no internet is available could be an option if you wish to use local play or switch.
  13. Would it be possible to add local system link and link together under the same interface?. would it also be possible to enable system link to used mixed connections wired and wireless?
  14. professor_jonny

    Local System link with multiple rgh consoles

    As soon as I created an adhock network or plugged them in with lan it all just worked, but it wont work with our house setup one is wired to the main router the other is wifi to a router wired to the main router and the other is wifi to the main router. so it all works but it definatly does not liked mixed connections. Ill add a request to addlocal lan partys to linkso we could possibly use mixed networks ? it does say you cant have mixed networks which seems silly.
  15. professor_jonny

    Local System link with multiple rgh consoles

    Felida I have a mixed setup because of the topology of my house, All the consoles are connected to one router one console is wired and the other two are via wifi. All consoles go on link as they are if I enable link surprising enough as I am behind a Double NAT from my ISP as I'm on a 4g connection. Without any other modification If I disable link none of the consoles can see link (which I expect) but they also cant see each other. I have tried hosting on each console. I have not tried with a crossover cable direct between two consoles but I may try that next but it is suggested I can use a router or switch with up to 16 consoles at once (game dependant) I have also only tried one game (COD ghosts) but I may try another. cheers jono