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  1. professor_jonny

    [link] link and system link intergration

    in link you can use wired or wifi for connection just not system link. A button combo like the screen shot function to disable link for system link play would be a cool thing or some auto switch as currently you have to disable it with in the system menu, ok for me but it is password protected to avoid my kids causing issues. Also the inability to used mixed connections for local system link if by some how nova could allow any console networked to the same network to operate in system link when link is disabled. a feature to disable link automatically say if no internet is available could be an option if you wish to use local play or switch.
  2. Would it be possible to add local system link and link together under the same interface?. would it also be possible to enable system link to used mixed connections wired and wireless?
  3. professor_jonny

    Local System link with multiple rgh consoles

    As soon as I created an adhock network or plugged them in with lan it all just worked, but it wont work with our house setup one is wired to the main router the other is wifi to a router wired to the main router and the other is wifi to the main router. so it all works but it definatly does not liked mixed connections. Ill add a request to addlocal lan partys to linkso we could possibly use mixed networks ? it does say you cant have mixed networks which seems silly.
  4. professor_jonny

    Local System link with multiple rgh consoles

    Felida I have a mixed setup because of the topology of my house, All the consoles are connected to one router one console is wired and the other two are via wifi. All consoles go on link as they are if I enable link surprising enough as I am behind a Double NAT from my ISP as I'm on a 4g connection. Without any other modification If I disable link none of the consoles can see link (which I expect) but they also cant see each other. I have tried hosting on each console. I have not tried with a crossover cable direct between two consoles but I may try that next but it is suggested I can use a router or switch with up to 16 consoles at once (game dependant) I have also only tried one game (COD ghosts) but I may try another. cheers jono
  5. professor_jonny

    Local System link with multiple rgh consoles

    I just unticked the link box in nova/link. in each console but I could not manage to get it to work, I checked everyone was on the same title updates as each console and that the wifi members are not isolated was working with link (online) previously with 0.6 on each console. One console is on the new 0.7 and all the rest are on 0.6 I guess this does not matter as long as it is disabled? I'm guessing I don't need to open ports or use port triggering with local link? But yes it would be cool if we could do local and internet based system link without modifying things too much. I was trying to get it working as our internet has run out of cap (4g rural) as we usually do it with link (online)
  6. Hi I tried to set up a lan party at home between the kids but I could not get it to work. Do I have to disable the nova/ link feature to do this, or is there any other special requirments? Do I have to have one retail console connected to live or something ?
  7. professor_jonny

    Request missing titles to be added

    HI can you add these please: Name: Conflict: desert storm Type: Xbox Title ID: 53430001 Name: fakeanim Type: homebrew Title ID: 00000000 Name: Men of valor Type: xbox Title ID: 56550019 Name: Pro Evolution soccer 5 Type: xbox Title ID: 4b4e0030 Name: XPG Chamelion Type: homebrew trainer Title ID: N/A keywords XPG_Chameleon xpg_chameleon.xex I also have a problem with shortcuts created with xbe shortcut maker in unity when you use the xbox shortcut maker it creates all shortcuts with title id's of code9999 problem is this title id has been added in the system under xexmenu. can it be renamed in the system to xbe shortcut maker and instead look at the name of the title to determine the cover? Name: Xbox shortcut maker Type: homebrew Title ID: code9999 I also have problems with this the title id deadbeef (exult360) I think it needs extra key words as I downloaded it from xbins and put it in the scan path and it wont pick up a cover. Name: EXULT360 Type: homebrew emulator Title ID: deadbeef keywords: Exult 360 Exult Ultima 7
  8. professor_jonny

    Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    In the event that development is retired will the source code be dumped in the public domain? it is just that I have seen many cool projects lost in time. is there legal issues as why it is not open currently as I have seen an older version of fsd source around but nothing in reguards to aurora.
  9. yes but if you can get a bit error rate out of the dvd drive you can accurately access the quality of the laser and how well it is tuned in.
  10. Yup cpld's are not so nice to program compared to a micro of some sort, it is a steep learning curve to master vhdl, verilog or other hardware descriptive languages, cpld's ide is often not cheap either. Sent from my HUAWEI SCL-L02 using Tapatalk
  11. Is there any way to show the bit error rate from the DVD drive as i just was tweaking in a laser module and it would be handy to assess laser quality Sent from my HUAWEI SCL-L02 using Tapatalk
  12. professor_jonny

    GODly and GODless Games

    Games work in nxe format without the disk it was a update in rebuild that patched quite some time ago, most people probally don't know this. Sent from my HUAWEI SCL-L02 using Tapatalk
  13. A level shifter straight in to a Arduino or such would do as an easy solution there, but as swizzy said uart is not able to be accessed (yet) :-)
  14. Would it be possible to add access the uart for controlling the demon? It has 16 I/O from what I gather and it would be nice to play with a script to poke and peek the demon dual nand and see if we can access them or any other features like nand switch. bit bang i2c comes to mind :-) Xecuter has never released info on control of the I/O from uart and if it is even possible we only have info on control of the chip from the dll over the usb connection from a pc and even then it is a bit vague. Sent from my HUAWEI SCL-L02 using Tapatalk
  15. Does the script engine have the ability to hook to the i2c so we could drive a i2c LCD? Sent from my HUAWEI SCL-L02 using Tapatalk