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  1. Nice sounds very interesting, you said you have run a full XDK recovery so i guessing its a BB Jasper. sounds good anyways man, I no rework station so i wont be trying anytime soon id like to see more on this console tho. please make a post if have time man
  2. That one pricey xenon. have you ever tried filling the empty ram spaces on some jasper and trinity ?
  3. I dont think there is. its not listed here if there is.
  4. I think its mainly coded in C++, could also be XNA. Swizzy has FSD2 source code on his github Here
  5. Try clearing hard drive cache -- clear-system-cache. If still fail you could always download on pc and transfer via usb
  6. Im not 100% sure but i think if was to rename them removing $flash_ and changing .xexp to just .xex these files may work. Compair to the 7371 dash files to see. Saying that i not a clue wtf im talking about 😂😂
  7. Its been so long since we seen them dashes i dowt i would know 7371 from 6771. No you cant use the avatar update you need to build a new nand image like we explained allready.
  8. You need to dump your nand, work out if you jtag, rgh or rgh2 and get your cpu key. Once have all these you can build a new nand image on any xbox dash 7371+ I downloaded this earlya it has all the older dashes included
  9. I tryed this some time back as i like the old blade dash. Just for a trip down memory lane the problem i had was using jrunner you cant build a rgh2 nand on the old 7371 dash. It was greyed out
  10. There is some skins for fsd3 and aurora that look abit like xbox one dashboard. Its not a good dashboard iv never liked it. It just dont work well and some setting are hidden. Check Here there afew to choose from
  11. Fsd3 and aurora both change the hud, adds temps and stuff. There was alot of differnt .xex that changed the hud afew years back. Alot of 360 sites are gone now so not sure where would find them. There might be on here if you look about
  12. ianboy1987


    This sounds good i might have to switch to aurora when this is released, whats network speed like when ftping its like 11mb is that enuff to play games over lan ?
  13. I joint RMS discord not to long ago. Its a cool place to hang out. Its a little silent around there some days tho and got me thinking why ant the LiNK users making the most of this. The only thing i can think of is they dont know about it. I dont visit RMS as much as i should these days but discord strait to my phone or pc when im onit. Anyways what i would like to see is a discord invite some where on aurora the hud or xnotify some think like that. Try to build the community abit LiNK users numbers must be going up now days. Would be easyer for them to arange games/matches
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