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  1. ianboy1987

    XBMC for 360 alpha

    i also codnt compile myself, he must know somthink we dont
  2. ianboy1987

    XBMC for 360 alpha

    just a quick update. his released a alpha build for non bleavers to test, just a copy and past XBMC-360 Alpha v1.0 ======================== This is a port of XBMC4XBOX to XBox 360 using the Microsoft XBox 360 SDK (not using Linux and Kodi). This is only the bare skeleton of the application at the moment, there are still many missing features and minor bugs. Download compiled build (28-8-18): here Current Status: GUILIB: As of now only the basics of the GUILib have been ported and missing many control types, however the basic controls are there and working well. DVDPLAYER: The FFmpeg based core named DVDPlayer is still missing sections/features, but it works well. Note: The FFmpeg libraries included where ported to Xbox 360 by Ced2911, they are quite old (2011).
  3. ianboy1987

    2TB HDD/SSHD in Xbox 360 E?

    If you have ssd connected via usb2 you wont notice no difference. the original hardware is sata2 the same as most older pcs Take a read here they are saying sata 1, I have tested myself and noticed a big differnce
  4. ianboy1987

    2TB HDD/SSHD in Xbox 360 E?

    yes put in slim console format it and it works alot faster than a normal hdd, even loading dashboard and that is alot faster, i think there a video or was on youtube shows gta v loading like 30+ sec faster here a vid to check out i tryed awhile back with 128gb ssd it was great and alot faster all round xbox 360 uses sata2, putting thro usb wouldnt make much of a difference as usb2
  5. ianboy1987

    XBMC for 360 alpha

    yer has took awhile but is a shit tone of work for 1 guy. i would say it usable the way it is atm. he sent me a built on the 6th but he added/fix alot since then
  6. ianboy1987

    XBMC for 360 alpha

    Yes he done really well. Hopefully some more devs get involved soon to speed things up
  7. ianboy1987

    XBMC for 360 alpha

    I have been talking to marty28 the coder who is porting xbmc to the 360. Check his work out here After alot of bugging from me he sent me a built xbmc for the 360 to test. He is working on a alpha release that should be soon looking at his github There is some bugs that to be expected. Overall it works alot better than he said it would audio and video are in sync If any one would like to help port this project please get in contact he has added and edited alot since he shared a build with me the github been updated daily Cosmetics (code spacing/indentation) … marty28 committed 5 hours ago b8e5c7d Added video codec factory … marty28 committed 6 hours ago d3aaef8 Remove some files that should not have been committed marty28 committed 8 hours ago a5e78e0 Commits on May 8, 2018 Added audio codec factory … marty28 committed a day ago b7cacc3 Remove unused X86 assembly code … marty28 committed a day ago 1044a27 Commits on May 7, 2018 Added the seek bar … marty28 committed 2 days ago
  8. ianboy1987

    XBMC for Xbox 360

    He is looking for devs to help port it if any one can spare some time
  9. ianboy1987

    I really need help... hella confused

    You can iso mod gta v aswell. Have a look on google or even flebay search gta v iso. You will need a flashed console or be able to hotswap Google hotswap xbox 360 Have not tested myself not sure if can be used on latest tu or if is safe online https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F142713098246
  10. ianboy1987

    XBMC for Xbox 360

    Check out his youtube his done afew things mainly for og xbox XBMC is getting there His active on emuExtras.com if need to contact him
  11. ianboy1987

    XBMC for Xbox 360

    I think its the same project but i could be wrong, Im sure befor he edited his post there was a xbmc4xbox link on his link http://www.emuxtras.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=230&t=5478
  12. ianboy1987

    req - Youtube app Xbox360

    Google xbox 360 dual nand There loads of info online
  13. ianboy1987

    Update of og xbox to 360

    This has been on xbox/rgh for a long time Im sure a tut and download link could be found on this sire Pinned and at top of the page
  14. ianboy1987

    Xbox fails to glitch after dashboard update

    If its a normal rgh it should glitch now I cant really think of what els could be must be hardware related
  15. ianboy1987

    Xbox fails to glitch after dashboard update

    My guess is this consol was glitched using the s-rgh method You updated the nand using normal rgh2 method There afew ways to fix this - flash the rgx timming files to dgx and see if it try and glitch - rebuild nand using smc.bin for s-rgh Google rgh2 and s-rgh watch a video of them glitching, they glich verry differnt Rgh2 - led blinks on once every few secs S-rgh - led off and on alot long flashes and short blinks If you can remeber how this console boots you could work out what hack was used