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  1. I have added the needed files to create a very stable 17559 custom NAND without the need of Shadowboot for Real DeVKITS nxe dash and avatars work fine as they should. Stealth works retail games and so on. I would like to have the gui updated for all MB’s atleast DEVKIT’s. So I can add the patches to build NANDs for them as well.

  2. The broken pad looks to still have solder inside it. You could solder to it still im sure. But that point is ground so any ground.
  3. The guy who done it was talking about adding support to 16mb console.
  4. There is a boot animation tool released afew months back on reddit. It only works with big block nands i guess should work with 4gb corona aswell. It turn video's into .xex Link
  5. Extract the contents of 'HDD ROOT' folder to the root of your hard drive. With out these files on your harddrive you will freeze at the 360 logo. Xell working on eject on all rgh2 consoles. 17559 Avatars working. Use updserv.xex to send avatar data via J-runner. Included 17559 $SystemUpdate in download. No return to xshell button. DOWNLOAD
  6. ianboy1987

    Rgloader 17489

    Try this build does work with bb jaspers and includes xell Only rgh2 has been tested. Rgh1 should work but not jtag.
  7. you could try the jasper xdk rgloader. its allready been test and works as should
  8. This is unfinished but does work for jasper. CPU Key part is abit buggy might have to paste key more than once. Or just place your cpukey.txt in the data folder. Download
  9. Big block jaspers work. corona 4gb might work but i not have a corona to tested. no nand over 16mb will work with rgloader unless some one has the source and updates. using xebuild you can build bigblock rgloader images I did build a windows forms app to build nand for bigblock jaspers. i should really add corona support and release. It could be done in jrunner or xebuild just as easy.
  10. If you have a hardware flasher I could build you a nand. But with out one its risky as may soft brick console. You could download the 17489 folder and build nand in jrunner. Iv never tested corona but have patched the bootloaders and setup the glitch2.ini to what I think is correct.
  11. Have you tryed building a nand and flashing allready ? Do you have a way to flash the nand via hardware atall ?
  12. what console isit ? trinity with 4gb memory unit works fine. 4gb corona should be possible but havent tested myself. have a look here support for all rgh2 console could be added i just havent the consoles to test
  13. Any chance of bigffs check box for jasper and trinity ? Good to see you active here mate. See you on discord and youtube alot
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