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  1. req - Youtube app Xbox360

    Google xbox 360 dual nand There loads of info online
  2. Update of og xbox to 360

    This has been on xbox/rgh for a long time Im sure a tut and download link could be found on this sire Pinned and at top of the page
  3. Xbox fails to glitch after dashboard update

    If its a normal rgh it should glitch now I cant really think of what els could be must be hardware related
  4. Xbox fails to glitch after dashboard update

    My guess is this consol was glitched using the s-rgh method You updated the nand using normal rgh2 method There afew ways to fix this - flash the rgx timming files to dgx and see if it try and glitch - rebuild nand using smc.bin for s-rgh Google rgh2 and s-rgh watch a video of them glitching, they glich verry differnt Rgh2 - led blinks on once every few secs S-rgh - led off and on alot long flashes and short blinks If you can remeber how this console boots you could work out what hack was used
  5. Xbox fails to glitch after dashboard update

    Hava a read here http://www.hackfaq.net/main/s_rgh/ Try rebuild nand using smc.bin included in download You cant use any retail nand on console inly the console original nand you could build 1 as long as you have the kv that match the console
  6. Xbox fails to glitch after dashboard update

    No nitpicking just correcting your misstake Also note i dint swear once in my reply or state you know nothink dispite your posts - dgx is a 5v chip is compatible with all s-rgh timming files - selecting the cr4 check box in j-runner will shorted the glitch cycle Is the points i was trying toake here
  7. Xbox fails to glitch after dashboard update

    S-rgh was out befor rgh1.2 and only worked on phats becouse rgh1 was only on phats No rgh1 for slims so will never be modifided rgh1.2 for slims U cant use coolrunner or mattix glitcher or any 3.3v chip for s-rgh 5v chips only
  8. Xbox fails to glitch after dashboard update

    You cant rgh 1.2 any slim as far as i know there was only ever rgh2 for slims S-rgh with speedup smc.bin for slims I get what your saying the ace v1 isnt the same as the v3, but the xilinx chip is the same so isit on the dgx I dont have a dgx must be getting kinda rare now days, I needed 1 then rgh2 come out so never ordered one Can a mod remove all theses replys , we was trying to help then got side tracked lol
  9. Xbox fails to glitch after dashboard update

    I never said a dgx is a ace chip said its basicly the same i can flash my ace with all the dgx timing files Rgh2 may not be 10 secs it been along time since i not used the cr4 check box Not every rgh2 is at 5sec and cr4 has shorter cycles sure was somethink todo with smc , all far outa my leage sure is verry well documented online maby have a read and dont post misinfomation
  10. Xbox fails to glitch after dashboard update

    Dgx is basicly a ace chip, can be flashed with all 15432 firmware, the cr4 check box just trys to glitch every 4 secs, with out it check it will try and glitch every 10 secs it works on every rgh2 type install
  11. Xbox fails to glitch after dashboard update

    Keep trying the consol if booted once it should do agen, unplug for 5mins and try agen
  12. Xbox fails to glitch after dashboard update

    No he/she said had it booted since updated, if is no longer booting at all they will need a hardware nand flasher.
  13. Xbox fails to glitch after dashboard update

    Try open the new updflash.bin with jrunner put cpu key in and select rgh2 like normal also check the cr4 box. This will make the console attempt to glitch every 4secs if i remeber right
  14. No internet connection

    Check ethernet cable / wifi dongle Check network setting on retail dashboard
  15. Auto Installer Delux

    Guess could just burn what ever you wanted along with xexmenu in dvd\content\0000000000000000 folder if wanted Or just edit/update the fsd auto installer iso