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  1. Since your system is booting to the logo i would guess the flash is ok. Do you have away to write to hdd via computer ? Some versions of RGloader will read filesystem from a usb drive. You could add fsd or aurora to usb and edit rgloader.ini to boot them. Also what size is the nand ? I dont think RGloader support any nand over 16mb.
  2. Sorry for the delay. Not been on computer in awhile. xbmc360_24_03.20.zip
  3. What size nand does RGloader build and does the console boot to xshell with out hdd installed ?
  4. I dont think he updated the link yet. I can compile and upload. If i can il upload here.
  5. https://github.com/marty28/XBMC-360/commit/d481c105ead223cc2a8816b5f43d16bf5432f6b6 Added drive manager and FTP server - Added a slightly modified version of the drive manager and FTP server in FSD. - Next thing to do is add share sources and nicely integrate it with the FSD drive manager. TODO: Still need to cleanup connections properly when FTP object is destroyed. Also need to sort a few optional FTP commands.
  6. ianboy1987

    Rgloader 17489

    Join the discord and i can send you a better setup filesystem folder for the hdd. I did upload here befor along with the avatar update but it got removed for some resion.
  7. I havent tested this version but it should load xell when booted via eject button. You can place a nanddump named updflash.bin on usb root and flash nand like that
  8. I started a skin for this awhile back, just to see how different it is from xbmc4xbox.
  9. ianboy1987

    Rgloader 17489

    I now have this working with bigblock trinity, would also work on a bb jasper but i dont have any to test. I replaced the trinity nand with a 256mb one and set the resistors. Still no xell but do have full filesystem all on the nand.
  10. Iv shared this here befor. Would be great to see this project finished. I did start to port/build a skin but not sure if i can still find. Here a vid of it tho https://youtu.be/6bn0Xf5VQFo
  11. ianboy1987

    Del this

    Its from the read me included in the download. I dont have a twitter.
  12. ianboy1987

    Del this

    Allows you to play original xbox games on your jtag/rgh or dev kit
  13. ianboy1987

    Del this

    Edited original post updated link.
  14. ianboy1987

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    I dont know wtf going on here. This isnt mine i never said or implied it was. Just delete this and share how you want.
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