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  1. This allows rgh console to boot a dev kernel. To debug your own games and homebrew or play unreleased beta games.
  2. Test as much as you can. I'm sure all the rgh2 should work. Mainly just rgh1 and jtag. I'm not so clued up on jtag so il probz leave that. Been years since I owned one
  3. This is the same version found here with updated CD.9452.bin changing the location xell is read from. Tested with falcon, jasper and trinity should work with corona also. have only tested rgh2. I dont think rgh1 or jtag will work but i have no rgh1 or jtags to test /fix DOWNLOAD I started to make a j-runner 17489 RGLoader folder but only added trinity and jasper support so far. figured i would upload here at the same time as some one might find useful. It does work with trinity and jasper allows for more options like CR4 timings. support for all consoles could be added this way no patches will work as they read from a different location to freeboot DOWNLOAD If anyone with a hardware flasher would like to help me add more console to the supported list please fill free to message me. added a patch builder. Massive Thanks to Swizz for answering all my stupid questions
  4. ianboy1987

    Rgloader 17489

    afew have said they looking into it but no one has as far as i know. the dev does alot of original xbox stuff think he mainly busy with that. https://github.com/marty28 he added a bunch of network stuff afew months back.
  5. ianboy1987

    Rgloader 17489

    my bad this build is clean. The folder "17489-dev - Copy" has been messed with but nand + hdd file system clean it does contain a rglXam.rglp thats spoofed/edited to 17526, its just not used. i dont think he used this build anyway. just point out if spoofed dash the 17489 Avatars wont work.
  6. It might just be getting worn. I would try setting to 100% for now untill have a replacment fan.
  7. edit the nand smc and set fan speed to 70/100% if still same problem will be a hardware fault. The fan itself id guess
  8. ianboy1987

    Rgloader 17489

    The files you used to create the nand were spoofed. this build is half spoofed to 17526 iirc for backward compatibility try here. I never finished but the backward compatibility part does work.
  9. You could try setting the fan to 100% via dashlaunch or edit the nand smc. if that dont work will be some kind of hardware fault
  10. Im not to sure how dev hardware works. There is this post here http://www.hackfaq.net/main/zero_cpu/ but im sure you have allready seen. What motherboard do you have the 0 cpu on and what size is the nand.
  11. RGloader BigBlock Add nanddump.bin and cpukey.txt to jasper or trinity folder Build nand via xebuild Jasper == xebuild -c jasperbigffs -t glitch2 -f 17489-dev -d jasper -v Trinity == xebuild -c trinitybigffs -t glitch2 -f 17489-dev -d trinity -v or use the included .bat files USE AT YOUR OWN RISK JTAG Not Support BIG Block Trinity and Jasper ONLY Avatar Run updserv.xex from flash and install avatar update via jrunner. XeBuild-dev-BB.7z
  12. you might be able to restore the security sector https://digiex.net/threads/xbox-360-how-to-flash-your-hddss-bin-in-windows.8569/ I have never try so unsure if will work
  13. Since your system is booting to the logo i would guess the flash is ok. Do you have away to write to hdd via computer ? Some versions of RGloader will read filesystem from a usb drive. You could add fsd or aurora to usb and edit rgloader.ini to boot them. Also what size is the nand ? I dont think RGloader support any nand over 16mb.
  14. Sorry for the delay. Not been on computer in awhile. xbmc360_24_03.20.zip
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