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  1. Hi bud let me ask you do you, is your usb stick already formatted for Xbox use and is the profile on there? reason why you stuck is due to that there is no profile or xbox drive found on the system as its not yet formatted to use for the xbox. format then move profile over to hdd or boot up with usb and plug in hdd since its rgh should pick up then go to normal dash and format that hdd then transfer profile over.
  2. Hi already fixed the console 2 days ago and figured it out jrp2 was the problem mainly wasn't connecting properly. But thanks
  3. Anybody got any advice or had this problem yet? please assist
  4. Good day What is the alt points for nand reading on phat xbox for j1d2 points if anyone habe a pic maybe? Got this xbox to jtag but point is damaged it seem. Anybody got advice here would appreciate
  5. Hey Guys console : jasper 16mb Rgh1.2 done on it and boots I by accident damaged the bottom alt point of the jasper 16mb console i still managed to solder to another point and able to write the rgh nand to the xbox and it boots up perfect. But here the catch now the console boots then will turn of by itself and I'm sure its to do with the alt point damaged but just don't know where to trace that point to on the board on top? See shared pictures below: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhJsn3X3DMFsgdA8bVDcxAO7XnHYPQ https://1drv.ms/u/s!AhJsn3X3DMFsgdA7rCnEMUXQ9KaK4g?e=nsyQHK no damage to top clk top. bottom point i by accident ripped when moved console, do i need to bridge the top clk point with the resistor side? I made xbox stock again and got 3 red lights now, assistance would be appreciated also seem to have lost the r4b27 resistor is that also 33ohms? Same as the others?
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