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    Rgloader 17489

    Join the discord and i can send you a better setup filesystem folder for the hdd. I did upload here befor along with the avatar update but it got removed for some resion.
  2. I havent tested this version but it should load xell when booted via eject button. You can place a nanddump named updflash.bin on usb root and flash nand like that
  3. I started a skin for this awhile back, just to see how different it is from xbmc4xbox.
  4. ianboy1987

    Rgloader 17489

    I now have this working with bigblock trinity, would also work on a bb jasper but i dont have any to test. I replaced the trinity nand with a 256mb one and set the resistors. Still no xell but do have full filesystem all on the nand.
  5. Iv shared this here befor. Would be great to see this project finished. I did start to port/build a skin but not sure if i can still find. Here a vid of it tho https://youtu.be/6bn0Xf5VQFo
  6. ianboy1987

    Del this

    Its from the read me included in the download. I dont have a twitter.
  7. ianboy1987

    Del this

    Allows you to play original xbox games on your jtag/rgh or dev kit
  8. ianboy1987

    Del this

    Edited original post updated link.
  9. ianboy1987

    Del this

    I dont know wtf going on here. This isnt mine i never said or implied it was. Just delete this and share how you want.
  10. You could create a shortcut using this. And remove original icon from dash.
  11. Since it dint boot without hdd i dont think thats the problem. You need to flash original nand to test if that works. Does Xell boot atall ?
  12. I only tested on RGloader console with no luck. I remeber back in the day dashlaunch not working with older dash. But i havent tested.
  13. This a Simple Installer i been working on just to learn C++. All works as should just extract the .rar copy the folder to fat32 format usb and boot direct from dashboard. I plan to add the hacked original xbox emulator files to the 4th button. If fails could have it auto boot the hdd compat partition fixer v1. But i havent managed it yet. This could be handy for noobs or people who setup alot of RGH. Latest DashLaunch so you should be on 17544 dash to use. If anyone can think of any think decent to add please let me know. Simple_Install.rar
  14. I would check all caps first look for any leaking or bloted ones. Im not sure if a new power supple would fix the problem. Test that one to check when powered on.
  15. Best way would be to open it look at the mobo and check here.
  16. What xecuter chip is it do you know? the xecuter x3 go for a fair amount on ebay. Do you know what xbox version it was as probz be best to buy same version and replace the faulty psu. fill free to pm me if you need anythink.
  17. Softmods still need there hdd locking. Nulling your eeprom just changes the key to 32 0s. You can lock/unlock your hdd using atapwd.exe i bleave. I mainly build my hdd on a tsop/chipped xbox and lock then put into stock xbox. If you have a pc with a ide port you can use xhdm like dr.gonzo said.
  18. You have to much time on your hands. We have all bricked things in the passed iphones, dvd drives, modems allsorts of things iv bricked. Its allways been my fault you blame the guide thats up to you. I would say its your fault for following a 2012 guide in 2019. You could also recover from any failed update using this guide. People / staff and admin really go out there way to help here. My point is stop bitching about this guide. No one forcing you to follow it
  19. chipping isnt really needed but does make things abit easyer. With a hard modded xbox you can just install any hdd without the need to lock. all xbox versions apart from 1.6 and 1.6b have a flash able tsop. No extra hardware is needed you need to bridge afew points but if you not keen on soldering yourself you could use something like this. here a guide aswell. Softmod or hardmod remember to null your xboxs eeprom. Youtube Link You should also checkout rocky5 github. for any downloads or guides.
  20. Read back on what he wrote. The guy who bricked his xbox years back. "I followed all the steps you listed perfectly and dumped my NAND flash, the problem came now when i tried to Write Nand Flash using Nand Flasher. I selected the file I created with xeBuild named nandflash.bin but there was an Error trying to write. I switched off the console" Im sure no one here told him to do that.
  21. Thanks for this. I have been trying to learn to code for the 360 and thort vs2010 was needed for the xbox 360 sdk. I will download and take a look
  22. I made a totally useless .xex today so thought id share with you lot here. The hdd mounting was taken from swizzys github #include <xtl.h> #include "stdafx.h" #include <xtl.h> #include <d3d9.h> #include <xam.h> #include <xui.h> #include <xuiapp.h> #include <iostream> #include <fstream> #include <string> #include "xfilecache.h" #include "AtgConsole.h"//simple text output to screen #include "AtgFont.h" #include "AtgInput.h"//get input from controler #include "mount.h" using std::ofstream;//needed for the debug log //-------------------------------------------------------- //GLOBALS ATG::Console xecout; void MountDevice(const char* mountPath, char* path, char* msg, int* mounted){ if (Map(mountPath, path) == S_OK) { *mounted++; } } void mountdrives() { int mounted = 0; MountDevice("HDD:", "\\Device\\Harddisk0\\Partition1", "hdd mounted", &mounted); //MountDevice("USB0:", "\\Device\\Mass0", "usb0 mounted", &mounted); //MountDevice("USB1:", "\\Device\\Mass1", "usb1 mounted", &mounted); //MountDevice("USB2:", "\\Device\\Mass2", "usb2 mounted", &mounted); //MountDevice("USB3:", "\\Device\\Mass3", "usb3 mounted", &mounted); //MountDevice("USB4:", "\\Device\\Mass4", "usb4 mounted", &mounted); //MountDevice("USBMU0:", "\\Device\\Mass0PartitionFile\\Storage", "usbmu0 mounted", &mounted); //MountDevice("USBMU1:", "\\Device\\Mass1PartitionFile\\Storage", "usbmu1 mounted", &mounted); //MountDevice("USBMU2:", "\\Device\\Mass2PartitionFile\\Storage", "usbmu2 mounted", &mounted); //MountDevice("USBMU3:", "\\Device\\Mass3PartitionFile\\Storage", "usbmu3 mounted", &mounted); //MountDevice("USBMU4:", "\\Device\\Mass4PartitionFile\\Storage", "usbmu4 mounted", &mounted); if (mounted != 0) { xecout.Format("Scanning folders, please wait..."); } else { xecout.Format("WORKING\n"); } } void __cdecl main() { BOOL quit = FALSE; xecout.Create( "game:\\Media\\Fonts\\Arial_16.xpr", 0xFF1F005F, 0xFFFFFFFF ); //create console xecout.Format( " XBOX 360 JTAG/RGH TEST \n " ); //simple text output to screen xecout.Format( " Press Buttons to continue or Back to exit \n"); while (!quit) { // get input from controllers ATG::GAMEPAD* pGamepad = ATG::Input::GetMergedInput(); // Check for button A press. if ((pGamepad->wPressedButtons & XINPUT_GAMEPAD_A)) { xecout.Format("A Button Pressed\n"); } // Check for button B press. if ((pGamepad->wPressedButtons & XINPUT_GAMEPAD_B)) { xecout.Format("B Button Pressed\n"); } // Check for button X press. if ((pGamepad->wPressedButtons & XINPUT_GAMEPAD_X)) { xecout.Format("X Button Pressed\n"); } // Check for button Y press. if ((pGamepad->wPressedButtons & XINPUT_GAMEPAD_Y)) { xecout.Format("Y Button Pressed\n"); } // Check for button START press. if ((pGamepad->wPressedButtons & XINPUT_GAMEPAD_START)) { mountdrives(); { void launchXexFile(); { //XLaunchNewImage("game:\\Media\\nuiview\\nuiview.xex", 0); // WORKS XLaunchNewImage("HDD:\\DEVKIT\\xbmc360\\xbmc360.xex", 0); // DONT WORK -- NOW WORKING } } } // Check for button Back press. If true, set done to true and exit the program if (pGamepad->wPressedButtons & XINPUT_GAMEPAD_BACK) { xecout.Format("Application terminated because user decided to exit!\n"); quit = TRUE; } } } Any tips or points in the right direction im all ears.
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