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  1. Oo wow thats neat 🤙 shame I only have one console it would work with 😔
  2. Good day, I know most people have moved on from the 360 scene and for me its quite saddening as I still truly enjoy messing around with 360’s. I have an idea but I dont have the necessary skill or time to learn this type of coding/programming. Currently there are 2 options to change your boot animation, and each comes with their own downsides, and I was hoping someone out there could assist. Option1: 360haven is basically dead, but it hosted a custom boot animation option called “bootanim”. What makes this interesting is the fact that you can launch any xex after boot without the need of Dashlaunch. But the problem is that there is no option to delay the boot animation like fakeanim does. Option2: fakeanim is a wonderful tool, but the only way to launch an xex after boot is by using Dashlaunch. This is convenient as you can just default eg Aurora to launch right after boot, but with that you loose basic dash functionality like changing network settings etc. Option 2 can probably circumvented by holding a specific button to change the load option, but my idea is to combine the fakeanim delay option with the convenience of bootanim loading any xex afterwards. You can load Aurora right from boot but still have easy access to the original dash and functionality. Hope I didn’t miss anything basic Anyone want to weigh in their opinion?
  3. Even without the pandemic, delivery to South Africa is usually around 3 months
  4. Yes. I always save the Dashlaunch settings on the nand. Like I said. Just wanted to eliminate a physical usb so Aurora, Xexmenu (yes I use live) and the Dashlaunch xex is “permanently” on the console. If someone unplugs the USB or Ext HDD Aurora and others will still be available.
  5. Thanks man. Yeah it seems I’m fighting a losing battle over here. Im aware of the USB limits and the possibility of using USB Memory Stick to achieve this. My intention was to solder the MU (of which I have a few 256mb versions, seeming to have sufficient space for Aurora, Covers, Profiles and some save games) internally for the sole purpose of running Aurora and keeping both it and Dashlaunch “permanently” available, avoiding the possibility of removing either Aurora, Dashlaunch or Xexmenu accidentally, and thus rendering an external HDD useless as games are not launched via Dashboard. This is a scenario I have to consider especially when I’m giving a console to a friend with no knowledge of the scene or any other similar situations. If Phat HDD housings were more readily available or the process of soldering and positioning internal SATA and power were much less of an effort, I wouldn’t have this conundrum. But thank you for the reply
  6. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I see I’m able to launch Aurora using Dashlaunch, but I would prefer to create a GOD/Demo shortcut for Aurora instead. And most importantly pointing towards the install on the Memory Unit (Not USB, the phat MU’s). Think that is doable?
  7. Good day folks, Hope you all are doing well. I cant seem to find related information, and I have a feeling it is possible. I would like to know how one would go about spoofing a Memory Card/Unit (abbreviated as MU0 / MU1) as a Physical HDD. The reason behind this is that I would like my Aurora to be stored on a Memory Unit as I have no Internal HDD and for the life of me I cant get the shortcuts to run Aurora from the MU. I have tried using Shortcut 360 and Quickboot, even modifying some parameters manually, to no avail. Would this be possible? Many thanks
  8. Swizzy, please excuse my ranting. I desoldered the CPU_RST wire and viola No idea why, it did not touch any other parts of the frame/board or resistors or caps, but the moment it was off, boom!
  9. Soory Swizzy, none here. Just read up on 0022. Maybe just my luck that it bummed out the moment I worked on it? Overheated perhaps? The fans do change pitch up and down persistently for a few seconds and then RROD. The same type of change in pitch when glitching, just not as high and low, and much quicker
  10. Sorry Swizzy, no spilled solder anywhere. I anyways dont use that much solder ?? But I must apologize, the error is 0022 not 0010. Whether running Xell image or disconnected RJTAG with stock nand, still 0022
  11. Mm. I will inspect real close thank you Swizzy. So the connection to the Q2N3 would not have caused something like this? Not even sure what it does ?
  12. ? Hey guys.. What a bad day. My previous 360 Phat (Fffffalcon board) bummed out on my, so I bought another working board for a few bucks. After I removed the complete R-JTAG with all QSB's and reinstalled it into the new Jasper board, I couldn't get it to glitch (POST79 LOAD_XAM each time although XELL should not get to 79). Some time later I decided to wire the AUD_CLAMP manually using the 2 x 1N4148 diodes and an optional resistor method, as the little QSB suffer previous damage. As soon as I did that I started getting RRODs each time I try to boot XELL. I triple check everything and found that I accidentally soldered the AUD_CLAMP wire to Q2N3 instead of Q2N1 ? Do you guys think I fried it? Gettin 0022 RROD with each try AND with the whole R-JTAG disconnected ?☹️? EDIT: Error 0022 not 0010 sorry
  13. No,When one selects the old "Freestyle Home" options (which on a retail console would read "Xbox Home"), a popup window visualizes itself requesting confirmation of one's action. This popup windows title would be the one I am reffering to. Although this is a FSD plugin, it is still for use withing Aurora Sent from my Cellular Communication Device with the assistance of Tapatalk
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