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  1. Does anyone here know who does nand downgrades, 60gig nand and 40gig nand, need 2 of them done as they never came with drives and will need to remarry ,,thanks
  2. coorva

    Magic Files

    Does anyone know where I can download Xell magic files other then Team Xecuter,, tried to get it there and no go,, thanks
  3. Big thank you for this as i was having a very hard time finding any type of J-runner to work,, not to mention cannot update,, this is a huge help,,
  4. hey guys been awhile,, ok looks like Jrunner is pouched ,, I have a Xenon jtag I got from a customer that has many,, I mean many bad blocks to the point that I have to rebuild a brand new nand,, I have the cpu keys and looks like the dvd keys from xebuild,, can this program build a nand also??
  5. Im based out of Canada in Cornwall Ontario,, i have a Scotle IR PRO SC 2 in 1 (Hot air and IR). machine so the rework thats done is done right,, PS3 i have found replacement chips have been the best as they have lasted longer then reballing, $80-$90 includes complete cleaning Xbox 360 Reball $60 includes complete cleaning PS4 Reball $90 includes complete cleaning,, cannot replace theses chips as the CPU and GPU are together will need the nand replaced also,, not avaliable yet, All work comes with a 3 month warranty Laptops and PC Video cards can also be repaired Send me an Message if you would like more information check out my Facebook Page Game World Console Repairs and see as I just reballed a PS4
  6. hey guys,, im tring to install an xkey on a slim and i followed the instructions and all seems good but heres what happens while booting the xbox logo stays on the screen for about 30-45 seconds before it goes into the dashboard,, boots 5 seconds without the xkey once in the dashboard the little screen that hooks to the xbox and you plug in the external drive to it seems to pick up the game ISOs and display them,, just once i chose the game and hit eject and close the drive the harddrive light not blinking and it just keeps saying reading the open tray,,i have formated the micro sd card with the proper files and copied over thr dummy.bin file i dumped in jungle flasher kinda lost now,, this work great with th phat console just not the slim,,any ideas thanks guys
  7. that's what it was you need to update the Microsoft update also,,all is good now,,thanks guys
  8. all the files work just fine on the jtag I sold,,and I updated the dash on that one after I jtagged it,,these I have now I just did the jtag I didn't update the dash yet
  9. you know what,,your right i think because i dont have the system update for the avatar that could be why its not working,,next day off from work ill do the update and report back
  10. I tried 3 different files and they still say cannot play file,,weired no it doesn't say corrupted
  11. hey guys,,my first jtag I had played the avi files,,i sold that one and made another so I copied the files over the way there suppose and no matter what I do does not play any files,,is there something else im suppose to update also,,its on the newest dash,,thanks
  12. no actually it was the wire from jtag ALT V2 QSB to the D2N1 pin,,right at the pin it was grounding out,,thats why it took so long to find
  13. yes one f the wires under the board was shorting out,,took me awhile to find it cause it glitch and when it tried to boot it red ringed,,all good and yes it was code 0020
  14. hey guys just installed CR4 everything looks good for the solder on a falcon trying to boot to Xell green light glitches 4 times then get three red rings,,any ideas on this one,,thanks
  15. coorva

    Update Loop Jtag

    well update to the loop,,got past the loop,,plugged in a benq drive and all good,,but the jtag still sucks with xell,,
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