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  1. İn theory it should work. The trailer container contains videocontainer, but i dont know if you can add that for the background without breaking aurora.
  2. saywaking

    Export your game list

    Or look into the database of aurora, or write a script to export this list
  3. saywaking

    There's a new version of aurora please update

    Unload all plugins and recopy the source
  4. saywaking

    Can’t Download Synopsis even with Livestrong Disabled

    Changes would come with an update. We will qualify the changes soon.
  5. saywaking

    Can’t Download Synopsis even with Livestrong Disabled

    Ok well i guess maybe xbox.com changed some stuff which lead to these problems.
  6. saywaking

    Help me

    redownload assets, or refresh. Make sure internet connection is available, check router blacklists, check market settings maybe select another for test
  7. saywaking

    Help me

    Take a screenshot. İ couldnt understand the problem yet
  8. saywaking

    Aurora keep posting updates for Plugin

    Try to manually disable the loaded plugins befote update or make complete reinstall
  9. Thats the remote Server. Maybe the request got corrupted somehow. İ dont know which server is being requested to, xboxunity or xbox.com or anything else. İf thats team Phoenix server, they could look for request logs on server side. İf its xbox, maybe the url parameters have changed, that would mean a patch is needed. Maybe its temporary. Eitherway, you may have to find out the request parameters. You can do that with wireshark. Edit: that was all console specific. İ dont know about Aurora Asset Editor, but it would apply to the same basics.
  10. İ guess each digit has a specific value which are added up or calculated somehow. And it depends on the column what the value is, specified by the console itself. (Maybe the SDK tells us the values). You could provide all possibilities to find out the values. İ didnt use the function yet, tho, What do you want to accomplish.
  11. saywaking

    Homebrew To Watch IPTV On RGH

    Thats actually something i was thinking of about scripting. The console is capable of rtmps and m3u files. İm still waiting for media playback in the scenes
  12. There are some couple new stuff for http request for example, you can find that in the changes. İf i had time i would update that. İ will open a ticket for anyway
  13. saywaking

    Bad string on Aurora 0.6b

    Copy the localization files from the release package
  14. saywaking

    Aurora 0.7.b.1 always asking for update in my Xbox

    did you do the update Process? What Versions are Your Plugins (maybe take a Screenshot of "About" Page) Also, Maybe there is something crashing, provide Log Files and check for Temporary Downloaded Update Packages in The Aurora directories and delete them. Maybe they are incomplete but considered as complete and that would be a bug.
  15. saywaking

    [Script][WIP] Unity Friends

    ASAP :D