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  1. Thanks for the suggestions (which belong to the suggestions subforum tho). İ forwarded these.
  2. saywaking

    Does XNA work on windows 8.1?

    Click on the logfiles link and post that Btw.the place is completely wrong
  3. saywaking

    Bug at copying saves

    post the xml
  4. saywaking

    Updating aurora without wifi?

    You can just download the package and copy the new files over the old files. You should unload the plugin first and copy the files with another filemanager like a second aurora or xexmenu
  5. saywaking

    Felida's RetroArch

    i dont believe that, because there are huge changes in the build processes and that was still ongoing. But nice mod tho, i like it, will try it out soon
  6. saywaking


    As far as i know the service will be a local service, just like a NAS system
  7. saywaking


    well, we can give you the information, that the XUITool is part of the XDK, for which you need a proper developer licensing
  8. saywaking

    deviceid update script

    You can also checkout available Scripts: https://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/forum/66-aurora-scripts to learn, how things can work
  9. saywaking

    Games disabled in Aurora 0.7B

    that means, the Games are indexed into your Database, but currently the Path is not available. Just Check the Game Path in the Subtitles, and check it with the Filemanager, if it exists.
  10. saywaking

    deviceid update script

    İts more an alternative to javascript, Yes, there is an APİ Documentation.
  11. saywaking

    deviceid update script

    Yes, you can do that. İ dont know what you need to do exactly, but i think you can retrieve the current device id and do all the needed SQL operations. İ would cal it fix devideİd oder Fix Database or something.
  12. saywaking

    how to create project in rgh

    İ think the invaders game was XNA stuff. Check XNA for simple games.
  13. saywaking

    Aurora 0.7b, including NOVA, by Phoenix

    it's being worked on
  14. saywaking

    (unofficial) xeBuildGUI V3.1

    It's time to fix the download Problems
  15. saywaking

    Skin ideas

    Just a question, is it possible to make transition directions random?