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  1. Site Maintenance

    No, try to navigate with Firefox and in private/Inkognito mode to https://www.realmodscene.com
  2. Site Maintenance

    Ok, i found out that the Certificate is not working with https://www.realmodscene.com/ when it's ../index.php ... and has Sub Structure, it's working. I always have to add the "root" Site as Exception, so the forwarding works.
  3. Site Maintenance

    SSL Certificate is missing?
  4. Site Maintenance

    Thanks for the info. İ hope it gets better.
  5. Cant Obtain Unity API

    1.) is your Xbox connected to the Internet (does Aurora also show you an IP of the XBOX when pressing Back-Button)? 2.) Can you login on website with your credentials? Make sure, they are 100% working.
  6. [Script][WIP] Unity Friends

    this may be deprecated when nova is released, so i started creating this script. But there are technical limitations, with no progress at all from my side. İf i can make those needed requests, there would be a version of this.
  7. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    There are already integrations with dashlaunch in Aurora. I don't know how much further Dashlaunch will be integrated.
  8. PCSXR 360 By Ced2911

    can you provide an auto update service?
  9. LiNK Port Forwarding in Turkey

    its not a router modem problem.
  10. LiNK Port Forwarding in Turkey

    Hi, i have problems with Port Forwarding in a foreign Country. I have Fritz Box, everything is working fine, except the Data and Broadcast Ports. Therefore i can't create or join (see) any hosts in a System LiNK Game. I think i tried anything (yes, DMZ too), to solve the Problem and assume the problem is by the Provider. What i found out is that my Modem/Router is showing me an IP (100.*.*:*) which whois tells me it's something shared. When i navigate to a service, which displays my IP, the service tells me i have a different IP (85.*.*.*) In Germany, the Modem and a external Service shows me the same IP. I think here in Turkey, its forwarded to a Middleman Linke Service or Router. And i think that's the main reason, why the Portforwarding does not work, as it's using the IP which is just wrong. It's IPv4 and i don't have a clue anymore. It would be nice, if someone who has working System Link in Turkey or have any idea what to do, could post me a solution here. Thanks
  11. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    Let's wait for the Maester!
  12. NOVA - The Future of LiNK

    i expect NOVA after 0.8 like gavin once said. its totally blind guess for me tho.
  13. Xbox Invaders - Released!

    thx for this, 9MBs isnt that much tho. I wonder how many people discovered this in total.
  14. Freestyle3.0.735 - language switch

    you can reinstall f3 or better try Aurora
  15. [REQ] Latest Minecraft TU54 (58)

    its the one you wanted and its the lastest i could find the day before.