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  1. I just tried and it did not work. Even I can not even start the script
  2. Hi again πŸ˜… My mind is blowing up, have you idea why when I run the script from the xbox a error message popup "A script error has occured" That is the code, is pretty clear, i don't understand what's the problem scriptTitle = "The Title" scriptAuthor = "Name" scriptVersion = 1 scriptDescription = "Description" scriptIcon = "icon.png"; scriptPermissions = { "filesystem" } function main() local xboxMAIN = "Hdd1:\\1GTA San Andreas Biohazard\\data\\script\\main.scm"; local xboxSCRIPT = "Hdd1:\\1GTA San Andreas Biohazard\\data\\script\\script.img"; local usbMAIN = "Usb0:\\main.scm" local usbSCRIPT = "Usb0:\\script.img" FileSystem.MoveFile( usbMAIN, xboxMAIN, 1 ); FileSystem.MoveFile( usbSCRIPT, xboxSCRIPT, 1 ); end i did some tests, removing the overwriting boolean, using the FileSystem.CopyFile command, I also tried the folder instead of the file itself as the destination. The FileSystem.Delete command works perfectly, also for USB, then the external disk (USB) is readable and writable... Thank you again πŸ˜“
  3. Hi! That is the last question why is that line wrong? Probably beacuse of [function progressRoutine]... what should I put in it? FileSystem.MoveFile( usbMAIN, xboxMAIN, 1, [function progressRoutine] ); Thanks πŸ™‚
  4. Thank you so much, and yeah, I will not ask for more than I already did, because I understand it's my work Very precise and synthetic, thank you!
  5. Before mark the post as solved, how do I create it in lua and how do I run it? sorry, I'm noob but this is the first script on the aurora dashboard, hope you will understand me πŸ˜ƒ Time ago i did that on Java, so how can i convert it in lua? { Path TOcestinoMAIN = Paths.get("Xbox360\\System\\Hdd1\\GTA San Andreas Biohazard\\data\\script\\main.scm"); Path TOcestinoSCRIPT = Paths.get("Xbox360\\System\\Hdd1\\GTA San Andreas Biohazard\\data\\script\\script.img"); Path TOmainDEL = Paths.get("Xbox360\\System\\Usb0\\main.scm"); Path TOscriptDEL = Paths.get("Xbox360\\System\\Usb0\\script.img"); // | // V Path CESTINOcartella = Paths.get("Xbox360\\System\\Hdd1\\GTA San Andreas Biohazard\\data\\script"); try { Files.delete(TOcestinoMAIN); Files.delete(TOcestinoSCRIPT); //TimeUnit.SECONDS.sleep(1); Files.move(TOmainDEL, CESTINOcartella.resolve(TOmainDEL.getFileName())); Files.move(TOscriptDEL, CESTINOcartella.resolve(TOscriptDEL.getFileName())); } } end Thank you πŸ™‚
  6. Hi! I want to delete some files inside my hard disk by one click and a second later to move files from a USB device to a folder on my hard disk. The goal of all this is to speed up a process that I do very often because it is necessary for me to develop mods of a game. That is what i want: Files.delete(FILE1inside HDD); Files.delete(FILE2inside HDD); wait 1second Files.move(FILE1inside USB, to HDD Folder) Files.move(FILE1inside USB, to HDD Folder) Is that possible? ThanksπŸ™‚
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