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  1. I can't seem to download it manually from github. anything i'm missing?
  2. Thanks alot . Matchmaking seems like outdated 😂. Latest post is like 1 year back . Btw you play on Link ? If yes let me know i would like to play
  3. Hi. I wanted to know is there any xbox unity users forum or something where we can ommunicate ? Plus my aurora repo browser doesn't show new scripts which i can see being mentioned on this site why is it ? from where to download them ? and how to install mannually ?
  4. Can you please help me with this . It has been more than a month my game is still bricked despite all the effort.
  5. Yes it does. Plus i read. Before i try to load for xell I should use av cable cuz it doesn't support hdmi. Should remove all the jr programmer wires. And put cr3 on "normal" from "program". And i did all of it.
  6. I got to the point of writing nand create ecc and write ecc after that my console is supposed to boot into xell when i turn on but it doesn't. Can you help me with this ? Tried turning on with eject button and normally.
  7. I'm sorry for being a noob. Thanks for your patience. I just got my jr programmer soldered to the points you mentioned above. But my question is that i have an option to connect my jr programmer to cr3 lite. Why is that?. And when trying to fix it should i connect both of them together via the cable i got with it ? I'm talking about the slot at the mid bottom of cr3 lite.
  8. Solder cool runner ? Seems to be soldered. I have to re do it ? Or solder jr programmer ? Cuz i read on internet i can just connect jr programmer with cool runner via cable which i did as seen in the pic above.
  9. Hi there. I got my jr programmer just today. i connected it with my laptop (windows 10) when i get to the write nand it starts giving me infinite error. What's the solution?
  10. Will try when i get the jr programmer still not shipped. If i have any problem fixing it after that will talk about it here.
  11. I wish i could show you my web search history it's all filled with these things i have no basis of this that's why having a hard time. Anyway thanks 👍🏽.
  12. Sorry i didnt get it. Can u please explain a bit more on this. I have cr3 lite installed already where do i solder nand x and what is nand x? . Because what i ordered is jr programmer v2.
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