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  1. Who ever use Aurora, will ask theirself where the avatar goes ?? hehe.. just joking.. tq all for hardwork. thumb up.
  2. arepelek94

    ASEAN users?

    only that? okay i give a try. Thanks. if succesfull i will inform you
  3. arepelek94

    ASEAN users?

    how do we setup the setting system link for malaysia, because when i enter system link and search room it always crashed
  4. why cant distributing the warez link ? and actually im forget about the rules. sorry. thanks for the reminder.


    1. Dr.Gonzo


      We don`t support Warez stuff on Realmodscene.com.

      Greets :)

  5. Thanks for the software give. its works great on my xbox 360. first thing put the file of hdd compact partition fixer & xb1-5829-nov-2007-hacked.zip that already downloaded from link and extract it into USB DRIVE . then plug it to your xbox360,then go to xex menu 1.2. press rb got view your hddx was 0gb/0gb ,then run the partition fixer it will format to give new space for you. after that power off your xbox360. then turn on your xbox. go to xex menu 1.2, press RB then go to fine hddx that you will found the drive already have 250mb after formated. just copy and paste the (COMPATIBILITY FILE) that you can get from inside of this xb1-5829-nov-2007-hacked file into the hddx. after that,power off if needed, then you are ready to play xbox classic game file. you can download the classic game file from this link also the othe 360 game file for Jtag/Rgh console. Thats all from me, good luck . Link removed ! First and last warning.The distributing of Warez Links is against the RMS rules ! Dr.Gonzo.
  6. okay i get it. the name of the layout for the left side walls was rising pheonix. that nice.. already put it in my aurora. how wonderfull.. nice.. thanks pheonix team.. solute you guys..
  7. Yes.. we love aurora version... always supporting you guys. may god give you guys strength to do anything with a big impact to us who always waiting for new miracle from you guys..god blessed you guys pheonix team.
  8. Good job master rowen.. we will always supporting you.. may god blessed you and succeed in life to be a billionaire.. ameennnn
  9. very like to donate something to you guys for all good that have done. Pretty sad to not have paypal and credit card. what can i do is pray that you guys be a billionaire. Ameennn god
  10. hello, hye every one. where can i find aurora side wall layout ?? it seem like missing.
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