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  1. I dont now the device. Look in the manual of your modem/router device.
  2. You only need the Ports, if you want hosting a game. If you want join a session, its possible at any time.
  3. You have the opportunity to use replacement device ?
  4. If your 360 is in DMZ, the console is out of a Firewall and should have full access to all ports. You can try to forward your ports manually in NAT. But I dont belive that it works in you case. Maybe your internet service provider is blocking some ports.
  5. You can try to move your Xbox 360 in DMZ. You can find this option in advanced Setup of your modem/router device. Don't forget to enter the IP of your Xbox 360 in DMZ menu.
  6. You have tried the things I wrote in my last posting ?
  7. That should be enough. I`m asking again, do you use a modem only, or a combination of modem & router ? In the case you use a combination of router & modem you could get problems with a double NAT.
  8. What is your online (hardware) Setup ? Do you use a modem, router, or a combination of both ? Regarding the point of UPNP, you musst only enabled the UPNP function. The modem, router, or what ever. should unlock the ports for link. You have do nothing else. If the UPNP dont work you can try to forward the needed ports manually in the nat section. You beginn Data Port in 3072, Broadcast Port in 3071. If you failed, you get higher (for exsample Data Port 3072, Broadcast Port 3072, and so on)
  9. Enable the UPNP function in your modem. It should unlock the needed ports by it self.
  10. Enable the UPnP function in your router. The router should forward the needed ports by itself.
  11. Nope. Your romset must matched to the mame 0.72. version.
  12. if you can't remember to your username, create a new account.
  13. Add the titel id's to your cover requests.
  14. Only two external usb hdds are supported by the kernel. There is no way to Bypass it.
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