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  1. Please use a meningful Topic. Otherwise your Thread get crashed !
  2. The JTAG Hack was created by german guys Felix Domke, a.k.a tmbinc and Michael Steil.
  3. You need the 2.0.17489 retail update. But its better you update directly your kernel to the latest RGH 2.0.17559 Kernel/Dash.
  4. A standalone emulator for Xbox 360 JTAG/RGH is not available. Im not sure, if Felidas Retroarch for Xbox 360 contains cores for C64, VIC20.
  5. In your case not. The hacked Xbox 1 Emulator is able to play all regions. Like I said, in your case it is immaterial whether (game, video) region you spoof.
  6. Ahh, xbox classic games. 😀 Most of xbox classic games are optimized for 4:3 screen and 480P resolution. If you play on higher resolutions, you get the black bars. That annoys me too, but you cannot change it.
  7. If you using JTAG/RGH it make not realy sense to change the game region. In the early (console) days a lot of Pal users, using NTSC-consoles to get the benefit of 60Hz in games. In most cases its no matter if you running your Pal 360s in NTSC, if your games running without any problems. You can play by default with your JTAG/RGH console all games regions. Why you running your Xbox 360 in 480P ?
  8. If you use a HDMI cable it does not matter which video mode you select, because it does not exist on HDMI. Its only important to switch the Video mode, if you use old analog cable like FBAS, Scart.
  9. Like I said your drive doesnt need the file. Its a part of the challange response procedure for the 1532 and 1175 drives. In your case, It doesn't matter.
  10. Only the drives 1532 and 1175 need it, other drives not. In your case you can use the FCRT. bin patch.
  11. Dr.Gonzo

    Racing games

    We dont support how to get online with JTAG/RGH here on Realmodscene.
  12. Xboxunity is reachable without any kind of problems here from germany. Maybe a temporally routing issue from your ISP.
  13. If the south bridge is not paired it should be possible. You need a complete raw dump of your nand.
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