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  1. We dont support here any kind of stealth services, to bypassing Xbox Live. Closed.
  2. We dont spread Software, like Microsoft SDK`s, here on Realmodscene !
  3. If you se Aurora, yes. On NXE you can connect to internet but not to xbox live services. In the last case you get banned.
  4. No support for stealth services, or ubann things. closed.
  5. It shall improve the Emulator performance/stability (rumor) but not the Game compatibility. I`m not sure on which site i had read the info.
  6. Nope. Microsoft doesnt support the xbox classic emulator for xbox 360 anymore. You cant do anything by yourself to get a better compatibility of Xbox classic Games.
  7. Its E3-Time. Also this year Microsoft is presenting new Games, Infos and (rumor) a new gaming console generation. You should not miss the E3 show this year. You can watch the E3 Show over the following streaming services: 1. Mixer 2. Twitch 3. Youtube
  8. You can use Config Magic to backup your Xbox classic Eprom. There are a lot of softmod tutorials in Web/Youtube. Softmod_Made_Easy_2.0.rar
  9. You have erased your nand. Flash it again with your nand Image backup.
  10. If Chrishockey55 is back online, he will take care of it. We cant say, when he is back online. Please be paitent. Closed.
  11. Yeap, its connected via USB bus to south bridge.
  12. You can use two external usb drives at the same time. Its a limitation of Xbox Os.
  13. Put the last dashlaunch release on usb stick and start it, or edit the dashlaunch ini file and save it.
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