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  1. Dr.Gonzo

    Unity login failed.

    if you can't remember to your username, create a new account.
  2. Dr.Gonzo

    Request missing covers to be added

    Add the titel id's to your cover requests.
  3. Dr.Gonzo

    How to enable usb 2

    Only two external usb hdds are supported by the kernel. There is no way to Bypass it.
  4. Use the UPnP function. The router should unlock the needed ports itself.
  5. What kind (dsl, cable, mobile) of internet connection do you use ?
  6. Yeah try another port. You can see the reason in the error Message. Usually a router can only forward a port to one device. In most cases you get this error message if the forwarding port was already forwarded by another forwarding rule.
  7. Dr.Gonzo

    (unofficial) xeBuildGUI V3.1

    The main problem is that no one is reading the readme`s (xebuild) before starting the update procedure. The winbond support in XeBuild 1.19 is experimental. You have to use the right commands, in xebuild command line for building the correct Image for your winbond console.
  8. Dr.Gonzo

    Xebuild 1.19.1 Update! 17526 Retail Update

    The winbond patches are only for coronas with winbond rams (corona v6).
  9. Dr.Gonzo

    Support thread -Aurora / NOVA 0.7b.1 hotfix!-

    Please be patience until somone will help you !
  10. Dr.Gonzo

    Screen Crash With Line Aurora 0.7b

    Crossposting is not allowed. You have allready created a posting with the same content. Closed.
  11. Dr.Gonzo

    New Xbox CPU with 0 efuses (all fuses)

    You can find these special kind of cpu on shops like aliexpress. Maybe its from a mass production like rubensyama said. If you have a cpu Key that is matched your nand of your console, you can use the cpu. XeBuild contains special patches for it.
  12. Dr.Gonzo

    Xbox One Dev Mode - XRF Tool

    Emoose, gligli, tuxuser and xvmm give us a new tool for Xbox One Dev gambling. This new small utility allows you to get some infos from your Xbox One console. As a special feature you can dump your nand. In the first place, its a tool for researches on Xbox One OS. Please read the following release post to get all important infos: Source: Github.com XRF-master.zip
  13. Dr.Gonzo

    Xbox One Dev Mode - Shell and Win32 code execution

    All things are presumably hackable. In my eyes, its a question of time and effort.
  14. Dr.Gonzo

    Xbox One Dev Mode - Shell and Win32 code execution

    Yeah it has been known for a long time.
  15. Dr.Gonzo

    Xbox One Dev Mode - Shell and Win32 code execution

    You should not forget, its a team Performance. A lot of people are working in the backround around these project.