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  1. If you had the XeBuild Dashboard 17511 Installed, install the same retail dashboard over it. Download the retail Dashboard 17511, extract it and rename the $SystemUpdate Folder to $$ystemUpdate and put it on your FAT32 formatted USB Drive and connect it to your Xbox 360. Your 360 should recognize the update. You should take your time, to spend a little bit time, to browse in our forum. We have a lot of noob friendly guides here on rms.
  2. Aurora Home

    Has been available for a long time on rms. closed.
  3. Every Thing You need to know about your RGH/JTAG

    You can`t switch to Pal 60 over HDMI. Yeah, you need an composite, or RGB cable.
  4. External 5TB HDD?

    Of couse you can use 3 TB Hdd, but you can`t use the complete size of 3 TB in one primary partition for Xbox 360. FAT32 are supported 8,8 Terabyte file system ( with 2 KiB sectors and 32 KiB clusters ), but on Xbox 360 the Hdd size is nailed on 2 TB.
  5. Using a 4 TB external drive?

    It should. Some external Hdd (USB/SATA controller) get in trouble with Xbox 360, but the most are running without any problems.
  6. Extracting DVDs using FSD

    Please write in english, that everyone is understanding you.
  7. Como subo caratulas al xbox unity para aurora

    Please write in english, that everyone can understand you ! thx.
  8. For the last time, you get here on RMS no support for Xbox Live Stealth stuff. Closed.
  9. HELP :( Dashlaunch

    During your 360 is booting up, please hold the right shoulder button to boot in original Xbox 360 dashboard NXE.
  10. Which xbox 360 release should I download?

    You didnt get support for Warez on Realmodscene.com.Please don't ask again for it ! Closed.
  11. Using a 4 TB external drive?

    The Xbox 360 is only able to recognize ( primary ) maximum 2TB partitions. Some Sata/USB controller could also cause problems with in connection with Xbox 360.