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  1. Dr.Gonzo

    [link] link and system link intergration

    Ahh, o.k. my fault. Now I understand it.
  2. Dr.Gonzo

    [link] link and system link intergration

    Mixed connections at the same time are not possible, because your hardware & os (network stack) need to bonding two different network technologys at the same time. Your OS & hardware must be functionally designed for that. Furthermore It doesn't make any sense.
  3. Dr.Gonzo

    Automatic update and dlc downloader

    Only Microsoft have the rights of the distribution of their Software/Games. If you are the owner of a legal copy and you share your copy with the public, its a violation of theier license rights/roules and in the most countrys its treated like piracy.
  4. Dr.Gonzo

    Site Upgrades Again

    Speak english please.
  5. Dr.Gonzo

    Create disc from files?

    I mean its not bootable from a retail unit. On jtag/rgh unit you can try to burn a data disc. But if its isnt boot from hdd, its high unlikely that it boot from dvd. Maybee some data/files are corrupt.
  6. Dr.Gonzo

    Create disc from files?

    You can use god2iso. But the isos are not bootable.
  7. You can create the Hddx partition with the hdd compat partition fixer.
  8. Dr.Gonzo

    PS4 Jailbreak 5.53 Official CFW???

    Of course its fake. Closed.
  9. What are you doing with that? The Tool is very old, was never updatet.
  10. Dr.Gonzo

    FORZA 4 multi disc

    Its not needed. Garvin had already moved your thread to a better place.
  11. Dr.Gonzo

    Simple 360 NAND Flasher 1.4b

    Nope. Only on modded and Dev units.
  12. Dr.Gonzo

    Using a 4 TB external drive?

    Of course you can use a 4 TB Hdd on your Xbox 360, This does not change the fact that you can only access (max) 2 TB of hdd space with your Xbox 360.
  13. Dr.Gonzo

    Unity login failed.

    Please be patient. If Chrishockey55 is next time online, he will assist you.
  14. Dr.Gonzo

    Unity login failed.

    Use an Gmail account.