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  1. Where do i download roms?

    Warez requests are not allowed on Realmodscene. Closed.
  2. How to change Game Category

    You can edit manually the Aurora (datasbase) game flags with sql editor. Here on rms forum, there a some examples for database edits.
  3. FakeAnim v0.60b

    Yes of course.
  4. found metal pin in my xbox 360 hdd casing

    Its high unlikely that Microsoft installed JTAG/RGHs in his own consoles. Its maybe a (service) Company/Shop that is closely related to Microsoft.
  5. found metal pin in my xbox 360 hdd casing

    I can't remember ever having seen these retaining clip in a hdd case. I suspect that someone has left this clip. It does no harm, if you remove it.
  6. found metal pin in my xbox 360 hdd casing

    It looks like a retaining clip. Its the first time your Xbox 360 was opened ? Maybe your 360 was opened in the past, and someone have forgotten, or has left behind the clip.
  7. New Mame for 360 ?

    The forum (help) Threads are not the right place to discussed some fundamental moderation questions. For my part, if you have problems with some moderations decisions, get in PM contact with the relevant Team Member !
  8. Every Thing You need to know about your RGH/JTAG

    Any kind of Xbox Live bypassing or, how it works is not supported here on rms !
  9. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    If you had follow these thread clossley in the past, gavin_darkgilder and others have talked a little bit about some upcomming features & fixes. But the staff will not publish a complete Feature list, bevor Aurora 0.7b is released. You have to see the positive things, the greatest pleasure lies in the anticipation
  10. Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview

    You can take a look in the upcomming Aurora 0.7b Changelog/Readme, where all new Features & Changes are listed, If it has been published
  11. Please check this out. All is explained (Hud Scene Aurora) in detail.
  12. New Mame for 360 ?

    For the future, If postings are misplaced, please feel free & use the reporting function. The staff will be move the Postings/Thread to the right place ! Thx.
  13. XBOX not able to play system link

    We are a english Forum. Please write in english !
  14. Please for console drives explanation

    You can store your launch.ini on your hdd, or Usb Stick too.