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  1. Here we are..... ix16_Benq_0800.rar
  2. Michiru Kagemori The Selfless reported on Twitter about a big Leak from Microsoft Xbox One security system. The Leak contains over 22 GB source code, include Keys for the Xbox One Security System. What effect this leak has for the future of the Xbox Security, is the big question. Source: Twitter. com
  3. For the future please no request for DLCs ! Closed.
  4. Xbox 360 support only a single primary partition on hdds.
  5. The most updates in the past were fixes for some minor bugs, or security patches. In the most cases there was no serious reason to update it if you use your 360 offline.
  6. The retail Xbox 360 support of course HDCP. Sometimes it helps if you switch during the playback beetwen your HDMI sources on your tv. In some cases the Xbox 360 lags.
  7. Theoretically you can adress on FAT32 over 8 TB. But Microsoft limited the partition size on WIndows os on 2 TB per partition. If you fill your partition over 2 TB, your file tabel get crashed. Try it out. It has nothing to do witch cluster size you choose on WIndows OS.
  8. Its complete nonsense. The Xbox FatX is based on Fat32 with some custom features and can only access 2 TB per partition. It doesn't matter which cluster size you choose, coz its a limitation from Microsoft 😉
  9. The Xbox 360 can only handle 2 TB partitions and the partiton must be an primary one.
  10. The only thing is that the Xbox 1 emu have to stored on internal HD. The size of your external hdd is ? Your partition on your external hdd is a primary partition ?
  11. Its not helpful and not necessary to post your problem in different subforums to the same time. Please be patient, until someone will react to your posting. 😉
  12. The development of Aurora is terminated and will not be continued, even not if aliens should be landing on earth.
  13. The Partition on your external drive is a formated as primary partition ?
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