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  1. The development of Aurora is terminated and will not be continued, even not if aliens should be landing on earth.
  2. The Partition on your external drive is a formated as primary partition ?
  3. Your Xbox 360 partition is formated as primary FAT32 partition ?
  4. You can share your TU in this section.
  5. Run a unsigned Game/code. The kernel is changed in updated Dashboard version. The patches must adjust too, in every new Dashboard version.
  6. The Development of Aurrora was terminated. 07b.1 is the final one.
  7. You can download it (attachment) in my last posting.
  8. Of course not. Check out the lastet unofficial XeBuild (Thread) version 3.3
  9. O.k, but its not a JTAG or RGH one. Like I said if your security sector on your Xbox 360 hdd is erased, the Xbox 360 wont recognize the hdd nervermore.
  10. Your console is not modified ---> retail console.
  11. Your Xbox 360 is a retail one ? If you formatted a original xbox 360 hdd on your PC, you deleted the security sector on your original xbox 360 hdd. In this case you can`t use it never again on retail Xbox 360 units.
  12. I thing your hdd setup is the best solution. The 360 can only read from the primary partition. You can only use two external usb drives at the same time.
  13. Its only for external Usb drives.
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