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  1. Dr.Gonzo

    Del this

    Where you get the download ? Next time please add the Download source to your posting.
  2. Dr.Gonzo

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    @inanboy1987 If you are copy texts of other authors you should quote correctly and set a source. I have this done for you afterwards 😉
  3. Dr.Gonzo

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    I have no idea, coz I have no inside into the XDK changelog.
  4. We have already a thread about the new backwards files.
  5. Dr.Gonzo

    Del this

    Here you go. xb1_5832_apr_2018-hacked_wip.zip
  6. You need special hacked (Dev) Xbox 1 Emu files, if you want run Xbox classic stuff on your Xbox 360. Little how-to: 1. First you run the hdd compatibility fixer on your Xbox 360 JTAG/RGH. The compatibility fixer create the needed Hddx partition on your iternal Hdd for you. 2. Unzip the hacked.rar and put the compatibility folder into Hddx partition. That's all. xb1_13599_jul_2011-hacked.rar hdd_compat_partition_fixer_v1.zip
  7. All following off topic postings will be deleted !
  8. Its not a big deal to add bigger Hdds, if your hdd are modded with xboxHDmaker. xboxhdmaker23beta1-3.7z
  9. Its a slim as I had suspected. @SerjS Check in your Dashboard Settings if your console is now on 2.0.17544.
  10. Your Nand dump. I will build you a new Image.I dont now what you are doing, because I get hardly any information, if I am asking you.
  11. Upload your Image & PM me your CPU Key.
  12. The latest XeBuild GUI is 3.2. If you dump your Xbox Nand, simple Nand flasher Show you up your console "nand" type
  13. Download the latest XeBuild 3.2 ,or J-Runner version. It should recognize your console Image. Its presumably emmc type.
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