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  1. Its a slim as I had suspected. @SerjS Check in your Dashboard Settings if your console is now on 2.0.17544.
  2. Your Nand dump. I will build you a new Image.I dont now what you are doing, because I get hardly any information, if I am asking you.
  3. Upload your Image & PM me your CPU Key.
  4. The latest XeBuild GUI is 3.2. If you dump your Xbox Nand, simple Nand flasher Show you up your console "nand" type
  5. Download the latest XeBuild 3.2 ,or J-Runner version. It should recognize your console Image. Its presumably emmc type.
  6. What kind of console typ and which XeBuild version did you use ?
  7. I don't have any statistics concerning how often the update get wrong. Take or leave it.
  8. Yeah, flashing, bad blocks, writing errors, wrong XeBuild settings and so on. In this case its possible that your Xbox won`t boot again and you need a Hardware Flasher (soldering is needed) to flash the running image on your Nand again.
  9. Like I said something can always happen in update process and its evermore risky. You do it on your own risk.
  10. Nope. Its important that you watched the complete video and get sure that you have all understand. If not watch it a second time, or ask here. You can get all needed Tools here on realmodscene.
  11. When you download what ? Summarized the most important information for updating. 1. First you dump you nand image from your Xbox 360 JTAG/RGH 2. You Build with XeBuild, J-Runner or what ever your JTAG/RGH Image. 3. Flash your JTAG/RGH Image with simple nand flasher over usb. 4. Last step, download the retail image (the same nummber like your created JTAG/RGH Image) move the update to your USB Stick and flash it too. Thats all. All these are explained step by step in the tutorial video.
  12. There can be no security in update process. Something can always happend. There are a lot of tutorials that explain the update process in detail.
  13. There are a lot of guides out in the wild how to update, like youtube and others.
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