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  1. Dr.Gonzo

    Racing games

    We dont support how to get online with JTAG/RGH here on Realmodscene.
  2. Xboxunity is reachable without any kind of problems here from germany. Maybe a temporally routing issue from your ISP.
  3. Links for dlc`s are not allowed on rms !
  4. If the south bridge is not paired it should be possible. You need a complete raw dump of your nand.
  5. At first you build and update your RGH Dashboard. XeBuild GUI and others gives you the default option, to update Dashlaunch in one step with the dashboard.
  6. Its better you update your console directly to the latest 17599 RGH Kernel/Dash. You can use J Runner or comparable tools like XeBuild GUI.
  7. You cant flash a eMMC (Corona 4G) over Xell, coz Xell contains no eMMC driver for flashing. You need a eMMC card reader/writer.
  8. There are some little project running yet, but the whole xbox 360 scene is dead since a long time. Its the same course of events in every console generation. The active guys of the scene getting older, has changed their interests, are busy with their jobs, family and so on, but that's the way it is.
  9. Please write in english that everyone can understand you. Thx 😉
  10. Yeah but you get no access to all functions.
  11. Yeah external devices of course , they are formated in FAT32.
  12. You can use the Fatx X Explorer. It has deframention tools. But its not alivable in the free version. The PC wont recognize Fatx formated devices.
  13. @DNI Please dont flood the Thread with multiple postings. If want add information to your last posting, feel free and use the edit Button 😉
  14. We dont support any kind of Xbox live hacks here on Rms. Closed.
  15. Uploaded covers have to be unlocked by a Team Member.
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