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  1. i created an account on     http://xboxunity.net/

    when i tried to log in  it says   Login failed. Please Try Again

    even i reset the password. in my email i got a new password. Then i tried with the new password it says same Login failed. Please Try Again

    please anybody help me to resolve this issue ?


    this is my  email    nicewaseem@gmail.com


  2. Unity login failed

    Deleted make your account again Sent you a new password sent you a new password your account has been confirmed since i did it
  3. Unity login failed

    np un is moebox Try now
  4. Unity login failed

    Fixed! Fixed you also have another account that should of been working XRogueXx xxroguekillaxx@outlook.com try using a gmail your account shows that it was approved! ( should work ) No id exists give me your email! Email or username please
  5. Unity login failed

    I was going to say that... Those accounts are now deleted ! I see your gmail account one is working if that is you Approved your other account let me know if that worked ( if not i think its an issue with hotmails as stated above by radarlovindj ) DemoN4gb@toothfairy.com account deleted! Username for that was Leftöver Crack With a sketchy char ... deleted! Approved! I see 3 other Accounts Adika03 TYRRAZTERROR TyrraZTerroR27 What we doing with these delete? working?? Fixed!
  6. No LiNK

    Seems as if the issues is resolved Use the report feature if you would like the topic opened Closed
  7. Unity login failed

    Deleted both of your accounts. Try Making new accounts. Let me know
  8. Unity login failed

    Fixed Let me know if you need more assistance
  9. Unity login failed

    APProved both of them sent password resets to them message if it doesnt work it would help if i had a username or email
  10. Unity login failed

    NP! Not seeing that name please post your email
  11. Site Maintenance

    I tried going to the reald mod scene and it directed me to a porn site. My brother who is in middle school now thinks that i was going to do something in which he thinks he knows everything about. Jk but yeah your right
  12. Unity login failed

    also pinned the topic to the top for obvious reasons. Any more issues reply and i will actually make sure this topic is followed!
  13. Unity login failed

    Fixed Fixed all 3 (well 2 ) you can reset the passwords on the following if you wish posted are the emails in linked order to the above referenced accounts 1) aliveli4950jos@hotmail.com 2)josgalix123@hotmail.com 3) that user doesn't exist Fixed @ me on here with your email i will fix br0wnienz Fixed fixed Got to hit me up with that UN i wish i had the crystal ball! Got you ! fixed ! First one was working fixed the 2nd one
  14. Unity login failed

    Update . For new accounts i just confirmed that the activation are being sent!
  15. Site Maintenance

    @JQE seeing a screen that states the following when going to www.realmodscene.com Only way to access the site for me is to google realmodscene and click the link Welcome to nginx! If you see this page, the nginx web server is successfully installed and working. Further configuration is required. For online documentation and support please refer to nginx.org. Commercial support is available at nginx.com. Thank you for using nginx.