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  1. i want to know if we can play android games on xbox360 jtag/rgh   .i recently seen that we can install linux on xbox360 if we can install andriod emulator will it work

  2. Chrishockey55

    RGLoader issue

    did ty ever release an updated version 😕
  3. Chrishockey55

    Unity login failed.

    should be activated now! you should use a gmail next time
  4. Chrishockey55

    Unity login failed.

    fixed :)
  5. Chrishockey55

    Unity login failed.

    fixed should work now! dont see that username give me the email you used @Mattie
  6. Chrishockey55

    Unity login failed.

    Fixed both your accounts should work including the one xXR105Xx Never post your password in a public place. Also If you have issues still make another reply with your problem
  7. Chrishockey55

    (unofficial) xeBuildGUI V3.1

    Understood, just thought i would make you aware if you dont yet know haha
  8. Chrishockey55

    RMS Discord Channel

    I decided to create An Official RMS Discord Channel If you guys would like to find other link users or have quick questions about things on site Please do so here Note: I'm Trying this out If this is dead and isnt useful i will delete the discord. https://discord.gg/zbVHAqU
  9. Chrishockey55

    Unity login failed.

    Fixed! See the username bchavez1 is associated with that email should be working!
  10. Chrishockey55

    (unofficial) xeBuildGUI V3.1

    c0z pushed an update you might want to update yours if you have yet to do so
  11. Apparently On Wednesday c0z pushed a slight Update to xebuild ( i have been extremely busy this week) This is the current And Latest Xebuild Please seek the change logs for what c0z updated This will allow you to disable the wifi on your console ( to avoid connecting to xboxlive and risking your kv/console being banned) Changes: ======== 1.19.1 - nowifi addon patches replaced with ones that should actually work xeBuild_1.19.1.zip
  12. Chrishockey55

    Unity login failed.

    i see your issue. Originally you asked me to reset the password for the account Scorpio. I could not find that account. I looked up your account by your email and now i see your username is actually scorpio123 try to reset it now!
  13. Promoted to Moderator!

  14. Chrishockey55

    Unity login failed.

  15. Chrishockey55

    (unofficial) xeBuildGUI V3.1

    Since @Swizzy is busy with stuff I Pinned this topic! Thanks @BenMitnicK