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  1. Please close i sorted it out, Seems the console was stuck in avi mode on retail nand, why it was so long to boot. Switched the settings and its booting normal now. Thank you
  2. Hi, Sorry if this is posted in the wrong section. After a bit of help please from some old skool RGH installers, Right years ago i had a TX dual nand demon made my a staff member over at TX (Oggy). Sold the console around 10 years ago and regretted it since. When i had the demon, i remember i could flash the nand myself via USB. (Demon tool box) Problem: After finding my old HDD last week filled with trainers i made for XPG years ago, I wanted a Demon again so bad. Found one on eBay faulty, HDMI port not working, but the console boots fine. Had the console delivered yesterday, AVI was stuck on by the looks of it, I turned off auto detection in Settings menu and now it boots HDMI. Perfect boot times on the glitch nand for a demon (6/10secs) Now if i boot retail side, Very high boot time and when it boots the xbox logo shows with no sound at all, Then it will hang on the logo for 30secs then black screen for another 3-4mins before it loads the retail dash. Now, i think i need to reflash the retail nand and see if that sorts the problem out, But i can't get the console to show up in J-runner or Demon tool box. I have noticed, In device manager i can see the demon but it has a driver error. Failed to install the driver when installing Demon tool, I have found the drivers on there own but i still get the same error, Failed to install. This is on win10 by the way, I have tried to run the installer for demon in win7 mode and xp service packs but its still the same. Kind of lost what to do now, Can't remember anything at all from the last time i owned a RGH never mind a demon. Problems: Retail nand taking ages to boot even tho glitched nand boots perfect. demon/j-runner can't see the console for me i was going to try and dump the rgh nand via 360 flasher, then use the info to make a clean retail nand i could flash to see if it sorts the problem out on the retail side. I don't have any backups of the Original nand. Looking for any advice or help on what to do next please. EDIT: Got the Demon tool box and J-runner working, Just read and did a backup of both nands in J-runner, Would it be best for me to build a fresh retail nand now from the RGH backup info. And whats the best guide please to use when doing this. Thank you
  3. you need to disable FSD for hosting infections to retail console via system link. Also how did he post a silly question, He was asking how to use regular system link NOT LINK !
  4. I have both slim and phat Warning: Phat whisper fan burnt the 3 pin at the back of the console and needed to do a 12v mod (waste of money) and very pis*ed off. (latested around 2 months) Still use the phat for online gaming but it sounds like a tank with 12v mod done . Slim: No problems at all very happy with it. Can show pics of both consoles if you like.
  5. Sold please close
  6. HeavySmoker


    Same problem M$ have I do respect your guys work 100% and always tick mods when usings on link but your always going to get noobs cheating. Welcome to the real world ........... lifes a game MOD IT!
  7. HeavySmoker


    I find this silly I use xbox live for legit gaming. I use RGH for mods. Yeah you should make your own room and place it as mods but come on people your using a modded console what do you expect.
  8. Funny you say that as plugin 1 was xbdm till i updated then it changed by its self. I will test out bro and see what happens as i do really like FSD and need to sort out the black/loop problem. Thanks for replying Edit: i get the same crash/loop when using Y
  9. So your saying new updated FSD can't have plugins but older ones can. Please don't think i was being funny when i said i have removed it. Just don't see the point in using if i can't load dash after playing a game. Sorry for extra post should of edited
  10. Removed FSD to many problems on rev735 and no support.
  11. I would not mind paying for your service to keep link going but messaging addon would be sick. Again i would pay for it no problem as it would save me money paying for xbox live
  12. Only asked about scan as it never done it before FSD update. Also info needed to find whats wrong with "FreeStyleHome" guide. Just keeps crashing when trying to leave game and return to FSD. Crash or loop Never had this problem before till i updated with rev 735 also got a firend with same problem. Also i updated via FSD downloads and cold booted FSD rev 735 Dashlaunch 3.07 Dash 16203 FSD file on HDD1: Launch info: all comments and fields in this file are optional, you can remove anything you don't need Edit: Launch info removed
  13. Message service is the only missing addon to complet FSD/LINK
  14. HeavySmoker

    Scan DLC !

    Since updaing to rev 735 im getting DLC and title update scan on startup of the console in status. Also having problem with crashing when using FreeStyle Home in guide (blackscreen/ loop) Any info would be cool please. Thanks
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