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  1. that is exactly what i was searching for . Problem solved for me and my friends
  2. @Kwabyna thxs for the info . i am back on 16747
  3. @falaga i think you misunderstood what i said Systemlink is working for all games except advanced warfare What i have done so far : Updated xbox to 16767 using autogg reset fsd settings and data i also try to launch aurora but still no systemlink for Advanced warfare
  4. well i have a few reports for systemlink not working with FSD @falaga i tried your trick with no luck systemlink is still grey for me and a few friends of mine
  5. even with coldboot , no systemlink i will wait for more returns
  6. still not working for me , systemlink is grey
  7. @falaga you are absolutely right ... i forgot to add a systemlink proof , thxs for it i hope Swizzy is not on vacation lol ....
  8. yes it does have system link ... check my thread " please create a room for Cod advacnced warfare "
  9. lol i am already playing on it ... off course it's released
  10. Hello Swizzy ... i guess i have some work for you :-) Would you be kind to provide a room for the new COD : TID : 41560914 MID : 4FA17C64 Thxs Swizzy
  11. working now ... Thxs Swizzy and all admins
  12. Hello Siwzzy Big work with new releases... F1 2014 , now borderlands the pre sequel . i am glad we have new games with lan features for Link . Cod Advanced warfare will be released in a few days now .. great : Link is not dead Still no room created for the pre sequel
  13. thanks swizzy it works great now ... waouh already a Tite upate ?? ( tu 1 seems too be available ) tu 1 = 131 M° available via FSD Thanks
  14. something is still wrong .... System link is not working for this game
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