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  1. that is exactly what i was searching for . Problem solved for me and my friends
  2. @Kwabyna thxs for the info . i am back on 16747
  3. @falaga i think you misunderstood what i said Systemlink is working for all games except advanced warfare What i have done so far : Updated xbox to 16767 using autogg reset fsd settings and data i also try to launch aurora but still no systemlink for Advanced warfare
  4. well i have a few reports for systemlink not working with FSD @falaga i tried your trick with no luck systemlink is still grey for me and a few friends of mine
  5. even with coldboot , no systemlink i will wait for more returns
  6. still not working for me , systemlink is grey
  7. @falaga you are absolutely right ... i forgot to add a systemlink proof , thxs for it i hope Swizzy is not on vacation lol ....
  8. yes it does have system link ... check my thread " please create a room for Cod advacnced warfare "
  9. lol i am already playing on it ... off course it's released
  10. Hello Swizzy ... i guess i have some work for you :-) Would you be kind to provide a room for the new COD : TID : 41560914 MID : 4FA17C64 Thxs Swizzy
  11. working now ... Thxs Swizzy and all admins
  12. Hello Siwzzy Big work with new releases... F1 2014 , now borderlands the pre sequel . i am glad we have new games with lan features for Link . Cod Advanced warfare will be released in a few days now .. great : Link is not dead Still no room created for the pre sequel
  13. thanks swizzy it works great now ... waouh already a Tite upate ?? ( tu 1 seems too be available ) tu 1 = 131 M° available via FSD Thanks
  14. something is still wrong .... System link is not working for this game
  15. i am afraid it's still not working ...
  16. Hello Would you be kind to create a room for the new F1 2014 TID : 434D0852 MID : 743FF5D9 Thanks
  17. not working here with TitleId: 0x434D084F systemlink is grey Edit : working after cold reboot , thanks JPizzle
  18. Here we are Path: Usb0:Game...13jtarghdefault.xex TitleId: 0x434D084F MediaId: 0x7F3FDF12 Disc: 1 of 1 Game version: 0x0000000A / 0x0000000A TU version: 0 Resolution: 1280 x 720 Screenshot coming soon ... i have to get first my driving licence ... ( i am really bad at driving ... thanks for Milo1979 from xlan360.fr for providing a screenshot with systemlink evidence )
  19. great idea but i don't know if FSD is still in development ? Sure JPizzle would answer that
  20. since rev 775 , i am now able to play locally with my 2 jtag xbox with LiNK .. no need to find an external host
  21. i had the same problem when i updated to rev 775 ... i had to register another account to solve problem .
  22. did you try a cold boot ? ( unplug power cord )
  23. -= Update Info =-Doing a phased implementation to control server traffic.Hope you enjoy. i guess nobody pay attention to this sentence in last FSD update but this is a great improvment for those like me who have several xbox using LiNK on the same LAN at home .... We are now able to see each other games on LiNK ... which was not the case before this update . Thanks again for your hard work .
  24. working great here , ripped jtag versions of both games on external usb hard drive ... bad cluster on your hard drive ? try to put your game on a usb key instead off hard drive ... avatar update done ?
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