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  1. castlevania lords of shadow 2: revelations dlc where can i downlaod this dlc for my rgh i really wanted to play as alucard
  2. check out my luck COD:AW released my systemLink fu*cked
  3. if i connect my 4g router to my TPlink ?
  4. only Ports were failed.Can u give me a easy tut I changed my net to 4g is that the problem ? Sry for my grammer. lel
  5. i m having same problem too i can join rooms but can't join games .....
  6. Call of duty: Advanced Warfare with SystemLink ??
  7. Some peoples are using hack in call of duty black ops 2 called ironwolfv2. We need TU 19
  8. that would be so cool !
  9. i tested metal gear its working fine but pixel are messed and sound is fast forward sry for my english and crash bandicoot 3 crashes at start
  10. how to download it can u tell me plss
  11. when i play cod ghost it says missing content same with cod black ops 2 please tell me
  12. i want to stay with my fsd3 please tell me if there is a problem with it (sry for my bad english)
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