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  1. Hi , I have a problem with one game The Godfather and maybe if you know whats wrong with maybe you can suggest task to do pls. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sf4zu_Gz5VA&list=PL6JfcdLVQ76sYdyYKXcwZTgNlYSGa6tLB&index=4&t=0s
  2. Thanks a lot it is very well apreciated
  3. Hi , Just to confirm with you to add title update to my games I show on the video what i am doing, no need to go to xboxunity.net to have it , with Aurora I just have to open it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=De5tAZ4jTIc&list=PL6JfcdLVQ76s-JkL-cR7qDPHxBL0Q3EvN&index=12&t=0s
  4. Ok now I understand I place they sub folder Title id in the trainer folder of aurora now Aurora found the trailer but sometimes he need the Title update do I need to create under trainer a subfolder Title Update and after I search with the title ID numbers the title update files in xboxunity.net and download it to my subfolder that I just create Title Update , And if i run the trailer with the games and there some bugs , I try another time with the next files title update. Am i right ?
  5. Hi Man, I add a video of what I understand you tell me, I am not sure what you mean , I have to create subfolder name title id and add to it the complete pack or the title id means the name of the games I m not sure of what you means. How do I check if the games have the right Tu and where the folder I need to add the right TU. The right tu of the games do i found them on xboxunity.net ? There is lot of question to ask, you will be so kind to answer it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7npgGZPE6Y&list=PL6JfcdLVQ76s-JkL-cR7qDPHxBL0Q3EvN&index=11&t=0s
  6. I make a video step by step to launch the trailer but it didnt show up after you have a footage it works. What I am doing wrong https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IV2Mt_ynNSY&list=PL6JfcdLVQ76s-JkL-cR7qDPHxBL0Q3EvN&index=6&t=0s
  7. Hello all, Its my first time I run a pack of trailer build for Aurora, You will see how I install that pack and also a picture of all my games onto my usb drive. I need to know how I start if I am in the game which button I have to click and how i would know if my game is support by this trainer. Thank you very much for your help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i5KHTJkBK2s&list=PL6JfcdLVQ76s-JkL-cR7qDPHxBL0Q3EvN
  8. Hello, I make a video showing the intallation of your Aurora trailer pack + a list of my games installed on my usb drive. Could you tell me if I am right because I dont see the difference then before. If you can give me a link to some tutorial written or video its will be easier for me to undrstand how its working. https://youtu.be/i5KHTJkBK2s
  9. Hi, Is there a special place to add this all pack or the main usb drive. Hi , to start the modmenu what button of game controller I should click ?
  10. Hi its me again , I download your pack of trainors. Which repertory match with the games trainor ?
  11. Hi, its works, thank you a lot , If you can suggest me a site where I could download some other modmenu for my xbox games it be very kind of you
  12. I was able to install this mode but I have only two choices in the menu all the other choice thats on the video I dont have access no matter if i click LEFT+RB like it says . Any hint what I am doing wrong? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDazZMjvETM
  13. Oh I double check , thank you for the hint
  14. Felida, II follow this video on how to add simple trainer to my GTA V and I have two repertory disk1 and disk2 , I copy the files related to trainer and it doesnt work. Maybe I copied the files in the wrong repertory. Maybe yo can help me if you want. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNOz2TUVFaQ&list=PL6JfcdLVQ76sXYWerwOgIBFnK2hogRt9A&index=12&t=146s
  15. Dear Friends, I am looking for savegames that include godmode in it. I want help to complete mission
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