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  1. Thank you I will used Aurora but I finally was able to add my savedgames using Horizon you must change the profile and after add to hdd your savegames. But if you want to supply one link so I can follow the tutorial How to add savedgames using Aurora, it will be so kind from you.
  2. Do you mean adding profile I'm using when I play the games to the savegames with horizon . Lets do an example I have the savegame of gtav5 and i Want be able to load this game. Do you have a video tutorial on how to do it using horizon
  3. Hi Gamers, I am newbies in the xbox world, I need to follow a video tutorial on how to add savegames to my xbox 360 console , It was very kind of you if you can give some links so I can follow it.
  4. Thank you , It was the update I found it and it works now
  5. How it needs to be update do you know how ?
  6. When I search in Aurorra Asset Editor, for xboxunity everything goes fine when I choose instead xbox.com I received and error message see in video I also put attach the code of my error https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NWB7Or40eKI&list=PL-BB6m5xrUdPB_gKNlzgn11UiK5EEqUCS&index=43&t=0s https://pastebin.com/3b8iFspy
  7. Hi All, I worked on my network connexion between my xbox slim 360 and the Neibourhood and I didn't solves my issue. If you offering that kind of service I am interested pls pm me.
  8. Dear Supplier, Its now one week I was unable to open an account with xboxunity.net. I being followed by Felinda, and she was saying to me that I have to wait for Chris to solved my issue on problem to connecting to an account. I want a know what is my status about that issue
  9. Hello Gamers, I want to build some view and I want to know how this works. Its going to be add some links of your most popular trainnig Thanks
  10. Hello all, Recently, it show in Aurora system IP Adress Not Available and in Modules FTP Server is not active. Im unable to upgrade my asset. Please help me , I need those
  11. Hello all, I am looking for a PDF Manual for the software Aurora if it exist give me the link pls
  12. Thank you for answering me, I will wait for Chris I hope there is a positive issue. Thank you
  13. Hello all, In Aurora when you are searching with the RB and LB touch of the gamepad xbox, it show you some menu, The standard menu are Show All Xbox 360 Xbox Live Arcade Kinect Homebrew Quick View. The show all Show every files that I have on my external hdisk The xbox 360 Show every files in the repertory Games xbox 360 They other choice xbox live arcade Kinect Homebrew Quick view Where or in what repertory that i put my files to match
  14. Dear Felida, Your response it means, for me there no other person able to open my account. From what you know how much time you expect to resolved my issue. Best Regards, André
  15. Dear Felida, I begin to thaught myself, if the member that allowed to pay something it will be faster to connect to your site. They are so many posts about the connection problems, you have to troubleshoot to many things. I agree if my case will be solved faster to pay an amount to solved my issue. If its the case please dont be shy to ask me. I read in some post that Chris do not come quite often. Best regards, André
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