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  1. RamCharan

    xbox360 dying

    is there anything new on xbox360 , the games are booring , it is only useful to watch netflix , is there a way to get google chrome or youtube on xbox360 jtag / rgh
  2. i want to know why only netflix app works on xbox360 rgh , why amazon prime , youtube and others apps doesnt work for jtag /rgh
  3. Waiting for Internet Explorer and YouTube
  4. I see a retail xbox360 has other features than gaming like many apps like YouTube, Internet Explorer, Netflix, Sports, hbo can any of these apps be installed on xbox360 jtag or Rgh without xbox live membership explain please I want to use my xbox360 to its full capabilities not just gaming
  5. i want to know if we can play android games on xbox360 jtag/rgh   .i recently seen that we can install linux on xbox360 if we can install andriod emulator will it work

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