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  1. I wait xebuild and Dashlaunch update for 17599 😉
  2. I have prepare for you an development Virtual Machine. for you to develop on your favorite consoles. It's a ready-to-use VM. It is based on the Linux Debian Buster X64 operating system. The installed SDK are as follows: Download
  3. Hi, with pleasure I don't know, I never use integration DashLaunch directly to the nand always from DashBoard. I think so because I did not touch this part of the code.
  4. little update now you can use Download Tab for preparing your drive only for dash 17526 and 17544
  5. Understood lol ... and no i did not know thx 😎
  6. it's not necessary just little update for wifi but if someone want it I update the program
  7. grave lol moi j'en ai déjà fais un mais comme c'est a l'image de mon site je ne l'ai pas poster pas envie de me faire taper sur les doigts question PUB sinon courage a toi pour la suite
  8. BenMitnicK

    Skin ideas

    THX but I resolved my problem
  9. Beginning to download the latest version of xeBuild Gui Boot to Xell with network and go to HTTP Server on your PC with your IP Address and Download The RAW File Recovers Your CPUKEY Correctly Now you can Build Your Nand With Success
  10. Your Welcome I haven't update download TAB Maybe
  11. 1) I watch your tutorials but I go to watch again 2) I change all 8 keyframes and I save PS: I found my problem lol I saved directly xur file but the file is corrupt I must export file and it's ok now I can change color and after looking for change panel color
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