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  1. Nice job, You programmed the part where I am too lazy to make it lol well done 😎
  2. Plug your ext HDD in your computer and use FSD or Aurora ftp transfere
  3. you don't found with google ?
  4. I wait xebuild and Dashlaunch update for 17599 😉
  5. I have prepare for you an development Virtual Machine. for you to develop on your favorite consoles. It's a ready-to-use VM. It is based on the Linux Debian Buster X64 operating system. The installed SDK are as follows: Download
  6. Hi, with pleasure I don't know, I never use integration DashLaunch directly to the nand always from DashBoard. I think so because I did not touch this part of the code.
  7. little update now you can use Download Tab for preparing your drive only for dash 17526 and 17544
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