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  1. Hey guys, i hope you are all having a nice day, I'm an amateur developer, and i'm interested in making apps for xbox 360, so i was wondering how can i get de XDK for visual Studio, does anybody have any information? It would be really useful for me, thx you
  2. OMGGGGG, I LOVE THE NEW VERSION OF AURORA, i only have a little question there will be a chat, or a patch for the friends? i mean Ssmething like a menu for see if they are online into the system link's HUD, or a chat project, jejjeje
  3. Hi there, i installed aurora a lot of time ago, it never worked bad to me, but now i am having a problem that i could not understand, consist of this, when i enter in a game for example: blur, and i play for a while, when i press the home button of the control and after i press "Y" for return to the dash sometimes freezes in the AURORA screen in the message "Reading content from the database",but sometimes it dont freeze,however. when i try to launch a game, it freezes in the message of "Applying update", i've formated my xbox but it worked well only 1 or 2 weeks, and the problem return, i hope that you can help me
  4. OMG nice work man! the last step is implement it in the hud and info of the friend list
  5. I still trust in this project, I've been 3 years in system link and i never and never I complained, but if this pass wow!! this will upgrade so much the experience i think that my idea if nova dont release if they implement it is enough for a better system link
  6. I do a post like this of the friend list,
  7. Probably sound slightly rudely because i know that the development of nova takes a long time, but this theme give me Anxiety and intrigue, i speak of NOVA, when for first time i listened of nova, i said wow!!! And get excited so much, but over time we didn't return to know anything, The question that I have is this, it was cancelled? I really appreciate the work of the teamphoenix with aurora, freestyle, and system link but i need to know it, In case the answer is: Yes, it was cancelled, i wont get angry, because i'm so happy and grateful with system link, but i would like to be so bold of make a little suggestion: give more usefulness for the friend list, I explain, you add a friend, but you can't do nothing with it, only if you are in the room of he you see the icon with the star and you know that are you friend, so in the page of xboxunity if you log in you can see your friend list and can see his status if are online, offline, what game are playing and when was the last connection, i want that this beautiful function. in the xbox console: what i have in mind, its a friend menu with this function and if dont are so difficult when you are for example: if you are playing Black Ops II and a friend recently connect to the game, the console shows up a notification like: (Gamertag) is now online in Black ops II,( and same when he goes offline, ) when you go to the friend menu you see in which room is he, this will upgrade the experience of system link My english is not very good, I hope that you understood me Merged with Nova Main Thread ! Dr.Gonzo.
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