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Found 5 results

  1. Hi there, i installed aurora a lot of time ago, it never worked bad to me, but now i am having a problem that i could not understand, consist of this, when i enter in a game for example: blur, and i play for a while, when i press the home button of the control and after i press "Y" for return to the dash sometimes freezes in the AURORA screen in the message "Reading content from the database",but sometimes it dont freeze,however. when i try to launch a game, it freezes in the message of "Applying update", i've formated my xbox but it worked well only 1 or 2 weeks, and the problem return, i hope that you can help me
  2. Hello there. Tried to set up full connectx work for my xbox. Moved all games to NAS server and to finally free my hard drive out from xbox, installed aurora on USB stick. Now having problems with freezes. Games just stuck at some point. Usually when I trying to exit game and open aurora. After saying "yes" its just freezes console. What should I check, to fix it? Usb stick(8gb) created with FATxplorer. Aurora placed right on stick and 5gb space for xbox files, with content folder and some profiles in it. Maybe I forgot something? Or I should left some more free space for system partition and e.t.c? p.s. sry for bad english
  3. I just bought a xbox360 With FSD 2.2 (I thínk) and ran into som problems... Downloaded some new games and didn't see them in the "360 games"-menu, so I got in to the settings and found out that I'll have ro rescan before the new games will show up. At the same time I unchecked the Box "don't scan on startup" (can't remember exactly what it said) and thought that's a good idea to make the Xbox scan everytime it started.. but not. From now on it freezes and I can't undo this setting. It starts normally but just after it's finishes and the menys shws up, it freezes. Anyone tha's been having the same issue? is it possible to undo this? //joQue
  4. i want to make freestyle dash my default dashboard so, i am trying to do it with dashlaunch but it freezes when i open any subcatagory in path it freezes here when i open "default" or any other subcatagory in path this is my console info pls guys help
  5. Hi guys. Tried updating the flash on my Samsung drive and everything was going well until the power shutoff during the write phase. I know I know, should have use a kit, but I actaully forgot to keep the av cables connected and that's why it shutoff. So anyways, now I can't access the drive at all. I've search hi and low on the Internet and found dosflash, iprep, mtkflash, and other ways to try and recover the dvd drive. I have the key for the drive, I just can't get it to recognize or respond. Every time I connect to windows it just freezes up until I disconnect the sata again. All the guides I see and tutorials for badflash are from several years ago. Is there anything new that I can use or do to recover the drive and write the flash for the MS25 drive to 2.01? Thanks
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