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  1. Greetings! First of all I have to say sorry for my English cause it's not my native language. I'm a new guy in Aurora skin development, you can find my first ever skin here, but all the work was mostly cosmetics. Now I'm working on another project more complex than a previous one, so I've encountered a problem, here it is: On the bottom of Aurora's main screen we have a button panel, which contains six button labels - a, b, x, y, back, start. For now I wanna know is there any way and how to add additional animations for those buttons, for example - when pressed, when it appears/dissapears, etc. I've checked aurora_skin.xui and aurora_main.xui and found containers for each button, but still has no idea how to add a new animation logic, how to connect them with each other, etc. Could someone help me a lil bit please?
  2. Greetings! I've been toying around and made a Retrowave-styled skin based on Skin Elegant by Srealmoreno. Features: animated background animated loading screens background music Retrowave.xzp
  3. Greetings! I've been toying around and made some xbox one inspired boot animations. This one is with Xbox One startup sound: bootanimchq-1.wmv And this one is with original Xbox 360 startup sound: bootanimohq-1.wmv With Xbox One startup sound and Microsoft logo: bootanimchqm-1.wmv With original Xbox 360 startup sound and Microsoft logo: bootanimohqm-1.wmv Haven't tried them myself yet, so let me know if it works fine.
  4. Greetings, everyone! I'm sorry if my question is dumb and I'm sorry for my bad english, but could anyone help me? I have The Witcher 2 game with Title ID 4E4D0855 and Media ID 57703CF5, in Aurora dashboard when I press the Y button and go to Title Details, the background image just doesn't show up. I tried searching the game's Media ID on xboxunity.net, but there were no such Media ID for The Witcher 2. Is there any way I can set the background image for it? Thanks in advance.
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