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  1. Esto va en declive, son cada vez menos los jugadores en Link, si alguno esta pendiente, siempre tengo algo de tiempo para pasar algun titulo en coop.
  2. Yeah, I almost always use idents and pointers, and it is very teeeeedious... that's why I wanted to use another approach. In any case I will follow your advice, thank you
  3. Ohhh I see, I just tried to increase the height and speed of my character with the assigned value each time I pressed a button, I guess I'll settle for what I have so far, thanks for the help my friend
  4. Hi, it's me again, I managed to make the combo button work, the problem is now the cheat is still active after release the button, the idea is the get cheat active only if the button is pressed, I hope I explained well
  5. Wow that was fast, thank you very much friend, I will try that and when I have results, I will report back, thanks again
  6. Thank you felida, I appreciate your help a lot. Exactly, when the cheat trainer is activated, the assigned button does what is required, the button combo is what I'm looking for
  7. Hi, I know it's an old post, but if someone can help, I need to assign buttons to a cheat, for example, when pressing the X button activates the super jump (moon jump), I know that the XYZ engine It has its own mapping for the buttons to use, the problem is how to implement it as I said, Thanks.
  8. Trainer for the Arcade game Undertow Xbox 360 console and dashboard Aurora (RGH Jtag). UNDERTOW = TID: 58410873 / MID: 5A2BEFE6 / TU:2 Trainer +5: + Inf. Bombs + Max Energy P1 + Easy AI + 999 Kills + Time 00:00 Created and tested by me only with the class "Soldier" may work whit others Maximum energy does not mean infinite life. Time 0:00 I recommend activating it only towards the end each level and then deactivate it. The last level it can only pass with the soldier. VIDEO
  9. As I said before the hackers found the way to enter the private rooms no matter if you put key, they enter and take control of the room
  10. I don't see a way to do that, neither in the browser nor in the console, even the hacker that I mentions before had saturated MW3 with rooms like this one, even insulting to other users with the name he gave them.
  11. Here is another. Is this a hack? Rooms with the name he want, so if this a hack is from the console or a web browser. Sorry to ask but it is very disturbing to join Xboxunity these days.
  12. Yeah, He can even become the leader and take control of a private room, and there is no way to ban or kick him, allway return to the private rooms. It is very disappointing to see this hacker make his own with all impunity.
  13. Ok, this user must be an Administrator or Moderator, it is unfortunate to see how one of them lends itself to do this, maybe with this I get kicked from here, I recommend not to join his game, this user enters the games of others and finishes them and if you dislike it banned you from the room. How do I know if he is an administrator or a moderator? Easy, he can enter private rooms and kick players, and create public rooms with the name he want. Game: MW3 (endgame Hack) 'Avatar Name/Profile Name': M4NG4M0DS 'Unity Name/Account Name': BosSMoDZz
  14. Es lamentable pero las partidas de cualquier Call of Dutty tienen como host o cliente al menos un modder que arruina la partida, el peor de todos es el que usa el llamado Aimbot, que no dan chance de hacer nada durante la partida, supongo que muchos ante tal desventaja no solo se decepciona, si no que tratara de hacerse con una ventaja como la de usar redbox o el minimap activo, creo que la mejor forma de evitar este tipo de persona es bloquear (block) en su lista de amigos, de ese modo si crean un public room sin pass estos seres no entraran a sus partidas, debido a ese bloqueo. O simplemente establecer por privado una clave para sus rooms la desventaja es que otros jugadores honestos no podrán entrar. Yo tengo a decenas marcados como modders, y he aprendido por el camino a como expulsarlos, de momento me limito a Blackops 1 y 2 y Mw3. No sé si estaría permitido hacer una lista publica de estos modders por Username a modo de referencia.
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