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Found 17 results

  1. Hello all! I'm starting to attempt modding the songs in Lips, but with not much success so far! I'm trying to add the official videos to tracks that had them removed due to licensing issues. (Just for fun and to learn) I've downloaded the official video and converted it to wmv (with the resolutions, bit rate, framerate extra the same as a video from a different track) put this in the folder and I'm using XML notepad to read/edit the DLC database to point to this video- repacked with le fluffy - but its not working as yet. I just wondered if anyone has any experience trying this that could give me some pointers? (And save me a lot of time!) Is XML notepad a good program to use for editing xb databases? There is a label for 'videoID' that contains a hex string - I'm guessing this is the issue as I've got no idea what this should be changed to to point to the new video. I'll keep trying and experimenting. Thanks.
  2. Hy this is my new account former username was x0BlackTeresis0x , since i lost my email and everything i made a new account to share with you guys something i started since 2 weeks. Yeah a PS3 4.50 CFW. There might be some others but they have a lot of bugs and non stable, since most of them are rushed like Habib, Steve, and so on....... 4.50 Venom Corp - most stable, fast, and bugless Firmware at this time. This CFW was tested only on PS3 Slim CECH25xx as far no problems were encountered. Everything seems very Smooth , and stable. Any CFW must be installed with caution. This system firmware update has been modified from the original, and is therefore unofficial and not endorsed by SCE. Use at your own risk. And only if you own a e3Flasher or any other flasher like infectus or ProgSkeet. The creators do not condone piracy.Use only your own buyed games. Its only your fault if you Brick your PS3 , no one is responsible if your Destroy it. I would appreciate it if some guys here can give a feed back after they tested it. This CFW can be downgraded. This CFW can be Installed on all OFW up to max 3.55 OFW and Any CFW 3.41, 3.55, 4.21, 4.46, 4.50..... This CFW was not made by MFW Builder. Its a CFW from Ground Made out of OFW 4.50 FW. And about Patches they are like most CFW 4.50 But there are some new Extras in Work as also some in the CFW. More Updates to come in the next Time. Enjoy! our awesome CFW 4.50 Venom Corp ATTENTION : PLEASE USE THIS FIRMWARE ONLY IF YOU OWN A FLASHER AND KNOW HOT TO UNBRICK YOUR PS3 IF SOMETHING GOES WRONG. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Custom Firmware Info: Developer: Venom Corp Installs on: 3.55 OFW / over any CFW Released on: 14.11.2013 Firmware Type: CEX MD5 Checksum : EEB161949F88A2D38D4FC2EA140C361F *4.50_VENOM_CORP_PS3UPDAT.PUP only use with same checksum ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Patches Info: New BootLogo New BootSound Removed PSStore from Game Column Homebrew Category implemented - change in Param.sfo the category AT Some optical changes Video Uploader Removed Photo Editor Removed Code Optimized for Stable and Smooth Operating. RSOD Bypass Patched and Working PSP Remaster and Minis Patched to Work PS1 and PS2 Games Working PS3 Backups Working up to 4.50 Keys without to Patch Game or even another files. PSN Compatible - But not recommended (use PSNPATCH to be more Stealth) Venom QA Enabled QA - Install Package Files fixed to Install All Package Files Install Package Files Moded to PKG Manager Downgradeable CFW Installable on any CFW from XMB or Recovery app_home/PS3_GAME moded to Discless Patched all CoreOS ECDSA Check Patched ReactPSN for Offline and Compatibility Patched Complete LV1 and LV 2 to add Support for Peek and Poke LV1 Patched to disable LV2 Protection No BT / BD Patches Removed Remote Play Restrictions Patched vsh.self IN GAME SCREENSHOOT Removed Cinavia System Information Shows now the real CFW Name Epilepsy Message removed and More ........................... https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=5D16460E0372209A!113&authkey=!ALjoV1bRylzabPY
  3. ITEM SOLD NO LONGER AVAILABLE Xbox 360 Slim 2TB MW3 Special Edition S-RGH2 Price £200 free P&p to U.K only International Shipping plus $60 Shipped with tracking, signed for Payment via Payal I have uploaded a YouTube video demonstration of the dashboard and games. Youtube Link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTldP_AOZSo Xbox 360 console S-RGH2 Ace v3+ Boot times 5-30 seconds. DVD drive serviced and flashed to LTPlus 3. Rip and play copies of both original and 360 games. Aurora Dashboard latest version Makes MW3 sounds when power on and eject are touched. Games: Xbox 360 games 250+ Snes360 games 700+ In box: Xbox 360 console Power Supply Xbox 360 wireless controller Venom charger pack
  4. Xex Manager Lite é um mod do Xex Menu 1.2, podemos basicamente chamar o Xex Menu 1.3 verificar as vantagens. -7 MB de tamanho comparado ao Xex Menu 1.2 com 204 MB - Ele é prático e sem curling -Interface com nova pele e ícones agradáveis - Formato de deus de jogo completo Créditos para MathuwsGamerMW por Mod Download Clique aqui
  5. Trainer for the original game Red Dead Redemption (Not GOTY!), Title ID 5454082B, Media ID 2AAB34E2 and with title update 9 (TU#9), for the console Xbox 360 with Aurora dashboard (RGH Jtag), created by me with the engine XYZ... enjoy !!! Trainer +10 + Inf. Red Eye + Inf. Money + Inf. Items + Inf. Ammunition + Inf. Resistance Mount + 100k chips to the Poker Pot (Always Win) + 1k BlackJack chips + Maximum Life + Mod Jump + Maximum Streak Note: 100k chips to the poker pot, at the start of the poker game you must bet everything and you will always win, if you get to lose in one hand you need to go out with B button and try again. A thousand Black Jack chips by exceeding 1500 chips you can not play any more in that hand. Maximum life is not same to infinite life. Maximum streak is for Multiplayer mode. Video+Dwld
  6. Hello Gentlemen, The reason for this is that I don't have a computer I can work on and the Xbox 360 is my only console. I can access it through FTP on my phone though. I was wondering if you could assist me on modding my vanilla non-TU Skyrim on the Xbox 360. I currently run the .xex version and the game works fine through Aurora. I understand some patching is required with specialized tools to make the .ESP mod files to work on the Xbox as DLCs or something, right? I actually enjoy the vanilla game and there's just one thing that bothers me which are the starting spells. I did some research and there are some simple .ESP mods around that straight up remove them. Can you please help me by converting it for the Xbox 360 if you have the tools? I can provide you with any info that is required from my end for this process. I believe the .ESP I have attached is the good one. Any assistance is appreciated.Cheers NoStartingSpells.esp
  7. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Savw Modding Questions Running KotOR on RGH Xbox 360 I am wanting to mod my save for max credits. Is this possible? I tried to use kse but I can't get it work I get errors and can't load the save into the tool. Any help with modding the save would nice.
  8. Heelo everyone, I've got WWE 2k17 with the MediaID: 3DD33488 and i can't find a fitting title update and Unity doesn't have it either. Does anyone know ehere i can find the fitting Title update? Moved from Xbox Unity forum, coz its here better in place ! Dr.Gonzo.
  9. Dash launch 3.18 in god format with more ease and advantages. -You do not need to open xex menu and run. -She appears on the normal dashboard -It is 100% functional as common -Leave as we already know -Credits to the author of the VLADSTUDIOS tool -Creator of this Mod MathuwsGamerMW DOWNLOAD CLICK HERE
  10. Freestyle 775 in god format, a mod still in beta, so let's say it works correctly 97% - It can block the file manager - There are errors that I did not report for the lack of tests -Credits for tool owners -Mod by MathuwsGamerMW - This in "BETA" still, help commenting defects of this version DOWNLOAD HERE
  11. Greetings everyone i have a couple of doubts about system link in general The firts one is, on public server are not allowed mods, isn it? When i connect on the Mw3, on public serverÅ› there are a lot of modded profiles "match-killers", witch their mods, destroy all the fun, and besides, they kill the matchmaking destroying or ending the match, even if i was the host. I know that with private rooms and a block list will keep then away, but sadly not all people connect to a private room if the public has some players. There's a way to fight them back, to have public clean mods rooms? By the way, i have a lot of this modders on my blacklist I attached a part of my list, where are the most modders i have found on public rooms Second, i connect 2 xbox360 from a same internet conection, with different ip of course, we made connect simultaniusly on some games, but in another games like COD:MW2 in several ocasion, if i create the match, the another player, connect, suddenly is kick with the messsage "conection with host is lost", or there are lag attacks, there's a way to fixed? I will appreciated your assistance, help or guidance.
  12. With this tool you can easily mod your Wii with a Homebrew http://modmii.comuf.com/home.html The big deal is that you can still play Multiplayer via the Wiimmfi Network https://wiimmfi.de/
  13. So... I was thinking; I have been porting some mods to my xbox... but I have this quistion: the mods that needs skse or mcm (SKyUI for example, Frostfall, etc) how do I make them work in my x360 skyrim? another question: Is there a way to install mods like in the pc? Just simply copying the .bsa, .esp files to DATA without making a con "dlc" file? Or, Instead of that, making a .bsa file with the textures folder inside, and then compile it in a con dlc file, so textures actually works? (can't make Quality Maps work, Idk if any other textures mod with folder "textures" are not workin', nor Winter is Coming - Cloaks) I've tried this http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/1600-how-to-convertport-pc-skyrim-mods-to-work-on-a-jtagrgh/ And this https://www.xboxchaos.com/topic/2935-how-to-repack-texturesbsa/?page=1 Currently going to try this http://www.game-tuts.com/community/f116/tutorial-modded-textures-meshes-retail-xbox360-via-iso-124847/
  14. I currently use my console to run linux. And the system is too slow for the little memory available. Any way to make it faster using the flash memory? Sorry for my bad english.
  15. Looking to sell my Glossy Slim (4GB model) RGH Xbox 360. RGH was done professionaly by xbox-scene.com user socalbill. Works great and is in great condition, I just don't play it anymore. Sale Includes: [*]Glossy 4GB Slim Console, professionally modded with RGH [*]Official 250GB internal HDD [*]500GB External USB/iSCSI drive for backups/homebrew [*]USB cable [*]Kinect Sensor [*]Power supply for console [*]Power supply for Kinect Sensor (unnecessary with this model console, but good for use with older consoles and/or PC) Sale does NOT include controllers. Asking $450 shipped (US only) or best offer.
  16. Hey Guys and Gals!, Here today to ask if it's possible to use a JTAG HDD on a normal Xbox. My JTAG had RROD ETC and broke, want to use the HDD though. Thanks, Sokka
  17. hi ! i want to know is that possible to create or make system link for fifa 13 or pes 13 or farcry 3 or other games not have or not support system link ? can you make or mod system link for them and for example play fifa 13 with system link and use LiNK and play online this game with a jtag / rgh x360 ??if this possible its going to be awesome man ! someone can Answer me ?
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